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  • Microsoft offers a wide range of certifications that cover a spectrum of professions within—and outside of—the IT industry. Whether you follow the business professional, IT professional, or developer path, each Microsoft Certification helps provide objective validation of your ability to perform more advanced and critical business and IT functions successfully to help mark key turning points in your skills and career.
  • Microsoft offers a wide range of certifications that cover a spectrum of professions within—and outside of—the IT industry. Whether you follow the business professional, IT professional, or developer path, each Microsoft Certification helps provide objective validation of your ability to perform more advanced and critical business and IT functions successfully to help mark key turning points in your skills and career.
  • Start Your Microsoft Journey1. Associate SeriesMethod: Web basedSetting: ITA classroomGoals/Outcome: Validates foundational knowledge (what)Benefits: Explored technology acumenCompleted First step to Microsoft IT CertificationBuilt confidenceShows differentiation2. MCTSMethod: Computer Based with ExamsSetting: Prometric Centers WorldwideGoals/Outcome: Validates job ready skills (how)Benefits: Recognized certification for entry level job opportunitiesBuilds confidenceShows differentiation3. MCITP/MCPDMethod: Computer Based with ExamsSetting: Prometric Centers WorldwideGoals/Outcome: Validates job ready skills (how)Benefits: Recognized certification for entry level job opportunitiesBuilds confidenceShows differentiation
  • MOS Certifications Progression1. MOSMethod: Web based in classroomFocus: Single Product within Office suiteGoals/Outcome: Validates essential office productivity skills (know what and how to use it)Benefits: Recognized certification for Microsoft Office product essentialsBuilds confidence with Microsoft Office productsShows differentiation2. MOEMethod: Validated through multiple Specialist and Expert examsGoals/Outcome: Validates advanced skills across the Office product suiteBenefits: Recognized certification for advanced product skills Microsoft Word and ExcelBuilds confidence with Word and ExcelShows differentiation3. MOMMethod: Web based in classroomFocus: Single Product within Office suiteGoals/Outcome: Validates advanced office productivity skills (product depth)Benefits: Recognized certification for deep expertise across the Microsoft Office suiteShows credibilityShows differentiation
  • By design, exams are not post-tests of trainingNo one who creates courseware, not even Microsoft, sees the exam contentWe don’t care how candidates get the skills as long as they get them (without cheating, of course)
  • If you’re just getting started, earn a Microsoft Technology Associate certification this will validate your fundamental technology knowledge and help you explore your potential for a career in technology. If you are confident in your IT skills, you can skip ahead to the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Certification - a slightly more advanced starting point.Once you’ve fulfilled these certification pre-requisite, you should aim for the next step Preparation & TrainingExplore the various training options:Practice testsInstructor-led trainingSelf-paced trainingMicrosoft Press booksSelf-paced training kitsMTATest fundamental IT literacyExplore the various training options:Practice testsInstructor-led trainingSelf-paced trainingMicrosoft Press booksSelf-paced training kits--------------------------------Considering your first certification?, There’s no better time like the present! Whether you’re preparing for a new role or have experience under your belt, professional level IT certifications will help you beef up your resume, advance your career, and earn more.Professional certifications validate a comprehensive and current set of skills required to be successful in the job, providing a reliable indicator of performance. To get professional-level certification, you first must fulfill the prerequisite Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist certification which validates your job-ready skills. Once you have MCTS you can earn the Microsoft Certified IT Professional or Professional Developer certification to further grow your career and differentiate you from other seasoned professionals.Preparation & Prerequisites 2+ years of product experiencePreparation & Training Explore the various training options:Practice testsInstructor-led trainingSelf-paced trainingMicrosoft Official Distance LearningMicrosoft Press booksSelf-paced training kitsMicrosoft online resourcesMCITP or MCPDNext StepMasters Level Certification-------------------------------The Microsoft Certified Architect certificationidentifies top industry experts in IT architecture. MCAs employ multiple technologies to solve business problems and provide metrics and measurements to describe the success or failure of the projects they drive. Professionals who hold an MCA certification are generally recognized by Microsoft and the IT industry worldwide as individuals who hold the highest level of professional certification on Microsoft server products.Prerequisites & RequirementsMCM10+ years of IT experience5+ years of specific architecture experienceSubmit dossier that includes documentation of work history, solutions to architectural case study, and demonstration of skills in key architectural competenciesPass 3-hour Board Exam interview conducted by MCA Board Review Panel of expertsPreparation & TrainingBecause experience is one of the most important factors in qualifying and preparing for the program, formal training is not available. To assist candidates in preparing for the Board Exam, Microsoft provides the following materials. Preparation videosSample documentationContact with an MCA to ask questions about the processMCAAchieve MCA
  • One MTA exam = One MTA CertificationMTA exams are not pre-requisite to each other or to MCTS exams.
  • Existing(1) A downloadable version of your certificate (a printed copy can be ordered) - MCPs can go to the MCP member site and have access to a digital copy of all of the certification certificates that they have earned from the Microsoft Certification Program. They can download a copy to their desktop, print a copy at home, or send a copy to friends and family to show off their achievement.  (2) Your official Microsoft Certification transcript and access to the transcript-sharing tool- MCPs have access to their transcript any time on the MCP member site. Their transcript shows which certifications they have earned and is the official documentation from Microsoft validating that a candidate did indeed pass specific certifications. They can either download a copy or provide an access code to potential employers, etc that will allow employers to access their transcript directly from Microsoft’s systems to ensure the highest standard of security and integrity of the information found in the transcript.  (3) A tool to create and download custom certification logos- The Microsoft Certification Logo Builder enables you to dynamically create customized logos that display your proven degree of technology specialization or job role and expertise in Microsoft technologies, products and industry best practices. Start with your Credentials, and then add Certifications to create a personalized logo that depicts the certifications you have earned and showcases your technical and professional qualifications.(4) Additional information and offers for MCPs - Find exclusive discount offers for training, exams, publications, and technical products and services from Microsoft and select affiliated companies.  (5) Your contact preferences and profile- The Profile manager allows MCPs to dictate when and how often they receive communication from the Microsoft Certification Program.  (6) The MCP eStore-The MCP eStore allows MCPs to shop online for official Microsoft-branded merchandise, including a large selection of exclusive MCP shirts and computer accessories.(7) The Certification Planner - See which exams you have passed and which exams you still need to take in order to achieve your next certification. The customized information in the Certification Planner is synchronized with your personal transcript so you can evaluate the best path for you to achieve your next certification. (8) Virtual business cards- Virtual Business cards allow someone to create an on-line business card that reflects their certifications, contact information, etc. The VBC has the capability to expand into a profile site with additional information about the candidate. VBCs can be shared on any on-line social media site or in someone’s e-mail tag.  (9) A list of archived MCP Flash newsletters - MCPs will have access to previous versions of the very informative MCP Flash Newsletters that contain program information and changes. (10) The Microsoft Certified Trainer enrollment tool - MCPs can easily enroll as a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) by clicking on this link within the MCP member site.  (11) Potential College Credit - Apply for college credit for a variety of Microsoft Certification exams from Excelsior College, a private, independent institution providing working adults the opportunity to earn college degrees. Net New(1) Bringing back Wallet Cards - Wallet Cards are credit card size cards that can be kept in the MCPs wallet to reflect the certification of the individual. It also contains the MCP’s Microsoft Certification ID (MC ID) for quick access when needed as well as ties their physical world to that of their virtual one through Microsoft tag technology. The card comes in three different colors depending on audience type, and does allow the MCP to upload their photo.  (2) Career Fair- Microsoft Learning will host 3 – 4 Virtual Career Fairs each year that will connect MCPs to potential employers. There will also be an education side of the event where MCPs can go to presentations about different technologies, etc. (3) Merging of MCM/MCA into Digital Download / Wallet Cards - For Microsoft Certified Masters (MCM) and Microsoft Certified Architects (MCA) MCPs, they will be integrated with the rest of the program – so they will be able to download their certificate from the MCP member site – which they aren’t able to do today.
  • Each Microsoft Certification exam question is:Developed by a mix of industry recognized experts and experienced technology specialists.Reviewed multiple times for technical accuracy. Questions that are not 100% technically accurate are either modified or removed. Reviewed for adherence to standards for relevancy and real-world-ness.Compared to the objective domain to confirm that the question tests what it’s supposed to test.Beta tested to ensure that it discriminates between a qualified candidate and an unqualified candidate.Microsoft Learning regularly reviews the exams Ensure reliability and validity of assessment over timeAnalyze psychometric performance of exams at least once per yearCreate new items and republish as neededCustomer feedback thru exam satisfaction survey and item escalation process
  • All MCP exams are scaled. This process converts the raw score to a common scale that in Microsoft’s case ranges from 0-1000. Scaling scores makes it easier to compare scores from one administration to the next. Because we are constantly improving our exams, the content and as a result the raw cut score may change from time to time. With scaled scores, you can compare your performance across retakes. As an added benefit, scaling scores makes it much easier for us to communicate the passing score for our exams—A score of 700 is required to pass on any MCP exam.Here’s the key, though, 700 is not equal to 70%. I hear this a lot… I need to 70% of the questions correctly to pass the exam. This is not true; in fact the actual percentage of items that you have to answer correctly varies for exam to exam, and can range from roughly 50% to 80% (I can’t tell you what the range is exactly or what it is for a specific exam, but I can tell you that it varies—on some exams you need to answer a higher percentage of items correctly to pass than on others). The cut score is based on input from SMEs, the minimum qualifications for competency, and the difficulty of the item pool. By the way, this also means that the score that you see in the score report is not the percentage of items that you answered correctly. It’s simply an indication of your performance in relation to the cut score.
  • Steps to Prepare for an ExamExperience certifications are a true representation of your knowledge and your hands on experience. If you are new to Microsoft products and technology and product download trial and beta versions of product from the Microsoft web site. online labs provide access to pre-installed versions of the products -- play and work with them in an online format Review the Prep Guide. A Prep Guide is an online guide that lists all the information that is relevant about a specific certification exam. Includes target audience: who should be taking the exam (i.e. at least six months experience hands on with the product)Objective domain. list of all the topics that are going to be covered in the exam. learning resources: elearning, learning plans, etc.Skills Gapsstudy groups: online, local, etc.Instructor-led training by a knowledgeable MCTelearningMicrosoft Press books Free learning/training: access resources online through blogs, articles
  • Training. Microsoft Learning offers a variety of training options to help you build skills, prepare and earn certifications including classroom training, online training, and books for independent study. Instructor-led classroom training is ideal for individuals who learn best in a structured, hands-on, question-and-answer environment. This format can be equally suitable for those starting on a new career path or IT professionals who have advanced certifications. If you prefer interacting in a classroom setting, consider this format. Microsoft online training allows you to learn at your own pace. Available anytime, from any location with Internet access, these comprehensive courses offer interactive features such as hands-on virtual labs. Microsoft Press books allow you to access information you need to learn at your own pace. For more than 25 years, Microsoft Press has helped Office users hone their technical skills. Available training options for IT certification preparation can be found at the Microsoft Training Catalog website(http://learning.microsoft.com/Manager/Catalog.aspx)
  • EnvironmentAll exams worldwide are administrated by Prometric. Register for your exam directly with Prometric at their web site or by phone. Exam price is USD $125, varies based on www.exchange ratesbring two pieces of ID with yousupervised room with a camera ensures that the certification process is valid and safe. Examtest of your real world product skills. we have very stringent process at Microsoft, to make sure the exams are valid, and representative of true real world skills. mostly multiple-choice questions. (Typically, about 95 percent of the Microsoft certification exams today are based upon multiple choice questions) Some exam questions are graphical, select from a list, or move an object from a left pane to a right pane. Microsoft right now is moving towards performance-based exams. Typically 40 to 60 questions per exam. It depends on the exam. Rough passing score is 700 out of 1,000. Prometric will schedule ~ 120 minutes for the exam, depending on the exam. Option to comment on specific questionsPeriod of review if you want to review the answers to a question. Exam numbers = 70 – XXXQuestionsQuestions are designed to test your knowledge and your ability to use a technology. Questions are not intended to test ability to read or understand English (or whatever language you’re taking your exam in.) Certification questions today are very clear, very precise, and all the information that is in the question is information that is necessary for you to get the correct answer or to rule out incorrect answers.
  • Certificações Microsoft

    1. 1. Certificação Microsoft<br />Emilio Mansur<br />@ecmansur<br />www.mansur.eti.br<br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br />Mercado e CertificaçãoProfissional<br />Certificações Microsoft<br />O Caminhopara a Certificação<br />SobreosExames<br />Preparando-se para a Certificação<br />Realizando o Exame<br />
    3. 3. Quemsoueu?<br />Começouosestudosem 1998<br />MCSE em 1999<br />Mais de 30 exames com sucesso<br />E nabatalhadagraduação<br />
    4. 4. O Mercado e aCertificaçãoProfissional<br />
    5. 5. Mudançasna TI<br />A TI estáenvelhecendonospaísesmaisdesenvolvidos; existeumabuscapelosprofissionais de TI emascenção<br />Demandaporprofissionaismaisjovens e menosqualificadosempaísesemdesenvolvimento<br />Competição global crescentepelosmaistalentosos<br />Suprirestademandaem TI ainda é um desafio<br />Novas necessidadestecnológicas e de negóciosdemandammudanças de capacidade<br />Mudança de paradigmanaabordagemdacomputação e nametodologiadaprogramação<br />
    6. 6. Entry into Industry<br />Job Satisfaction<br />Job Security<br />Career Opportunity<br />Product Readiness<br />Technology Deployment<br />IT ProjectSuccess<br />Dynamic IT<br />Training <br />&<br />Skills<br />Dev<br />PROFISSIONAL<br />ORGANIZAÇÃO<br />Comparando:<br />
    7. 7. O que é umaCertificaçãoProfissional?<br />A certificação profissional é a comprovação que o profissional está habilitado e capacitado a utilizar um determinado produto para planejar, administrar, desenvolver ou mesmo solucionar problemas em uma ou mais tecnologias, com o máximo de eficiência e menores custos.<br />A certificação, além de atestar que o profissional conhece uma determinada ferramenta, também é uma forma de complementar a formação do profissional de TI e colocá-lo à disposição do mercado de trabalho.<br />Dalton Gerth<br />
    8. 8. Mercado de Trabalho<br />
    9. 9. A MelhorEscolha de Carreira<br />Processorigoroso no desenvolvimento do exame<br />Garantequealguémcertificadosejacompetentenashabilidadesavaliadas no exame<br />Microsoft valoriza a certificação de forma séria<br />Manutençãoconstante dos exames<br />Anti-Pirataria<br />Feedback dos clientes<br />5<br />
    10. 10. Certificações Microsoft<br />
    11. 11. PercepçõesdaCertificação<br />11<br />
    12. 12. Certificação Microsoft ProfissionaisCertificados: 5.2 milhões<br />Grow Partnerships<br />
    13. 13. Certificações Microsoft<br />IT Certifications<br />MOS Certifications<br />14<br />
    14. 14. IT Certifications Value Evolution <br />MCITP/MCPD<br />MTA<br />MCTS<br />MCM<br />MCA<br />Start Your Microsoft Certification Journey<br />Be Job Ready<br />Grow Your Career<br />Be The Expert<br />Be The Trusted Advisor<br />Positioning<br />Validates foundational knowledge (what)<br />Validates job ready skills in a key Microsoft technology (how)<br />Validates job role skills (why and when)<br />Validates expert level skills within a specific technology<br />Validates IT architecture skills within a specific technology<br />Value<br /><ul><li>Explore technology acumen
    15. 15. First step to Microsoft IT Certification
    16. 16. Build confidence
    17. 17. Show differentiation
    18. 18. Recognized certification for entry-level job opportunities
    19. 19. Builds confidence
    20. 20. Shows differentiation
    21. 21. Recognized certification to help advance your career
    22. 22. Shows credibility
    23. 23. Shows differentiation
    24. 24. Career recognition and distinction
    25. 25. Become part of the MCM community
    26. 26. Trusted advisor/leader/ consultant to C-level</li></ul>Attributes<br /><ul><li>Web-based exams delivered in the classroom
    27. 27. Computer-based written exams delivered in Prometric testing centers worldwide
    28. 28. Computer-based written exams delivered in Prometric testing centers worldwide
    29. 29. Computer-basedwritten and hands-on exams delivered in specific Prometrictesting centers
    30. 30. Board review</li></ul>Program<br />Benefits<br /><ul><li>Structured path to IT learning
    31. 31. Recognized path for IT from worldwide vendor
    32. 32. Part of the MCP community
    33. 33. ??</li></ul>15<br />
    34. 34. EvoluçãodaCertificação de TI<br />Board review<br />Validates expert-level skills within a specific technology<br />Trusted advisor/leader/consultant<br />MCA<br />Computer-based and hands-on exams<br />Select Prometric testing centers worldwide<br />Validates expert-level skills<br />MCM<br />Computer-based exams<br />Prometric testing centers worldwide<br />Validates job role skills (why and when)<br />MCTIP/MCPD<br />Computer-based exams<br />Prometric testing centers worldwide<br />Validates job ready skills (how)<br />MCTS<br />Web based <br />Academic classroom<br />Validates foundational knowledge (what)<br />Student certification<br />MTA<br />16<br />
    35. 35. Validated through multiple specialist and expert exams<br />Validates breadth and depth of Office suite skills<br />MOS Certification Progression<br />Computer-based, hands-on exams <br />Word and Excel only<br />Validates advanced Office skills (depth)<br />MASTER<br />Computer-based, hands-on exams <br />Focuses on single Office suite product<br />Validates Office skills (what and how)<br />EXPERT<br />CORE<br />17<br />
    36. 36. Benefícios de ser certificado<br />18<br />
    37. 37. O Caminhopara a Certificação<br />
    38. 38. ExperiênciaNecessária<br />Examessãofeitosparaavaliar a experiênciaprática com a tecnologia (produto)<br />A melhor forma de se preparar é terexperiênciaprática com a tecnologia<br />Profissionaispodempassar no examesemtreinamento SE tiveremexperiência<br />25<br />
    39. 39. Professional path to IT Certification<br />Path to Professional Certification <br />Student Entry Path to IT Certification<br />MCM Path to Architect Certification<br />Your <br />next <br />step<br />Your<br />next<br />step<br />MTA<br />Preparation <br />and <br />Training<br />Preparation <br />and <br />Training<br />MCTS<br />MCTIP<br />or<br />MCPD<br />Prerequisites<br />and<br />Requirements<br />Prerequisites<br />and<br />Requirements<br />Prerequisites<br />and<br />Requirements<br />Board<br />Exam<br />MCA<br />Preparation<br />and <br />Training<br />Certification validate fundamental IT knowledge<br />Explorethe various training options<br />Explore<br />Master’s Certification<br />Microsoft Certified IT ProfessionalorMicrosoft Certified Professional Developer<br />Submit documentation<br />for board examand<br />Complete board exam in front of review board interview panel<br />AchieveMicrosoft Certified Architect<br />Explorethe preparation resources<br />MCTS<br />and<br />Product Experience<br />Explore the various training options<br />Explore<br />Professional Certification (MCITP/MCPD)<br />Explorethe various training options<br />Certification validate job ready skills <br />MCM<br />and 10+ years of IT experience <br />and 5+ years of architectural experience<br />27<br />
    40. 40. Student Exam Path:MTAto MCTS<br />IT Professional<br />Developer<br />Database<br />Network Administrator Server AdministratorNetwork Security Administrator<br />Directory AdministratorIdentity and Access Management<br />Programmer<br />Software Engineer<br />Windows Developer<br />Web Developer<br />Web Application ProgrammerSoftware Engineer<br />Database Administrator<br />Database Storage ManagerDatabase Backup Administrator<br />Database Developer<br />Pro (Job Roles)<br />MCTS<br />.NET Framework 4,Windows ApplicationsEXAM 72-511<br />MCTS.NET Framework 4,<br />Web Applications<br />EXAM 72-515<br />Specialist<br />MTA<br />Database Administration Fundamentals<br />EXAM 98-364<br />MTA<br />Windows Server Administration Fundamentals<br />EXAM 98-365<br />MTA<br />Windows Development Fundamentals<br />EXAM 98-362<br />MTA<br />Web Development Fundamentals<br />EXAM 98-363<br />MCTS<br />Windows Server 2008,<br />Network Infrastructure<br />EXAM 72-642<br />MCTS<br />Windows Server 2008,<br />Active DirectoryEXAM 72-640<br />MCTS<br />SQL Server 2008,<br />Implementation and Maintenance<br />EXAM 72-432<br />MCTS<br />Windows Server 2008,<br />Active DirectoryEXAM 72-640<br />MTA<br />Software Development Fundamentals<br />EXAM 98-361<br />MTA<br />Networking Fundamentals<br />EXAM 98-367<br />MTA<br />Security Fundamentals<br />EXAM 98-367<br />Associate<br />28<br />
    41. 41. MCP Program Benefits<br />A downloadable version of your certificate (a printed copy can be ordered)<br />Your official Microsoft Certification transcript and access to the transcript-sharing tool<br />A tool to create and download custom certification logos<br />Additional information and offers for MCP<br />Your contact preferences and profile<br />The MCP eStore<br />The Certification Planner<br />A list of archived MCP Flash newsletters<br />The Microsoft Certified Trainer enrollment tool<br />Existing<br />Career fair<br />Merging of MCM/MCA into digital download<br />New<br />Community<br />Tangible Benefits<br />31<br />
    42. 42. SobreosExames<br />
    43. 43. Processo de Desenvolvimento<br />Provides foundation for exam validity<br />Link competencies necessary for minimal competency to exam content<br />Research<br />Objective Domain<br />Blueprint<br />Items written to industry best practices and Microsoft standards<br />Must be technically accurate, real world, relevant<br />BP proportions reflect importance of each objective, which drive how many items are needed for each<br />Defines content requirements for validity<br />Candidate<br />Manager<br />Psychometric analysis of beta data<br />Review of comments<br />Item Development<br />Results drive item selection and standard setting <br />Data ensures all items demonstrate desirable psychometrics, technically accurate, real world, relevant prior to scoring<br />Tricky, trivial items removed<br />Critical to quality of live exam phase where hidden issues most likely to be identified<br />Field Testing <br />(a.k.a. Beta Exam)<br />Alpha Review andItem Revision<br />Item Selection<br />Identify issues with items before used in exam situation<br />Determine minimum level of competency that candidates must demonstrate in order to pass exam<br />Forms must be assembled to blueprint requirements to ensure validity<br />Ongoing <br />Psychometrics<br />Publish Exam<br />LocalizedExam<br />Forms Assembly<br />Ensure reliability and validity of assessment over time<br />Annual psychometric analysis<br />Customer feedback<br />StandardSetting<br />33<br />
    44. 44. SemPegadinhas<br />As Questões<br />Anatomiaconsistente<br />Problemas de Negócio<br />Definição do Objetivo<br />Uma oumúltiplasrespostas 100% corretas<br />Múltiplosdistratoresquesão 100% incorretos, mas possíveisnatecnologia<br />Decida o queestásendoperguntado<br />Quesolução resolve o problema e está de acordo com o objetivo<br />Sempegadinhas<br />34<br />
    45. 45. Pontuação<br />Exames de Certificação tem Escala<br />Scaling converts the raw score to a common scale<br />Allows for comparisons from one administration to next<br />Ease of communication<br />“700 is passing score on all exams”<br />700 ≠ 70%<br />Actual percentage candidate must answer correctly varies from exam to exam<br />Based on input from SMEs, minimum qualifications for competency, and difficulty of item pool<br />35<br />
    46. 46. MCM & MCA Scoring<br />See Christine Yoshida’s team<br />Exams are scaled<br />Scaling converts the raw score to a common scale<br />Allows for comparisons from one administration to next<br />Ease of communication<br />“700 is passing score on all MCP exams”<br />700 ≠ 70%<br />Actual percentage candidate must answer correctly varies from exam to exam<br />Based on input from SMEs, minimum qualifications for competency, and difficulty of item pool<br />35<br />
    47. 47. Preparando-se para a Certificação<br />
    48. 48. Exames de CertificaçãoPreparação<br />MCITP/MCPD<br />MTA<br />MCTS<br />MCM<br />MCA<br />Review prep guide<br />Study groups<br />Training<br />Blogs, articles, user groups<br />Hands on experience<br />Target audience<br />Objective domain<br />Resources<br />MASTER<br />EXPERT<br />Fill in skills gaps<br />On the job<br />Trial versions, betas<br />TechNet/MSDN labs<br />Practice test<br />More hands-on<br />CORE<br />37<br />
    49. 49. Recursos de Aprendizado<br />IT Professional and Developers<br />Estilo de Aprendizado<br />Custo<br />Estudante<br />E-Learning<br />Gratuito e Pago<br />Auto-estudo<br />Treinamento com Instrutor<br />Pago<br />Prático<br />Kits de Treinamento MS-Press<br />Pago<br />Auto-estudo<br />38<br />
    50. 50. Exames de CertificaçãoOpções de Preparação e Aprendizado<br />Preparation tools and resources: To help you prepare for this exam, Microsoft Learning recommends that you have hands-on experience with the product and that you use the following training resources. These training resources do not necessarily cover all of the topics listed in the “Skills measured” section.<br />Classroom training<br />Microsoft Press Self-Paced Training Kits<br />Microsoft E-Learning<br />Practice tests<br />Microsoft Online Resources<br />http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exam.aspx?ID=XX-XXX<br />45<br />
    51. 51. RealizandoSeuExame<br />
    52. 52. Exames de Certificaçãoem TIO básico<br />The environment<br />Administered by Prometric worldwide (www.prometric.com)<br />Register<br />by phone or online<br />24 hours in advance<br />Supervised room<br />The exams<br />Test your real-world product skills<br />Combination of<br />Multiple choice<br />Graphical<br />Performance based<br />40 - 60 questions<br />Passing score<br />The average passing candidate takes120+ minutes<br />“70-XXX”<br />The questions<br />Designed to test knowledge, not reading skills<br />Time for review<br />Mark questions and come back to them later<br />42<br />
    53. 53. Top 5 Certificações para 2011<br />01 - MCITP: Enterprise Administrator<br />02 - MCITP:EnterpriseDesktop Technician 7, MCTS: Windows 7<br />03 - VCP/CCA/MCITP:Virtualization Administrator/Storage<br />04 - ITIL/PMP/Cobit<br />05 - CEH, CompTIA Security+, CISSP, MCTS: Forefront<br />Fonte: Atilla Arruda<br />
    54. 54. Dicas Pessoais<br />Não use Braindumps<br />Agende sua prova o quanto antes<br />Negocie com sua empresa<br />Hands-on!!! Mão na massa!<br />Visite os links de apoio<br />
    55. 55. Certification<br />Microsoft Partner<br />Purchaser<br />Purchasing Options<br />Certification Fulfillment<br />Certiport<br />Certiport<br />Certiport<br />Retail (077)<br />Certiport <br />Certiport<br />Student (098)<br />Retail (070)<br />Institution (072)<br />ITA Institution (073)<br />Student (072) – NA in India and China<br />Prometric<br />Institution (070)<br />ITA Institution (073)<br />Student (072)<br />Prometric<br />44<br />
    56. 56. Links de Apoio<br />Microsoft Learning: http://www.microsoft.com/brasil/certifique<br />Centro de Treinamentohttp://technet.microsoft.com/pt-br/treinamento<br />MSDNhttp://msdn.microsoft.com/pt-br/bb352986<br />Wikihttp://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/default.aspx<br />47<br />