Hamilton grammar ecogroup action plan 2005- 2006


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Hamilton grammar ecogroup action plan 2005- 2006

  1. 1. Hamilton Grammar Ecoschools Action Plan August 2005 – June 2006 Target Timescale Responsibility Target met Where to find evidence of of monitoring and evaluation Introduce recycling of 2005/2006 Computing Yes – but Certificate of computer ink cartidges department ongoing congratulations issued by Smart Cartridge and currently displayed Improve display throughout Continuous Ewan Kerr Ongoing See front hall, Room the school. 1. Dawn Swinfen 209, Science link 2. Allison Szatkiewicz 3. Kim Lee corridor 1
  2. 2. Group coordination Continuous Stuart Bence The tasks are See anyone continually ongoing Watering – Martin Jameson Water in Polytunnel along The tasks are See Polytunnel with general cleanness in Continuous General Maintanence – Jamie continually Hendry polytunnel and container ongoing Recycling of all Home Continuous Kim lees Ongoing See worm boxes Economics waste using worms. Attaching mesh to fence to Nov/Dec Jamie Fraser and Complete See fence prevent litter from coming in environmental group Raise money to buy pea hens, November Dawn Swinfen and Yes All money raised by flock of goats, tap for environmental group pupils. developing countries. Acknowledgements from Christian aid on notice boards Keeping an updated record of Ongoing Dawn Swinfen Yes See minutes in evidence minutes of all meetings, and folder and RM ‘Shared’ any other secretarial duties. folder Taking and processing Ongoing Stuart Dunsmore Yes See internet site – temperatures for NASA Martin Jameson added to lessons by Mrs Jamie Fraser (Clydewatch) McKay 2
  3. 3. Raise money to fund the May 06 S Dyer with Agreed by Money raised and will be building of a new school in cluster community sent to Christian aid Africa community for April this term Introduce environmental June 05 Miss Morton and Ongoing DVD’s purchased for issues into the S1 PSD course Mr. McKay PSE course by J Craig (depute head ) Collection and recycling of all December )5 Stuart Bence and Completed See composters and leaf litter in playground using environmental group in paths pallet composers consultation with janitorial staff Monitor paper recycling Ongoing. C. Stewart and Ongoing Figures are held by Ian initiative and playground Report to Eco Janitors in Lyon . These will be litter. group by consultation with passed on each month to Christmas cleaning staff environmental group for display Complete Environmental By November Ian Lyon, School Completed Completed review to be Review Checklist Meeting of Janitor and Colin except for passed to S Dyer and Eco Stewart section on discussed at next Committee environment Ecoschools meeting Enterprise activities to raise Ongoing Mrs Bence with Ongoing See departmental funds for environmental fund Grant Garrett and finance folder in R209 3
  4. 4. environmental for details of funds group raised or spent Eco Bus visit S1 Geography By February Susan Arnold Booked twice Evaluation sheet issued classes. and Geography but cancelled to pupils who take part. dept. by SLC land Produce displays of services work and photos. Growing own fruit and Easter 06 Claire Breen, Ongoing Produce pictures and vegetables to show pupils Mrs Coutts and displays of work. what the waste contributes the H.E dept to. Education of pupils in S1/S2 Christmas 05 H.E Dept Ongoing Pupil workbooks and about Healthy Eating, food assessments available hygiene and storage, handling for viewing in HE. of waste and conservation of energy. Produce lessons for Easter 06 Miss Arnold Geography Environmental booklet Geography which cover has now been produced specific environmental issues. for all S1. Mrs Bence Ongoing Sample of goods made Arts and Crafts for sale can be viewed 4
  5. 5. on request Full botanical survey and Calendar year Mr Philip Ongoing See photographic update of website 06 www.geocities.com/hamil Distribution chart for each species tonbiology/botany/index .html Create Eco-club publication 1 per quarter Publication - Mr. Ongoing First publication due by for parents and South O’Neill and the end of this session Lanarkshire Dawn, Kim, Allison & Ewan Layout Team – Mrs. Bonatti Nicole Sweeney Creative Writing Team – Mrs Weir and Dawn, Kim, Allison, Ewan, Nicole Sweeney, S Bence Publicity - S 5
  6. 6. Dyer and C Stewart to produce mailing list Explore the possibility of “005-2006 Discuss with Ongoing First meeting reducing energy consumption ‘Wind and Solar Wednesday /03/06 using renewable energy Applications’ the between SDyer and sources possibility of W&S fitting solar Meeting 18/4/06 panels and a C Stewart, S Dyer and G windmill to Campbell ( Propoerty school roof legislation manager. Minutes filed in red folder under ‘minutes’ Complete energy audit of 2005-2006 Graham Campbell Ongoing First meeting 4/4/06 school – SLC energy officer, C See Minutes filed in red Stewart and S folder under ‘minutes’ Dyer 6
  7. 7. Produce lessons for Easter 06 Mrs McKay completed Lessons are available Geography, Biology, from RM shared folder Chemistry and Maths using ‘Ecoschools’ data from GLOBE. Extend skills acquired at May 2006 Environmental June 1/8/15 See pictures/video of Hamilton Grammar to local group nursery for nursery/primaries improvements Extend skills acquired at May 2006 - Lord Bence Still to do Representative at Hamilton Grammar to national 2007 Scottish Youth level Parliament by invitation from Jack McConnell as recognition for work done at finals of Young Scot. Increase awareness of local May 2006 - Tom MacGregor Completed See minutes of environment through 2007 Suzanne Cooper Ecoschools meeting. activities organized in Karen Dobbins Asking pupils conjunction with ranger service Carry out detailed monitoring Start 11/5/06 Ongoing See results of survey of invasive pest species of Suzanne Cooper 7
  8. 8. plants Formation of ‘Curriculum for Final term C Stewart – Ongoing First meeting 5/6/06 Excellence’ committee 2006 Head teacher designed to coordinate S Dyer – Minutes filed in red Ecoschools goals Ecoschools folder under ‘minutes’ representative J. Landels – Enterprise coordinator G McAuley – Health coordinator A Docherty – citizenship coordinator 8
  9. 9. The group carries out many more activates and the action plan is constantly updated. The group works with any other school, centre, church, youth group, nursery and anyone or place looking for help for health, the environment, enterprise, citizenship or charity. 9