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Speed-Trap CRM 2.0. Survey
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Speed-Trap CRM 2.0. Survey


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The CRM 2.0 Report, published by Econsultancy in association with Speed-Trap, is based on an online survey of more than 500 companies.

The research looks at how customer relationship management is evolving and examines the extent to which organisations are able to integrate online and offline data to provide a more relevant and personalised customer experience, and drive better business performance.

We examine the extent to which companies are practising "CRM 2.0".

According to this research, there is a significant gap between what companies are doing in order to optimise and personalise the customer experience, and what they would like to do.

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  • 1. CRM 2.0 Report 2009 Sponsored by Speed-Trap Linus Gregoriadis Research Director Email: [email_address] Website:
  • 2. Overview
    • Methodology
    • Findings
        • CRM 2.0
        • Implementing a CRM 2.0 strategy
        • Integration of offline and online data
        • Optimisation and personalisation
        • Barriers to data collection and integration
        • Questions
    CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
  • 3. Methodology
    • Online survey in November and December 2008
    • More than 500 respondents
        • 273 clients
        • 209 agencies
        • Best represented sectors:
        • Retail, financial services, publishing
        • Majority of respondents UK based
    CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
  • 4. CRM 2.0 Survey Report | CRM 2.0
  • 5. What is CRM 2.0?
    • No longer top-down, one-dimensional approach
    • Rather it is about:
        • Recognising the impact of customer empowerment
        • Building interactive communities
        • Mutual value for company and customer
          • Collaborative effort
        • Customer strategy is corporate strategy
        • Source: CRM 2.0 wiki
    CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
  • 6. Attributes of CRM 2.0
    • Attributes:
        • Putting customers at the heart of decision-making
        • Commitment to creating customer conversations
        • Treating customers as individuals (online or offline)
        • Focus on personalisation and targeting
        • Integration between online and offline
        • Capture and act upon behavioural data
        • Cross-channel approach to personalisation and targeting
    CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
  • 7. CRM 2.0 Survey Report | Implementing a CRM 2.0 strategy
  • 8. To what extent are the following statements true for your organisation? CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
  • 9. To what extent are the following statements true for your organisation?
    • Companies still have a long way to go in their move towards CRM 2.0
    CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
  • 10. CRM 2.0 Survey Report | Data collection
  • 11. Where do you collect data relating to the online channel?
    • The most common data sources include email platforms (66%), web servers (64%), and online surveys and research (63%).
    CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
  • 12. How do you collect data relating to the online channel?
    • Web analytics platforms (87%), onsite search data (49%), and traditional log analysis (42%) are the most commonly used methods.
    CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
  • 13. Data collection
    • Sharp contrast between data actually collected and data thought to be useful
        • Behavioural data: most useful (according to 68% of companies) but only collected by 45% of organisations.
        • Geographical: not widely seen as useful, yet collected by 80% of organisations.
    • Beyond just data collection, companies need to use data to gain actionable insights.
    CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
  • 14. Which of the following types of data do you collect or would you like to collect? CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
    • Most collected: geographical (80%), content viewed (74%)
    • Would like to collect: aspirational (62%); engagement (38%)
  • 15. Which of the following types of data are useful for targeting information or offers? CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
    • Most useful: behavioural (68%), transactional (64%), content viewed (62%)
  • 16. CRM 2.0 Survey Report | Integration of online and offline data
  • 17. Storing customer records
    • 79% of companies are multichannel (online and offline).
    • 70% have a central repository for storing customer records.
        • This data warehouse includes data from the online channel, according to 74% of companies
    CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
  • 18. How many individual online customer records does your company handle? CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
  • 19. Software
    • Business Intelligence software used includes:
    • CRM software used includes:
    • Marketing automation software used includes:
    CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
  • 20. Are you able to link data from the online channel with back office systems?
    • 65% of companies are able to link online data to back-office systems
    CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
  • 21. What types of data are you able to link up with back office systems? CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
  • 22. CRM 2.0 Survey Report | Optimisation and personalisation
  • 23. Are you able to perform any of the following techniques to optimise the user experience? CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
  • 24. Are you able to perform any of the following techniques to optimise the user experience?
    • Although many companies are not yet using these techniques, the majority aspire to using them in the future.
    CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
  • 25. To what extent does your organisation recognise that a visitor to your website will not always be “wearing the same hat”? CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
  • 26. CRM 2.0 Survey Report | Barriers to data collection and integration
  • 27. What are the main obstacles to successfully tying up online and offline customer data?
    • Other business priorities are preventing companies from successfully tying up online and offline.
    CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
  • 28. Would you say that your organisation gets the type of data it needs from the online channel?
    • 41% say that they don’t get required data from the online channel
    CRM 2.0 Survey Report |
  • 29. Barriers to obtaining a single view of the customer CRM 2.0 Survey Report | “ We cannot currently link online customer behaviour to a specific customer. Nor do we import offline data into our analytics system.” “ Lack of in-house resource to really look at and understand the data.” “ The fact that different analytics packages spit out different data - e.g. 40% difference in web visits between FastStats and Google Analytics.”
    • Company response
    • Agency response
    “ There is no single analytics package that gives collated stats from across the board of data types ('page' - rich media - transactions etc) and sources (website - email - syndicated channels etc.)” “ Cost. Most of the sophisticated analytics are far, far too expensive for what they provide.” “ No clear definition of the type of analysis required and to what end it can be used, less to do with the package than the users.”
  • 30. Questions?
    CRM 2.0 Survey Report | All rights reserved. No part of this presentation may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission in writing from the publisher. Copyright © Ltd 2009.