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Science Day in Oslo
Science Day in Oslo
Science Day in Oslo
Science Day in Oslo
Science Day in Oslo
Science Day in Oslo
Science Day in Oslo
Science Day in Oslo
Science Day in Oslo
Science Day in Oslo
Science Day in Oslo
Science Day in Oslo
Science Day in Oslo
Science Day in Oslo
Science Day in Oslo
Science Day in Oslo
Science Day in Oslo
Science Day in Oslo
Science Day in Oslo
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Science Day in Oslo


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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  • Not sure if you want to show the actual numbers against the total’s in each country
  • I have only included countries that have PhD students and those with PhD’s in each country
  • Transcript

    • 1. European perspective and futurechallenges
      Øystein Ogre
      President European Chiropractors´ Union
    • 2. European situation
      Some have everything
      The rest have little or nothing
      In most places in Europe and the world
      Marginal group
      One country cannotexperiencesuccess over years by itself.
    • 3. Number of members in ECU countries
    • 4. Number of Students studying in ECU Countries
    • 5. SWOTThreats:
      Competing professions
      Manual therapists
      The gap between the academic institutions and the profession
      Parts of the profession are still in the alternative or CAM business
      Lack of unity
      Lack of organisation
    • 6. Number of Osteopaths, Manual Therapists, Naprapaths compared to Chiropractors
    • 7. Annual Membership Fees paid to National Associations €
    • 8. Results of the EAC Survey 2010: Financial Support for Research concerning Chiropractic in Europe
      General Council meeting Zurich
      1st of June 2011
    • 9. Response rate
      All 19 ECU presidents completed the questionnaire in addition of Denmark and the EAC Research Fund (=100%)
    • 10. With regards to RESEARCH, the European Chiropractors' Union (ECU) and members must
      enhance education (80% positive agreement)
      Increase research capacity (85% positive agreement) –member level support PhD's (79% positive agreement)
      Support the development of a research agenda (74% positive agreement)
    • 11. Money for research
      79% of countries is lacking money
      80% of countries is interested in working together in a network
    • 12. Do you have a national Fund
      7 ECU nations have a research Fund
      It is only logical that the smaller countries have no research fund-other priorities
      Some of the larger countries appear not to have a Fund
    • 13.
    • 14. How much money does your country invest in your national research Fund
    • 15. Number of PhD students
    • 16. Successful research pathways
      Invest in PhD
      Open doors towards universities
      Get a chair of chiropractic in the universities
      Get access to local state funding-EU funding
    • 17. Progress
      EAC research fund from €55.000 in 2008, €97.000 in 2011
      Research school in Norway
      50.000€ from the ECU
      50.000€ from the NCA
      France started a research fund in 2010
      UK has plans for a pan association fund
    • 18. Brave leadership & sustainability
      Academic development
      Establish more chiropractic programmes at universities
      More research
      More PhD´s
      More emphasis on interprofessional education
      Better organised
      Need to be united
    • 19. If you gave a man a fish…….