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Article 2012
Article 2012
Article 2012
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Article 2012


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. World  Congress  of  Chiropractic  Students  (WCCS)  in  Perth,  Australien.  by   Lovisa   Andersson   stud.   manu   and   Maria   Lind   Vilholm   stud.   manu.   International  Chapter,  an  organization  under  the  Association  for  Nordic  Chiropractic  Students  (FNKS),  at  the  University  of  Southern  Denmark  (SDU)     The   23th   –   29th   of   August   2012,   another   succesfull   WCCS   Congress   were   held   in   Perth,   Western   Australia,   by   the   hosting   school   Murdoch   University.   International   Chapter   was   able   to   send   four   delegates   to   the   Congress   to   represent   SDU   as   the   Scandinavian   Chapter.   This   years   Congress  consisted  of  107  delegates  from   24  chiropractic  colleges  around  the  world   and   it   became   a   milestone   for   WCCS,   with   Delegation  2012:  Maria  Lind  Vilholm,  Karoline   debates   about   important   subjects   such   as   Knudsen  Hemmsen,  Jonas  Emborg  Jungersen  and   Lovisa  Andersson   infrastructure,   communication   and   purpose.    International  Chapter  During   the   last   couple   of   years,   International   Chapter   has   developed   and  expaned   with   more   members   and   new   arrangements   in   addition   to   the   WCCS  Congress.  Due  to  this,  we  decided  in  September  last  year  to  rename  our  Chapter  from  WCCS-­‐Chapter  to  International   Chapter.  At  present,  we  are  eight  students  with   representatives   from   Denmark,   Sweden,   Norway   and   Germany.   We   are   a  strong   team,   who   enjoy   a   good   laugh   together   and   benefits   from   each   other  differences.    SDU  Delegation  The   Danish   Delegation   had   another   year   of   great   succes   at   the   Congress.   Our  proposal  this  year  was  about  having  a  discussion  about  the  content  of  the  annual  WCCS  Congresses.  A  couple  of  important  subjects  for  us  to  debate  were,  among  others,   the   delegates   expectations-­‐   and   content   of   the   Congresses   and   how   to  optimize  the  infrastructure  in  the  organization.    Already   pre-­‐Congress   we   got   support   from   the   Board   of   Directors   for   our  proposal   this   year   and   it   ended   up   being   incorporated   into   the   agenda   of   the  week.  One  of  our  primary  goals  was  to  bring  our  thoughts  and  ideas  forward  in  terms  of  the  content  of  future  Congresses.  We  wanted  to  shift  focus  from  mainly  addressing   proposals   to   include   more   academic   workshops,   speakers   and  presentations   around   the   various   member   colleges.   The   discussions   gave   the  Congress   a   more   dynamic   debate,   with   the   SDU   Chapter   taking   lead.   We  managed  to  put  the  members’  thoughts  in  motion  and  we  are  excited  to  see  the  future  development  of  the  Congresses.  
  • 2. WCCS  is  an  international  political  organization  with  over  30  member  colleges,   representing  over  22.000  chiropractic  students  across  fem  different  continents.   WCCS  was  founded  in  1979  and  has  since  been  held  annually.  The  Congresses   are   an   international   forum,   where   subjects   concering   chiropractic,   education   and  the  political  situation  in  different  countries  are  discussed.    The  Board  of  Directors  had  already  put  effort  into  optimizing  the  infrastructure  of   the   organization.   These   changes   will   hopefully   make   the   organization   more  transparent,  open  and  ensure  higher  quality.    Valuable  contacts  for  our  Chapter  Last  year  Congress  gave  a  lot  of  new  collaborators  for  our  Chapter.  One  of  them  is   the   Danish   Chiropractic   Association,   who   we   have   gained   a   lot   of   experience  from  concering  chiropractic  politics  and  lobbying  at  conventions  and  Congresses.  Furthermore,   our   Chapter   have   created   an   increased   cooperation   with   the  European   Chiropractors’   Union   and   developed   a   committee   with   one  representative  from  all  the  European  chiropractic  member  colleges  in  WCCS.  The  purpose   of   this   committee   is   to   improve   the   communication   between   students  and  chiropractors  in  Europe.  We  look  forward  to  a  continued  good  cooperation  with  all  parties.    The  continued  work  of  our  Chapter  Following  the  succesfull  Congress  we  now  look  forward  to  a  new  year  with  new  exciting   events,   such   as   lectures,   information   meetings,   chiropractic   events,   the  WCCS   Congress   2013   in   Durban   in   April   and   much   more.   Our   continued  rewarding   work   will   be   to   increase   cooperation   with   the   Scandinavian  chiropractic   associations,   recruit   new   members   and   to   raise   more   awareness  about  chiropractic  in  our  surroundings.      Thanks  to  International  Chapter  would  like  to  say  thank  you  for  the  invaluable  support  we  have  got  from  the  Faculty  of  Health  Science  at  University  of  Southern  Denmark,  the   Danish   Chiropractic   Association,   the   Association   for   Nordic   Chiropractic  Students   (?),   the   Swedish   Chiropractic   Association,   the   Norwegian   Chiropractic  Association   and   the   European   Chiropractors’   Union   as   well   as   all   the   sponsors,  students  and  chiropractors  that  have  supported  our  events  during  the  year.    
  • 3.  WEBB:    More  information  is  available  at:­‐udvalg