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  • Ask question when setting up: “Econsultancy recently asked 1,300 digital marketers whether they had a content marketing strategy. Does anyone want to guess the percentage that responded yes?”38% -- still aways to go, and I hope this presentation and discussion can help.On the other hand over 90% of respondents believe that content marketing will become more important over the next 12 months.
  • About RyanCame from a consumer web PR background in Silicon Valley.Worked with Enterprise SaaS companies, then Digg in 2008 (poster child of the “web 2.0” or “social web” movement) then Slide in 2009 who built the first custom widgets for brands on Facebook (Super Poke, Top Friends)
  • 1% rule. For every 100 users, it says, 90 people will consume content curated by nine influencers, originated by just one creator.You want to focus your content marketing strategy around either getting to know those nine influencers, or becoming the creator.Much easier to find influencers!Produce tons of crap and you are going to turn off your current followers as well as make it harder to find your nine.Scale is the enemy of genuine
  • Everyone in this room will agree that this slide (which I stole from the brilliant Kelvin Newman who organises Brighton SEO) is the reason we are here. Penguin. Panda.Where people disagree is whether this means the death of the SEO industry.If you are an ecommerce site, your area of focus should be PPC. This is a blessing because PPC is easy – just a numbers game. You are basically looking at the most optimal value for CPC (cost-per-click) and conversion rates at the landing page for a given keyword with purchase intent. SEO has grown trickier because of this middle step requires tactful thinking onsite firstly, then a content marketer working closely with editorial and social media.A good SEO and content marketing strategy can:build your website as an authority, recognized by Googlehelp you to stay on the top rungs of SERPs for the long runbuild a steady stream of traffic to your website without going broke over pay-per-clickif you are not “selling”; that is, if your revenue generation modes are different from that of selling something onlineif you want to do these things without paying for every click or impression on Google
  • It also happened to run in a Forbes contributor post, which is probably the second or third most cited content marketing success story on the net beyond Hubspot itself.If you look at the areas I underlined in this pull quote that now leads the article, you can see it successfully achieved what a good piece of online content should do: generate a reaction online with top influencers.How did it do this, especially since this topic was already over a year and a half old?The author understood his audienceThe audience is highly connected on socialThe author was saying something rather inflamatory: “SEO will soon die”Another less aggressive rule of three to follow could be:Targeted ConnectionsMeaningful ContentAuthentic Helpfulness
  • Since not all of us are Forbes Network contributors…the main takeaway remains
  • April 2012 - we decided to produce a best practice guide to compliance around EU cookie law. SEO - keywords in headlines, anchor text etc. Content blitz – 18 blog articles on the cookie law between April and May. Links to report pages - each post linked to the report.
  • Once the content was aligned on our blog, it was the links from external sites – our media coverage in the BBC as well as links from government and industry websites that solidified our Google dominance on page one when searching “cookie law”4,682 page views came via search engines. When the guide was released, we were on page one for ‘EU Cookie law’ and related terms like ‘e-Privacy directive’. Google Analytics records an average position of 4.7 for ‘EU cookie law’ between March and May. This attracted links, and a couple of interview requests from the BBC.How did we do this?Predicting an audience need (Targeted Audience)Bringing the answer/solution to journalists ahead of their publishing schedule (1% Rule – journalists are on top. We were bringing meaningful content to a connected audience)Working with slightly inflamatory subject matter while providing authentic helpfullnessBlog post titles: Even the EU can't comply with its own cookie law; The next cookie law deadline is approaching
  • Gap analysis is the long game at the intersection of SEO and content marketing. In order to continue to rank well, we want to produce lots of unique, high value content, but steered by trends and keywords in our industry verticals.We’re now trying to generate new content - and therefore new links - in a more targeted way. We are currently working on a new taxonomy for our website: currently there are around 22 top level categories, but we are planning on reducing these to 10. Old categories will become new sub-categories, and there will be other sub-categories to identify. We will then map hundreds of key phrases to these categories, which will help underpin our gap analysis efforts, and we will produce tactical content to plug the holes.For anyone interested in learning more about ways to approach this, look for our blog post titled: “SEO: how can you identify the best keywords?”Evergreen content. Content that establishes itself in Google and sticks around for the long-term pays handsome dividends. Avoid dates or anything time-specific. Avoid news hooks. Produce reference material and niche content that appeals to specific needs.
  • Quote from Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn CEO“One of the things that we're increasingly focused on in 2013 is going to be the opportunity to support content marketing.“LinkedIn Today = professional feed that aggregates and features top news items for you from your network, and LinkedIn Influencers, or anointed experts like Richard Branson who now contributes exclusive content to LinkedIn. Techmeme which Techcrunch calls “the definitive news aggregator for technology” has a distinct presentation format where the original news item/post is first, any “influencers” talking about that post on Twitter are displayed underneath, and then follow on posts on the same subject matter are indented.So LinkedIn Today will increasingly become an important feed for professionally relevant content, and the Techmeme aggregation/display format will be recreated for different news areas.The genius behind LinkedIn’s strategy is that it will hook with business content you can't get elsewhere -- whitepapers, news articles, educated discussion threads, and so forth. This will be a very important channel for econsultancy moving forward.
  • YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world.According to Experian, in the UK alone, Pinterest saw a 786% increase in traffic last year from 901,761 visits in September 2011 to 7,985,316 in September 2012. Meanwhile in the US Pinterest saw a 15-fold increase to 139m visits in September 2012 compared to 9.2m in the same period in 2011.Instagram now has over 100 million usersDedicated Vine analytics tools. Now a social analytics company called Simply Measured has released a tool that marketers can use to track how many people have seen their Vines.There is also of course, a thrid-party analytics platform for Instagram AND Pinterest called Curalate.
  • Because of my position at Econsultancy, people in the industry that make these tools want to talk. They want to share insights for our blog audience, and they give me free access – usually for a limited time What follows is some of the standouts in the crowd for influencer discovery/organising your outreach/tracking and analyzing
  • Easy and free.For example. Forbes CMO editor has a list on her profile of all the contributing Forbes CMO network writers.The chart below shows all mentions of ‘content marketing’ on Twitter in the past day, with links.
  • Muckrack and Lissted are essentially both Twitter lists on steroids for finding journalists.Both allow you to search keywords across industry filters and/or person/outlet to see who is tweeting about your subject area. Both then dashboard your results (Lissted can rank by Klout score) and allow you to save different target lists dependent on subject area that then get updated the more these journos tweet.I get email digests rather than being distracted by a real-time dashboard, and search the digests in my mail when I am about to pitch around a particular subject
  • Lightwieght CMS-Dropbox BCC function automatically keeps records up to date with what as last emailed to journo/influencer-Scheduling allows for me to set reminders (email/call/tweet) for following up-A single view (Pipedrive) for each outreach initiative shows who responded, who had expressed interest, who published and who didn't, this is extremely valuable for knowing who to go back to with new reports in a similar area.
  • Google Trends is a useful tool for spotting keyphrases that are taking off.It’s more difficult for Econsultancy to use this info in our verticals, but if you happen to work in fashion or celebrity gossip…you’re in luck!
  • Relaborate (Content Basecamp)-Acts as calendar for everyone to follow along in real time with what report is launching when-Lets report stakeholders (mainly Andrew Warren Payne :) enter in trends/hashtags on Twitter that can become content spin offs, as well as the contact information of the report authors/vendors so I dont have to email him to get in touch with them
  • Content marketing for human action

    1. 1. Content Marketing for HumanActionRyan Sommer – Content Marketing ExecutiveMarch 2013
    2. 2. Ryan: Former PR for mobile and consumer web| 2 | Content Marketing for Human Action
    3. 3. Content marketing is now integral to business | 3| Course Title
    4. 4. Rules for the Internet have not changed: | 4 | Content Marketing for Human Action
    5. 5. Rules for search ranking changed: | 5 | Content Marketing for Human Action
    6. 6. Why should content strategy play a top down role for your business online? | 6| Course Title
    7. 7. Forbes as case study: | 7 | Content Marketing for Human Action
    8. 8. | 8 | Content Marketing for Human Action
    9. 9. Econsultancy Cookie Law case study • April 2012 - we decided to produce a best practice guide to compliance around EU cookie law. • SEO - keywords in headlines, anchor text etc. • Content – blog posts tied to compliance • Links to report pages - each post linked to the report. | 9 | Content Marketing for Human Action
    10. 10. Getting Means Talking To Human Action | 10 | Content Marketing for Human Action
    11. 11. The long game = gap analysis | 11 | Content Marketing for Human Action
    12. 12. Don’t drown in too much social data | 12| Course Title
    13. 13. Look for the important aggregators/publishers | 13 | Content Marketing for Human Action
    14. 14. The importance of visual content | 14 | Content Marketing for Human Action
    15. 15. Tools of the trade| 15 | Content Marketing for Human Action
    16. 16. Twitter Lists - Topsy | 16 | Content Marketing for Human Action
    17. 17. For tracking journalists tweets | 17 | Content Marketing for Human Action
    18. 18. For contact management | 18 | Content Marketing for Human Action
    19. 19. For staying on top of trends | 19 | Content Marketing for Human Action
    20. 20. For platform agnostic landing pages | 20 | Content Marketing for Human Action
    21. 21. For inter-company content creation and scheduling | 21 | Content Marketing for Human Action
    22. 22. Questions?Download content marketing survey: rights reserved. No part of this presentation may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic ormechanical, including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission inwriting from the publisher. Copyright © Ltd 2012.| 22 | Content Marketing for Human Action
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