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  • Introduction of who speaker is and what I do People ask me lots of questions in my life
  • Basic introduction of services
  • Activity #1 – have participants write down the answer to “Someone I love has been impacted by personal violence and …” to sensitive them to what we are talking about
  • Guided visualization about someone they love being hurt and not being able to do anything about it…but there are people there who can do something about it
  • Activating emotions – powerless, frustrated, angry, tired, overwhelmed, sad
  • My mom’s story and why I’m really here
  • Stats on this issue, and then making it real
  • And so, this is a big issue and what can be done about it
  • Change is possible, one green dot at a time
  • Activity regarding people’s ability to influence others – think of something you really care about, are really passionate about, and then how you influence how others think about this – what would you do, where would be the limit to what you would do
  • The idea of malcolm gladwell’s stickiness
  • Epidemic
  • How do we go from red dots to green?
  • This seems like a no brainer, so why are people doing it already
  • Real reasons people don’t intervene – embarassed, overwhelmed, socialized to think its not their problem
  • Now do spheres of influence with green dots – talk about the three d’s – distract, delegate and direct
  • Green dot persausive speech

    1. 2. Please complete your ….. Snow Ball Survey
    2. 3. Why am I talking to you today? What do I do with the other 38 hours of the week? Introduction Who am I?
    3. 4. Are they any good at it? Are you sure? The Women’s Center Services What kind of services does The Women’s Center offer?
    4. 5. Power Based Personal Violence is… <ul><li>Bullying someone to get your own way…or pressuring or guilting them </li></ul>Threatening to kill or hurt someone or their families or their property Having sex with someone who is too drunk to be able to make that choice… Talking trash on someone to ruin their rep or make them seem less credible Bruising, beating, kicking, punching, pinching, scratching or spitting on someone …. Stalking someone at home, at school, at work, online Putting someone down or making them feel bad about themselves Harassing someone to do things against their nature or character…. Controlling what your boyfriend or girlfriend wears or who they hang out with Pressuring someone to have sex when they’re not into it These are power based personal violence…. … .These are red dots! Telling a joke that makes people uncomfortable… … Hearing a joke that makes people uncomfortable and not doing anything about it. … Treating humans like they are objects.
    5. 6. Activity: Complete the thought…. “ Someone I love has been impacted by personal violence and I…..”
    6. 7. Activity: Close your eyes for just a minute….
    7. 8. Activity: Right now I’m feeling….
    8. 9. Why are you really here?
    9. 10. How real is all this? 1 in 4 women 1 in 6 men Freshman class? Students living on campus? Employees? Graduates?
    10. 11. What does it ultimately come down to….?
    11. 13. What can you do about it? Does it have to be this way?
    12. 14. Activity: Spheres of Influence
    13. 15. An idea is like a virus…
    14. 16. What is “sticky” in your life right now?
    15. 17. It’s an epidemic!
    16. 18. Power-based personal violence is epidemic… … a series of individual moments in time
    17. 19. How do we go from red dots to green dots?
    18. 20. What you are really asking is…. So why isn’t everyone already doing this?
    19. 22. The Three D’s <ul><li>Direct </li></ul><ul><li>Delegate </li></ul><ul><li>Distract </li></ul>
    20. 23. Activity: Green Dot Spheres of Influence
    21. 24. Examples of Green Dots <ul><li>Tell a woman in your life that sexual assault and domestic violence matter to you </li></ul>Ask a woman in your life how the issue of sexual and physical violence has impacted her. Ask a woman in your life what you can do to help take a stand against violence. If you’re going out drinking, designate someone to stay sober and ensure everyone comes and goes together. Work to bring an educational program on preventing violence to your class or student group. If you see a friend coming on too strong to a person who may be too drunk to make informed decisions, distract, redirect or interrupt. Change your email signature line to include the statement “Proud to be a Green Dot supporter.” Educate yourself about the impact of violence on victims and those who love them Add Green Dots to your Face Book Page Have a DCB – Designated Cock Blocker – to guard against unwanted hook-ups
    22. 25. One Final Question Today…..
    23. 27. Thank You. Erin O’Hanlon Coordinator, Community Initiatives The Women’s Center 609-601-9925, ext. 201 [email_address]
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