Make Money Fast! Market Your Killer App with the Eclipse Pulsar Initiative (formerly Eclipse Mobile Industry Working Group)


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Make Money Fast! Market Your Killer App with the Eclipse Pulsar Initiative (formerly Eclipse Mobile Industry Working Group)

  1. 1. Make Money Fast! Market Your KillerApplication with the Eclipse Pulsar Initiative Lori Fraleigh Motorola
  2. 2. Agenda • What is Pulsar? – Dino Brusco, Senior Director, Motorola & Pulsar Steering Committee Member • Introduction of Panelists • Question and Answers – Prepared questions – Questions from the audience
  3. 3. Eclipse Pulsar A Universal Tools Platform for Mobile  Developers
  4. 4. Eclipse Today OEM-specific tools CDT Mobile Tools Eclipse Tools for Platform for Java Mobile Linux Mobile Application Developer
  5. 5. Pulsar Platform Handset Profiles Pulsar Platform Solution CDT Providers Web Mobile Tools (HTML, CSS, Tools for for Java JavaScript) Mobile Linux Common Functionality Eclipse Platform Mobile Application Developer
  6. 6. Eclipse Pulsar Initiative | Four Pillars of Focus Consortium of the major industry players • Hosted at Eclipse – Product • Define and implement an integrated mobile application development platform • Create Eclipse components and frameworks for mobile development – Roadmap • Roadmap for complete mobile offering • Broadens field of interest to attract new developers and adoption – Best Practices • Simplify the use of Eclipse by mobile application developers through a common set of test suites, training materials, documentation. – Promotion • Consistent marketing message and promotion for Eclipse in Mobile. • Integrate Mobile across Eclipse Marketing events & promotion materials 3
  7. 7. For More Information • • release/20090310_pulsar.php
  8. 8. Panelist Introductions • Ed Schmit – Director of Enterprise Developer Programs, AT&T • Alma Rodoni – VP Distribution Services, Handmark • Faraz Syed – Co-founder and CEO, DeviceAnywhere • Elena Qian – Senior Manager, Partnership Management, Motorola
  9. 9. Q&A
  10. 10. Bios
  11. 11. Alma Rodoni, VP Distribution Services, Handmark • In her role, Alma is responsible for leading all business development, merchandising and marketing for mobile storefronts Handmark owns and operates. The company’s desktop and mobile storefronts include, Pocket Express “Extras”, and a variety of stores operated for major mobile operators and device manufacturers such as Sprint, AT&T, Orange, Telus and RIM. • With more than 25 years experience in the mobile and PC consumer software industry, Alma has keen insight into consumer needs and offers a unique perspective on the growth potential of mobile content. She began her career working in product marketing for industry leaders including Hewlett Packard and General Electric. For the past 20 years, Alma has embraced her entrepreneurial spirit helping to establish, grow and lead a number of small startup companies with successful results including Banner Blue, the maker of Org Plus ® and Family Tree Maker ®, Broderbund Software and Pocket Express Inc.. • Alma partnered with Handmark in 2002 and has led significant development and distribution deals for Handmark with some of the industry’s largest mobile brands including The Tetris Company, Sony Pictures Television, EA and NAMCO. In addition, Alma has played a key role expanding Handmark into the distribution services business. • Alma received her BA from Chico State and went on to earn her MBA from Santa Clara University.
  12. 12. Faraz Syed: CEO & Co-Founder DeviceAnywhere • Recognizing a need in the fast growing mobile industry to provide the first truly affordable handset testing service, Faraz founded DeviceAnywhere in April 2003. Faraz spearheaded DeviceAnywhere's evolution from being a technology provider for testing to its role today as a comprehensive mobile development environment. Clients throughout the world can access real mobile phones linked to live operator networks, through the Internet on their desktops. Being one of the fastest growing mobile start-up companies in Silicon Valley, the company provides service to many of the largest Internet and mobile companies in the world with more than 650 clients using the service. • Prior to launching DeviceAnywhere, Faraz was the Director of Solutions at Brience, a mobile WAP applications company, and a Technical Architect at KPMG Consulting. While employed with Brience, he experienced the difficulty and expense required to develop new mobile applications when teams often had to travel abroad to set up testing labs and independently purchase new handsets. The challenge facing the industry presented Faraz with the vision for founding DeviceAnywhere. Faraz has also held technical positions at Oracle, KLA Tencor and AMD. He holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. He is also the lead singer for a local rock band, Kaif.
  13. 13. Elena Qian, Senior Manager, Partnership Management, Motorola • As Senior Manager of Partner Management for Motorola Mobile Devices, Elena Qian is responsible for developing and managing relationships with key Consumer Experience-related ecosystem partners. Elena’s focus is on social networking and social media, interfacing with external allies to determine what innovative applications and solutions will enrich the consumer experience on Motorola mobile devices. • Prior to this role, Elena spent two years in Motorola’s Business Leader Development Program, a company-wide initiative to develop company leaders. Over the course of the program, she supported various business units including corporate strategy, product marketing, and supply chain. • Elena holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  14. 14. Dino Brusco, Sr. Director, Dev Platforms & Services, Motorola • As a leader within Motorola’s Ecosystem organization, Dino is responsible for developing and delivering the products and services to enable application software developers to create iconic user experiences on Motorola’s mobile products. Dino and his team led the creation of Motorola’s first integrated development platform for third-party application development that is based on an open source framework enabled by Eclipse. • Dino’s previous experience includes Vice President, Software Developer and Technical Services at PalmSource, Inc., where he led the 400,000-member Palm OS developer community and delivered the Palm OS platform to its licensees. Dino’s background also includes VP of Marketing and VP of R&D positions at high technology companies. He has experience in a broad array of industries including enterprise, mobile, embedded, and aerospace/defense. • Dino has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Florida.