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21st CenturyTeaching and Learning
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21st CenturyTeaching and Learning


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  • 1. Presented by: Ed Considine [email_address] Office of Instructional & Information Technology Eric Esteves [email_address] Tech Boston
  • 2. Online tools : Anywhere Anytime Learning: Increasing student engagement MassONE Wikis Blogs
  • 3. Every one of our students is now competing in the new global economy. (They are living in a flat world!) Kay, Ken. &quot;Preparing Students for the 21st Century: Weaving 21st Century Skills into K-12 Education&quot; Partnership for 21st Century Skills. 29 Jan 2007. 23 Jun 2008 < The Nature of Work is changing
  • 4. “ The job of education is to prepare students for jobs that don’t exist yet using tools that have not been created to solve problems that have not been faced before.” Kay, Ken. &quot;Preparing Students for the 21st Century: Weaving 21st Century Skills into K-12 Education&quot; Partnership for 21st Century Skills. 29 Jan 2007. 23 Jun 2008 < The demands of the 21 st Century workforce are different
  • 5.  
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  • 7. Andrew Churchs
  • 8.
    • to promote reflective analysis and the emergence of a learning community that goes beyond the school walls.
    • a way to communicate with students and parents,
    • used to archive and publish student work
    • To learn with, and ’manage’ the knowledge that members of the school community create
    • To provide resources: unique proportions of links, commentary, and personal thoughts and essays.
    • to organize in-class discussions.
    • to organize class seminars and to provide summaries of readings.
  • 9.
  • 10. What is MassONE?
    • MassONE is the DESE’s Online Network for Educators.
    • It provides Educators and Students access to online tools and resources anytime, anywhere.
  • 11. MassONE offers a set of Web based tools to support teaching and learning.
  • 12. Workgroup Tools Homepage VHD (shared folder) Forums Surveys MassONE Tools
  • 13. Teachers can access the SIMS database directly to find and roster their students. To learn more visit: MassONE Student Registration Tutorial Students and MassONE
  • 14. Each MassONE Educator has a “ Personal Folder” accessible anywhere, anytime
  • 15. Teaching and Learning Resources
  • 16. Curriculum Tools allow Educators to access state standards and to create lesson plans
  • 17.
    • Students can participate in online forums set up by their teachers.
    • Teachers can store lesson plans, and back up important documents
    • Staff can collaborate on curriculum projects, grant applications, NEASC documents etc..
    • Host online Professional Development
    Current Uses of MassONE
  • 18.
    • Extend classroom activities
    • Collaborate Online
    • Engage in Debate / Discussion
    • Submit homework via “dropbox”
    • Save portfolios
    • Communicate, Collaborate and Connect
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  • 20. Shakespeare WIki at Monument High
  • 21.  
  • 22. BPS teacher's blog
  • 23.  
  • 24.  
  • 25. Learning and Innovation Skills: Communication and Collaboration
  • 26. Learning and Innovation Skills: Creativity and Innovation Google Sites Google Earth Keynote Digital Storytelling
  • 27.