Relatorio de sustentabilidade hotel Rezidor


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Relatorio de sustentabilidade hotel Rezidor

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Relatorio de sustentabilidade hotel Rezidor

  2. 2. MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT AND CEO 2009 was doubly celebratory for Rezidor, representing 50 years since the opening of our first hotel – the legendary (Radisson Blu) Hotel Royal in Copenhagen – and 20 years since the launch of our first environmental policy. Our company’s conscientious Scandinavian heritage means we have long taken into account our environmental and social responsibility and we have kept this approach as we expanded across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. And we have maintained momentum during the difficult times too – launching the Responsible Business Manual in March; endorsing the Global Compact’s “Caring for Climate” initiative in June; achieving 27 more eco-labels over the last year; and substantially improving our performance with regard to energy, water and waste once again. We can be proud of these results and of our Responsible Business programme’s unique and wide scope: taking responsibility for the health and safety of employees and customers; respecting social and ethical issues in the company, as well as in the community; and reducing the negative impact on the environment. In addition the programme stands out from the crowd in that it is in place across each of our brands and throughout all the regions where Rezidor is present. The demands on a responsible business are ever changing, as the economic crises take their toll and demands from our diverse stakeholders become increasingly sophisticated. We look forward to embracing this challenge and reaping the benefits of our pro-active efforts by being able to provide world-class responsible hospitality. Kurt Ritter, President and CEO CONTENTs 4. About The Report 8. he Responsible Business T 17. ur TRIC=S for Safety O Programme and Security 5. esponsible Business Strategy R 11. Economic Results 19. Summary of Progress 6. mpacts, Risks and I Opportunities 13. Environmental Results 22. GRI Standard Disclosures Table 15. ocial Results S2  Responsible Business Report 2009
  3. 3. RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS PERFORMANCE INDICATORS 2009 2008 2007 Energy/m2 (kWh) Radisson Blu 279 292 308 Energy/m2 (kWh) Park Inn 290 308 350 Water/ Guest Night (litres) Radisson Blu 415 461 475 Water/ Guest Night (litres) Park Inn 358 375 403 Waste/ Guest Night (kg) Radisson Blu 1.69 1.70 1.74 Waste/ Guest Night (kg) Park Inn 1.51 1.77 2.16 Climate Analysis Employee Satisfaction score 85.8 85.1 85.1 Average 3T Monitor Safety and Security self-audit score 93.7 92.3 91.4 Kurt Ritter, President and CEO, and Sarah Rooney, Manager Responsible Business, presenting Harriet Koopman, General Manager of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam Airport, with the 2009 Responsible Business Award. RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS AWARD WINNERThe Rezidor Hotel Group Responsible Business Business spirit from the moment they join the Coordinator for the region. She regularly pres-Award is presented to the hotel which has ex- hotel when they are shown a short film made by ents and guest lectures on Responsible Business.celled in social and environmental sustainability the Responsible Business team describing the Guests too cannot miss Responsible Busi-throughout the year. Selection criteria include environmental and social projects and achieve- ness in action at this hotel. An up-to-date in-third-party environmental certification, ments of the hotel. The staff canteen serves formation stand takes pride of place in the ho-participation in Responsible Business Action healthy food and five fit employees including tel lobby while the reception team sells “Kika”Month, consumption reductions and innova- General Manager Harriet Koopman joined teams bears in aid of a children’s cancer charity. Fairtion. For 2009, Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam from the other Benelux properties in the Brus- trade coffee and chocolate are also served. InAirport was deemed the worthy winner. sels 20km race in May in aid of World Childhood addition, the hotel also cooperates closely with This year the hotel achieved the prestigious Foundation. Indeed Harriet is a true Responsible a children’s home, Leefkringhuis, throughoutGreen Key eco-label Gold for their outstand- Business ambassador. She herself is the Respon- the year assisting with birthday, Easter anding environmental efforts. Employees at this sible Business Trainer at her hotel and was re- Christmas parties, redecoration and providingproperty are fully immersed in the Responsible cently appointed Regional Responsible Business supplies when needed. Responsible business RepoRt 2009 3
  4. 4. ABOUT THE REPORTThe purpose of this Responsible Business Report, in combination The Status Report is an internet-based da-with the Rezidor 2009 Annual Report, is to help shareholders and tabase managed by an external consultant (also available through Rezidor’s intranet),other key stakeholders to value, assess and understand the opera- and contains 58 questions touching on alltions of The Rezidor Hotel Group. relevant areas of the Responsible Busi- ness programme. The questionnaire usedWe have an ongoing dialogue with our Due to the fact that the reporting base is inspired by the UN Global Compact andstakeholders and we report what we con- changes from year to year, we use key the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines.sider to be of particular interest to those we performance indicators which are based Environmental performance data (e.g.deem key: employees, customers, property on surface area (m2) or occupancy (guest energy, water and waste) is collected on aowners, shareholders, suppliers, authori- nights) as these are the dominating factors monthly basis through an Excel based da-ties, community and environment. Thus the affecting energy use, water consumption tabase linked to Rezidor’s comprehensiveRezidor 2009 Responsible Business Report and waste generation. This also allows us to accounting and financial system. The datadescribes the most material and relevant report our performance in a fair and trans- requested has expanded slightly since thesustainability aspects of our operations, not parent manner from year to year. launch in 2002, while the reporting periodsthe full range of actions and data. The scope of this report covers Rezidor have also been adjusted over the years. Data as a group, providing examples from opera- is checked internally before consolidationReport Content tions regardless of brand. This means that with hotels asked to justify or explain sig-This Responsible Business Report is in line the consolidated performance data includes nificant deviations.with the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) managed and leased hotels in operation for Reporting is mandatory for managed andG3 guidelines, self-declaring C level. Align- the following brands: leased hotels and in 2009, 100% of these ho-ing our sustainability reporting to GRI Radisson Blu –148 hotels (34,675 rooms) tels responded to the Responsible Businessallows us to measure performance, achieve Park Inn – 57 hotels (11,316 rooms) Status Report and reported their environ-transparency and facilitate international Country Inn – 1 hotel (93 rooms) mental performance. Moreover, at year-endcomparability. The GRI guidelines are the Hotel Missoni – 1 hotel (136 rooms) 80% of hotels had a Responsible Businessmost widely accepted and used standards Regent – 3 hotels (554 rooms) specific Action Plan in place for 2010. Thesefor sustainability reporting and are applied Total – 209 hotels (46,638) rooms) Responsible Business Action Plans are up-by more than 1,000 companies around the dated yearly. At the same time, 84% of theworld. Hotels under franchise agreements, which hotels have also incorporated Responsible currently number74 hotels (13,738 rooms) Business related targets into their overallScope and Boundaries and unbranded properties (2 hotels; 134 Business Plan.of the Report rooms) are not included in the consolidatedRezidor has limited the reporting boundar- performance data. Neither are sales offices Periodicityies to areas in which the company has full and staff functions. It should, however, be Rezidor’s Responsible Business Reports arecontrol over data collection and informa- noted that the Responsible Business pro- published annually in conjunction with thetion quality. Downstream impacts are gramme is encouraged at all hotels, includ- Annual Report. The last Rezidor Annualgenerally excluded – as we do not at present ing franchised properties, and corporate Sustainability Report for 2008 was pub-dispose of reliable tools to measure these. offices. For 2009, 43% of franchised hotels lished in March 2009.The numerical data specified in this report completed the Responsible Business Statusrefers to the year 2009, unless otherwise Report. 24% completed the monthly Envi- Accounting Principlesstated. Monthly environmental reporting ronmental Report with many more submit- and Verificationand the annual Status Report, compiled by ting their data at year-end for benchmark- Financial data presented in the Responsiblethe management team at each hotel, form ing and carbon emission calculations. Business Report is derived from auditedthe foundation for Rezidor’s Responsible Due to the small number of hotels oper- annual accounts. For all external reporting,Business reporting. The reporting is based ated under the Regent (3), Country Inn currencies are converted into Euro. Ac-on year-end figures, meaning that all hotels Suites (1) and Hotel Missoni (1) during counting principles for financial reporting,in operation by December 31st were asked 2009, data from these hotels is limited, as well as the conversion rates used, areto report. Consequently, some hotels report while the focus is on Radisson Blu and Park stated in Rezidor’s 2009 Annual Report.full-year data, while properties that opened Inn. The Responsible Business Report has notduring 2009, report only for the months been independently reviewed by auditors orthey were in operation. Hotels that discon- Routines for Monitoring any other third party.tinued operations with Rezidor during the Hotels are asked to report their Respon-year are not included. During 2009, 30 sible Business performance in two differ-hotels came into operation under managed ent reports. Overall compliance with, andand leased agreements, as well as 6 hotels progress towards, the 15 objectives of theunder franchised agreements. Meanwhile, Responsible Business programme (see page6 managed or leased hotels left the system 20) is assessed through the annual Respon-in 2009. sible Business Status Report questionnaire.4  Responsible Business Report 2009
  5. 5. RESPONSIBLE BUSINESSSTRATEGYResponsible Business sibility to make things happen –following Business is carefully measured and closelyand Society our core philosophy, “Yes I Can!”. Without monitored so as to spur continuous im-In the year 2000 Kofi Annan, former taking that responsibility we cannot make a provements.Secretary-General of the United Nations, difference or sustain long-term profitability. In 2008, Rezidor was one of the first in-stated “Business is not divorced from the ternational hotel groups to sign the Unitedrest of society. The two are interdependent Vision and strategy: Nation’s Global Compact, the world’s larg-and it must be ensured, through mutual un- Taking a leading role est voluntary corporate responsibilityderstanding and responsible behavior, that Rezidor took the lead in establishing its initiative. The company’s longstandingbusiness’s role in building a better future is first environmental policy 20 years ago and Responsible Business programme meantrecognised and encouraged by society.” again with the Responsible Business pro- Rezidor was already well-prepared to align Indeed over the last decade, interest in gramme as we now know it. Rezidor con- its operations with the ten universally ac-the role of businesses in society has grown tinues to take a leadership role in the inter- cepted principles of the Global Compact inexponentially. Issues such as child labour, national hospitality industry; sharing our the areas of human rights, labour, environ-fair trade and climate change are of such experience for the greater good, and strives ment and anticorruption. In June 2009,magnitude that they are now of global con- to achieve recognition and to reap the eco- we endorsed the Global Compact’s “Caringcern. Because businesses are dependent on nomic benefits of this leading position. Thus for Climate” initiative, thus reinforcing ournatural and human resources, this obliges Responsible Business issues are treated in commitment to the further development ofthem to take responsibility for the conse- the same way as any other important strate- corporate strategies and practices to miti-quences of their actions as well as to make gic business issue at Rezidor; this aspect is gate climate change. During 2009, Rezidorcontributions to the societies of which they fully integrated into the overall governance was also part of the consultative group forare a part. Business corporations through- of the company. The Responsible Business the World Economic Forum’s “Towards aout the world today recognise this relation- programme is anchored in the core business Low Carbon Travel Tourism Report”, andship, and that being responsible makes good and touches upon the work routines of all presented this report at the World Businessbusiness sense contributing to decreased employees with the ultimate responsibil- Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagenrisks, operational savings and customer ity for Responsible Business lying with the in May. In November Rezidor celebratedpreference. Executive Committee at corporate level and World Responsible Tourism Day and was At Rezidor, we have created the Responsi- General Managers at hotel level. Moreover, proud to be an official supporter of this in-ble Business programme because we believe the programme is continuously updated ternational is our personal and professional respon- and developed, and work with Responsible Responsible Business History 1989 2003 Helen’s Hotel, Dublin, at Annual • First environmental policy • aunch of Hotels Environment Action L General Manager conference driven by SAS Group Month (now Responsible Business Action Month) – 89 hotels participated 2006 1996 • adisson SAS Plaza Hotel, Oslo, is first R • warded HOFTEL Owner-Friendly A • aunch of the Radisson SAS environmental L Rezidor property to receive third- Innovation of the Year programme with 24 action points party environmental certification • ounding member of the International F with the Nordic Swan Eco-label 2007 Hotels Environment Initiative • ezidor becomes chair of IHEI R • aunch of Responsible Business L Executive Committee Best Practice database 2001 • orld Childhood Foundation becomes W • aunch of the Responsible Business L 2004 corporate charity organisation programme encompassing the three pillars • warded “Worldwide Hospitality Award A • ezidor is first hotel group to offer R of health and well-being, social and ethical for Environmental Protection” all guests carbon offsetting responsibility, environmental responsibility • evelopment of internet based database D • esponsible Business Coordinators R for environmental legislation with 2008 appointed and trained self-audit and quarterly updates • oll-out of new Living and R • irst Responsible Business Training initiated F • arlson Companies signs ECPAT C Leading Responsible Business with 35% of staff trained by year-end Code of Conduct against sexual training for all employees • egular reporting of energy, R exploitation of children • ripled the number of eco-labelled hotels T water and waste • aunch of L • ave the Children becomes S 2005 • igned up to the United S corporate charity organisation • irst Rezidor Responsible Business F Nations Global Compact Award given to Radisson SAS St Responsible Business Report 2009  5
  6. 6. IMPACTS, RISKSAND OPPORTUNITIES vironmental, social and governance issues into corporate management and operations. It is impossible to fully consider the global economic crisis without also looking at the challenges of climate change, water scarcity, resource depletion and extreme poverty. Economic concerns cannot be addressed in isolation from social and environmental concerns as these crises are all symptoms of a larger global system that is out of balance. Indeed the process of taking a long hard look at our operations that often accompa- nies recession encourages firms to become more strategic; to look at campaigns and strategies that deliver real benefits rather than a number of tactical activities that have limited reach. Moreover, Responsible Business focuses on efficiency through ac- tivities such as energy and water conserva- tion and thus ultimately saves money. The need for sustainable development has neverDespite current challenges, the travel and management of health and safety, ethics, been greater and Rezidor is proud to havetourism sector remains a critical economic corporate governance and a socially and maintained momentum with its Respon-sector worldwide and one that provides environmentally responsible supply chain sible Business efforts during 2009. Indeedsignificant potential for economic growth have become ever more important priori- we hope to benefit from our continued workand development internationally. Accord- ties. The Rezidor Hotel Group believes the -A.T. Kearney consultants recently reporteding to the World Travel Tourism Council above non-financial issues ultimately im- that companies that focussed on sustain-(WTTC), the global travel and tourism pact profitability. ability have outperformed their peers byindustry supported 77.2 million jobs on a di- Fully aligned with the company’s core 15% during the financial crisis.rect basis in 2009 and contributed just over business objectives, Rezidor’s Respon- This outlook is also reflected by an evo-9% of the global gross domestic product. A sible Business programme was instated lution in shareholder perspective as thegrowing national travel and tourism sector to increase awareness and readiness to company observes an increasing numbercontributes to employment, raises national handle risks and reduce costs, but also as of institutional investors adopting Sociallyincome, and can improve a country’s bal- a means to capture opportunities in the Responsible Investment (SRI) into their in-ance of payments. The sector is thus an process of achieving the goal of being an ternal and external operations in responseimportant driver of growth and prosperity industry leader with solid long-term profit- to the global financial crisis. A 2009 UNand, particularly within developing coun- ability. There are many ways to run a hotel Environment Programme Finance Initia-tries, it can play a leading role in poverty business – which in turn impact on how a tive and the UN Global Compact reportreduction. hotel operator can manage risk and take also reveal that an increasing number of Thus it is clear that an industry of this size advantage of opportunities related to sus- mainstream asset owners, investment man-has a considerable impact on economic, so- tainability. Rezidor’s business model which agers and professional service partners arecial and environmental conditions around entails operating hotels but not owning the signing up to the Principles for Responsiblethe world. The hospitality industry also fac- properties, sometimes limits the actions the Investment (PRI).es a plethora of issues, risks and challenges company can take. But by and large Rezidor At the same time, our customers’ inter-related to sustainability. These include is able to control the key issues pertaining to est in Responsible Business issues remainsaddressing climate change and resource sustainability as the following pages dem- high despite the downturn as we continueconsumption, minimising generation of onstrate. to receive increasingly detailed Requests forwaste, and attracting and retaining high- Proposals demanding information on ourperforming employees. Rezidor handles Responsible Business environmental and ethical credentials. Likerisks through the Responsible Business and during a Financial Crisis Rezidor, many of our corporate customersSafety and Security programmes while the Albert Einstein once said, we can’t solve are determined to maintain their respon-framework for managing operational risks problems by using the same kind of thinking sible attitude even during difficult presented in the Annual Report. we used when we created them and the cur- The industry must also respond to sus- rent global financial crisis certainly under- Climate Changetainability-related expectations expressed scores the need for a new way of thinking. In The UN World Tourism Organisationby customers and the local and global today’s interconnected global economy, the estimates that Travel and Tourism, exclud-communities. Finally, and increasingly in long-term value and success of business are ing aviation, was responsible for abouttoday’s business climate, comprehensive inextricably linked to the integration of en- 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions in6  Responsible Business Report 2009
  7. 7. IMPACTS, RISKS AND OPPORTUNITIES2009 and that this will grow at 2.5% per gional synergies and to have a direct impact chaser. Taking into account all hotels, underyear until 2035. However it is important on the bottom line as a result of improved all contract types, a total of over 35,000to acknowledge that although the sector operational efficiency. employees were working under the Rezidorcontributes to climate change, it also faces One of the key roles of the Responsible brands during 2009. During the last yearrisks due to climate change. If the industry Business teams in the hotels is to collabo- over 4,000 jobs were created with the vastfails to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, rate with the Engineering Departments and majority of employees hired from local mar-the rate of travel may decrease significantly the Regional Engineering structure to con- kets. The company counts no less than 142over time as a result of legislative pressures tinuously strive for more efficient natural nationalities amongst the workforce, 56% of(for example carbon taxes) resulting in resource use. This contributes to the reduc- which is male.increased travel costs, or through volun- tion of operational costs – and the mitiga- Rezidor hires a diverse and relativelytary actions of customers to limit travel. tion of environmental risks – along with the young workforce and tries to recruit man-There are also risks related to more specific reduction of associated legal, insurance and agement internally, providing training andimpacts of climate change – for example financial expenses. As the graphs on page a viable career path. Rezidor respects thedisrupted travel patterns or damage to ho- 13 demonstrate, the company is progress- rights of employees to join trade unions,tel properties due to severe weather events ing in the desired direction as Rezidor has pays fair wages according to industry stan-such as storms or flooding. Some locations yet again achieved substantial reductions dards and had no legal breaches with regardmay face geographically specific risks that across energy, water and waste key perfor- to labour legislation last year. Rezidor seescould affect the safe and profitable opera- mance indicators. an opportunity in investing in its employeestion of hotels. The effects on earnings and and strives to provide favourable workingrisk as a quantitative measure are difficult Managing sustainability conditions to retain them. This contributesto estimate to date but the company is doing in the supply chain to delivering a high quality service, an im-what it can to limit environmental impact Rezidor’s central purchasing programme portant value driver and differentiator fromand vulnerabilities to climate change and (RezPIN) is an online market platform other hotel chains and brands.resource consumption issues. which allows registered buyers and suppli- As early as 1991 The Rezidor Hotel Group By signing the UN Global Compact and ers to exchange information about products started to measure employee satisfaction.the Caring for Climate initiative, Rezidor needed and offered. In this way the cor- An independent organisation is commis-has further committed to promote greater porate Purchasing Services Department sioned to conduct this annual survey en-environmental responsibility. Rezidor con- can provide different business units with titled Climate Analysis. In 2009 the resultstinually monitors developments through information about best quality products from managed, leased and franchised hotelsactive participation in environmental and at suitable prices. The programme creates increased to 85.8 (out of 100) compared toindustry forums. Employees are informed a win-win situation for both buyers and 85.1 last year. Given the challenging eco-and engaged in climate change mitigation sellers, as it leads to reduced transaction nomic situation, this result is an extraordi-efforts through our internal awareness and costs. In addition RezPIN ensures that con- nary programmes, Living Responsible tracted suppliers are in line with Rezidor’s For many years Rezidor has been suc-Business and Leading Responsible Busi- Responsible Business philosophy and brand cessful in achieving a positive effect on theness. standards. All suppliers included in the sys- bottom-line through active people manage- tem are required to sign Rezidor’s Supplier ment. The company offers a range of tools inResource Consumption Code of Conduct and have the opportunity order to attract and retain talented peopleRezidor hotels’ consumption of resources to further profile their Responsible Business by hiring attitude and training skills. Thesuch as energy and water and the disposal performance to hotels. Management Development Programme,of garbage impact on the natural environ- Hotels also actively engage with sup- aims to develop, train and prepare existingment in terms of resource depletion and the pliers at local level with regard to their or newly recruited supervisors to becomegeneration of emissions and waste. Natu- Responsible Business practices. In 2009, Heads of Department while the Mentorrally these elements also impact operational 75% of hotels provided the Rezidor Supplier Mentee programme develops Heads ofcosts. The company has measured resource Code of Conduct to their suppliers. Ad- Department to become General Manag-consumption and associated costs for many ditionally 47% asked suppliers to complete ers. The strong focus of the company on itsyears – and these metrics provide the back- the Rezidor Responsible Business Supplier internal talents has a long track record ofbone of Rezidor’s environmental manage- Questionnaire. Going one step further, 64% success.ment framework. During 2009 Rezidor of hotels have requested that, or providedlaunched the first phase of the Regional En- advice as to how, suppliers improve their en- Safe and Secure hotelsgineering structure in France and the UK. vironmental, social or ethical performance. At Rezidor, we acknowledge that the safetyThis new structure aims to capitalise on re- In addition, hotels are encouraged to use and security of our guests, employees and locally produced property is an imperative aspect of hotel products as well as operations. Maintaining the necessary seasonal products levels of safety and security is dependent on in particular for the everyday actions of every employee at corporate gifts and every level in every hotel and every Rezidor events. office in every country. We have a structured risk management formula entitled TRIC=S Rezidor as a which promotes proactive behaviour responsible throughout the company. TRIC=S stands employer for Threat assessment + Risk mitigation and Rezidor has a direct management + Incident response + Crisis and substantial management and communications = Safe, effect on local com- Secure hotels. Read more about this pro- munities as an gramme on page 17. employer and pur- Responsible Business Report 2009  7
  8. 8. September is Responsible Business Action Month at Rezidor. During 2009 over 190 ho-tels participated – helping out in the local community, promoting health and well-beingand launching efforts to reduce their environmental footprint. At the same time theyraised TEUR 75 for World Childhood Foundation and over TEUR 350 for local causes.THE RESPONSIBLEBUSINESS PROGRAMMEResponsible Business Policy • Reducing our negative impact on the envi- Identification and Selectionand Stakeholder Engagement ronment As one of the fastest growing hotel com-Rezidor’s Responsible Business programme panies in the world, we recognise that webuilds on the principles of sustainable de- Rezidor’s long-term success depends on the have an impact on a very wide selection ofvelopment and the triple bottom-line, where ability to understand and address the needs stakeholders, either directly or indirectly.all hotels shall strive to take economic, and concerns of those who impact or are im- The basis for identifying and selecting oursocial, ethical and environmental issues pacted by the company’s operations. As part key stakeholders mainly relates to the ex-into consideration when making decisions of the Responsible Business Policy eight tent that we influence or impact them: eco-in their everyday work. The programme en- key stakeholders are identified: employees, nomically, socially and environmentally. Wecompasses 3 key pillars: customers, property owners, shareholders, attempt to estimate the interdependence• aking responsibility for the health and T suppliers and business partners, authori- between Rezidor and these stakeholders safety of employees and guests ties, local and global communities, and the and focus our efforts where we have the po-• especting social and ethical issues in the R natural environment. tential to make a difference. company, as well as in the community8  Responsible Business Report 2009
  9. 9. THE RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS PROGRAMME Responsible Business Manual It was with great pleasure that Rezidor launched in March 2009 the Responsible Business Manual – a new step-by-step guide on how to make Responsible Business live and breathe in any Rezidor property. It covers the very first steps that involve the appointment of a Responsible Business Coordinator, the creation of a Responsible Business Team, and the assessment of initial environ- mental and social performance of a hotel. It also includes information on how to organise effec- Responsible Business Manual tive Responsible Business meetings, progress with Action Plans that are tailor-made to fit each hotel, and suggestions on how to best communicate results externally and internally. In addition, once hotels have truly progressed towards the level of Responsible Business excellence, the Manual includes guidance on how hotels can receive recognition for their outstanding achieve- ments. The Responsible Business Manual is suitable for both new and experienced Responsible Let’s take responsibility Business Coordinators and is a must read for each General Manager. Rezidor is confident this Manual can make a true contribution in the current economic climate by providing a structured plan to improve Responsible Business and environmental performance and thus reduce costs, as well as guidance on achieving additional PR which may help drive revenue.StakeholdeR ConCeRnS ambitions. These objectives are realised environmental responsibilities. Each hoteland engageMent through suggestions for actions, reinforced creates its own personalised ResponsibleOur stakeholder relations encompass by performance-based targets. The Summary Business Action Plan based on the corpo-a number of environmental, social and of Progress table from page 19 lists our key rate objectives. Hotel Responsible Businesseconomic issues, such as efficient use of re- performance indicators, commitments and teams are guided by the new Responsiblesources, limitation of emissions and waste, targets and achievements for the year 2009. Business Manual as well as a continuouslylabour rights, workplace and guest health At the corporate level, key departments updated intranet that contains informationand safety as well as cultural heritage. Many including Responsible Business, Human about policies, reporting requirements, bestof our stakeholders have differing expecta- Resources and Safety and Security provide practice examples, certification and awardstions, and these may sometimes be contra- General Managers of hotels with ongoing and other useful resources.dictory. A responsible business must be able support to implement Responsible Business There is also a regional framework into balance these different expectations so practices. The Responsible Business depart- place for Responsible Business, supportingthat, within reason, all stakeholder groups ment in turn collaborates in various areas the hotels at a regional level and providingfeel their demands are being met. The table with other key departments such as Tech- a liaison between the hotels and the corpo-on the next page lists our key stakeholders nical Development, Sales and Marketing, rate Responsible Business team. This helpsand main policy objectives in relation to Food and Beverage, Business Development ensure Responsible Business is integratedthese. It also includes what we believe to be and Finance to ensure Responsible Business consistently across all regions; all employ-their expectations in relation to Rezidor. is integrated into all aspects of Rezidor’s ees are fully engaged in the programme; operations. and the capturing of bottom-up efforts. TheManageMent and oRganiSation On an operational level, hotels and Gen- 14 Regional Responsible Business Coor-For each of these stakeholders, there are a eral Managers are provided with several dinators meet twice a year, where they arenumber of fixed objectives stating Rezidor’s tools to better manage their social and informed about and discuss the most recent Responsible business RepoRt 2009 9
  10. 10. THE RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS PROGRAMME STAKEHOLDER POLICY EXPECTATIONS Employees We shall educate and facilitate for our employees fair and equal treatment; secure and safe working to make a conscious decision in favour of environ- environment; training and career progress; fair pay mental, ethical and social issues in their private and work lives. Customers We shall inform and make it easy for our guests to leading service; good value for money; flexible ap- participate in Responsible Business related activi- proach; environmentally responsible; good global ties at our hotels. coverage; benefits and generous loyalty pro- grammes Property Owners We shall work together with property owners to good returns from property management; high find innovative solutions that satisfy our economic, level of security. environmental and social objectives. Shareholders We shall provide shareholders and investors with transparent information; sound strategy and cor- timely, accurate and transparent information on Re- porate governance; high return on investment; sponsible Business related risks and opportunities. minimisation of risks Suppliers We shall strive to purchase products that have a re- fair and equal treatment; value-based pricing duced environmental impact during their lifecycle, from suppliers that demonstrate environmental and social responsibility. Authorities We require our managers to abide by local and in- compliance with rules and regulations; financial ternational legislation, especially regarding labour contributions (taxes and fees) laws, health and safety, human rights and the envi- ronment. Community We shall take an active role in the international re- forming an active and responsible part of society; sponsible business community, and contribute to sponsorships of projects; contribution to infra- the local communities where we operate. structure; contribution to attractiveness of desti- nation Environment We shall do our utmost to continuously improve our reduced consumption of energy, water, and chemi- performance in the areas of energy, water, chemi- cals; resource-efficiency; biodiversity protection; cals and resource consumption, and waste genera- minimisation of waste and emissions; responsible tion in order to reduce our negative impact on the purchasing; sustainable transport environment.developments and plans for the Responsible all General Managers includes a dedicated about Rezidor’s governance, please see theBusiness programme. Responsible Business session that prepares Corporate Governance Report on page 56 of During 2009 we continued the roll-out participants for all the responsibilities to be the Rezidor 2009 Annual Report.of our unique Living Responsible Business fulfilled in order to carry out the Respon- From an operational standpoint it isand Leading Responsible Business training sible Business programme successfully. the General Manager of the hotel that ismodules and we aim to train each newly Reporting requirements for each hotel are ultimately responsible for the hotel’s Re-hired employee within 90 days of their ar- described in further detail in the About This sponsible Business activities. To assist himrival. Living Responsible Business is a 2.5 Report section on page 4. or her there is an assigned Responsiblehour energetic, practical and interactive Business Coordinator at each property whomandatory session for all employees at all Governance then establishes a Responsible Businesslevels. It aims to help participants under- Sustainability issues are treated in the same Team consisting of employees from differ-stand our impact and how each individual way as any other important strategic busi- ent functions and all levels of the organi-can make a difference in their daily life, ness issue at Rezidor; this aspect is fully in- sation. The team members work with theboth at home and at work. Leading Respon- tegrated into the overall governance of the Coordinator to review current practices,sible Business is an additional model tar- company. The ultimate responsibility for and act to achieve and audit the results ofgeting Heads of Departments and General Responsible Business lies with the Execu- the programme. This includes ensuring thatManagers to ensure they lead by example tive Committee at corporate level and Gen- the information regarding the Responsibleand empower employees to get involved. eral Managers at hotel level. The Corporate Business programme is disseminated to all In addition, our General Manager Certifi- Responsible Business Department reports departments of the hotel and regular re-cation Programme, which is mandatory for to the Executive Committee. To read more porting to Corporate Office is completed.10  Responsible Business Report 2009
  11. 11. During 2009, Rezidor opened 36 new hotels and now has hotels in operation and un- der development in over 60 countries. At the same time over 4,000 jobs were cre- ated bringing the number of employees working un- der Rezidor brands to over 35,000. Thus Rezidor’s eco- nomic impacts as a business partner and an employer are substantial.ECONOMIC RESULTSResponsible Business include requirements related to environmen- who report being aware of their hotel’s greencontribution to cost tal performance as well as social accountabil- programmes, compared with guests whocontainment and ity and ethical behaviour. Consumer interest are unaware of them. Responsible Businessdriving revenue in companies’ sustainability credentials contributed to Park Inn leading the mid-scaleWe believe that non-financial issues ad- remains strong in spite of the recession and full service segment and Radisson Blu’s highdressed through our Responsible Business consumers’ consciences have “not been put on ranking in the upper upscale segment.programme have a long term impact on our hold,” as the Corporate Social Responsibility Requests for proposals from corporateprofitability. Implementing Responsible consultancy, Context, notes. This is mirrored clients continue to ask increasingly detailedBusiness can help control costs through re- by travel managers and business travelers in questions regarding environmental and ethi-duced utility consumption, for example. Dur- the United Kingdom, continental Europe and cal issues, with clients seeking to compareing 2009, training and investments in Build- North America who according to a report by products before making an informed Management Systems, waste sorting the Association of Corporate Travel Execu- Consumers are actively seeking clarity infacilities, energy savings technology as well tives and KDS say “the crisis won’t lessen navigating the complex subject of Responsi-as water conservation fittings has resulted in their companies’ green efforts”. ble Business and Rezidor is working with sev-improved environmental performance and Indeed the J.D. Power 2009 European eral industry bodies and other hotel groups tocost savings across the board. Please see En- Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study report facilitate this. Already Rezidor has ensuredvironmental Results for more information. indicated that awareness of green pro- that the provision of information about the Responsible Business also helps us drive grammes has increased significantly and this company’s environmental and social profile isrevenue. Long term sustainable profitability awareness has a strong positive impact on part of the sales and marketing process, withand growth require Rezidor’s operations to be client satisfaction. On average, satisfaction 83% of hotels having integrated Responsibleable to meet demands set by customers. These is more than 160 points higher among guests Business into their sales presentations and Responsible Business Report 2009  11
  12. 12. ECONOMIC RESULTS63% of hotels sharing their Responsible Busi- • adisson Blu Hotel Basel, together with R the surrounding areas. The development ofness activities on their websites. other hotels in the city has for the last 10 a hotel often contributes to improved local years participated in an Energy Group infrastructure by bringing in economic inter-Responsible Construction sponsored by local energy supplier IWB, ests which can make investments viable. Itand Renovation and as a result of environmental invest- also happens that we may directly contributeRezidor works actively to enhance resource ments such as a new and better insulated to establishing and financing infrastructureefficiency and to measure, monitor and re- roof, a new heating and cooling plant and when opening a new hotel, which is the caseduce its carbon footprint and this requires co- new windows; as well as achieving energy for example with leased hotels. In addition,operation with property owners, constructors targets, receives a rebate on its energy bill. many hotels reach out to help manage publicand architects. To this end, Rezidor has cre- • n 2009 Radisson Blu Hotel Stansted Air- I property through clean-up programmes or toated Responsible Construction and Renova- port received a grant of £ 1,500 from the facilitate improvements through donations oftion Guidelines which are used to supplement British Lottery Fund as part of the Well- money or materials.the Technical Standards. Being in the East project demonstratingDuring 2009, 48% of hotels reported that their dedication to the health and well-being Charity initiatives atthey undertook a significant environmental of their employees. local and global levelinvestment such as improved insulation, grey Throughout the year, Rezidor’s hotels spon-water recycling systems and the installation sor many charities and non-profit initia-of waste compactors. As the types of invest- Responsible Business tives at local level through actions such asment vary substantially across hotels, Rezi- Utility Costs 2009 fund-raising assistance, training, free meet-dor does not provide a consolidated figure for TEUR ing rooms and other in-kind donations. Ininvestments made. 2009, over 190 hotels participated in the Total Energy Costs 25,658In addition to investments in existing proper- annual Responsible Business Action Monthties, it is important that Rezidor minimise the broken down as follows: in September when hotels are encouragedenvironmental impact and promote efficient Electricity 14,761 to organise environmental and communityresource use from the beginning of new proj- Oil 278 activities. The Rezidor Hotel Group is alsoects by utilising smart design and best avail- proud to have the World Childhood Founda- Natural Gas 2,434able technology. tion (Childhood) as its international charity District Heating 2,896 organisation since June 2007. Through vari-Our Economic Impacts Other Energy 2,797 ous fund-raising activities at hotel and corpo-The International Tourism Partnership es- Water 2,492 rate level during the year, the company raisedtimates that one job created in the tourism TEUR 75 for Childhood in 2009, thus equal-industry generates about one and a half ad- ing our 2008 donation. At the same time ho-ditional jobs in other industries (for example • adisson Blu Plaza Hotel received a grant of R tels have donated approximately TEUR 350restaurants, sightseeing, taxis, laundries, MNOK 1 from Oslo City Council represent- to local charitable causes.etc). Hotels often also help to create job op- ing 10% of the total investment for a signifi- The change to Radisson Blu meant a newportunities and provide incomes in regions cant energy efficiency renovation including image in 2009 but Rezidor made sure towhere the possibility for industrial activity a new heating and cooling system with air find good homes for any remaining materialis small, thus providing an opportunity for recirculation and heat recycling. branded with the old logo. Rezidor donatedpeople to remain in areas with otherwise thousands of items including play houses,difficult employment circumstances. As the Purchasing and pens, towels, beach balls, hats and schoolparagraphs below demonstrate, Rezidor’s Local Suppliers bags to worthy projects such as children’seconomic impacts as a business partner and With more than 380 hotels in operation and homes, charity runs and the Danish homelessan employer are substantial. We also contrib- under development in over 60 countries, a football team.ute to community and charity initiatives both large proportion of our spending is directedlocally and globally. towards locally-based suppliers. We estimate World Childhood Foundation that in 2009 approximately one quarter of Since June 2007, Rezidor’s corporate charityGovernmental purchases were sourced through our central organisation is World Childhood FoundationFinancial Support purchasing programme with the rest pur- – a non-profit organisation dedicated to serv-The Rezidor Hotel Group receives no direct chased through regional or local agreements. ing the most vulnerable children in the world:nor significant financial subsidies from gov- street children, sexually abused and exploitedernmental organisations in the countries Local Workforce children, children trafficked for sexual pur-where we operate hotels. However it is worth and Management poses and institutionalised children, with anoting that many hotels are receiving finan- Rezidor has a direct and substantial effect particular focus on girls and young mothers.cial assistance for Responsible Business ini- on local communities as an employer and a Rezidor’s mission is to provide its severaltiatives in other forms: purchaser. Taking into account all hotels, un- million guests each year with a comfortable• Radisson Blu Resort, El Quseir, and Radis- der all contract types, a total of over 35,000 and restful stay away from home. Childhood son Blu Resort, Taba, have for a number employees were working under the Rezidor aims to help children who are abused and of years received funding from the Dan- brands during 2009. During the last year exploited to ensure that they are given a safe ish International Development Agency over 4,000 jobs were created with the vast and secure childhood, or simply put, a home. (DANIDA) for projects that have resulted in majority of employees hired from local mar- These parallel aspirations mean that Rezi- the establishment and development of jobs, kets. Personnel costs, such as wages, training dor’s support to Childhood is natural to who training and education of staff and local and benefits, are by far the largest cost for the we are as a company and a corporate citizen. inhabitants. company, 54% amounting to MEUR 246. As we move forward towards achieving our• During 2009 Radisson Blu Roe Park Re- growth objectives, we will also continue our sort, Limavady received an interest-free Infrastructure Investments commitment to support children around the loan of £28,000 from the Carbon Trust for a Rezidor properties are highly dependent on world and to provide them a safe home and a voltage regulator. local infrastructure and the well-being of better childhood.12  Responsible Business Report 2009
  13. 13. ENVIRONMENTAL RESULTSOperating hotels involves the use of raw to be high, we have set strict environmental teria as part of environmental certificationsmaterials, energy and water, and results in performance demands. Moreover, all sup- and increased employee awareness.waste generation. Rezidor’s main environ- pliers are required to sign Rezidor’s Supplier Spills are marginal and not centrallymental impacts are a result of energy use Code of Conduct and have the opportunity reported, though discharge and chemicaland the consequent contribution to climate to further profile their Responsible Business use is tracked and controlled. There werechange, in addition to the consumption of performance to hotels through RezPIN, no significant environmental spills or leaksmaterials. During 2009 Rezidor launched Rezidor’s central purchasing programme during 2009.the first phase of the Regional Engineering online platform. Thus we try to positivelystructure in France and the UK. This new influence our suppliers by providing incen- Energystructure aims to capitalise on regional tives to develop environmentally sound Our energy consumption consists of elec-synergies and to have a direct impact on the products produced in a responsible way. tricity, district heating and cooling, heatingbottom line as a result of improved opera- oil, natural gas, and LPG gas. Energy coststional efficiency. Also in 2009 we continued Waste and spills as a share of Rezidor’s total costs is 5.6%to pursue third-party environmental cer- Solid wastes are generated by many activi- (4.2), and during 2009 we spent TEURtifications to ensure hotels are doing their ties in our hotels like food preparation, pre- 25,658 (23,771) on energy related costs forutmost to reduce our environmental im- packaged items consumed, guest waste, leased hotels. Thus logically a reduction inpacts. The focus of these certifications is on cleaning etc. We are proactively seeking energy use was a core component of our costincreased energy efficiency, water conser- to reduce our residual waste which would cutting programme over the last year andvation, waste management and informing otherwise be sent to landfill or incinera- contributed to a decrease of 4% in energyemployees and guests about the Responsible tion. As part of Living Responsible Business consumption per guest night at RadissonBusiness programme. training, employees are trained in waste Blu properties and a decrease of 6% at Park management and the waste hierarchy: Re- Inn hotels.Material use duce, Reuse, Recycle; and are empowered to Rezidor is committed to contributingIn order to minimise environmental impact make improvements where they see fit. 89% to mitigating climate change by continu-and promote efficient resource use from the of hotels have a dedicated waste-sorting ously improving the energy-efficiency of ourbeginning of new projects, the use of smart area while 70% of hotels have waste-sorting operations and by increasing the share ofdesign and best available technology is es- equipment on house-keeping trollies. 63% low-carbon energy sources. This is an im-sential. To this end, Rezidor’s Responsible of hotels return packaging to suppliers portant part of the role of the new RegionalConstruction and Renovation Guidelines while 38% of hotels provide waste-sorting Engineering structure.are used in conjunction with Technical facilities for guests in public areas. We alsoStandards when consulting on new proper- aim to purchase products that generate Waterties and refurbishments. minimal waste through setting central and Reducing water consumption has a number Additionally a large part of our social regional purchasing policies and avoiding of knock-on effects in reducing our envi-and environmental impacts is derived from disposable items as much as possible. For ronmental impact. Using less water meansthose of our suppliers. As an international example 96% of hotels have refillable ame- less wastewater to process and dispose of,hospitality company we use a vast variety of nity dispensers in public washrooms. and in the case of hot water reductions, lessproducts and the majority of our material In 2009 we saw a 1% reduction in waste energy use too. Again our cost cutting pro-use is in the form of products we purchase per guest night at Radisson Blu properties gramme contributed to a decrease of 10%from suppliers. Controlling how and what while at Park Inn hotels the reduction was a in water consumption per guest for Radis-we buy is an important part of our Respon- staggering 15%. We believe these reductions son Blu during 2009, and 5% for Park Inn.sible Business strategy. For some products were achieved mainly due to the influence of Employee training also plays an importantwhere we buy large quantities and where we stricter waste management legislation in a role in water conservation and contributedperceive the negative environmental impact number of countries, stringent recycling cri- to improved and more water-efficient rou-Energy/m2, Water/guest night, Waste/guest night,kWh litres kg500 500 2,5 Responsible Business maintains momentum with significant reductions in energy, water and waste400 400 2,0 yet again in 2009300 300 1,5200 200 1,0100 100 0,5 0 0 0,0 07 08 09 07 08 09 07 08 09 07 08 09 07 08 09 07 08 09 Radisson Park Inn Radisson Park Inn Radisson Park Inn Blu Blu Blu Responsible Business Report 2009  13
  14. 14. ENVIRONMENTAL RESULTS Eco-labels all over Although Rezidor has been working with Responsible Business for two decades we realise the importance of having our efforts evaluated and externally veri- fied to ensure communication of our programme is fully transparent and credible. To this end, the com- pany launched an ambitious eco-labelling strategy in 2008 and we are proud that a further 27 properties have achieved environmental certification in 2009. The initial focus was on Radisson Blu properties and half the Radisson Blu properties have already been awarded an eco-label. Already all our Park Inn hotels in France have achieved the Green Key label and the rest of the brand will follow suit with local labels. For the most part, regional certifications or eco- labels have been selected to ensure hotels perform to their maximum potential in their respective countries, and also to take into account consumer awareness of these schemes. In fact one challenge encountered along the way is the unavailability of environmental certifications or eco-labels in cer- tain regions where Rezidor operates. Thus we are actively working with environmental organisations in Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Russia and the United Arab Emirates to develop schemes and to pilot them at Rezidor properties. Environmental Certifications to date Austrian Ecolabel: 2 Enterprise Ecodynamique (Belgium): 2 Golden Leaf Green Hotel (China): 1 Green Globe: 1 Green Hospitality Award (Ireland): 10 Green Key (Benelux, France, Lithuania, Tunisia): 21 Green Tourism Business Scheme (UK): 12 ISO 14001 (Germany): 15 Nordic Swan: 29tines in housekeeping, kitchens and leisure linked to energy consumption, our efforts to renewable energy sources. Again we arefacilities. to decrease emissions are concentrated on particularly sensitive to the energy sources In addition to conserving water it is es- working towards minimising energy use as used in the countries in which we operatesential Rezidor manages the quality of its well as shifting to renewable energy sources. hotels and the availability of renewablewater discharge which can be in the form We have calculated our emissions each sources in the grid, which is why a numberof grey water which has been used in show- year since 2006 in conjunction with the of hotels are generating their own energyers and sinks and still is relatively clean; or Edinburgh Centre of Carbon Management. through technology such as photovoltaicblack water which comes from toilets and is These assessments focus on energy related panels.sent directly to a sewage treatment plant for emissions only, as accurate conversion fac-processing. Rezidor can influence its water tors for waste disposal or not yet widely Land use and biodiversitydischarge in two main ways – reducing the available. Conversion factors used for en- Rezidor does not own hotels but ratherconsumption or controllingdischarge of ergy sources are based on the World Busi- operates managed, leased or franchisedmaterials and products that may contami- ness Council for Sustainable Development properties. In this sense the company doesnate water, and also through reusing its grey Greenhouse Gas Protocol and guidelines not directly use land, but as Rezidor’s opera-water. Significant sources of water contami- from the Carbon Trust. tions facilitate and finance land use, thenation in a hotel are chemical use in house- An assessment of the greenhouse gas effects of land use are nevertheless an issue.keeping and kitchen residue. In order to re- emissions of Rezidor’s operations was un- Hotels have a significant physical footprintduce cleaning chemical waste we use pre-set dertaken in February 2010, based on 2009 -buildings are often sizable and the land-dosage systems for cleaning chemicals. In data. In 2009, emissions from electricity, scaped premises encompass considerablethe kitchen area, 89% of the hotels use a fat natural gas, heating oil, district heating and areas. It is in our interest to preserve theseparation device, to ensure that fat residue LPG gas for the 208 properties for which natural environment and biodiversity asdoes enter the water system. With regards Rezidor has comprehensive data amounted ultimately the local community, and its con-to re-use of water, our hotels frequently use to 329,072 tons CO2 equivalent. Our carbon dition, is of utmost importance to runningrain water and even condensation water for footprint has thus increased in absolute a profitable hotel operation. To this end, ourirrigation, while grey water systems which terms which is to be expected with the large Responsible Construction and Renovationreuse shower and sink water to flush toilets number of hotels opened last year. However Guidelines advise owners, developers andare in place in 4% of our hotels. if we look at emissions per room night or per hotels how to best manage their land in a guest night, both have decreased signifi- productive and sustainable manner.Emissions cantly during 2009 with the latter reducedRezidor’s greenhouse gas emissions result by 8% from 25.57 kg to 23.65 kg. As the bulk Fines and Incidentsprimarily from our energy consumption of our emissions come from energy and in There have been no environmentally related(electricity use and heating/cooling) and this case electricity use, our efforts to de- incidents or fines at hotel or corporate levelmainly consist of carbon dioxide emissions. crease emissions are concentrated on work- reported.Due to the majority of our emissions being ing towards energy efficiency and shifting14  Responsible Business Report 2009
  15. 15. SOCIAL RESULTSThe values of Rezidor guide the organisation and our employees in their daily Code of Conduct against the sexual exploita-business. Our values are openness, trust, respect, confidence, fighting spirit, tion of children on our behalf.flexibility, empowerment, and z-factor. Diversity and handling discriminationOur licence to operate entered into by and between representatives A strong understanding and respect of cul-in the community of our central management and employee tural differences is essential to Rezidor’s suc-Tourism is dependent on the community as representatives. Data of the share of employ- cess as we employ no less than 142 differentwell as cultural and natural heritage. Hotel ees with collective bargaining agreements is nationalities and we operate hotels in over 60companies contribute positively to the social not collected. countries. Diversity amongst the workforceand economic development of regions in in our hotels is as old as the hospitality indus-which they operate. Hotels hire a majority of Handling operational changes try itself. Experience across different hotelstheir employees locally and pay local taxes Rezidor strives to handle all operational and different countries is an integral partwhich are re-invested to benefit the region. changes in a transparent and open fashion, of any hospitality career. The Rezidor HotelWe also give support through the restoration with the goal of giving the employees fair Group supports transfers throughout the ho-of cultural heritage sites, by sponsoring local influence. In Europe, the European Works tels in all countries, enabling its employees toevents and charities and by partnering with Council framework helps regulate informa- grow with the company and to develop them-research and interest organisations. Being tion and co-dependency issues. Annual selves. As much as we perceive our guestswell thought of helps to safeguard our repu- meetings are held, where issues such as the to be individuals with individual needs andtation and strengthen our brand. It enables company’s finances, performance, future wishes, we also perceive our employees tous to more easily acquire licenses to operate ventures and other paramount issues, are be individuals with individual backgroundsand facilitates the process of establishing discussed with employee representatives. If and cultures. Employees are hired for theiroperations and securing business partners in Rezidor decides to discontinue operations or attitude and willingness to serve the guest.local markets. divest a hotel operation, the hotel normally Cultural differences enable us as an employer remains in operation (but under different and as a host to cater to the needs of ourLabour Practices and management). The effects on the employees clientele on an individual basis even better.Decent Work when losing Rezidor as an operator and em- Rezidor’s Equal Opportunities Policy statesWorkforce ployer are thereby lessened. During the year, that no discrimination due to age, race, reli-Taking into account all hotels, under all con- 30 hotels joined the Rezidor system and 6 gion, gender or disability is allowed, and alltract types, a total of over 35,000 employees managed or leased hotels discontinued their our hotels have routines in place to ensurewere working under the Rezidor brands dur- co-operation with The Rezidor Hotel Group. this is the 2009. During the last year over 4,000 When taking over an existing hotel, the ma-jobs were created with the vast majority of jority of the employees of the earlier hotel Anti-corruption measuresemployees hired from local markets. The brand remains at the hotel. In some regions where Rezidor operatescompany counts no less than 142 nationalities there are high risks related to corruption,amongst the workforce, 56% of which is male. Human Rights therefore a Code of Business Ethics is in As early as 1991 The Rezidor Hotel Group Rezidor operates hotels in countries where place and management and staff are trainedstarted to measure employee satisfaction. An corruption and human rights issues exist. in this regard. These issues are also coveredindependent organisation is commissioned to Key human rights issues for the hotel in- in our internal control procedures. Rezidorconduct this annual survey entitled Climate dustry include fair wages, women’s rights, takes substantial measures to ensure that theAnalysis. In 2009 the results from managed, the capacity to join trade unions and collec- ethical behaviour stated in the Code of Ethicsleased and franchised hotels increased to tive bargaining. Breaches of good practice is a core value in all business relationships.85.8 (out of 100) compared to 85.1 in 2008. and association with social problems can The Rezidor Hotel Group has not had any All employees receive regular performance cause considerable long-term damage to significant incidents regarding corruption orand career development reviews at least on a company’s reputation and may result in bribes causing legal actions during 2009.a yearly basis. More information on payroll a company being denied future licenses tocost and the split of these costs per country operate, sometimes even facing international People developmentcan be found on page 32 of the Rezidor An- boycotts. and trainingnual Report 2009. Rezidor does not in any way participate Rezidor has for many years successfully in or condone practices that breach Inter- focussed on having a positive effect on theCollective bargaining national Declarations covering these issues. bottom-line through active people manage-agreements On the contrary we feel that our presence ment. We offer a range of tools in order toRezidor pays fair wages according to indus- can be a positive influence. We work to rid attract and retain talented people by hiringtry standards and had no legal breaches with prevalence of human-rights related issues attitude and training skills. Our 5-Step Peo-regard to labour legislation last year. Rezi- hands-on, strengthening local communities ple Development Programme is at the heartdor respects the rights of employees to join by running a responsible operation. Child or of Rezidor’s people development unions if they so choose and to bargain forced labour is not accepted and this is en- This programme allows for every ambitiouscollectively in accordance with local laws. sured through training, local hiring policies employee to aim for the top, thanks to ourPursuant to the European Union Directive and careful monitoring. We also pay close simple – but efficient – policy of recruitingon works councils (94/45/ EC, the “Works attention to and train our employees to be from within. The programme covers fiveCouncil Directive”) Rezidor has established aware of the risks of child sex tourism while levels of increasingly more advanced train-a European Works Council, which has been Carlson Companies has signed the ECPAT ing and includes the mandatory New Hire Responsible Business Report 2009  15