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Before Jeff Bridges made The Amateurs (2007), and before Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008), I was running out of time on my contract at Nordisk Film, with necessity being the father of invention, I conceived this program and succesfully pitched it to Denmarks national broadcasting company, Denmark’s Radio.
Three months later, and after much serious soul searching, filming, casting, and some passionate discussions at home, I was saved from becoming “that guy who made the porn on national TV” by some spineless bureaucrats at DR.
Thank God for small-minded people.
It would have been a blast to make though, and I learned that everyone, at least once in their life, must have a shot of challenging their morals and ncessesities "for real."

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Easy Money sheet

  1. 1. EASY MONEY W hat happens when a guy who is down on his luck decides to give up his moral reservations and go for the easy money he thinks there is producing porn? Anyone Follow the desperate, hilarious, and often pathetic adventures of one man’s can make a chase for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow of porn. Porn In Easy Money we follow as Eduardo Celis, a freelance journalist living in Denmark Film... struggles to make his first porno film, which he then must bring to market and sell … all of it on a very small budget. We tag along throughout the whole process… from Right? the search for locations (convincing the local chief of police to use his jail is probably not the smartest idea, though), the casting for “fresh & passionate faces & asses” to star on his production, and of course the shooting of the film. Its All In The Editing The series is shot as a news documentary… close to people, following the daily work and struggles involved in the process of entering the adult business from scratch. Edited with a sense of humor, and an eye for the human elements of the story. It is a journey showing many of the sides of the multi-million dollar porn business. The series culminates with Eduardo’s trip to the USA, where he will meet some of the AN Out of Luck Guy With a Camera biggest legends of the business, and attend the biggest porn market in Vegas, where dreaming to score a bundle he must try and sell his film… and see if he has indeed, found a way to a pot of gold. About the Guy Eduardo Celis Rojo is a Mexican-American journalist currently living in Denmark. He has worked in media from a very early age: he has been a child actor, a copywriter, and a news editor and reporter. He has traveled a lot; played American football for 20+ years; and can mix a mean Piña colada. With a Catholic mother and a Jewish father, he was raised with plenty of moral baggage so that he can enjoy looking at porn- but never too much. The need for a steady income is now the perfect excuse for him to throw away his guilt, and live every teenager’s dream of becoming a porno producer… at 38. Target Audience 15 and up Format Series 8 x 30 minutes. EASY MONEY © 2004 Eduardo Celis, Red Sky Consulting. Contact: ed@email.dk