Building the Bench: Board Recruitment and Retention


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One of the challenges in board governance is strong recruitment. How can you find the right board members? How many board members do you really need? What steps do you need to take to find the best board members for your organization? Join SVP and Emily Davis for the July workshop to learn tips, tricks, and tools for recruiting new board members including:

− Learning the process for outstanding recruitment
− Key questions to ask throughout recruitment
− Strategies for retaining great board members

Matching the passion for a mission with governance essentials will serve you, the nonprofit, and create a more engaged board of directors.

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Building the Bench: Board Recruitment and Retention

  1. 1. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance BUILDING THE BENCH BOARD RECRUITMENT & RETENTION Emily Davis, MNM, CGT Emily Davis Consulting July 10, 2014
  2. 2. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance Follow the conversation… @svpboulder @AskEmilyD #governance #nonprofit #leadership #philanthropy #Boulder TURN ON YOUR TECH
  3. 3. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance WHO AM I?
  4. 4. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance 60 seconds or less Name, Org, Title Attended Boards with Brains? 1 question OR concern
  5. 5. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance WHO HAS… •  A recruitment process? •  A regular recruitment schedule? •  A governance and/or nominating committee? •  The ED/CEO leading the process?
  6. 6. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance 1.  Determine mission & purpose 2.  Select the chief executive 3.  Support & evaluate the chief executive 4.  Ensure effective planning 5.  Monitor & strengthen programs & services 6.  Ensure adequate financial resources 7.  Protect assets & provide financial oversight 8.  Build a competent board 9.  Ensure legal & ethical integrity 10. Enhance the organization’s public standing 10 BASIC BOARD RESPONSIBILITIES
  7. 7. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance RECRUITMENT Great board member retention begins with a great recruitment process!
  8. 8. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance LEADING THE PROCESS
  9. 9. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance STEP 1: TIMELINE Month 1 Review docs & past recruitment Design self-eval Month 2 Conduct self-eval & demo matrix Design application, interview questions & outreach messaging Month 3 Add to website & send to networks Month 4 Schedule & conduct interviews Invite to board meeting Month 5 Host at board meeting Make recommendations
  10. 10. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance STEP 2: EVALUATION
  11. 11. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance STEP 3: APPLICATION
  12. 12. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance STEP 4: OUTREACH
  13. 13. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance COMMUNICATE EXPECTATIONS
  14. 14. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance ALWAYS SHARE…
  15. 15. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance STEP 5: VETTING CANDIDATES
  16. 16. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance STEP 6: RECOMMENDATIONS
  17. 17. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance STEP 7: WRAP UP
  18. 18. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance RETENTION
  19. 19. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance FINDING SUCCESS Success! Joyful leadership Accountability Expectations ArtScience
  20. 20. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance ORIENTATION
  21. 21. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance BOARD CULTURE
  22. 22. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance NEXT GENERS Gen Y, Millenials Generation X
  23. 23. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance
  24. 24. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance E-GOVERNANCE EMAIL VIRTUAL MEETINGS CLOUD SHARING POLICY
  25. 25. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance COMMITTEES
  26. 26. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance BOARD REPORTS
  27. 27. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance ADDITIONAL MEETINGS
  28. 28. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Trainings   Associa,ons   Practice leadership
  29. 29. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance CONFLICT MANAGEMENT
  30. 30. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance WHAT MAKES ‘EM TICK • Always YES • Wants to help everyone & everything • Caution! OVER-COMMITTED • Needs lots to stay engaged • Don’t let them sit around BUSY, BUSY, BUSY • Verbal & print • Use titles & acknowledg ment LIKES RECOGNITION • Stays focused & on track • Great for events • May get discouraged by others’ lack of support ORGANIZER • Lots of ideas for improvement • Pair with an Organizer to keep things moving CREATIVE *Abigail Harmon
  31. 31. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance RECOGNITION
  32. 32. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? What is ONE thing you will take towards your board recruitment or retention practices?
  33. 33. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance
  34. 34. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance Books for sale & signing with a 30% discount: $34.95 for nonprofits Credit card & check DRAWING & SIGNING!
  35. 35. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD @SVPBoulder #nonprofit #governance Emily Davis, MNM Emily Davis Consulting (720) 515-0581