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Resum ea1b r[recovered]

  1. 1. GeorgeGeorge EdEdward Chryslerward Chrysler AEMCA - PCPAEMCA - PCP 1272 11th Street East, Owen Sound Ontario, N4K 6M2 Home Phone 519-371-9706 Cell Phone 519-379-2938
  2. 2. GeorgeGeorge EdEdward Chryslerward Chrysler AEMCA - PCPAEMCA - PCP E-Mail Home Page
  3. 3. Objective:Objective: Presently actively seeking employment in a stable environment with room for continuous growth. Employment with an Emergency Services supplier that will allow for use of my obtained skills and development of new skills.
  4. 4. Mr. G. Edward Chrysler To teach the truth, as it is perceived, within the moment !
  5. 5. I can provide for you:I can provide for you: A professional Paramedic with accumulated experience since 1970 and volunteer before 1970. A continuously upgraded paramedic. A supervisor with over 10 years experience in a Union environment. A supervisor with a working knowledge of vehicle maintenance needs. A supervisor with purchasing, budget and supplies management experience. A supervisor with a working knowledge of people. A supervisor with nuclear training and disaster experience.
  6. 6. Meeting the Needs:Meeting the Needs: A Bordon educated paramedic. A College educated paramedic. Certificate of Achievement from the Ontario Management Development Program. Service Instructor A certificate in Teaching and Training Adults from Georgian College. A CPR instructor. A qualified oxygen/suction inspector. A trained casualty simulator.
  7. 7. Community Spirit:Community Spirit: Providing expert input and casualty simulation for not only our staff, but for other disciplines. Helping smaller communities prepare for the worst while they hope for the best.
  8. 8. Casualty SimulationCasualty Simulation and Disaster Trainingand Disaster Training
  9. 9. Promotional ParticipantPromotional Participant Actively involved in promoting pre-hospital care. Actively involved in community events. Actively involved in public education.
  10. 10. Promotional ParticipantPromotional Participant
  11. 11. Our Strengths:Our Strengths: I not only keep up with developments, I help set the standards for tomorrow. I not only provide the best care I can, I also help others to strive to do their best as well. I not only exceed standards of care, I provide proof with documentation.
  12. 12. Key Benefits-You will receiveKey Benefits-You will receive a:a: An experienced Paramedic. A trained teacher. A technology friendly employee. A CPR Instructor. A trained Manager. A dedicated Paramedic.
  13. 13. Work HistoryWork History 2002 Grey County EMS 2000-2002 Owen Sound Fire & Emergency Services – Captain 1977-2000 Owen Sound Emergency Services Incorporated 1992-2000 Owen Sound Station Supervisor, Service Instructor (SI) Oxygen Test Station Operator 1998-1999 Ministry of Health - Contract Instruct Basic Trauma Life Support, (BTLS) 1980-1986 Grey Bruce Regional Health Centre-Contract Teacher 1970-1977 Stratford General Hospital Ambulance 1969 Dominion Roads Machinery
  14. 14. Volunteer Activities :Volunteer Activities : 2003 Child Restraint Workshop 1998-1999 Safe Communities - Board of Directors 1995-1996 Maclean Hunter Cable Television Volunteer Camera Operator Volunteer Director/Switcher 1994-1995 CPR Blitz Committee - Owen Sound 1993 CPR Blitz-Skydome - Toronto 1990 CPR Beach Blitz Sauble Beach/GBR Hospital
  15. 15. Educational Background - ContinuedEducational Background - Continued 2006 IV Certified 2003 Child Restraint Safety Course Microsoft Access Basic/Advanced – Georgian College ALS Preparatory Course – Respiratory System/O2 Delivery ALS Preparatory Course, Fluid, Electrolytes ALS Preparatory Course – Nervous System/Endocrine 1999 Rural Metro - Developing Supervisory Skills. 1996 Teaching and Training Adults - Georgian College Symptom Relief Level - Base Hospital Grey Bruce Regional Health Centre, Owen Sound
  16. 16. Educational Background - ContinuedEducational Background - Continued 1992 Ontario Management Development - Georgian College 1992 Ambulance Service Instructor 1991 Basic Trauma Life Support - Instructor Canadian Red Cross (Dropped) Instructor 177704 Portable Oxygen Delivery Equipment Test Station 1989 Coronary Care-Humber College - Monitor 1988 Grey Bruce Emergency Day 1988 Emergency Health Services, Basic Casualty Simulation 1988 Basic Casualty Simulation 1986 Biology - Correspondence Course Nursing Psychology - Georgian College Nursing Sociology - Georgian College
  17. 17. Educational BackgroundEducational Background 1987 Emergency Cardiac Care, Toronto Orangeville Emergency Day 1986 Emerg. Cardiac Care Educational Symposium ,Toronto 1985 Owen Sound General & Marine Hospital Clinical Day 1980 Ontario Heart & Stroke Foundation Instructor 1276 Patient Assessment 7934 ASB
  18. 18. Educational BackgroundEducational Background 1968 Central Huron Secondary School, Clinton, Ontario 1971 Fundamentals of Casualty Care (CFB Borden) 1971 Restricted Radio Operator ( RRO) 4A8838 1971 Canada Safety Council(Safe Driving)CFB Borden - 216405 1972 Emergency Procedures in Ventilation 1974 Fundamentals of Casualty Care (Re-qualified) 1976 Ambulance and Emergency Care Conestoga College. 1978 Emergency Medical Care Assistant - 78-169
  19. 19. Highlights of SEMINARSHighlights of SEMINARS 1981 Assessment-Kitchener/Waterloo Emergency Associates 1982 Aquatic Injuries - ASCE 8269 1984 Arrhythmia interpretation 1984 IV maintenance (ACCP) 1984 Thames Valley Emergency Day 1985 Owen Sound General & Marine Hospital Clinical Day 1986 Emergency Cardiac Care Educational Symposium Toronto 1987 Orangeville Emergency Day 1987 Emergency Cardiac Care Educational Symposium Toronto 1988 Grey Bruce Emergency Day 1988 Emergency Health Services, Basic Casualty Simulation 1989 Coronary Care Humber College Monitor‑ ‑
  20. 20. Highlights of SEMINARSHighlights of SEMINARS 1989 Airway Management-Emergency RNAO 1990 Heart Start Arrhythmia Interpretation, Conestoga College 1992 Service Instructor 1994 Driver Improvement Program 1994 Intravenous Monitoring 1994 Basic and Advanced Critical Incident Stress 1995 Ambulance Call Report Documentation 1995 Selection and Use - Confined Space Rescue 1995 Farm Safety and Rescue - Victoria Hospital 1997 Emergency Measures Ontario-Nuclear Emergency Workshop 
  21. 21. SKILLSSKILLS 1/ Set up and administration of a data base (Lotus) to track  employee training and immunization, track vehicle maintenance and  repairs including oxygen/suction testing and stretcher maintenance   as well as track supplies for our three stations and purchasing  from suppliers. 2/ Supervisory administration of Owen Sound (Head Office)  Ambulance station managing equipment and supplies as well as 20  Paramedics and 6 Ambulances over 5 shifts and sick replacement  for the three stations. 3/ Ministry of Health human resources inventory. 4/ Ambulance call report audits for the Ambulance Service. 5/ Participated in Department Head meetings. 6/ Preparations of Vehicle Operating Data (VOD) for the Ministry of     Health. 7/ Performing the skills of a Paramedic PCP on a scheduled car and  Emergency Support Unit.
  22. 22.   ReferencesReferences Elgin Vanwyck 670 7th Avenue East Owen Sound,ON (519) 376-4093  J.B. Russell Paralegal Service RR # 1 Chatsworth, Ontario (519) 794-3283 Fire Chief Carl Linthorne 180 12th Street West, Owen Sound, Ontario Business (519) 376-9933 Mr. Tom Churchill, 565 2nd  Ave. South East Owen Sound (519) 371-7213
  23. 23. Next Step - You may contactNext Step - You may contact me by:me by: Mail 1272 11th Street East, Owen Sound, Ontario, N4K 6M2 Home Telephone 519-371-9706 Cell Telephone 519-379-2938 E-mail My page
  24. 24. THE END I look forward to meeting you in the near future to discuss terms of employment. Ed Chrysler
  25. 25. St. John Ambulance VolunteerSt. John Ambulance Volunteer 1965 in Goderich, Onatario1965 in Goderich, Onatario
  26. 26. Mr. G. Edward ChryslerMr. G. Edward Chrysler To teach the truth, as it is perceived, within the moment !
  27. 27. To Teach !To Teach ! Far too many experts see themselves in teaching positions and only conduct examinations, teachers are paid to teach. If a teacher fails to teach they have not completed the job they were hired to complete. Would you pay for a half painted house?
  28. 28. The Truth ?The Truth ? Sounds simple – the truth is the truth – or is it? The world is flat. We do slow long ventilations with no chest compressions. Taking these pills will prevent morning sickness. All of these were considered “The Truth”
  29. 29. The Truth ?The Truth ? The truth is a perception and should always be questioned. We learn from “Experts” that are usually self appointed. I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance. Socrates, from Diogenes Laertius, Lives of Eminent Philosophers
  30. 30. as it is perceived,as it is perceived, While we like to tell people we have “All the answers”, a lot of the things we know as truth is simply our own perception. We know we must get oxygen into the cells to keep a person alive, some feel via the lungs is best while others feel via the blood is best. Some feel early defibrillation is best while some feel CPR is best-who is right ?
  31. 31. within the moment !within the moment ! • While we attempt to teach according to current standards we must always remember that perceptions in treatment may change in the future and students should remain curious. • Possible the biggest challenge for teachers may be determining when the future begins and helping the student to comprehend the future.
  32. 32. Know your students !Know your students ! Adults and teenagers have different languages. Adults of different ages have different needs as they move through the various maturation stages. What motivates the different ages ? Are your students looking for a pay day or self actuation and a higher calling ?
  33. 33. Include All StudentsInclude All Students You must incorporate all learning styles using a visual, auditory & kinesthetic/tactile models. You must try to use left brain and right brain styles of learning. As new styles of learning are identified you must adapt the presentation to accomadate newly identified styles of learning.
  34. 34. Remember Graduation !Remember Graduation ! After you have taught your student everything they must proceed into the real world and make life and death decisions. Did you help them learn how to think ? Did you help them learn how to make good decisions ? Did you help them learn how to grow as people ?
  35. 35. To teach the truth, as it is perceived,To teach the truth, as it is perceived, within the moment !within the moment ! A teachers job is to teach ! A teachers job is to know and explore all the arguments on the topic ! A teachers job is to be current ! A teachers job is to motivate ! A teachers job is to find ways to help the student LEARN !!!!