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An introduction to txtMoney, a mobile money services suite. Author: Ed Celis

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txtMoney Introduction

  1. 1. Table of Contents 1 txt oney – Product Overview 2 Technology Foundation 3 System Solutions 4 Advantages © 2009 txtmoney.net
  2. 2. 1 2 3 4 Product Overview
  3. 3. txt oney is a branded service designed to offer a host of money services via the use of text messaging (SMS) © 2009 txtmoney.net
  4. 4. money transfer by SMS © 2009 txtmoney.net
  5. 5. txt oney enables transactions between any two mobile phones, regardless of location or mobile network. Linked in to global banking networks, it can instantly transfer funds across the globe money anywhere international remittances © 2009 txtmoney.net
  6. 6. C to C services mobile wallet In the same way as it handles international money transfers, txt oney can remit money between any two persons with a mobile phone SMS: “You received $35 from +3976543232” SMS: “Cash $35 to +396372839” © 2009 txtmoney.net
  7. 7. txt oney also allows for easy, secure, and instant payment services. Which makes it an ideal payment option for the purchase of tickets to sports events, concerts, and theater performances payment services shopping on the go, made easy © 2009 txtmoney.net
  8. 8. interactive services by SMS txt oney enables traditional media and on-line services (betting, ticket sales, adult subscription sites) new payment alternatives as well as the ability to create interactive sales channels for additional revenue © 2009 txtmoney.net
  9. 9. 1 2 3 4 Technology Foundation
  10. 10. global network via SMS gateways Default pre-setting for the API of several world-wide SMS gateways such as leaders End2endmobile and Clickatell ensuring global system coverage © 2009 txtmoney.net
  11. 11. txt oney is accessible and managed via remote www access. Customers can manage their accounts and get an instant overview of their activity. Likewise, the system administrator can fully control the system remotely via www access www access by browser, WAP, and SMS © 2009 txtmoney.net
  12. 12. bank compliant settlement system txt oney’s bank API complies with the UN/EDIFACT standards ensuring the settlement system to communicate properly with most advanced home banking systems © 2009 txtmoney.net
  13. 13. txt oney’s system is pre-set to work with the API of advanced credit card processors. Allowing it to work with all credit card systems in the world without limitations. active communication with global credit card systems © 2009 txtmoney.net
  14. 14. 1 2 3 4 System Solutions
  15. 15. white label turnkey solutions txt oney can be setup as a fully customizable turnkey white-label solution for financial institutions to offer mobile services to its customers © 2009 txtmoney.net
  16. 16. front end system characteristics o  integrated and tested SMS gateway including MO and MT testing o  working internet website with SMS based money transfer system o  integrated and tested banking interface o  country specific SMS gateway number o  complete testing and implementation o  all inclusive infrastructure setup o  local currency implementation o  international number access o  language implementation © 2009 txtmoney.net
  17. 17. o  local legal and financial compliance certification o  tutorial of all system functionalities including opportunities and limitations o  standard agreements such as merchant agreements, media agreements, reseller agreements, etc. o  complete email and CRM system for handling leads, opportunities and marketing efforts o  reasonable education of sales staff o  own identity book back end product deliverables © 2009 txtmoney.net
  18. 18. txt oney is also setup as an independent brand to function through its own distributor network (supermarkets, independent MTOs and others) in several key remittance markets send it by phone © 2009 txtmoney.net
  19. 19. 1 2 3 4 Advantages
  20. 20. © 2009 txtmoney.net
  21. 21. © 2009 txtmoney.net
  22. 22. + = 2 © 2009 txtmoney.net
  23. 23. © 2009 txtmoney.net
  24. 24. Eduardo Celis Rojo Market Development txtMoney.net +4523446160 ec@txtmoney.net © 2009 txtmoney.net