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Emma research Emma research Presentation Transcript

  • Research Task
    Emma Vosper
  • Camera Person
    A camera person could otherwise be known as a camera operator ( C.O.) or television camera operator, or video camera operator, or videographer. A c.o. is the person who operates the camera while filming for things like films or tv shows. Important camera operating skills include choreography and framing shots, and the ability to know about and select the appropraite lenses and other equipment such as dollies, camera cranes, camera stand etc.
  • Sound Person
    A sound person is otherwise known as an audio engineer, acoustic engineer, sound man, sound engineer. There are many branches within being an audio engineer, but the branch involving the person who edits and mixes audio for a film and/or television is called an Audio Post Engineer. The equipment sound people have to use include: mixing consoles, microphones, signal processors, analog-to-digital converters, tape machine, digital audio workstations, music sequencers, digital-to-analog converters, loudspeakers, preamplifiers, amplifiers, and dynamic range compressions.
  • Lighting Person
    Lighting people have to organize all of the lighting used in the film. They have to think about what type, harshness and color light should be used in a particular scene/shot. They also have to arrange where the lights are coming from and the often have to have a very good knowledge in things like electronics so they will be able to create the perfect lighting needed in that shot. They have a lot to think about because obviously, lighting is a very important thing in a film and you need to get it perfect in every shot you film.
  • Director
    Like audio engineers, directors have lots of branches such as film directors, music directors, sports directors and creative directors. Film directors are the people who tell everyone what they have to do while making a film. They have to deal with things such as the overall vision of the film, deciding on camera angles, lens effects and lighting, deciding on the set design, and hiring key crew members, also they deal with the writing, financing and editing of a film. So overall, they have the most power and are in charge of the most things whilst making and producing a film.