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Presentation and discussion for Aurora Health Care Foundation

Presentation and discussion for Aurora Health Care Foundation



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Philanthropy's Next Generation Now Philanthropy's Next Generation Now Presentation Transcript

  • Philanthropy’s Next Generation Now! Emily Davis, MNM, CGT Emily Davis Consulting LLC @edaconsulting #nextgendonors
  • TURN ON YOUR TECH Follow the conversation… @edaconsulting #nextgendonors #fundraising #philanthropy #socialmedia #nonprofit @edaconsulting
  • 30 Second Challenge Name Organization Favorite philanthropic buzz word @edaconsulting
  • @edaconsulting
  • FUND DEVELOPMENT • What are your fundraising goals? • What are your current strategies? • What activities are in place for fundraising? • What resources do you have? @edaconsulting
  • FUND DEVELOPMENT Challenges? @edaconsulting Opportunities?
  • FUNDRAISING AND THE NEXT GENERATION • Primer on the generations • Points for engaging next generation(s) • How Gen X and Y view volunteering • Next generation of grant makers • Harnessing online communications • Worksheets, plans, templates @edaconsulting
  • Generational Mix Generational Myths Generational Characteristics Impact on Philanthropy WHO ARE THE GENERATIONS? @edaconsulting
  • WHAT IS THE GENERATION TRADITIONALISTS ALSO KNOWN AS… GENERATIONAL MIX? BOOMERS (1946-1964) GEN XERS (1965-1980) MILLENIALS (1981-1999) Veterans, Silent Generation, WWII Generation Baby Boomers Xers Gen Y, Nexters, Nintendo Generation INFLUENCERS World wars, The Depression Television, Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movements Internet, Madonna, Bill Gates, Friends, Rodney King Social media, iPods, 9/11, American Idol MARKETING Conservative imagery, legacy, family, well-known brands Healthy lifestyle, hard work, team work Inclusive, straight talk, environment images, multichannel Multi-ethnic, green, sexier, celebrity @edaconsulting (1900-1945)
  • IMPACT ON PHILANTHROPY • • • • • • • • • Development office Prospecting Cultivation Stewardship Communication Retention Priorities Respect Trainings @edaconsulting
  • MULTIGENERATIONAL NONPROFITS BOOMERS (1946-1964) GEN XERS (19651980) MILLENIALS (1981-1999) Top down, conformist Hierarchy, earn your respect/ ladder Flexible, inclusive, selfreliant Mutual respect, shared leadership WORK STYLE Separate home & work, hardworking, loyal, thrifty Flexibility, workaholic, Collaborative & independent, direct communicatio n, quick fix, virtual office Multi-tasking, Collaborative/inde pendent, question status quo MOTIVATORS Authority, value work for work’s sake (less personal meaning) Hierarchy, respect, selfimprovement, work, materialism Healthy work/life balance, flexibility, $ Relationships, challenges, feedback, causes, environment, $ GENERATION TRADITIONALISTS MGMT STYLE @edaconsulting (1900-1945)
  • WHAT TENURED PROFESSIONALS WANT Next Gen Training Acknowledgment Engagement Respect for legacy Dialogue @edaconsulting
  • WHAT THE NEXT GEN WANTS Advice Acknowledgment Shared ownership Opportunity to lead Flexibility Sector history @edaconsulting
  • MULTI-GEN DEVELOPMENT FUNCTION • Develop a pipeline • Integrate new leadership ideas & shift roles • Evaluate & redesign current structures • Recruit from within • Welcome new leadership • Peer coaching • Prioritize inclusivity @edaconsulting
  • POLL TIME! • Is your organization engaging generation X and Y as organizational leaders such as board members? • Do you have any strategies for fundraising from next gen, individual donors? • Do you work with any multi-gen family foundations? @edaconsulting
  • Why engage the next gen Next gen philanthropy style Entry points and engagement MULTI-GEN PHILANTHROPY @edaconsulting
  • WHY ENGAGE THE NEXT GEN? • Transfer of wealth • Lifelong giving • Time, talent, treasure, & ties • Networks • Enthusiastic • Ambassadors @edaconsulting
  • GENERATIONAL PHILANTHROPY Four Generations Understand their philanthropic motivations Frame your messaging Choose your platforms & tools Cultivate their contributions Receive their responses Acknowledge their gifts Steward relationships @edaconsulting
  • FUNDRAISING FROM TRADITIONALISTS • Direct mail & peer-to peer fundraising is best • Write checks • Smaller group • Lifelong giving began in their 30s • Less opportunity for new NPOs • Protects privacy @edaconsulting
  • FUNDRAISING FROM BOOMERS • Mix both new & traditional strategies • Plan their giving • Consider operational & overhead costs • Use mainstream media as an entry point • Lifelong giving begins in their 30s @edaconsulting
  • FUNDRAISING FROM GEN X • Friends/family/peers are influencers • Stories have a greater impact than loyalty • Consistently give largest gift to the same charity annually • Donate the most through websites (30%) • Hard to recruit to your cause @edaconsulting
  • FUNDRAISING FROM MILLENIALS • Philanthropy is time and money • Lower cost to recruit (online participation) • Multi-communications approach • Engaged in fundraising for orgs • Donate in a variety of ways @edaconsulting
  • WHERE ARE THEY? • Existing donors • Volunteers • Young professional events & groups • Media (i.e. 40 under 40) • Colleges & universities @edaconsulting
  • ENTRY POINTS • Events – tiered fees • Partner with young professionals’ groups • A-thons • Giving Circles – tiered fees • Volunteering • Peer to peer networks • Board and committee participation • Family • Planned Giving • Philanthropic resources • Nonprofit Start Ups @edaconsulting
  • FAMILY PHILANTHROPY • Major donors have children & grandchildren • Family legacy • Engage all generations • Listen & learn from the next gen • Provide resources & networks @edaconsulting
  • NEXT GEN ENGAGEMENT • Create ambassadors • Provide trainings • Offer networking & resources • Bring on as volunteers, staff, board members • Listen and learn • Snowflakes @edaconsulting
  • GREAT EXAMPLE • Prepare investment & resources • Service learning • Regular professional development • Unique networking events • Communications • Leadership • Staff support • Pipeline to greater engagement @edaconsulting
  • 1. Identify young donors and volunteers as leaders 2. Create or use existing planning team 6. Debrief, evaluate, revise 6 STEPS TO A NEXT GEN CAMPAIGN OR EVENT 3. Ask team to design & implement fundraising event or activity 5. Host a successful campaign/even t! 4. Provide support @edaconsulting
  • ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? What else would be helpful in taking the first steps towards fundraising with and from the next generation? @edaconsulting
  • 5 THINGS TO DO TODAY 1. Make a plan 2. Watch other orgs 3. Attend trainings & ask for support 4. Invite participation 5. Support new ideas @edaconsulting
  • RESOURCES • Fundraising and the Next Generation • Working Across Generations • Next Gen Donors: Respecting Legacy, Revolutionizing Philanthropy • The Networked Nonprofit • The Next Generation of American Giving • Millenial Donors Report • Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) • 21/64 • Resource Generation • Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) • National Center for Family Philanthropy @edaconsulting
  • @edaconsulting
  • 15 MINUTES @edaconsulting