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Results Based Sales and Marketing



Access To A Marketing and Sales Departments On A More Of A Results Basis... ...

Access To A Marketing and Sales Departments On A More Of A Results Basis...

Need More Sales? Of course you do – like who doesn’t?. So your ordinary inclination we presume is to hire a sales or business development person(s). Well, why would you if for roughly the cost of that one person you can get an entire, externalized, sales AND marketing departments? And, when building your sales team, we may even be able to:

* Geometrically scale your sales efforts by building you a commissioned only sales force. So, in a nutshell, what we will do for you is…
* Perform all the brand marketing and positioning,
* Develop your overall marketing and sales strategy,
*Generate and manage all the strategic deliverables,
Design and compose (or re-design) your website and web presence (included!),
* Deploy the various prescribed strategic marketing initiatives,
* Develop, initiate and manage a public relations campaign,
* Document and design the sales process,
* Recruit, train, manage and motivate,
* Automate the sales recruitment and training process (audio training, video training, etc.),
* Develop and manage a commission only sales force,

And… SELL. All for the price/risk of one salesperson!
So the choice is yours, you can hire that one salesperson (and pay the benefits, perks, incentives, etc.) or… You Can Hire Synergy! Too good to be true you say? Well, here’s how we do it…

The SYNERGY Engagement Model
Synergy is a national partnership network of business development professionals that have joined together to impact and scale our clients’ sales and bottom line. Each of us proficient in our own special marketing and sales related disciplines, we all work for a small fraction of our normal fees than if we were retained (or employed) individually. Why? Very simple, with Synergy, while everyone on the team gets a sliver of the small monthly retainer we charge to the client, everyone also gets a piece of the overall bottom line results. So in the long run, we are all making more money and working for you (predominantly) in a results based fashion. When you win, our Team wins – talk about an incentive based operational model!

Some Important SYNERGY Facts:
Fact: Most sales consultants ironically do not do the selling! They are either coaches, trainers, developers, automation experts, process improvement professionals, etc., but they choose not to be ACCOUNTABLE and sell.

Fact: Synergy performs all those services AND is accountable… we also do the SELLING and generate revenue.

Fact: Synergy is your VP of Marketing & Sales. We are YOU! We have your email address, business cards and while we may not be your employees, we think and ACT like we are. Like a VP or Director of Sales or Marketing we will lead (or assist your existing team and leadership) with complete total transparency.

Fact: Synergy staff members have been responsible for creating, developing and managing some of the world’s largest commission only sales forces – 40k sales force for American Express, GE, and other Fortune 50 companies.

Fact: Synergy NEVER marks up any additionally needed services. We shop around just like any sales or marketing director would do and make the appropriate choice. The cost to us is the cost to you.

Fact: Synergy’s results based contracts/agreements are revocable/cancellable within 30 days notice. Therefore, if we are not performing, providing your business the results we together predicted, Fire Us! At least you are left with sales, marketing , process improvement, automation deliverables! And LOTS of it.

Fact: Finding marketing companies to spend your money is easy. However, finding a marketing AND sales company that can intelligently, conservatively and thoroughly model the scalability and economics of your sales efforts before you spend a dime and commit to anything is not easy at all! Well, that is until today. At Synergy, it’s not about spending your money; it’s all about y



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