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Partial # 3 a lx 2013 1
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Partial # 3 a lx 2013 1


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  • 1. Licenciatura en Lengua InglesaSeminar in Applied LinguisticsPartial Evaluation # 3: 30% of the courseDear students,I am sending you these instructions with ample time for you to read them and comprehend themwell. Make sure you analyze them carefully.Instructions:- Based on a concept or a statement I will give you and which is relevant in the ALx course, you aregoing to deliver a 10-minute presentation. You will receive one concept each, sent to your emails.- In the presentation, you are going to analyze how the concept was studied in the course.- Support your analysis with inferences and facts taken from all the articles you read.- We advise you to analyze the articles from different viewpoints: for example, your experience as alearner of the language, your experience as a teacher in development, the learning experiences ofothers, supported opinions, your criticisms and corresponding support, your Licenciaturaprofessors, teaching experiences, the tasks that you developed during the course, etc.- All in all, the main objective is that your analysis of that concept will be strongly supported.- During the 10-minute presentation, you will be asking and answering thought-provokingquestions. In conclusion: 7 minutes presenting and 3 minutes answering questions.Evaluation CriteriaPoints Criteria Got Comments1The opinions, facts, experiences,criticisms, etc used in thepresentation are relevant to theconcept/statement.1The opinions, facts, experiences,criticisms, etc used in thepresentation are effectivelysupported by theory.1The questions and commentsasked to peers are thought-provoking and relevant for thediscussion.1The language used for thepresentation is intelligible andthere are no significant mistakeswhich impede communication
  • 2. (see descriptor for B2+ accordingto the Common EuropeanFramework below).1Group engagement: eye contact,engaging the audience and beingengaged in speaker’scontributions.TotalOverall speaking production, level B2+ in the Common European Framework and the licenciatura’slanguage curriculum:- Can give clear, systematically developed descriptions and presentations, with appropriatehighlighting of significant points, and relevant supporting detail.The list of words and phrases:Concept or phrase NamesInnovation Jairo Jimenez – Anyela RestrepoBilingual education Stephanie Asprilla – John Cepeda – Marcela BedoyaLanguage as a source, language as a right Nathaly Henao – Cristian QuitianFormative Assessment in Colombia Melisa Marín – Ana BerrioLanguage teaching transformation Edna Palacio – Carlos CampañaSummative assessment in Colombia José Ospina – Esteban ZamoraUpdated language teaching Juan López – Cristian MuñozBICS vs. CALP or BICS then CALP David Valencia – Deisy VelasquezContent and language integrated Lina Salazar – Ana OsorioApproach, method or techniques? Paola Espinal – Jorge OsornoApplied Linguistics for Licenciados Fernando López – Yuliana OsorioHeteroglosic vs. Monoglosic ideologies Camilo Velez – Angela Arias