Planning For Good- Ideas for the Idea Village-New Orleans


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PFG's presentation to the Idea Village in New Orleans

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Planning For Good- Ideas for the Idea Village-New Orleans

  1. 1. Planning for Good and The Idea Village October 10th, 2007 Ht-J
  2. 2. Firstly, A Word of Thanks ° For being the “Canaries in the coal mine” for an untested, unproven and untried concept ° We are learning as We go and have learned a lot from this experience fin
  3. 3. Agenda "‘ Planning for Good Background ‘ Ideas from the Network “ Next Steps
  4. 4. Planning for Good Founded in August 2007 700+ members on Fa cebook Stra tegists and their friends—media , advertising, design Idea generators and catalysts Global- London, Boston, New York, Paris, Lahore, Shanghai, Hong Kong. . fin
  5. 5. Planning for Good ’ Advisory Board —M. T. Ra iney (I-Iorsesmouth-London) Brian Reich (Cone Communications- Boston) — Julie Cordua - (RED) —Andrew Freidman (Co-Founder, Make the Road by Walking) Gra ha m Hill (Founder- Treehugger. com)
  6. 6. Planning for Good ’ Committee —Mark Earls—L0ndon (ex O&M) Gareth Kay (Modernista-Boston) —Aki Spicer (Fallon) —]a son Oke (Leo Burnett- Toronto) —Edwa rd Cotton (BSSP)
  7. 7. Our Approach Worked with Robbie and Michael at Trumpet to develop the brief Created a submission form Sentit out to the network-200 strong atthe time! Gave them one month to complete the fin a ssig nme nt
  8. 8. The Brief " How does the Idea Village encourage the country’s smartest young people to stay in New Orleans and create a bright future for the city?
  9. 9. Theldeas
  10. 10. Many people can’t separate the future of New Orleans from the future of the Idea Village-they are inextricably linked
  11. 11. Tended to start big and narrow the thinking down to ta ctical a ctions (H55
  12. 12. Its imaginative, expansive creative thinking . ..pra ctical realities have been abandoned for a second. .. Fin
  13. 13. Retention is ultimately about ma king the experience suonger
  14. 14. Core Themes Awareness and Perception/ Associa tion Target trends and motivations-Who and Why? Stories and Storytelling-purpose, inspiration, proof, results Educafion Community
  15. 15. Structure 1. Insight 2.Idea 3. Manifestations
  16. 16. Idea No]: It’s About the System (Ia uren Isa ccson) v" ' "C1 «: r= '5
  17. 17. - Insight: Retention is all about improving the political system - Idea: Create a lobbying arm for the Idea Wllage to support candidates that represent the “new” New Odeans Recruit recent political science gra dua tes Provide support to political ca ndida tes who ha ve strong lnno'.1ti'C idea 5 Build .1 transparent online community forum * Support ra ndidates from ma yor to the House and Senate VVitncss improved infrastructure and city ser‘icc. ~
  18. 18. Idea N02 America ’s Most Creative Companies SupportNew Orleans(BSSP Strategists) 1 . ,..1,. |y
  19. 19. Insight: People follow what they mnsider to be the “moi” leaders Idea: Get Amerita’s most t1eative/ innovative brands (Google, Apple, IDH), etc) to support the Idea Village by sending in a few of their brightest and best. — Idea Village is the conduit thateonneets the entrepreneurs to these crea tive / innova tive mentors — In large enough numbers they could help genera te— an intellectual “hotl*)e(l" — Publicize the actions of the creative companies Give them goals Create a conference like TED and your own media to monitor progress
  20. 20. Id e a N o 3 Finding a Unified Voice (Emily Besidski and Allison Green)
  21. 21. - Insight: Idea Village doesn't have a unified voio. --it ladts a common thread - Idea: The magician archetype lies in the brand's soul- expose it and make it real-"transfonn people's dreams into reality" — What happens if you believe in a dty? — What happens when you believe in an idea? ' Change the niessage from innovation to belief Believe in Someone Da y- Get Oprah behind it — liiicourage young .1 clult. -a to believe in their ability to be ca ta l_'sts for elia nge— na tionaleollegia te fellowship prograin-that provitles a 1 year Partner with transforma tive programming Extreme Home Makeover Idea Village has a life beyond New Orleans to help wherever there is a ca use worth believing in
  22. 22. Idea No 4- Find an Appropriate Narrative (Edward Reilly)
  23. 23. ‘ Insight: Entrepreneurship is a joumey of personal growth ' Idea: Connect the Idea Village to the emotional power of the “ heroic journey” — The first encounter with the “Sage"/ The mentor- Idea Village makes that Connection Celebrate and share the stories of tests and t1'ial—the_v make the entrepreneur stronger * “Supernatural Aid" is what the Idea Village does-it helps entrepreneurs identify the obstacles to success and aids them in their struggle — The combined impact ofall the struooles ofall the bb entrepreneurs leads to something greater for New Orleans.
  24. 24. Idea No 5 More Bright Young Ta lent (Trumpet Intc rns)
  25. 25. - Insight: New Orleans will never dtange without fresh thinking that comes from the young - Idea: Semester in New Orleans- partner with 'Ililane to offer a three or four month semester for students around the country who are interested in entrepreneurship Idea Village reaches out to Stanford, Texas and Harvard — Idea Village connects students to entrepreneurs Students become ambassadors and advoca tes for the Idea Village when they return to their universities
  26. 26. Idea No 6 The “Third Choice” (Anitra Budd)
  27. 27. Iisight: Gaduates umently have a dioim of two paths- a non-profit or the corporate world, but they want to do both. Idea: Ma| re the Idea village the "third thoIo: "- “change the worid without changing your life” Develop a dedicated college rccruitmcnt program»crc-ate a college ‘press tour" Showcase more olthc people ofthe Idea Village-especially on the website Create an Idea Village I-ellowship Pmgram~reu: ent grads submit project ideas and are fund: -tl for a Summer or a year in New Orleans to work on that idea. Ideas could range from ma rkut rest-arcli, tc-eliirulugy 1l¢''t'. lu| )m¢'nI. After ft-llowsliip ends IV wnrlcs to find jobs for lllu fellows Build a mentoring program-like colleges-young people can connect and learn Irom mentors Direct mail students with high G PA: during Summer graduation and Fa II/ W'intu: r when hunting for internships Consitlt-r partnering with continuing etluca tiun- perhaps the wisdom and experience of thirst‘ l)u| ’Ih‘-(l (illl nflht‘l| ‘ corpora ll‘ jobs, c‘uIll(l be put to grind use Puhlic aITa irs is critical create a publication ofprngram In keep puliticia ns and state lcgisla tors informed Get High School students in‘0l'i: d-create a special program perhaps linked to Tulane . , 1n — no V, -. 0,, -
  28. 28. Idea No 7 Influence Authentic Change (Amy Da rouka I<is and Marissa Shrum)
  29. 29. Insight: Suurss is about making greater connections to the community and addressing their needs Idea: Bzpand and democratize the IDEAcorps — Create Community Think Tanks Coffee M0rning+To-rn Hall Meeting -I-Bra instorin Session ‘ Recruit team members at business schools, churches, museums, schools ' People come together to talk and brainstorm about issues given a task ' Facilitator comes from the Idea Village member of the lDI3Aeorps ' Entrepreneur presentations- increase pa rtieipation and community bonds — Innova tors in Residence Program/ Institute ‘ A grant program for im1o1-ators to come to New Orleans to live and work ' Create a “conference” ea rl_1' in the year to introduce the iniiovators to the community and invite outsiders in Anyone can apply for the program from Steve jobs to a high sel1oolkid- can come for a week or a yea r
  30. 30. 5 cc na rio Time line 0 Every Wednesday meeting rooms at Innovation Centers are filled with Think Tanks meeting groups- lots ofpowerful discussions are happening from plans for a Fa rmer’s market on the waterfront june Z009-First Innovator in Residence House is purchased thanks to a grant from the Skull Foundation After attending the Institute, an Apple executive agrees to fund and Inuova tor in Residence who mentors an Idea Village entrepreneur Open source graffiti wall on one of the Innovation centers Single mother attends Think Tank session about education and creates a parent» run after school progra m A high school student learns how to scratch and mix at an Idea Village Think Tank and sta rts ma king mix ta pes Architecture for Humanity sponsors a innovator in residence and hosts of community brainstorm and the innovator helps design homes for the community Stanford Business School Social Innovation Program agrees to waive fees for people who've attended the Idea Village Innovators in residence program A new caller shop opens in the 9th 'aI’(I- it’s a collective organized by three friends (.1 ha rhershop owner, a retiree and .1 business school student) who met at an Idea Village Think Ta nk Republican and Dcmocra tic presidential nominees participate in an Idea Village Community Brainstorm/ 'lhinl< Tank during the 2008 election year
  31. 31. Idea N08 Create a New Mythology for New Orleans (Michac1Karnjanaprak0rn, Fa ris Ya kob, Adrian Lai) 1 . ,..1,. |‘
  32. 32. Insight: New (Means is tainted by its post-Katrina perception, (mate a new story Idea: If Silimn Valley is America's hub for red: entrepreneurs, New Oieans is America's hub for 4th sedor sodal entrepreneurs Create short term and long term plans Slmrtlerm ' lnipr--xc «int mural by dcin--mlnxing tln: gnu-mm: -nl ha « A plan | :n_q. i_qx- the cun1munit_‘ in treating .1 pl: tfnrm for ‘0llAbnl’. Ifi'I. ' prolalvm solving and sm‘i. :l cnlrrprvnuurship Sta rt lnluung l'l| Ull'l lIt'1'€'‘ll capital int-> lllr inln hll’| .ltlllVk' Influx 0| young. .~mbiIinus people who want In nu ln- .1 : lil'| i-ri-nn- Long Tenn Hi-come .1 rir_r synnnymous with -Rh Srrtor Snrizl Iznrrr-pn-m-urship ’s'nrl<l cl: R1 pr--gums I’--r mun I Ilvslgll nnl uulrepruicunlilp ' Iiirlhpla rr ()l.5|1I. ''(‘ ulul -Hh Sc-rmr hra n-In t'unlc-ntrin1un>- civic pride -“ Ve ma dc II" M ca sure Success ' Qua lily «I lilt- Pnpnla tinn ' Dirccl investment New ()v| rAn~ shuulal be &sH>L’| ll«'tl with umulrntn-prcn-sunhlp
  33. 33. Create a local ca mpaigri to brand the Social Entrepreneurship imitative -create a name, an identity and a platforrn for change — Sorial Entrepreneur Awa rd: in New Orleans - Get Fa st Compa ny to write stories — Raise awareness olldea Village initiatives tied to tlie imira tive * Develop a sustainable education system around -Itli Sector Social Entrepreneursl-iip ‘ Pa rtner with Tula Ill’ (‘leak a program ‘ Develop an internship program with the top scliools Kaos Pilot. Oxford, Sta nford, Llniversity of Colorado. Harvard-intrm; receive tinanrial awards and prrrtigc ' Internships in 4th Sector Companies ’ Create a metal enueprcneurship MBA Challenge forrclirmls in NOLA Create a structure to connect social entrepreneurs ‘ Mrctdlp. -r-weluitr. hlogx, email nevvxlcttcr; ‘ Crcatv: a website for Social Entrepreneurs in New Orleans to conned and communicate Crowdsource from around the world ‘ Pa finer with Gum] Magazine ‘ l’a nncr with Monocle to get ideas to help shill New Orleans‘: image ' Partner with a design network — lh. -imagine New Or| eam—llag, signage. symbols Create a TED-Like Conference for Social Entrepreneurship Expand the Idea Village globally-organize idea hunting trips-bring back one idea for NOL- Create Products-A before and after-book, a product concept with IDEO Gavemment subnidiesr Establish tax credits for 4th Sector Social Entrepreneurs Raise funds from local leaders to establish globalNew Orleans branding ca mpalgn hi-‘Vt’ rig in gore ‘
  34. 34. Next Steps Comments on all the ideas Identify ideas that warrant more investigation Work out what needs or could happen next Re conta ct participants and share learning Meet up and have a drink on October 26th- 27th