Program plan 831


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Program plan 831

  1. 1. Program Plan: William Allen White book club Erin Colby LI831XI· Site for program including type of libraryI chose to have my program at the Sheridan Elementary School library in Junction City, KS· Target groupMy target group is 3rd -5th graders.· Description of the specific activityFor my program I am going to create a book discussion group for students who want to read theWilliam Allen White Award nominee books throughout the year. I would start this book groupwhen the new list comes out each year. I would meet with the students once a week after schoolfor an hour to discuss what they have read, and do various learning activities that go along withthe book. Also, I would have them keep a journal with notebooks that I supplied to write downtheir thoughts on the books as they are reading and also bring that into the discussion.Depending on how many students wanted to participate, and helpers I have, I could break up thegroups my grade level to have the book discussions and complete the activities. I could alsogroup the students based on their reading levels.· Describe how this activity will meet the needs of your target age groupThis activity would meet the needs of my target group because they are reading books that are ontheir reading level, and they are going to be doing activities that are also created on their gradelevel so they can do the activities independently. Also I am fostering a way that students canlearn to talk in-depth about a book in an academic way. If a student cannot independently readand do the activity, I would set them up with a peer that could work with them. Also I wouldmake sure the parents are reading with the student and discussion the book at home.· List any resources needed to carry out this activity (include people that will be involvedin the planning or running of the program)I would need to order enough books for each student to have their own copy of each book as weread them, volunteers to help facilitate the book talk (perhaps someone from the local publiclibrary, or teacher in the building) and journals for the students to write in as they read the books.
  2. 2. · List any materials consulted in planning the activityWilliam Allen White Children’s Book Award. Retrieved from (April26, 2010)***They have tons of information on this website. You can print the books list, curriculumguides and whatever else you might need. ***· Describe publicity for the event—think about your target audience and the best meansof reaching themI would make flyers to distribute to all the grade level classes I would be working with to sendhome to parents. I would also put the flyers up in the library, and go around and talk to theclasses about what this program is going to be about.· Evaluation tool for the programWeekly EvaluationName: YES NO COMMENTSWeekly ReadingJournal EntryDiscussionParticipationActivity CompletionNOTE: The curriculum guides I have found on the William Allen White Website listed aboveare all related to KSDE educational standards.Activity Example:Book: Way Down Deep . Ruth White; Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007Activity Objective:• Ruby June had heard several stories of her childhood from different people that knew her. Doan oral history project about yourself and interview your family, friends, and teachers for early
  3. 3. and favorite memories they have about you and add them to a timeline starting with the earliestmemory to the most current. (Standard 3, Benchmark 4)EVALUATION:NAME: 0-3 Points 4-6 points 7-10 points CommentsInterviewed atleast 3-5 familymembers.Time line is neatand accuratePresentation:Could hearstudents, lookedat audience.***All of the activities are subject to revision.***