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Twitter report v11_2011
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Twitter report v11_2011


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. 10 Quick FactsYou ShouldKnow AboutConsumerBehavior onTwitterFrom the 2011 Chadwick Martin BaileyConsumer Pulse
  • 2. About this study Independent Research:  Conducted through the CMB Consumer Pulse  Supported by Constant Contact Methodology:  Data collected from 1 491 consumers age 18+ in the 1,491 consumers, United States through the Research Now online panel  Data was collected through a 15-minute online g questionnaire fielded in January 2011.
  • 3. Twitter users are frequent online users overall;50% go online more than once an hour Time Spent Online100% 3% 3% 5% 7%90% 17% 20%80%70% 40% Between 2 and 6 times a60% week 46% Once a day50% 45% Did You Know? Did You Know? Once every couple of40% 60% of Twitter users  hours30% Multiple times an hour also use Facebook  50% more than 3 hours a 20% week (versus 49% of  34% 29% % Facebook users 10% overall).  0% Overall Online Facebook Users Twitter Users Users Base: All respondents (online users) ● Q28. Which of the following best describes how often you go online?
  • 4. Twitter may be early in its lifecycle; nearly halfof users have been tweeting less than one year Length of Time as Twitter User 15% 6 months o o s or fewer 38% 7 to 11 months 1 to 2 years Did You Know? Did You Know? A quarter of Twitter  Over 2 years users over age 50 have  38% been tweeting less  than one month.   9% Base: Twitter users ● Q29a. How long have you been using Twitter?
  • 5. Most Twitter users are selective about brandsthey follow; 79% follow fewer than 10 brands Number of Brands Followed on Twitter Follow Brands on Twitter 21% 10+ 59 5-9 16% Dont Yes 3-4 28% Know 21% 4% 1-2 36% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% No 75% Base: Those who follow brands on Twitter● Q34a. Approximately, how many brands do you follow?; Base: Those who use Twitter ● Q34. Do you follow any brands on Twitter?
  • 6. One-third of brand followers are interacting withbrands more this year than the previous year Interaction with brands versus previous year 11% 33% I interact more I interact the same I interact less 57% Did you know?  Men increased their rate of  brand interaction more from the  previous year (38% vs. 27% of  women)  Base: Those who follow brands on Twitter● Q34m. Compared to last year, how have you changed your interactions with brands on Twitter?
  • 7. Twitter users under 35 are much more likely tofollow brands on Twitter than are older users Twitter users who follow brands (by age) 26%    17%    13%  Under 35  35 to 49  50 and Over    Base: Twitter users ● Q34. Do you follow any brands on Twitter?
  • 8. 75% of followers have never “un-followed” abrand Percentage of Fans who have and have not “un-followed” a Brand on Twitter Don’t Know,12%Have un- followed, 13% Have not un- followed, 75% Did you know?  Brand followers  over 35 are even  over 35 are even more likely to stay  followers.     Base: Those who are follow brands on Twitter ● Q34g. Have you ever “un-followed” any brands on Twitter?
  • 9. People follow brands to receive exclusivity,promotions, and be “in the know” Top Five Reasons for Following Brands on Twitter I am a customer of the company 64% To be the first to know information about the brand 61% To receive discounts and promotions 48% Gain access to exclusive content 36%Receive content/information to retweet and share with others 28% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% Base: Those who follow brands on Twitter● Q34c: Why did you become a follower? Select all that apply.
  • 10. Followers read brand posts more than they tweetabout brands84%  Read the tweets posted by the brand  23%  Tweet about the brand Did You Know? Did Y K ? 67% of brand    followers expect  unique content  from the brands  they follow.    Base: Those who follow brands on Twitter ● Q34l. For brands that you follow on Twitter, please describe what you do to interact with these brands.
  • 11. 60% of followers say they’re more likely torecommend a brand to a friend after following Percentage of followers likely to recommend brand to friends after becoming followers100% 9% 7%90% 20%80% 31% 33%70% 33% Dont Know60%50% No40% 42% 14% Yes, for a few brands 47%30% Yes, for many brands20% 33%10% 18% 14% 0% All Brand Under 35 35 to 49 Followers Base: Those who follow brands on Twitter ● Q34f. Are you more likely to recommend to a friend since becoming a follower? Note: N size for Twitter users who follow brands over the age of 50 is >25.
  • 12. Half of followers say they’re more likely to buy abrand after following Men are More Likely to Buy Since Becoming a Follower 50%  55%   45%   Overall  Men  Women    Base: Those who follow brands on Twitter● Q34e. Are you more likely to buy since becoming a follower? (% Yes)
  • 13.  Download more free consumer pulse reports at www cmbinfo com/downloads Learn how to use social media marketing to grow your business at www socialquickstarter com For more information contact:  Kristen Garvey at Chadwick Martin Bailey  Dave Gerhardt at Constant Contact