How to Use Free Web and Social Media Tools to Promote Yourself Online


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Conference Presentation at the Lone Star College Conference for Women by Elisa Crossland

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  • How to Use Free Web and Social Media Tools to Promote Yourself Online

    1. How to Use Social Media & Online Tools to Promote Yourself
    2. Elisa Crossland
    3. Elisa Crossland Interim Executive Director of Marketing & Branding Web Content Administrator
    4. Elisa Crossland Interim Executive Director of Marketing & Branding Web Content Administrator
    5. Did You Know? 2.0 This Video is not viewable via this slideshare presentation. Check the video out on You Tube at Source: Research and original design by Karl Fisch, Scott McLood and Jeff Brenman.
    6. Did You Know? 2.0 This Video is not viewable via this slideshare presentation. Check the video out on You Tube at Source: Research and original design by Karl Fisch, Scott McLood and Jeff Brenman.
    7. Traditional Tools Application Cover Letter Resume Portfolio Networking
    8. Supplement with New Tools LinkedIn Facebook Twitter BLOG Web Site Online Portfolio
    9. Not Just for Cool Factor The Reality is that applying for jobs with traditional tools is not enough If you want to stand out, online personal branding is imperative
    10. Employers Research You 64% of employers think it’s OK to look at online profiles of candidates 41% have rejected candidates based on their online profile Source: Computer Weekly
    11. Goal: Create an online brand that... Differentiates us from other candidates Validates our claims Establishes credibility Communicates contemporary skills
    12. Six Kinds of Social Media Users Creators: Publish Web pages, write blogs, upload videos to sites like YouTube. Critics: Comment on blogs and post ratings and reviews Collectors: Use RSS and tag Web pages to gather information Joiners: Use social networking sites Spectators: Read blogs, watch peer-generated videos, and listen to podcasts Inactives: Are online but don’t yet participate in any form of social media
    13. Six Degrees of Separation (slightly adjusted) If a person is one click away from each business professional they know and two clicks away from each business professional who is known by one of the business professionals they know, then everyone is at most six clicks away from any other business professional on Earth.
    14. LinkedIn Or, for the sake of this example... from any of the other 50 million business professionals currently registered on LinkedIn from over 200 countries worldwide.
    15. LinkedIn (It’s like Facebook for Pros) Your Living Resume Stay in touch with colleagues Participate in Professional Groups Look for Jobs Research Companies Solicit References Manage Your Professional Brand
    16. Fully Build Your Profile Yes, you need to post a photo! Social Media site participants who don't add photos communicate two things: 1. That they joined but don't participate and are therefore not real members of the community 2. That they are somewhat out of touch with social communities and, by association, are out of touch with contemporary technology
    17. Fully Build Your Profile Your summary should be written like your personal elevator statement that communicates your professional strengths in one minute or less to prospects and colleagues. Be sure to add your past job experiences, current job experience, education and professional affiliations.
    18. Get Recommendations LinkedIn allows people in your "network" of contacts to post recommendations about you on your profile page. Strongly consider taking a risk and asking for recommendations. Recommendations are powerful endorsements that add credibility to the claims you make in your profile.
    19. Join & Start Groups Level the professional playing field. Show your connections the things that interest you. Open doors, Make Contacts Discussions, Jobs, Members, Subgroups, News
    20. Other Uses for LinkedIn Salespeople find customers Fundraisers find prospects Job Seekers find Employers Research Companies Research People Businesses find customers
    21. Founded six years ago in Harvard dorm room by 26- year-old Mark Zuckerberg (net worth 2+ Billion) Facebook is more personal than LinkedIn Acceptable to be “friends” with people who would previously have been considered acquaintances
    22. Not Just for Personal Connections Businesses, Non-profits and professionals are online More than 70% of users are from outside the U.S. People over 40 are one of largest growing demographics With over 400 million users, Facebook has become a personal, product and corporate branding hub.
    23. The Big Question The most frequent question I am asked about Facebook is this: “Should I create a separate profile for business me and personal me?” In my opinion, the answer is NO
    24. Why Would I Want to Integrate Both Worlds? BECAUSE YOU CAN’T AVOID IT Movie stars and politicians already know this. We need to learn to live with it. What happens on the Internet, stays on the Internet So, don’t let anything get out there about you that you wouldn’t want a hiring committee to read.
    25. Build Your Profile Build your profile as completely as possible (and keep it up to date) You need to include a photo here too! Complete your education and job fields
    26. Facebook Tools Groups & Fan Pages - can include professional groups & interests Multimedia - can include photos, videos and tweets Profile Information - Education and work validates your claims
    27. Exception to Every Rule If you're setting up a Facebook Fan Page for your company, set up a generic profile on Facebook that can be passed on to other employees if you should change jobs or leave the organization.
    28. Blog-ortunities Blogs show your expertise and add to your credibility Blogs show passion and commitment to your industry Articles have a long shelf life, your blog grows in relevance over time Blogs posts improve your search engine rankings
    29. Finding the time You may already be writing things that your colleagues would find useful Repurpose professional research on hot topics Offer opinions and lessons learned
    30. What exactly is Twitter? Twitter is like a mini-blog Also called micro-blogging 140 characters or less Most “tweets” link to blog posts or web Tweets are like online “post it notes” that you share
    31. Making Twitter Relevant Avoid tweeting for the sake of tweeting, keep it relevant Mix up your tweets - include unique comments, links and retweets Tweet to drive traffic to things you’ve written on your blog, Web site or posted on your You Tube channel Share links, share ideas, ask questions, conduct polls, answer questions Avoid lurking. Get active and follow others. Join the conversation.
    32. Anatomy of a Tweet RT means re-tweet @username is how you credit another person on twitter Twitoverse - universe of folks on twitter To learn more visit or
    33. Google What? Apps! These days everything comes with optional apps Google Apps are great! Want a Web page? No problem. Would you like a side of user-friendly tools with that?
    34. Google Reader Google reader allows you to subscribe to any page on the Internet For example, plug in six of your favorite Web sites. Log-in to Google Reader and see only headlines/links to new articles from those six sites! Saves time, provides good material for your blog, twitter and Web site
    35. Google Sites Web sites for all Google users Template based Multiple themes Designed for non- technical folks Free!
    36. Google Documents Share documents with anyone you choose via the Web Spreadsheets, Word documents Collaborate with multiple people at the same time Free!
    37. More Google Stuff Calendar Photos Blogs More, more, more at
    38. Google Yourself (yes, it is a verb!) Believe it or not, you already have an online brand You simply didn’t choose what it is
    39. Google Alerts Set a Google Alert on Your Own Name Google will e-mail you when someone mentions your name online This will help you police your online reputation
    40. Let’s Connect! LinkedIn: Blog: Twitter: