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Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. URG Ecommerce Solution Presented by John Fischl – Riteway Auto Parts & Patrick Garrity – Sharp Auto Parts
  • 2.
    • A tool to allow full commerce sales on your website
    • Allows you to create a partnership with other URG facilities to offer an expanded inventory database
    • to Your internet customers
    • Fits easily behind the “Search parts” button on YOUR website
    • Most successful when marketing your own site
    • Takes the consumer all the way through the sale.
    URG E-Commerce Solution
  • 3. Full E-Commerce Functionality
    • Data used to “represent” parts availability and price
    • Data “Tiering” allows trading partners
    • Parts displayed as yours
    • Data filtering by price
    • Data sorting by distance
    • Freight calculated by part type and distance
    • Notifications to sales people on search and quote activity
    • Shopping cart with payment options
    • Credit Card, Pay Pal, and “other” pay options
    • Comprehensive reporting on activity and sales
  • 4. The URG E-Commerce package works behind your website
  • 5. Search Parts Page
  • 6. URG Ecommerce
    • The URG E-Commerce Sales Support System may be configured to include one or more of the following E-commerce packages:
        • Retail
        • Wholesale
        • Insurance
  • 7. Retail Package
    • We have designed the retail system to be as easy as possible for the retail customer to use, and as efficient as possible for you to administer.
  • 8. Wholesale Package
    • The Wholesale System is designed to provide complete on-line search and order functionality for your wholesale customers. It is a totally secure system that allows access only to authorized customers through a password system.
    • Quoting functions are provided
    • Notices to salesperson provided
    • “ Order Now” and “Order from Quote”
  • 9. Insurance Package
    • The Insurance System is designed with the Insurance Adjuster in mind. Like the Wholesale System, it is a totally secure system that allows access only to authorized customers through a password system.
    • Quoting functions are provided
    • Notices to salesperson provided
    • “ Order Now” from quote functions
    • Multi part search (6)
    • Assigns the order to salesperson based on Zip
    • Salvage Bid Request
    • More sophisticated quote system
  • 10. URG Ecommerce Data
    • Preferred Status allows it to search & display your data before searching brokered facilities
    • The mark-up is in addition to your URGNet pricing
    • Minimum pricing
    • Minimum and Maximum Markup
    • Warranty options available to display on site with mark-up options.
  • 11. URG E-Commerce Brokered Partners
    • The System provides three tiers and “All other partner’s” data for display
    • All URG Members data is available to display in tiers
    • Each Tier has a separate Percent to mark-up the URGNet pricing & warranty
    • Tier 1 can be used to display your data
    • Tier 2 is intended for you to display and broker trading partner’s data
    • Tier 3 is extended to trading partner’s that are not necessarily close but you value the quality of the parts
    • Tier 4 allows you to select all URGNet data to be displayed on your site.
  • 12. URG E-Commerce Price Filters
    • Unique price filter based on average price for Interchange # using all URGNet.
    • Percentage above & below filter are excepted as candidates to be shown.
    • The System will filter out all “C” grade parts
  • 13. URG E-Commerce Parts Displayed
    • The System displays a minimum of 6 parts & not more than 12
    • “Preferred Status” on all tiers overrides the price filters.
    • Preferred status will allow it to search the designated facility before moving to next tier searches.
  • 14. Easy Setup
    • On-line setup Instructions to follow
    • Choose your own settings preferences
    • Set your markups
    • Choose your freight table or customize your own
    • Add your warranties
    • Choose your trading partners
    • Customize your banner
    • Select “Bid Now” option
  • 15.
  • 16. Create Your Account
  • 17. URG E-Commerce Shipping
    • Shipping charges are computed based on distance between the search origin and destination zip code.
    • Pop-up windows appear for “Call” on shipping for hard to ship parts.
    • When a brokered part is calculated it is based on shipping from brokered facility direct to consumer.
    • Canadian Zip searches are optional
  • 18. Next slide Payment methods Freight Settings
  • 19. Payment Types
  • 20. Tier Setup
  • 21. Tier Partners
  • 22. Warranty Settings
  • 23. E-Mail, Banner, Background Color Settings
  • 24. Custom Banner
  • 25. Background Colors
  • 26. Selecting Sales Reps
  • 27. Searching Parts
  • 28. Retail Results
  • 29. Wholesale Results
  • 30. Wholesale Quote
  • 31. Wholesale Quote Saved
  • 32. Insurance Search Page
  • 33. Insurance Multi-Search
  • 34. Retail Management Reporting
    • Part Search Analyses
    • Order Report
    • Customer Geographic Distribution
    • Summary Web Stats
  • 35. Summary Web Stat Report
  • 36. Wholesale Management Reports
    • Part Search Analyses
    • Search Abandon Report
    • Order Report
    • Quote Report
    • Customer Search Analysis
    • Customer Geographic Distribution
    • Summary Web Stats
  • 37. Wholesale Part Search Analyses
  • 38. Wholesale Customer Search Analyses
  • 39. Insurance Management Reports
    • Part Search Analyses
    • Search Abandon Report
    • Order Report
    • Quote Report
    • Zero Price Quote Report
    • Customer Search Analyses
    • Customer Geographic Distribution
    • Insurance Company Quote Report
    • Insurance Company Search Analysis
    • Summary Web Stats
  • 40. Insurance Part Search Analysis
  • 41. Insurance Customer Search Analyses Report
  • 42. The Total E-Commerce Solution
    • This presentation has presented an overview of the three packages in the URG E-Commerce Sales Support System.
    • Let us help you set up your new E-Commerce System TODAY!