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    Patrimony_heritage Patrimony_heritage Presentation Transcript

    • It is a three-day festival which isthe end of the 30 days’ RamadanFasting.Many people wake up early onthe first day of the RamadanFeast. They put on their bestclothes, called ‘Bayramlık’which they often buyspecifically for the occasion.
    • The Ramadan Feast has another name in Turkey calledThe Candy Feast
    • On this day, people have a largebreakfast. This symbolizes the end ofthe fasting period.
    • During Ramadan, people wake up beforesunrise and eat before the ezan(muslimcall to prayer). When the morning call toprayer begins they stop eating and theirfasting begins.
    • People fast all dayuntil the sunsetcall to prayer.Then, with theezan they breaktheir fastingespecially with adate or water.
    • On the day before the firstday of Muslims’ feastspeople go to graves andpray for the dead. Theyread The Quran and delivercandies to the children.
    • On the first day of theRamadan feast , men go tomosques and pray to Allah .
    • It is customary to visit onesrelatives, especially older ones, and kisstheir hand as a sign of respect. Childrengo door-to-door, kissing hands of thegrown-ups and receiving sweets andsmall amounts of money in return.
    • It is the most important religious festivalof the year and a four day holiday inTurkey.
    • According to Islamic rules, every Muslimwho is wealthy enough must sacrifice afarm animal for God. The meat from theanimal is then shared – one third saved forthe household, one third shared betweenfriends and neighbours and the final thirdgiven to the poor.
    • Many shops, banks and businesses may beclosed for the duration of the festival.Supermarkets usually remain open, but onparticular hours. Travel is also hectic at thistime, as people visit friends and relatives tocelebrate.
    • People give one third of the meat tothe poor.
    • Easter is celebrated every year inspring.Before this festival Assyrians fastfor 50 days according to the rules ofthe church.During this time Assyrians do notuse any animal food. They do noteat anything from morning untilnight. This feast lasts for 3 days.
    • On Easter’s first day Assyrians inMidyat, point eggs, children go door-to-door and people give them candies andeaster eggs. They go to church and prayfrom 5 to 9.
    • On the second day, they go toAssyrian graves and play withtheir easter eggs. The game rule isthat if someone breaks your eggyour egg will be his.