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This interview was conducted at the Colorado Nonprofit Association's Fall Conference in October 2013. It highlights questions and stories to understand better the content from Emily Davis' publication, Fundraising and the Next Generation.

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CausePlanet Fundraising and the Next Generation Interview

  1. 1. Welcome to our CausePlanet author interview Incorporating Generation X and Millennials into your strategic resource planning
  2. 2. What is CausePlanet? » » » » 1. 2. 3. Denise McMahan, Founder/Publisher of CausePlanet Satisfy your professional curiosity Inform better book choices Promote best practices Page to Practice summaries Live author interviews Relevant content by peer contributors
  3. 3. Today’s agenda » Incorporating Gen X & Y into your strategic resource planning » Introduce Davis and her book » Author interview format » » Continue & follow this discussion: @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_Nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors Drawing!
  4. 4. Welcome, Emily Davis, MNM! » » » President of Emily Davis Consulting, numerous board and leadership roles Davis trains and consults nonprofits and philanthropists on charitable advising, communications, fundraising, & governance. Consultant through 21/64 and BoardSource Governance Trainer.
  5. 5. Who are the Generations? GENERATION TRADITIONALISTS 1900-1945 BOOMERS 1946-1964 GEN XERS 19651980 MILLENIALS 1981-1999 ALSO KNOWN AS… Veterans, Silent Generation, WWII Generation Baby Boomers Xers Gen Y, Nexters, Nintendo Generation INFLUENCERS World wars, The Depression Television, Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movements Internet, Madonna, Bill Gates, Friends, Rodney King Social media, iPods, 9/11, American Idol @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  6. 6. Guess the Generation ✔  Traditionalist  Boomer ✔ ✔  Generation  Millenial ✔ X
  7. 7. Let’s take a poll How many generations are involved in your organization? One? Two? Three? Four? @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  8. 8. Fundraising and the Next Generation » » » » » » Primer on generations Entry points for engaging the next generation(s) How Gen X and Y view volunteering Next generation as grant makers Harnessing online communications Worksheets, plans, templates @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  9. 9. Framing thoughts » Next generations rival Boomers in size » More educated / IU Study » Raised on community service » Large transfer of wealth anticipated » Social media is a tool, not the tool » Growing pains in grant making @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  10. 10. Interview question How has the next generation impacted philanthropy? » » » » Development function Donation methods Communications strategy Engagement – authentic vs. tokenizing @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  11. 11. Let’s take a poll » » » Is your organization engaging generation X and Y as organizational leaders such as board members? Do you have strategies for fundraising from next gen, individual donors? Do you work with any multi-gen family foundations? @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  12. 12. Interview question Where do you “find” next gen philanthropists? What’s the best way to communicate with them? What do they look like? @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  13. 13. Interview question In the book you talk about how the next generation is raised on community service. Can you talk about how this affects our approach to engaging Gen X and Y differently that generations that came before them? @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  14. 14. United Way of Greater St. Louis » » » » » » » » Prepare investment & resources Service learning Regular professional development Unique networking events Communications Leadership Staff support Pipeline to greater engagement @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  15. 15. Interview question It’s clear from your book the best fundraisers recognize the transfer of wealth to the next generation and the importance of cultivating younger family members and program officers. Will you talk a little bit about this? @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  16. 16. Interview questions How do we engage younger donors beyond an event like a happy hour or young professionals’ group? How do we leverage the next generations’ potential leadership even though they may lack the experience needed? @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  17. 17. Interview question In soliciting next gen donors, what types of communication strategies will be best during campaigns? Will traditional and new media - like social media and mobile technology - allow participation in multiple ways and not just the passing of the proverbial hat? @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  18. 18. Interview question How can we use examples like the Diddy Runs the City, Kony 2012 and David Banner’s 2M1 campaign to improve how small nonprofits can reach generations X and Y and beyond? @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  19. 19. Interview question If an organization recruited next generation board members, what’s the best way to engage them in governance? @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  20. 20. Interview question What are the biggest "turn-offs" for Gen X and Y regarding philanthropic giving or involvement? @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  21. 21. Interview question An organization I know just hired two Millennials as up and coming leaders within the organization. What is the best way to mentor these individuals? @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  22. 22. Interview question » With such differing worldviews, can other generations (Boomers, Traditionalists) really be effective with engaging Gen X and Y? @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  23. 23. Thank you, Emily Davis! » » » Book, blog and services: Facebook: 10 Take-away messages from today’s session @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  24. 24. Watch CausePlanet for more featured books and authors » Put us in your in-box » @CausePlanet » » Free Page to Practice sample » Training & Events page at 20% member discount @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  25. 25. Drawing! @edaconsulting @causeplanet @CO_nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors
  26. 26. Questions or feedback? 888-619-0602 Thanks for joining this author interview! (720) 515-0581 Don’t forget to Tweet! @CausePlanet @edaconsulting @CO_Nonprofits #fallconf13 #nextgendonors