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  1. 1. Green Map System
  2. 2. What is a Green Map? It’s a locally created map that uses Green Map Icons to chart local green living, natural, social and cultural resources.
  3. 3. What is Green Map System? Green Map System engages communities worldwide to chart a sustainable future. Since 1995, this New York- based global eco-cultural organization has supported local leadership by working together for our common future.
  4. 4. Global Green Maps As of April 2008, the Green Map movement has spread to 460 communities in 50 countries
  5. 5. Green Mapmakers include: Students · Planners · Community Groups · Geographers · Designers · Environmentalists · City Employees · Tourism Organizations · Artists · Eco-Entrepreneurs and other caring individuals
  6. 6. Each Unique Green Map is a Community Self-portrait Millions of copies of 350 published maps are in use, and hundreds more have been created in workshops and classrooms.
  7. 7. Green Maps - Africa Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Tororo, Uganda
  8. 8. Green Maps - Asia Tokyo, Japan’s Cycling Map Singapore
  9. 9. Green Maps - USA San Francisco 1999 San Francisco 2007
  10. 10. Green Maps - USA Mid-Valley Colorado Composting in Manhattan
  11. 11. Green Maps - USA Burning Man 2007 Nokia’s Gold LEED Black Rock City Building in Beijing 08
  12. 12. How do Green Maps impact users? Take action for greener, healthier communities Get involved with natural, cultural and social resources near home Build strong networks and engage new sectors of the community Encourage the spread of model projects Persuade decision- makers to act for the common good Gain a fresh perspective, new habits and perhaps, a new career!
  13. 13. Research - learning from experts, in the field
  14. 14. Designing the map - communication & composition
  15. 15. Production & Distribution - reaching the community
  16. 16. Adaptable Tools Icons Mapmaking Multimedia Archive Guides Resources Resources Define locally. Use as a font with any Adaptable for print Expand the impacts Learning from application or as or web maps, with multi-lingual each other via local conditions, books, guides, stories, Green stickers (no Maps, reports computer needed!) community workshops, hubs, presentations process, etc. exhibits, websites and exchanges
  17. 17. Icons - at the heart of Green Mapmaking 9 Sustainable d Nature Y Culture Living & Society
  18. 18. Icons - help create a local inventory The full set has 170 Green Map® Icons Waste Dump Wildlife Corridor Bike Site Jakarta ID Milwaukee US New York US
  19. 19. Icons are arranged in 3 Genres, each has 4 Categories The set is arranged in 3 Genres, each has 4 Categories Sustainable Living Green Economy Mobility Technology & Design Hazards & Challenges Nature Land & Water Flora Fauna Outdoor Activities Culture & Society Cultural Character Eco-Information Justice & Activism Public Works & Landmarks
  20. 20. In the Sustainable Living Genre GREEN ECONOMY has 17 Icons
  21. 21. In the Culture & Society Genre Culture & Society JUSTICE & ACTIVISM, a new category, has 14 icons
  22. 22. Download Version 3 resources
  23. 23. Awards - honors & achievement Selected global honors and cover stories United Nations Global Best Practices 100 EPA - EQA 07 Technology Benefiting Humanity Awards EXPO 2000 US National Award for Sustainability 2002 Olympic Municipal Art Society Merit Awards Stockholm Challenge UN World Urban Forum 3 EXPO 2005
  24. 24. Books - co-created by Green Map System & Mapmakers Multilingual Publications Green Map Atlas, 2004 Energetic Green Map Movement, 2005 Green Map Activity Guide, 2005 Mapping our Common Ground, 2005 Green Map Impacts, 2008 Tshirts, and many other Green Map products All at!
  25. 25. Take-Aways from Green Map Projects Planning & Visioning Experiential & Service Learning Local Tourism Promotion Tech, Communications & Ecological Literacy Analytic and Visual Expression Skill-building Cross-culture Appreciation & Exchange Voice Opinion on Current Issues Orientation to New (or new parts of the) Community Participation in Mega Events Create a Lasting Record of Change
  26. 26. Involving Everyone, Even the Newest Generation ®
  27. 27. - relaunched as Web 2.0 in 2007 Exciting New Features!
  28. 28. Online Tool Center Now, as soon as new Mapmakers register, they can download all our Mapmaking Tools - design guide, slideshows, graphics, etc. And they can share tools they have created, too. Coming soon - online Mapmaking tools!
  29. 29. Meeting Diverse Needs with the Open Green Map “If the best greening resource in the world is around the corner but no one knows about it, what good can it do?” Yelitza Espinosa, Pereira Colombia Green Mapmaker Let’s Connect Communities and Environments Everywhere!
  30. 30. We’re Ready to Bring It All Together World ONE Global Language Interactive Green Map OpenGreenMap: a constantly evolving cross-cultural guide to sustainability strategies
  31. 31. Making a great Green Map can take years, but OGM can help us reduce the barriers at a time of real environmental need Online, OpenGreenMaps • are quick to publish, easy to update and expand • eliminate costly design & production while keeping valuable community organizing & research intact • data can be used in many formats • include the wider community and visitors in sharing updates, insights, impacts, images and videos • celebrate progress and illuminate issues without cost
  32. 32. provides an immediately visible and inspiring solution for both local and global audiences Intuitive interface Users can select icons to customize the view Widgets will let each map appear in many other websites, blogs, etc. Can be used on various interactive base maps, including Google Map, Google Earth, Yahoo, etc.
  33. 33. Tabs organize public comments, connections, images and impacts. Side bar explains each map’s purpose and people Impacts tab will collect how this site has changed lives, planning, communities, biodiversity, etc, leading to more improvements. Handicap access, child- friendliess, transit, free icons will invite more participation
  34. 34. Hundreds of sites are already added by our network advisory group. These maps will be first to debut. New York Stockholm Several themed map views of each locale are planned. Public can suggest sites or add their own to the worldview Baltimore Rockland NY Green Map. Local teams may ‘adopt’ them, expanding the team and its potential.
  35. 35. Help our team make our mid-2008 public release a global success! Please support the many phases to follow, too.
  36. 36. Think Global, Map Local! Explore· Expand· Exchange 212 674 1631