Lab 6 Spring 2014
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Lab 6 Spring 2014






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  • This questionnaire is designed to assess how you self-regulate your learning. It examines things you do before, during, and after studying. Your scores on this questionnaire will let you know where your strengths and weaknesses as a self-regulated learner lie. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, so be honest!The RLQ is completed in an excel spreadsheetIt asks you to think of a recent challenge you have faced in your academic learning. When you answer the questions throughout this questionnaire, think about that specific challenge. Complete the questions then view your results in the “Results” tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet. The next activity guides you in interpreting your scores.

Lab 6 Spring 2014 Lab 6 Spring 2014 Presentation Transcript

  • Lab 6: Prepare for CC1
  • Lab Today 1. My Planner 2. RLQ & RLQ reflection 3. Get ready for Collaborative Challenge 1 – SOLO Planner – Introduce yourself to your group. Post your choice for Summary sheet so your group members know who you are and what you are doing – Complete summary sheet by end of week – Analyze Scenario 1 as a lab group – practice round for collaborative challenge (if time) 4. Quiz 3
  • Prepare for CC1 PLAN Feb 21, 5pm REFLECT COLLABORATE Feb 27, 5pm Feb 24 3
  • CC1: 15% of ED-D 101 Grade • You will be assigned to a group of four. Your group is tasked with working together online to: 1. Systematically analyze a problem case scenario by identifying and describing all strengths and weaknesses demonstrated by the student across each phase of SRL. The case scenario comes from real examples gathered from undergraduate students in ED-D101 over several years (approximately 30 marks). 2. Identify the main or most significant SRL problem and back up that decision with specific evidence from the scenario (approximately 10 marks).
  • Collaborative Challenge 1 • FEBRUARY 24 during lecture timeslot • You will be assigned to a computer lab on campus for this activity • Covers Content from Week 1–5 – – – – Self-Regulated Learning Task Understanding Goal Setting & Self-Monitoring Memory & Learning Processes • You will be required: – To coordinate with your team to create a cheat sheet (Due Feb 21 5pm) – Complete a SOLO Planner for CC1 (Due Feb 21 5pm) 5
  • PLAN: Due Fri Feb 21, 5pm LAB 6: Mandatory Preparation Activities  Lab 6: 1-Page Summary sheet  Lab 6: SOLO Planner  IF these complete you will not be admitted into the collaborative challenge. You will lose 15 marks.
  • COLLABORATE: Feb 21  Collaborative Challenge (25 marks = 10%)  During Lecture Timeslot  Must attend to do the collaborative challenge  You will be assigned a specific computer lab in advance  Bring your own printed SUMMARY sheet
  • REFLECT: Feb 27, 5pm  AFTER: Collaborative Reflection (5 marks = 5%)  Lab 7  Learn from the experience  How can you improve, what can you do better?
  • RLQ: Regulation of Learning Questionnaire • How well do you self-regulate your learning? – What are your strengths & weaknesses ? • Use the RLQ to find out • Report & reflect on intent & engagement scores 9
  • Quiz 3 • Quiz 1 is happening this week in lab – All quizzes must be completed in lab under the supervision of a lab instructor – Any attempts to complete the quiz outside of lab results in automatic failure – All attempts are time stamped and logged 10