Notes Domino Symphony Strategy August 2009


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Strategy-level presentation on IBM Lotus Notes/Domino products from the IamLUG (Lotus Americas User Group) in St Louis, August 2009.

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Notes Domino Symphony Strategy August 2009

  1. 1. Lotus Notes and Domino Product family strategy and update Ed Brill Director, Product Management IamLUG August 4, 2009
  2. 2. A catalyst for productivity – More than just an inbox Social networking— blogs, mashups, activities Instant Personal messaging content library Documents, Feeds, presentations, My Widgets, spreadsheets Live Text E-mail, calendar, Collaborative and contacts business applications
  3. 3. Consistent pattern of frequent Notes/Domino releases September, August, 2002: September, 2007: January 6, 2005: Notes and Notes and Notes and 2009: Notes/ Domino 8 Domino 6 Domino 7 Domino 8.5 September, February, October, 2008: 2003: 2006: Notes and Notes and Notes and Domino 8.0.1 Domino 6.5 Domino 7.0.2
  4. 4. Notes/Domino 8 upgrades ahead of historical trend
  5. 5. Notes/Domino Ecosystem
  6. 6. Lotus Notes - an Integrated Platform Compelling to users • End user productivity • Desktop choice: Linux, Windows, Mac • Mobility: Nokia, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, web (Lotus iNotes) Rapid Application Development • Eclipse-based Designer • XPages to modernize web applications • Leverages existing expertise, apps Cost savings 30+% • Admin 30% / Storage 50% • IBM saves 70+ petabytes = $M
  7. 7. Launch of Notes/Domino 8.5 – Macworld 2009
  8. 8. Lotus Domino – Platform choice and flexibility  Platform choices evolve to meet customer needs and provide flexibility  Wide variety of Domino platform choices: – AIX, OS/390, Linux, Solaris, Windows  Platforms are not a 'one size fits all' solution, customers can choose based on: – Cost, scalability, available expertise, hardware, etc.  Compatibility for 32bit platforms – Further leveraging customer investment (e.g.: hardware, other solutions)  64 bit versions of Lotus Domino (AIX, Windows, zLinux) provide: – Additional scalability – Greater memory addressability
  9. 9. Lotus Domino 8.5 – Top ten improvements 10.Notes Shared Login 9. LZ1 compression inside databases 8. Domino router enhancements 7. Transaction log improvements (up to 50% CPU reduction) 6. Domino Configuration Tuner 5. Domino Designer in Eclipse 4. Notes ID vault 3. XPages 2. Document compression (introduced in 8.0.1 as well) 1. Domino Attachment and Object Service (DAOS) + I/O improvements
  10. 10. Notes/Domino 8.x survey results – March/April 09 Notes/Domino 8.5 35% Areas of TCO savings experienced (% of Total responses) 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Disk savings Server App Dev Improved service Other (DAOS/ ~40-60% consolidation modernized quality ODS, support,training
  11. 11. Disk Storage Requirements: Domino 8.5 Vs. Major Competitor 700 Compression With DAOS Configured 682 650 Disk Storage Per E-Mail Message (KB) Major Competitor 600 Domino 8.5 – Uncompressed 550 Domino 8.5 – LZ1 Attachment 539 Domino 8.5 – Doc Body & LZ1 500 Attachment 450 411 400 350 344 300 280 267 250 232 227 217 221 200 193 189 177 153 156 151 150 131 136 132 108 98 117 113 100 93 50 0 15% Attachments 20% Attachments 25% Attachments 30% Attachments 40% Attachments 50% Attachments Workload: Percentage Of Messages With Attachments
  12. 12. 12 12 Projected upgrade savings for one 70K user organization $1,430,206 in annual TCO savings (a 23% reduction) through centralization, server reduction and modernization of Lotus Notes and Domino Software.
  13. 13. Lotus Notes & Domino – LotusLive Notes  A cost effective way to provide organizations with a complete messaging solution – Ideal for organizations with < 10,000 – 15,000 users  Reduce overhead (e.g.: hardware, administration) – IBM is responsible for the infrastructure, customers have control of their environment  Generate predictable costs without capital expenditures – Fixed per user pricing: US$8 - $14 per user per month  Rapidly roll out your messaging infrastructure – IBM provides the infrastructure and administration  Secure & reliable – Benefit from IBM security standards framework and resources
  14. 14. Lotus Foundations Start is an all-in-one software appliance Email and collaboration Choice of email clients: Lotus Remote Notes®, Lotus iNotes and support for Access Backup AntiSpam Microsoft® Outlook® AntiVirus Lotus SymphonyTM office productivity tools: spreadsheets, presentation and documents Network infrastructure, firewall, VPN, Firewall Web secure remote access VPN Server File management Backup, Disaster Recovery File AntiVirus and AntiSpam & Print Office Server Mail Productivity VM Ware Hypervisor (Run MS Windows Applications) Server
  15. 15. Lotus Foundations Branch Office  Support deployment of Lotus Foundations Start as branch office solution for organizations with existing Lotus Domino infrastructure at head office.  Deploy Lotus Foundations in branch office but manage Lotus Foundations Domino server as another Domino server in the enterprise  Lotus Domino systems and user administration for Foundations - done from Lotus Domino enterprise server  Lotus Foundations administration - done either from branch office or locally  External mail is routed to enterprise node.  Domino users local to the Lotus Foundations Domino instance can be automatically provisioned with user access to capabilities such as file server etc
  16. 16. Just released   rganize all of your upcoming itineraries O  Click on a trip name to display detailed travel information  Add trips to your Lotus Notes calendar with one click  Access shared trips and network updates   et your email and LinkedIn updates all in one G place  Quickly learn more about people who send you email  Search for people you want to contact and work with  Share your status, see what your connections are working on
  17. 17. Notes / Domino Proven in Production Release to business-process-driven applications that enable people Applications share and track information Security-rich, Release Compatibility = Longer Lasting to collect, organize, Domino Developers... ● Spend less time on maintenance ● Spend more time on the fun stuff – Responding to user requirements – New functional enhancements – Learning and leveraging new technologies “Notes and Domino Applications just don't break” Developer, LCTY Cincinatti
  18. 18. 8.5 Application Development Themes  Provide developers with a modern development tool IDE Do for developers what Notes 8 did for end users – Improve usability and productivity – Address various developer pain points from previous versions Attract new developers to the platform  The Web Has Never looked better Allow developers to build attractive, modern web apps that leverage Web 2.0 technologies with less work Provide means to incrementally update existing Domino Web applications
  19. 19. Domino 8.5 –Introducing XPages  What are XPages? – A new design element for Domino Designer – A runtime designed to generate modernWeb applications  Brings State-of-the-Art Web technology to Domino 8.5 – Leverages Java Server Face based, proven Java runtime, from Lotus Component Designer – XPages are designed for generating modern Web applications • Built-in Web 2.0 features  Solves problems expressed by the Domino community – Known limitations are addressed • UI/data separation, HTML generation control, server state, localization, extensibility, etc. – Same modern rendering technology can target multiple clients
  20. 20. "We finished our target goal too quickly so we had time to add unplanned functionality" TJ Witte - "Equivalent transactions that were taking a full second (or more) to complete in a Java agent are now completing in 20 - 40 milliseconds. And we haven't even optimized it yet to use any explicit scope caching; that 50x performance boost is just from running it in a servlet context instead of in agents" "XPage technology drastically reduces the time it takes us to develop Domino applications. We no Tim Tripcony - Lotus 911 longer need to spend time developing client side JavaScript/Ajax code since many of things we built in this manner are now core features of XPages. Additionally, the ability to more easily leverage standard techniques like CSS makes building a compelling user experience much easier." ...People had a good feeling of what they saw. They appreciated that 'Cloud' widget, and the good look & Bruce Elgort - Eljugi software llc feel already provided... ...Some were already asking when we could deliver the first eLite running with xPages.” Pierre Verscheure - Jacobs Engineering Group Inc
  21. 21. Domino Web Apps 2009 Easy to use: Compelling User Experience Custom Branding Styles Themes Improved usability Discussion 8.5 XPage showcase • Compelling U/I • Quick to Customize Faster Add your own • Easy to Deploy Navigation copyright Domino Discussion Application - From out of the box, to out on the web, in minutes
  22. 22. Reinvigorating & Expanding Developer Ecosystem ● OpenNTF is an open source community dedicated to the development of Lotus Notes/Domino applications. ● Provides a framework for the creation open source applications and distribution using widely accepted licensing terms. ● Catalog of applications & other code assets – Download and use – Try it on-line ● Strong development community – 60,000 registered users – 10,000 downloads / month
  23. 23. Alloy by IBM and SAP – Released March 2009 Reports management • Give Users information to make good decisions Travel Management • Request, review & approve trip details quickly Workflow Decisions Management • Manage and expose SAP Workflow decision steps in Notes Leave Management • Manage vacations from Lotus notes calendar Custom Integration • Add contextual information to facilitate better decisions
  24. 24. Summary – do you know Notes/Domino app dev? Lotus knows development - Industry proven web technology (JavaServer faces) delivered for the application Designer - industry standard Dojo toolkit delivers the most advanced UI widgets and experience - 3-tier MVC app architecture coupled with a simple and robust - Run on cloud, on-premise, or local. Lotus knows composite applications. - Capture components from your existing apps - Notes, Web, Native, and more - Drag, drop and wire. No programming required. - Integrate business processes and disparate technologies faster than ever before. - Connect the dots of all the systems and applications you employees need.
  25. 25. Notes and Domino 8.5.1 and beyond
  26. 26. Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.1 supports the Apple iPhone  New protocol support - ActiveSync  Email (including attachments)  Calendar  Contacts  Adds to existing Traveler support for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60-based Nokia and Samsung devices  Available for test drive on Lotus Greenhouse ( or as part of 8.5.1 managed beta  Very positive feedback from beta testers
  27. 27. Lotus Notes 8.5.1 enhancements  Series of incremental enhancements to the client overall Action buttons for common activities e.g. Creating a URL link More consistent availability of “open in new window”  New spell-checker engine (LanguageWare) Uses common IBM dictionaries Allows for plug-in of third-party dictionaries and spell checkers – For example, in languages where Notes is not formally translated Will eventually allow for a single dictionary across Lotus products Auto-correct behavior for “teh”, TWo capital letters, etc.  Admin/management enhancements Desktop policy to push Notes client contact synchronization
  28. 28. Upcoming partner integration Lotus Client Native Windows Applications Connector provides Toolbar and Menu Point and Click integration of native Windows integration to keep data in sync applications into Lotus composite solutions Meetings made Simple. Tungle takes the time and complexity out of answering: ”What time is good for you?”
  29. 29. Domino 8.5.1 updates  SPENGO (Windows single sign-on for web applications)  DAOS updates: Don't send “known” attachments from client to server – Forwarding mail with attachment contained – Reply with history Don't send “known” attachments from server to server during replication – DAOS key is sent from the client (or server) during object allocation  Gzip for Domino Web Server
  30. 30. Domino Designer 8.5.1  New LotusScript Editor  New Java Editor  Component design element  Used for iWidgets and composite application components  Performance improvements  Database open from client (cold) 79%  Database open in designer (cold) 89%  Help pre-indexed  Designer Extensibility APIs LotusScript Editor  Enables Eclipse plugins to contribute to Designer UI and function  API maps between Eclipse resources and design elements  Usability Enhancements  Working set management  Design list filtering  XPage dialog – create data source when creating XPage
  31. 31. Xpages updates in 8.5.1  XPages on the client  Build once and run on browser and Notes  Take Web 2.0 applications offline  Integrate into Composite Applications  Performance and scalability enhancements  Easier to leverage other Dojo widgets  Publish as an iWidget  Surface Domino content in Lotus Mashups  Active Content Filtering  Removes malicious code from HTML XPages in Notes Client
  32. 32. Choices for mail in the cloud More LotusLive Notes Full Mail services plus: Organizational calendar Function LotusLive iNotes PKI Encryption Application Integration Social Software integration Customization and Extensibility Integrated realtime services Reliable scalable mail Document management Integration Calendar Transaction logging Less Cost per user per month Shared unde
  33. 33. What is LotusLive Notes Version 2?  Cloud based Domino Mail, PIM and advanced collaboration service  Available by annual subscription for organizations with fifty to one million mailboxes  Provides economical hybrid model that can be integrated with on- premise IT environment  Supports rich, browser and mobile client access from a wide variety of platforms  Can be augmented with additional LotusLive capabilities, data migration, compliance and other custom services Shared unde
  34. 34. What are my client options?  iNotes for web access from PC, Mac or mobile device with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari  Industry leading offline support with Notes client (8.5.1) on Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Novell and Red Hat Linux  Optional support for sync with RIM, Windows Mobile, Nokia and other ActiveSync devices such as iPhone  Support for spreadsheets, presentations and documents with Lotus Symphony  Surface mail through Portal Shared unde
  35. 35. Directions for Notes – Notes “9”  Improve Search -Total Recall; simplified way of finding things more easily  Group Calendar  Intelligent subscription of feeds within mail inbox  Work with others more seamlessly – Contacts and Mail Federation  Track work more efficiently – Unified Task Management
  36. 36. Lotus Symphony
  37. 37. IBM Lotus Symphony Frustrated with business productivity tool costs and upgrades? Could your time and budget be better spent elsewhere? Documents  Integrated office productivity tools  No additional charge  Based on Lotus Symphony software Presentations – Helps reduce ongoing licensing costs and dependence on a single software vendor – Available to virtually anyone and everyone – Use at work and at home Spreadsheets
  38. 38. Five Themes of Lotus Symphony Development  Lotus Symphony is part of a long-term, key investment strategy by IBM – Promote use of ODF to help facilitate innovation in market – Long term: Advance IBM's position as market leader in new, dynamic models for document creation and manipulation Beyond Breakthrough document manipulation experience Office Programmable Programmability for ISVs, extensible and open Extensible Cross integration with Lotus portfolio, Linked Value with Portfolio first choice for office tools of Lotus users Usability, capability, stability, interoperability, deployability and Meet Needs of Users, Deployable platform support
  39. 39. Lotus Symphony is award-winning  Infoworld US:  “Lotus Symphony is the most polished of this particular pack of productivity suites.”  CNET:  “Microsoft is not just overpriced – for most users it’s overkill. That’s why I’ve been increasingly recommending IBM Lotus Symphony, a rounded office suite that just so happens to be free.”  CRN:  “With so many great products entering the Channel this year, choosing which ones could be deemed product of the year was not an easy decision. But our winners this year certainly stood out as the best of the best, and we congratulate all of our winners of the CRN Test Center product of the year award.”
  40. 40. IBM Lotus Symphony – Roadmap (2009-2010) Focus Areas:  MS Office Interoperability -- MS Office 2007 Support, VB Support  Code re-base to Open Office 3  Programmability  ODF 1.2 Support Symphony 2.x 2H 2010 VB Macro cont'd Solution Enablement Linked Value Symphony 2.0 1H 2010 OO 3.x code base Symphony 1.3 ODF 1.2 Q2 2009 VB Macro MS Office 2007 Support MS Office 2007 Support cont'd DataPilot Tables cont'd Enhanced LotusScript APIs
  41. 41. Resources
  42. 42. Resources ● Notes and Domino home page at or (plus advertising at http:// ) ● Notes 8 training materials at lotus/notes ● Notes/Domino 8.5 now available at notesanddomino ● Access all Notes/Domino-related bloggers at
  43. 43. IBM Multimedia Library for Lotus Notes A comprehensive collection of more than 1,000 Lotus tutorials and video clips showing users how to perform essential tasks. Target Audience: • Enterprises with end users Benefits: • Affordable solution for Lotus customers • Support for 11 languages • Reduced tech support calls and costs • Individual clips can be “drip fed” to employees via e-mail to prepare for a product rollout or upgrade. • Clips include step-by-step text instructions • Can be embedded right into the Notes client * English, French, Canadian French, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional
  44. 44. Thank you! Twitter: @edbrill