Lab 1 Spring 2014


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  • 1: Introduction to the Course & MoodleExplore the course management system (Moodle)Go to Profile under Administration...Edit & Add your photo!Find and download the Course SyllabusRead the syllabus and familiarize yourself with the structure and components of ED-D 101Like the ED-D 101 facebook pageQuestions?
  • 2: Getting to Know YouIcebreaker introductions to each otherFill out the survey to introduce yourself & let us know why you chose to take ED-D 101
  • Today’s lab starts with the My Planner entryMy Planner entries guide you in engaging in the self-regulated learning cycle byPlanning by setting a TASC goal for something you need to do in another course (could be for a formal assignment - goal you need to achieve as part of working on a homework set, exam, test, paper…could be informal task like a goal you need to achieve in a lecture, a reading, etc. Monitoring how well things went with achieving your goal (successes as well as the difficulties you encountered while trying to achieve the goal you set for the week. By doing this you can identify reoccurring problems that you’re having and make better plans to avoid them). Again just a reminder that even though we use the quiz tool in moodle -none of the lab work is a quiz. There are no right or wrong answers. To My Planner entries work for you (and get your lab mark), you need to be thoughtful and reflective in your entries. Just a hint- point form is not thoughtful or reflective. If it takes you less than 10-15 minutes to do a My Planner entry, you should be digging deeper in order to make these reflections really WORK for you.
  • Lab 1 Spring 2014

    1. 1. Task Perceptions Large Scale Adaptation Monitoring & Evaluating Goals & Plans Task Enactment Lab 1: What is Self-Regulated Learning?
    2. 2. Lab 1 Overview    About ED-D 101 Labs Introductions Lab Activities ① ② ③ ④ . Getting to know you My Planner 1 RLQ Questionnaire: How well do you regulate? My Metaphor for SRL (Homework) 2
    3. 3. About the ED-D 101 Lab Labs help you put what you learn in lecture to use – Lecture gives concepts and principles of effective learning. – Lab asks you to USE what you learned in your other courses to improve your learning & SRL skills Labs usually have 3 kinds of activities – Planning: Set a goal to achieve each week in another class and see how things go – Self-Assessment (Related to the topic covered in lecture) – Make a Change: Try something new in your learning
    4. 4. About the ED-D 101 Lab Like the FB Page This course uses coursespaces. Explore it! Download Syllabus and Print Schedule Download Lectures before class Edit Profile & Add Photo Read about course Assignment s Tips & Help Resources • Always use firefox • See “About coursespaces” on course home page
    5. 5. Getting to Know You Who are you? Who is that person next to you? Complete the “Getting to know you” survey 5
    6. 6. My Planner 1 Getting Started With SRL My Planners Each lab you will complete a My Planner • Helps you to self-regulate by asking you to: – Set a goal to learn something (in one of your courses) – Monitor & evaluate how things went Tips Complete My Planner 1 – Be thoughtful & real – Should take 10 minutes – This is NOT a quiz! When you look back at your answers it may tell you some are correct or incorrect. Ignore this. 6
    7. 7. My Metaphor for SRL • Homework 1. Find an image (or take a photo) of something that represents self-regulated learning for you. 2. Upload your image 3. Explain why it represents self-regulated learning for you Complete My SRL Metaphor 7
    8. 8. Final Reminders… Be sure to read about how labs are graded. See “Assignment Information & Submission” in coursespaces for more information. Be sure to submit your lab work on time! 8