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Tech Presentation 2009 2010 Plans

  1. 1. Mecklenburg County Public Schools 2009 Annual Report to the School Board Comprehensive Technology Plan 2003-2009 (Includes Required Update and Alignment Reports) 2009-2010: Vision, Review, Plans and Projections Company LOGO
  2. 2. 2003-2009 Technology Plan 2005-2006 2006-2007 2004-2005 2007-2008 2008-2009
  3. 3. Technology Plan 2009-2010 June 2009 Technology Plan Update and Alignment Reports were sent to the Virginia Department of Education August 2009 Division Superintendent, M rs. Helen Hill received a letter from the Virginia Department of Education stating that M ecklenburg County School’s Technology Plan was in full alignment with the state’s plan. 2003- 2010 M ecklenburg County Public School’s Technology Plan is available on our website. The Plan is reviewed annually and updates are provided to the M ecklenburg County School Board based on the needs of the students, parents, teachers, and community.
  4. 4. 2003-2010 Technology Integration Plan of Action 1. 2008 - 2009 Status Report 2. 2009 - 2010 Plan of Action 3. 2010 - 2011 New State and Local Plan Alignment
  6. 6. 2008-2009 Instructional and Administrative Technology TECHNOLOGY RESOURCE TEACHERS The Virginia Standards of Quality mandate: that each school division in Virginia provide one technology resource teacher per 1000 students. Student Population: 4668 (March 2009 ADM) Three on Staff in 2008-2009 Amy Newton, Stephanie Carter, and Remona Tomko JOB DESCRIPTION: The Technology Resource Teacher assists teachers and administrators with the integration of technology into the classroom and school, trains teachers and staff to use technology in an effective manner, and assists with curriculum development as it relates to educational technology. The TRT is responsible for modeling instructional strategies with students, providing training and professional development, and developing the curriculum.
  7. 7. 2008-2009 Instructional and Administrative Technology Ongoing Initiatives Provide Distance Learning Opportunities VIDEO CONFERENCING: HIGH SCHOOL COURSES TAUGHT: Technical Drawing and Design Architectural Drawing and Design Engineering Design. Division wide use of Star Portal online Portal Online Grade Book grade book and reporting system User Guide Onsite Teacher Training Users Manual Training for Principals Star Portal Grade Posting Report Cards Click on the arrow to move Ongoing Support and Training through the instruction at your own pace. CONTINUE
  8. 8. 2008-2009 Instructional and Administrative Technology Ongoing Initiatives Integration of Technology into Classroom Instruction New Teacher Institute Open Office and Google Applications Training Delivered and provided instructions for “jump drive” for all new staff members Individual Teacher Logins, Email, Trouble Ticket System, H Drive Space SEA System for Professional Development Renaissance Place (Includes Accelerated Reader) Study Island Curriculum (Elem. And Middle) Tablet PC – Middle School Math Initiative Smart Board and Interactive White Board Training Atomic Learning For Faculty, Students, and Parents
  9. 9. 2008-2009 Instructional and Administrative Technology Integration of Technology into Classroom Instruction (Cont.)  TRT Connection Resource Webpage  HIT (Helping Integrate Technology) Mini-Sessions  Alcohol Ed – U Program for Students  SOL Test Preparation Workshops  Success Maker Program Training  Developed Technology Newsletter  Installation of Software  Developed Step by Step Instructions and Manuals for Teachers and Staff  Assisted in Integrating Technology into Curriculums by Developing Lesson Plans
  10. 10. 2008-2009 Instructional and Administrative Technology Ongoing Initiatives Integration of Technology to Accelerate Administrative Tasks •Online Employment Application •Online Forms for Reporting •On Line Technology and Maintenance Trouble Ticket System •Maintained Data Base for Software Installation and CTE Certifications
  11. 11. 2008-2009 Instructional and Administrative Technology Integration of Technology to Accelerate Administrative Tasks (Cont.) •Created Online Forms and Calendars for Staff •Created Lunch Count Form for Teachers and Café Managers •Provided Support for WIN-Snap Cafeteria Management Program •Alert Now Support and Training and Anonymous Alert Tool •EIMS and other State Reporting Sites Training •Utilized Online Surveys to Improve Current Practices based on stakeholder’s input.
  12. 12. 2008-2009 Instructional and Administrative Technology - ANNUAL PRIORITY GOAL Internet Safety in Schools: According to Code of Virginia 22.1-70.2, we must include a component on Internet Safety in our acceptable use policies. DOE Implementation Plan (Supts. Memo: 69 March 23, 2007)  June 2007: Statement to the DOE confirming that a statement is included in our AUP and a plan has been developed.  Statement included in updated policy proposal. Submitted to the school board as information in April 2007. Approved May 2007.  Curriculum plan developed by Technology Department. Completed: June 1, 2007.  2008-2009: Division will implemented and reviewed the progress of the program  Action  Technology Team will include this mandate as a priority goal for Technology Resource Teachers.
  13. 13. 2008-2009 Instructional and Administrative Technology Priority Goal Accomplishments Utilized a comprehensive guide for every grade level that correlated each Internet safety objective with the SOL. MCPS developed a partnership with i-Safe Inc. and developed an Internet safety curriculum for all grade levels.
  14. 14. 2008-2009 Instructional and Administrative Technology Priority Goal Accomplishments A Computer Crimes Investigator from the Attorney Generals Office spoke to all Mecklenburg County’s High and Middle School Students about the dangers of the Internet and current issues that students face online. Other implementation strategies included faculty newsletters, informational brochures, exhibits and live demonstrations at the South Central Fair, parent newsletters, Internet safety rules wallpaper on student computers, PTA presentations, faculty workshops and an online professional development course.
  15. 15. 2008-2009 Instructional and Administrative Technology Priority Goal Accomplishments The online professional development course provides teachers with the opportunity to earn recertification credit while gaining knowledge on the six concepts of the MCPS Internet Safety curriculum as well as the opportunity to receive the i-Safe certification. Special programs on Internet Safety were presented to Elementary School students
  16. 16. 2008-2009 Instructional and Administrative Technology Priority Goal Accomplishments  Updated Acceptable Use Policy for Students, Parents, and Employees to Include Internet Safety
  17. 17. 2008-2009 Priority Goal  Implementation of Google Applications and other free and open source software into instructional and administrative operations.  Productivity Investment Fund Grant  Google Applications Implementation Specialist  $50,000 One Year Grant
  18. 18. Productivity Investment Fund Implementation of Google Applications for Education Savings of $200,000 over a five year period Collaborative Environment for Students and Staff Example for Other Divisions in Virginia
  19. 19. Productivity Investment Fund Virginia Open Classroom Administrative Instructional Email – Large Storage Accounting Class: Park View High – School in Oregon Shared Calendars Personal Finance Class: Bluestone High School: Informational Websites Managing a Household Budget Project Online Forms: Self Graded Assessments Park View Middle School: Google Earth Virtual Field Shared Instructional Documents Trip Project Technical Help Desk Project: Park View High School Websites for Journals: Bluestone High School English Bluestone Middle School Power Hour
  20. 20. 2008-2009 Presentations  February 2009 – Virginia Society for Technology in Education – Virginia Beach, Virginia  Get Your I on Google Docs: Amy Newton and Stephanie Carter  February 2009 – Ed Tech Conference – Randolph Macon College  Using Free and Open Source Resources in the 21st Century Classroom: Stephanie Carter and Ernie Conner  Connecting and Collaborating with Google Applications: Chad Wollenberg and Sheila Beck  February 2009 – Mecklenburg County Business Education Partnership, South Hill Va.  Google Applications in MCPS: Sheila Beck and Remona Tomko  Conference Presentations  April 2009 – Region 8 Technology Full Day  December 2008 – Virginia Department of Workshop – Nottoway High School Education Technology Leadership Conference  Connecting and Collaborating with Google Applications: – Roanoke, Virginia Remona Tomko, Stephanie Carter, and Sheila Beck  Server Virtualization – Saving Time and Money While Going Green: Chad Wollenberg and Ernie Conner   March 2009 – School Division Visits: Google Open Source Mash up – A Discussion about Open Source Technologies: Chad Wollenberg Applications Implementation  Implementing Google Applications – Trials, Tribulations, and  Powhatan County Schools Triumphs: Chad Wollenberg, Ernie Conner, and Sheila Beck  Botetourt County Schools  Connecting and Collaborating with Google Applications: Remona Tomko, Sheila Beck and Ernie Conner  Franklin City Schools  Presented 2nd Session because of high demand
  21. 21. Computer Replacement Schedule and Technical Services 2008-2009 Company LOGO
  22. 22. 2008-2009 Technical Services – Service Calls Technical Support Team has responded to 3596 trouble tickets from staff since July 1, 2007. 3593 of the tickets (99%) have been closed. (June 30, 2009)
  23. 23. 2008-2009 Service Calls: Breakdown by School
  24. 24. 2008-2009 Technical Services Technical Services  Domain Upgrade: The entire network was moved off of the domain, and on to the meck.local domain to ensure no conflicts with existing domains. Changed from to Added for students  Email Migration:. All email was migrated from Exhange 2003 to the Gmail platform, offsetting costs and management of the server.  New Central Office Migrated computers and networking from the old to the new location  Designed and updated security settings on all computers. Implemented logins for all staff users to access computers at different levels. Consolidated operating systems to Windows XP.  SIF and Winsnap server implementation:. The department continued it support, and roll-out of these systems.  Voice over IP (Beta): IP Phones maintained in each school. Communications between schools and departments.  Implemented FOG image solution: Saved $30,000 (Cost of purchasing Acronis licenses)  Virtual Server Implementation; Virtual Server Solution expanded to School Level  DELL TIER II Support: $9370 reimbursement (July 2008- June 2009)
  25. 25. 2008-2009 Technical Services  Comprehensive website is being maintained. Includes: Online News Link, Calendars, Informational and Instructional Links for Students, Parents, Community, and Teachers, Documents Link.  Maintained Online Inventory Tracking System  Backup and Storage: Expanded Storage Capacity for student and staff files. Department Drives  Certified by the Virginia Department of Education to provide online SOL testing on all levels. Online Testing done on the Elementary School level in 2009.
  26. 26. Computers Replaced on Four Year Rotation 2004-2005: Infrastructure and 30 Computers each Elementary School 2005-2006: All Remaining Computers at Elementary Schools and High School Laptops 2006-2007: High School Computers, Middle School Laptops and Laptops at CCE and CLE 2007-2008: Middle School Computers, Laptops at SHE, LCE, BUE, BOE, and School Board 2008-2009: 30 Computers at each Elementary School and Selected Infrastructure Old machines are placed in other schools as secondary machines
  27. 27. Computer / Printer and Equipment Replacement 2008 -- 2009 2008 2009  Desktop Computers  Replaced Computers at Elementary Schools: 150 units  Laptop Computers  Replaced Laptops for Technical Support Staff: 5 units  Servers and Infrastructure  Replaced Servers: 5 Elementary Schools  Replaced 5 Switches  Replaced blades in Cisco Equipment  Other Expenses Wireless Access Point Upgrades and Additions Battery Backups at all Schools Total Cost: $374,678.00 Total Cost: $374,678.00
  28. 28. Materials and Supplies 2008-2009 Consumable Supplies: $148,000.00 Includes: 1. Parts for computers not under warranty (Old machines not under warranty) Hard Drives, Fans, Power Supplies, Monitors, Motherboards, Sound/ Graphic Cards 2. Keyboards, Mice, Speakers, CD’s, Memory, Storage Drives, Microphones 3. Printer Cartridges (List of models supported) 4. Surge Protectors 5. Network Cable, Connectors, Network Cards, Jet Direct Cards , Laptop Batteries Non-Consumable Supplies: $95,000.00 Includes: 1. Cameras and Projectors: $13,331.00 2. Net Trekker: $9820.00 3. St. Bernard Filtering Content Application: $17,865.00 4. Edu Structures: SIF: $1363.00 5. VM Ware and Windows Server Licenses: $6744.00 6. Educational Software: $11,525.00 7. Study Island Renewal: $18,367.00 8. Other: $15,985
  29. 29. Purchased Services 2008-2009 Purchase Service: $100,000.00 Includes: 1. Star Student and Portal: $22,915.00 2. Spectrum Renewal: $3852.00 3. Gaggle Archiving System: $9,300.00 4. Smart Net on Existing Cisco Equipment: $18579.00 5. Online Employment Application: $6500.00 6. How to Master Online Professional Dev: $11,025.00 7. Trouble Ticket System Renewal: $5520.00 8. Explore Learning Gizmos Prof Dev: $1500.00 9. Symantec Anti-Virus: $17,760.00 9. Other: $3049.00 Communications: $361,700 Data Lines (100 Mg Fiber) Kinex
  30. 30. 2008-2009 Accolades and Honors The Mecklenburg County School’s Technology Department was awarded the Southern Virginia Regional Technology Consortium's 2009 Division Technology Leadership Award Mark Eckler, Teacher at Bluestone Middle School, was awarded the Southern Virginia Regional Technology Consortium's Technology Award Bernard Robinson, Technical Support Specialist, was awarded the Southern Virginia Regional Technology Consortium's Technical Support Award Article Appeared in Virginia Business Journal on Google Applications Implementation in Mecklenburg County Schools
  31. 31. 2009 – 2010 School Year 2006-2007 2007-2008 2005-2006 2008-2009 2004-2005 2003-2004 2009-2010 Transition Year
  32. 32. 2009-2010 INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY Support Star Portal online grade book and reporting system •Train teachers to use and implement progress reports Develop Lesson Plans Integrating Technology Into the Classroom •Setup and work with teams of teachers to develop lesson plans correlated by SOL. •Develop online lesson plan library to provide easy access for teachers. •Assist individual teachers to implement technology integrated lesson plans in the classroom. •Collaborate with Instructional Coordinators to Use Technology Tools to Improve Student Performance Implement Internet Safety Curriculum: Virginia Department of Education Mandates •Provide training and resources to teachers •Assist Principals and teachers with implementation Implement New and Innovative Technology into the School Division • Implementation of Promethean Boards into Classrooms. • Support New and Updated Educational Programs (Interactive Achievement, Learn 360) •Updated Ren Place, Success Maker, •Implement Additional Google Applications for Education programs
  33. 33. 2009 – 2010 Technical Services Initiatives TECHNICAL SERVICES  Expand Web Services  Open Source and free software used to develop and maintain services  Utilize additional Google Apps services to improve efficiency  Increased multimedia capabilities on Meckmoodle to allow richer online course content  ideas site for Mecklenburg County to promote new ideas for the district  Integrate Google Apps into existing web sites  Increase Efficiency of Network  Utilize the additional bandwidth that the new fiber infrastructure provides  Review and revise policies for antivirus updates and Windows updates  Core network equipment upgrade  All routers and core switches replaced  Wiring of High Schools and Central Office  Network Development  Win Snap Cafeteria POS system expanded to additional schools  Utilize open source backup utilities  Investigate Firewall replacement products  Research and Development  Virtualization technologies  VOIP Phone System  High Def Video streaming and Video conferencing  Online SOL Testing  Provide Support for all schools to conduct online SOL testing
  34. 34. Computer / Printer Replacement 2009 -- 2010 2009 2010 Desktop Computers (406 Units) Replace Remaining Computers at Elementary Schools Replace Administrative Office Computers Cost to MCPS: $228,000.00 Laptop Computers Replaced 50 Units at Each High School Cisco Infrastructure Routers and Switches over four years old Total Cost: $372,000.00 Total Cost: $372,000.00
  35. 35. Materials and Supplies 2008-2009 Consumable Supplies: $148,000.00 Includes: 1. Parts for computers not under warranty (Old machines not under warranty) Hard Drives, Fans, Power Supplies, Monitors, Motherboards, Sound/ Graphic Cards 2. Keyboards, Mice, Speakers, CD’s, Memory, Storage Drives, Microphones 3. Printer Cartridges (List of models supported) 4. Surge Protectors 5. Network Cable, Connectors, Network Cards, Jet Direct Cards , Laptop Batteries Non-Consumable Supplies: $95,000.00 Includes: 1. Consideration for 2009-2010: Per Copy Printer and Management Solution
  36. 36. Purchased Services/Communications 2009-2010 Purchase Service: $100,000.00 Includes  Anti Virus Subscription  Online Survey Instrument  Help Desk Trouble Ticket System  Smart Net on Cisco Equipment  Printer Repair Communications: $361,700.00 Data Lines 100 Mb Fiber Connection Includes: 1. Kinex
  37. 37. 2009-2010 Summer Accomplishments Summer Technology Camps and New Teacher Institute
  38. 38. 2009 – 2010 School Year: New Local Six Year Plan Aligned With State Plan 2013-2014 2014-2015 2012-2013 2009-2010 2011-1012 2010-2011
  39. 39. Department of Technology and Career Education Instructional Technology Technical Services  Natalie Coronas: Coordinator  Bernard Robinson: Manager  Stephanie Carter: Technology Resource Teacher  Ron Goodwin: Assistant Manager  Remona Tomko: Technology Resource Teacher  Pam Jackson: Technical Support Services  Brook Hatcher: Technology Resource Teacher  Drew Coronas: Technical Support Services  Sheila Beck: Google Implementation Specialist  Ben Webb: Technical Support Service
  40. 40. MCPS Technology Plan 2003-2009 For Additional Information, Please Contact: Ernie Conner, Director Technology and Career Education Mecklenburg County Public Schools 175 Mayfield Drive Boydton, Virginia 23917 Phone: (434) 738-6111 ext. 241 Email: