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Myspace Yeni(1)


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  • 1. Everything About MySpace Who created MySpace? What is the MySpace development history? How did it become so famous? Who is the main competitior of MySpace? How did Myspace raise revenue? How does myspace become profitable? What are the security fears? Contributers: Şelale Aşık, Eda Çalış, Selin Tabanca, Evrim Kaya
  • 2.
    • MySpace is a social networking website which connects people globally, enabling social contacts worldwide with about 150 million member.
    What is MySpace?
  • 3. Founders of MySpace Brad Greenspan, founder and CEO of eUniverse oversaw the project Chris DeWolfe (later CEO) Tom Anderson (soon to be President).
  • 4. The way they structure what goes on their website, the way they plan out new features and constantly take in user criticisms and feedback to improve on their existing features to see what the masses want. The fact that they actually LISTEN to what the users want, their success lies in this structure. How did it become so famous?
    • The advantage of myspace: having a profile with music.
  • 5. Bulletins Groups MyspaceIM Applications Myspace mobile Myspace karaoke Myspace forums and news Distinctive Features of MySpace
  • 6. By February 2004, MySpace reached 1 million registered users. November 2004, MySpace had reached 5 million users. In July 2005, they reached 20 million users Number of its users Last month, they reached 150 million users .
  • 7. Competitors
  • 8.  
  • 9.  
  • 10. Why do people delete their accounts?
  • 11. At first glance, MySpace has a huge growth. However to see more clearly, myspace has lived a rapid change after 2008. This change also affected on people. After 2008 the redundance occured that have come with the unexpected changes.The most important decrease in myspace's profit can be seen by the number of its users.Fewer people used myspace and page views have much more fallen than the last years. Therefore, my space's capital and label's value have fallen. The number of users remains same for a period of time.Yet more  the number of the users have decreased. It is clear that google or any other firms that want to give an advertisement to myspace will change their opinions according to these failed results.