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Web solution

  1. 1. Web site Collaboration Solution CC Consulting & e-cosmos solutions , Bangalore
  2. 2. Why Website Collaboration? • Increase Site Visibility • Optimize Website Resources • Increase Traffic on Website • Earn money on Website by Collaboration.
  3. 3. Web site Collaboration • Internet Advertisement Platform to collaborate website for Publishing Advertisement. • Search Engine Optimization to Increase Site Visibility. • Ad Word Advertisement Platform to reach Qualified Professional Through Blog/Site • Platform to reach professionals across the country through Google mail.
  4. 4. Website Collaboration Framework Study Web site Analysis , Design of website for Collaboration Design Parameter (Load balancing , Availability and Performance) Website Readiness Analysis and Reporting Access Website for Increasing Site Traffic , Visibility Tools & Technology – (SEO, Ad Word, Ad Sense) Configuration and Policy Assurance Website Live for Advertisement
  5. 5. Timeline/Cost • Execution Cycle 4-6 weeks per website • Charges Rs 30000 per site Benefits • Earn Money on your Website • Increase Website usage • Increase website performance • Make your website global standard
  6. 6. My Profile IT Evangelist having 22 yrs of Global IT industry experience as Global Enterprise Architect , IT specialist and Program Manager. Worked in GE Money HQ , Assistant Vice President IBM Global Services , Global IT Architect. LG Soft India , Program Manager EDS-Mphasis , Project Manager. Birla Group – Senior Manager (IT) Published research paper on Software Design Author of Redbook on Web sphere Application server security. Graduated from IIT kharagpur (India’s Premier Engineering college).
  7. 7. I-AD SOLUTION GROUP By CC Consulting & e-Cosmos Solutions , Bangalore
  8. 8. Internet Ad • Web search trends and behavior have become a window into consumer attitudes and interest. • Businesses are increasingly learning how to harvest these insights for their own advantage, receiving immediate feedback from customers and keeping track of the competition in real time. • Google has developed a set of tools that can help to discover rich, content, and actionable consumer and market place insights to inform your entire marketing strategy.
  9. 9. Internet -Advertisement • The present medium of communication for Professional is Internet. It is an important platform for business collaboration. • Advertisement and Marketing on Internet Platform will be great place for business. • Advertisement and Marketing on Internet platform will reduces cost , increase visibility and increase ROI.
  10. 10. I-Ad Features • Inform your Brand Strategy. • Gain Insight into your Potential Audience on the web. • Understand the Audience that consumes your online content. • Keep tab on a changing markets.
  11. 11. I-Ad Benefits • Quantify relative interest in your brand and products. • Better understand your target audience by identifying the websites they visit. • Derive Insights from your site’s traffic pattern • View detailed statistics about your video’s. • Monitor the web for new content related to your brand and market. • Hear what influencers are saying about your brand.
  12. 12. I-Ad Solution Group • I-Ad Solution Group is keen to position as a leader in Internet based advertisement and marketing industry. • Group is having expertise in Saas and Cloud computing Technology. It will leverage these expertise to become leader in Saas based advertisement platform. • I-Ad Solution Group has been doing consulting on Automation of Marketing with Ad word in Cloud Computing Space.
  13. 13. I-Ad Reference Architecture URL/Website Display/Video Screen Search Content Web site Content Blog Twitter Text / Image/Video Content Publishing Platform Advertisement Platform Cloud Computing Infrastructure
  14. 14. I-Ad Component View Ad Exchange /Double Click Ad Keyword Ad Ranking Ad Scheduling Ad Format Ad Target Ad Sense / DART For Publishing Ad Word/DART For Advertisement Ad sense Policies Ad sense Tracking Increase Ad sense Revenue Ad Placement Ad sense Monitor Google Application Engine R E P O R T I N G
  15. 15. Cloud based I-Advertisement Application Engine Ad Word Ad Sense Advertise Optimize Analyze Reporting Search Content Web site Blog Twitter Double Click Website
  16. 16. I-Ad Solution Framework Requirement Design Planning Validation Configure Create Publish Monitor
  17. 17. Contact Person Aashish Kumar , Chief Architect & Founder Email Id – cto.consulting@gmail.com Cell +91 9741455994
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