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Woodley Lab Diagnostics product brochure featuring QBC Star POC haematology system, QBC Autoread Plus POC haematology system, QBC ParaLens Advance Fluorescence Microscopy System, QBC Malaria Diagnostic Kits, QBC F.A.S.T. TB Diagnostics Kits, Horizon Centrifuges, Vision Microscopes, Reflotron Plus Clin

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Woodley Lab Diagnostics Product Brochure 2011

  1. 1. WOODLEY LABORATORY DIAGNOSTICS Point Of Care Haematology | Fluorescent Microscopy Solutions Centrifuges | Microscopes | Clinical ChemistryPOC Haematology and Fluorescent Microscopy Centrifuges Microscopes Clinical Chemistry Clinical Chemistry
  2. 2. WHAT’S INSIDE... Page no. 3 Company Overview – Woodley Laboratory Diagnostics 4-5 QBC StarTM Point Of Care Haematology System 6-7 QBC Autoread PlusTM Point Of Care Haematology System 8-9 QBC ParaLensTM Advance Fluorescence Miscroscopy System 10 QBC MalariaTM Diagnostic Kits 11 QBC F.A.S.T. TBTM Diagnostic Kits 12-13 Horizon Centrifuges 14-15 Vision Microscopes 15 Vision Microscope Accessories 16 Clinical Chemistry Systems 17 Service Department 18 Woodley Veterinary Diagnostics 19 Ordering Information Mission Statement “It is the mission of Woodley Laboratory Diagnostics to become the premier supplier of Point Of Care Haematology testing equipment, Fluorescence Microscopy Systems, Centrifuges and Microscopes to Europe, Africa and the Middle East via its distribution partners. Whilst developing this position, the Company’s reputation for delivering outstanding service and value will continue to be enhanced and maintained”.POC Haematology and Fluorescent Microscopy Centrifuges Microscopes Clinical Chemistry Clinical Chemistry www.woodleylabdiagnostics.com2
  3. 3. COMPANY OVERVIEWWoodley Laboratory Diagnostics – a division of Woodley Equipment Company LtdWoodley Laboratory Diagnostics are the master distributor across Europe, Africa and the Middle Eastfor QBC® Europe products, Horizon centrifuges and Vision microscopes. The QBC® Europe productrange consists of the QBC STAR™ POC Haematology System, the QBC Autoread Plus™ POC HaematologySystem, the QBC ParaLens™ Advance Fluorescence Microscopy System, QBC Malaria™ Diagnostic Kitsand QBC F.A.S.T. TB™ Diagnostic Kits. Woodley Laboratory Diagnostics also distribute the ReflotronPlus Dry Clinical Chemistry System and SpotChem™ product range.Woodley Laboratory Diagnostics are committed toensuring the best quality products and customer “QBC Europe systems ®satisfaction thus enabling their business partners torespond to the needs of their clients, whilst operating amore efficient business. deliver the technologyWoodley Laboratory Diagnostics is a division of Woodley that leads the wayEquipment Company Limited. Woodley Equipment wasfounded in the UK in 1989 and operates from three sites in Point 0f Careacross the UK, as well as a base in the USA. The companyhas a specialist, well-equipped Technical Support and FluorescenceDepartment staffed by highly qualified BiomedicalScientists, Medical Electronics and Service Engineers.The Company is now established as one of the fastest Microscopy ”growing in this industry sector.Woodley Equipment Company Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, recognising the quality of its’administrative and management systems.For more information about Woodley Laboratory Diagnostics, QBC® Europe, Woodley Equipment orany of its products, email sales@woodleylabdiagnostics.com or call +44 (0)1204 460446. 3
  4. 4. THE QBC STAR™ POC HAEMATOLOGY SYSTEM The technology that leads the way in Point O f Care haematology Measures the Clinically Significant Parameters Most Requested by Physicians: • Haematocrit • Haemoglobin • MCHC • Platelet Count • White Blood Cell Count • Granulocyte Count • Granulocyte Percentage • Lymphocyte/monocyte count • Lymphocyte/monocyte Percentage Unrivalled Simplicity Exceptional Ease of Use The QBC STAR™ POC Haematology System is the When it comes to operation, the QBC STAR™ system simplest solution for patient testing. An innovative brings new meaning to the word simple. Unprecedented approach employing dry haematology reagents instead ease of use with one step, one button operation — that’s of the bulky liquid reagents utilised by other methods. how simple a fully automated CBC analysis can be with the A revolution in patient care - easier, more efficient and QBC STAR™ system. With minimal training, non-technical virtually problem-free. personnel can perform a test with accuracy and precision. No user calibration is needed and routine maintenance is unnecessary with the QBC STAR™ system. With every sample processed, the QBC STAR™ system checks calibration automatically and is displayed with every analysis. Collection and Analysis Combined The QBC STAR™ POC Haematology system can change the way you collect and analyse samples. The difference lies in the QBC STAR™ Tube. It is flexible enough to use for both venous or capillary samples. Unlike other haematology systems, when performing a finger puncture you can use the QBC STAR™ Tube as the single vehicle for collection and analysis. The dry reagents contained in the SCANNER QBC STAR™ Tube facilitates testing and analysis - safely, also included accurately and without the liquid reagents and biohazard waste of traditional systems. The clinician simply fills the safety tube with the patient’s blood sample and places it Patient identification information can be entered simply in the instrument. After analysis, the QBC STAR™ system via the optional keyboard and barcode scanner. displays nine clinically significant parameters, both on the LCD screen and on a hard copy printout for your records. www.woodleylabdiagnostics.com4
  5. 5. 4 Simple Steps TO ACCURATE & IMMEDIATE RESULTS Operating Ranges Haematology parameters measured with the QBC STAR™ system are valid over the following range of values: • Haematocrit 0.15 – 0.65 • Haemoglobin 5.0 – 20.0 g/dL 1. • Platelet Count 20 – 999 x 109 /L QBC STARTM Tube (Enlarged to show detail) Fill the tube with the patient sample up to the mark between the two lines, • WBC Count 1.6 – 99.9 x 109 /L mix, then cap. • Granulocyte Count 0.8 – 70.0 x 109 /L • Lymph/Mono Count 0.8 – 99.9 x 109 /L Applications of the QBC STARTM Highly suitable in any remote location where the use of traditional bulky liquid reagents and service provision are difficult to maintain: 2. Military Position tube in the rotor. The durability of the QBC STAR™, the use of dry haematology technology and the ability Plastic Sleeve to quickly deliver results in any location Plasma make it ideal for use by military personnel in the field, on board ships or on submarines. Urgent Care 40 µm space between float and The patented QBC technology makes CBC Expansion inside tube wall testing fast and simple. With one tube for of buffy coat layers collection and analysis, the QBC STAR™ can accomplished Platelets offer great time saving advantages. by float (10- fold linear increase) Lymphocytes Paediatrics & Monocytes 3. The QBC STAR™ is able to overcome the Granulocytes Press start button. challenge of obtaining samples when testing children. Because of the unique QBC tube Red technology, it is possible to analyse a small Blood Cells sample of blood from a single finger or heel stick. QBC has placements in many paediatric departments worldwide. Point Of Care The QBC STAR™ provides results in minutes without the many burdens associated with Actual size 82mm long traditional haematology systems such as bulky liquid reagents, maintenance and liquid waste. 4. Patient results display on the LCD screen and also print out for filing in • Oil and Gas Rigs • GP Practices patient chart. • Mining Communities • Remote Healthcare Centres • Small Laboratories • Rural Settings • Cruise Ships 5
  6. 6. THE QBC AUTOREAD PLUS™ POC HAEMATOLOGY SYSTEM Delivers better patient care at the Point Of Care Measures the Clinically Significant Parameters Most Requested by Physicians: • Haematocrit • Haemoglobin • MCHC • Platelet Count • White Blood Cell Count • Granulocyte Count • Granulocyte Percentage • Lymphocyte/monocyte count • Lymphocyte/monocyte Percentage The QBC Autoread Plus™ Centrifugal Haematology System offers a durable, cost-effective option for conducting haematology testing in virtually any setting. The QBC Autoread Plus™ System, which consists of a reader, a centrifuge, and an external printer, uses patented dry haematology technology to deliver a 9-parameter, 2 part differential. It separates the centrifugation and analysis steps allowing for faster processing for a higher volume user. Exceptional Durability Benefits The QBC Autoread Plus™ has a decade long proven track Improved readability and accuracy gives you the correct record of being extremely reliable in the world’s harshest answer immediately, enhancing your diagnosis and environments. From medical tents in Iraq and Afghanistan leading to greater patient care. With minimal training, to research facilities in Antarctica and outreach clinics in non-technical personnel can perform a test with accuracy Africa, the Autoread Plus™ has proven that it can handle and precision. the worst conditions imaginable. • Rapid 9 parameter haematology testing • Dry haematology methodology • No routine maintenance • No clean-up or liquid waste disposal • Point Of Care • Capillary or venous samples • Leading edge technology • Ease of use • Accuracy and precision • USB printer option • Patient ID system option www.woodleylabdiagnostics.com6
  7. 7. Applications of the QBC Autoread PlusTM: Operating Ranges Haematology parameters measured with AccuTubes• Military medicine – field hospitals, by the QBC Autoread Plus™ System are valid over the submarines, surface ships following range of values:• Oil and gas rigs • Haematocrit 0.15 – 0.65• Mining communities • Haemoglobin 5.0 – 20.0 g/dL• Emergency rooms • Platelet Count 20 – 999 x 109 /L• Small laboratories • WBC Count 1.6 – 99.9 x 109 /L• Paediatric applications • Granulocyte Count 0.8 – 70.0 x 109 /L• POC settings • Lymph/Mono Count 0.8 – 99.9 x 109 /L• Remote healthcare centres• GP practices Data Analysis• Cruise ships Data processing incorporates various digital filters, pattern• Rural settings recognition and data conversion algorithms. Computations are based on the fact that each QBC tube exhibits a characteristic signature that must fall within prescribed tolerances. Test results are displayed only when data analysis confirms valid band lengths in at least five of the eight sets of scanning measurements. Validity checks include: AccuTube • Verification of all lines and tube identification line (Zoomed-in to show detail) • Float position • Meniscus location and detecting of bubbles around meniscus and float • Evaluation of the strength of green and red fluorescence emission for granulocytes, lymphocytes/ monocytes and platelets • Determination of interfaces by evaluating rate of change of fluorescence with minimum acceptable values • Algorithmic ratios to test for quality of granulocyte-red cell interface 7
  8. 8. QBC PARALENS™ ADVANCE FLUORESCENCE MICROSCOPY SYSTEM Fluorescence microscopy at a fraction of the cost The QBC ParaLens™ Advance is a cutting-edge microscope attachment designed to provide the many benefits of LED fluorescence microscopy to any light microscope. The patent-pending design of the ParaLens™ Advance offers features unmatched by competing fluorescence microscopy products. Fluorescence microscopy has long been recognised as an important tool in many research and clinical applications, particularly the detection of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria. It utilises principles of fluorescence to increase the visibility of objects seen under magnification, resulting in increased sensitivity and speed. The ParaLens™ Advance utilises a blue LED light source and filters to produce an excitation output of approximately 410-480 nm. Additional wavelength filters can be added at a low cost. Fluorescence Capabilities for most Standard Light Microscopes 1. RMS Threading (adapters available for other systems) 2. Detachable Filter Arm 3. LED Light Source (not shown) 4. Focusing Lens 5. Excitation Filter 6. Dichroic Beam Splitter 7. Objective (20x, 40x, 60x or 100x) 8. Emission Filter Features and Benefits • The ability to upgrade any light microscope • Economical • A durable, bright LED light source • Long lifetime • Multiple convenient power options • Quiet operation • Fast switching between objectives • Full control of light intensity • Wavelength options available • No warm up required • Sensitivity, specificity, rapid testing and easy to use • No down time • Sensitivity is high enough to detect as few as 50 • No hazardous materials molecules per cubic micrometer www.woodleylabdiagnostics.com8
  9. 9. The QBC ParaLens™ Advance Fluorescence Microscopy System is designed for use with the QBC Malaria™ Diagnostic Kits and the QBC F.A.S.T. TB™ Diagnostic Kits. The QBC ParaLens™ Advance transforms your laboratory’s conventional microscope into a fluorescence microscope – expanding diagnostic capabilities at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated fluorescent microscope. The QBC ParaLens™ fulfils your laboratory’s need for increased diagnostic capability and cost effective testing. Applications of the QBC ParaLensTM Fluorescence Microscopy System Clinical Laboratories Obtain test results in a timelier manner while increasing revenues AFB under fluorescent light Microbiologists Increase fluorescence capabilities in the microbiology department and supplement over-utilised fluorescenceReported Diseases/Pathogens Detected microscopesUsing the QBC Malaria Tube (see page 10) with theQBC ParaLens™ Advance Fluorescence Microscopy Mobile LaboratoriesSystem, identification of the following parasites Diagnostic reliability, sensitivity, predictability and stabilityis possible: combined in one economic package to provide you with portable epifluorescence capabilities.• Malaria (P. falciparum, P. vivax, P. malariae, P. ovale) Academic Laboratories• Babesiasis (B. microti, B. bigemina) Make an affordable fluorescence microscope available to each student.• Typanosomiasis (T. brucei, T. gambiense, T. rhodensiense, Crithidia species, T. cruzi) Industry Develop multiple microscopy sites for cost-effective• Filariasis (W. bancrofti, B. malayi, Loa loa, M. ozzardi, specialised fluorescence applications. M. perstans, D. immitis)• Borrelia (B. duttonii, B. crocidurae)Using additional conventional reagents with the QBCParaLens™ Advance Fluorescence Microscopy System,it is possible to detect other parasites such as:• Eperythrozoon• Brucellosis (B. abortus, B. melitenis, B. orvis, B. susis, B. canis)• Trichomoniasis (Trichomonas Vaginalis)• Gonorrhoea (Neisseria Gonorrhoeae)• Pneumocystis (P. carinii)• Rabies• Mycobacteria (M. avium, M. intracellulare, M. tuberculosis, M. marium, M. kansasii, M. scrofulaceum)• Chlamydia trachomatis• Leptospirosis (Leptospira)• Visceral leishmaniasis (L. chagasi, L. donovani)• Cytomegalovirus (CMV)• Antinuclear antibodies (ANAs) 9
  10. 10. QBC MALARIA™ DIAGNOSTIC KITS A reason for hope in the fight against Malaria and other blood borne parasites The QBC Malaria™ Test is a fluorescence microscopy- based malaria diagnostic test embraced by users around the world. Designed for use with the QBC ParaLens™ Advance Fluorescence Microscopy System or any fluorescent microscope, no other malaria test available today offers all of the benefits and features of the QBC Malaria™ Test: Increased Sensitivity The QBC Malaria™ Test is 5.5 to 7 percent more sensitive than Giemsa thick films. It can detect as little as 1 parasite per µL of blood and establish diagnosis earlier than thick film in 47% of low parasitemia (<10 parasites per µL) cases. Time Savings Results are possible in just 8 minutes, a fraction of the time of thick film methods. Training time is also reduced, as users with just 5 days of training can produce results comparable to an experienced microscopist examining a thick film. Simple Set-Up and Review How it Works Patented QBC technology uses a single capillary tube The QBC Malaria™ Test is internally coated with fluorescent to collect, stain and process blood samples. Principles acridine orange stain to improve the visibility of malaria of centrifugation and fluorescence improve review by parasites. When excited by blue light (~460 nm), parasites concentrating easily visible parasites in specific areas will fluoresce brightly against a dark background. of the tube. Centrifugation makes parasites easier to locate within the tube. When the tube is centrifuged in the QBC Capillary Respected, Proven Technology Centrifuge, blood components and malaria parasites The QBC Malaria™ Test was the first malaria diagnostic separate based on density, and concentrate in distinct layers. test to receive FDA clearance, and its technology has The illustration below demonstrates this phenomenon: been proven in dozens of scientific studies. It is also CE marked. With all of these advantages over competing diagnostic tests, it’s no surprise that the QBC Malaria™ Test is the only choice for thousands of researchers and laboratory technicians worldwide. QBC F.A.S.T. MalariaTM Stain For those who still wish to use thick film technology but still retain the advantages of Fluorescence Microscopy, the QBC F.A.S.T. Malaria™ Stain slides are available. These slides take the technology associated with the QBC Malaria™ Tube and transfers it to a traditional slide technique. Please note however, this method does not have the advantage of concentrating the parasites and therefore has reduced sensitivity compared to the Falciparum Malaria in the QBC Malaria™ Tube QBC Malaria™ Tubes. The QBC MalariaTM Tube can also be used to detect other blood-borne parasites such as those specified on Page 9 using the QBC ParaLensTM Advance Fluorescence Microscopy System www.woodleylabdiagnostics.com10
  11. 11. QBC F.A.S.T. TB™ DIAGNOSTIC KITSRevolutionary complete solution for fast, simple andaccurate TB detection “The World Health Organisation recommends the use of LED fluorescence microscopy for the detection of tuberculosis Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB) in sputum samples treated with Auramine O stain1” The proprietary F.A.S.T. 3-minute fluorescent TB staining process dramatically reduces the conventional Auramine O smear preparation time from 20 minutes to 3 minutes, while maintaining the high sensitivity standards of fluorescence microscopy. Whether your lab needs a complete TB microscopy system or simply TB microscopy supplies, we have the complete solution. The ParaLens™ Advance Fluorescence Microscopy System with 20x and 40x objectives work with the QBC F.A.S.T. AFB kits to meet the WHO requirement. 1. World Health Organisation Website, 2010. Web. 1 Dec. 2010. (http://www. who.int/tb/laboratory/who_policy_led_microscopy_july10.pdf)SureFocus Slides: The Clear DifferenceTo aid in the transition to Fluorescence Microscopy, allF.A.S.T. TB™ kits contain the SureFocus Microscope Slide,a unique, patent-pending technology that provides userswith the confidence that samples are always in focus.SureFocus slides are printed with a fluorescent marker thatis visible when examined under the same wavelengthsthat excite Auramine O stains. This marker can beutilised to find the proper focal plane and maintain focusthroughout the sample review, thereby increasing thespeed and accuracy of review.• When stained with Auramine O, the acid fast bacteria (AFB), which cause TB to fluoresce brightly against a dark background, allows microscopists to easily identify them using lower magnification and with less eye strain than bright field methods, such as Ziehl-Neelsen staining.• Due to its unique design, F.A.S.T. Auramine O Stain also results in brighter bacilli with a more intense black background than standard stains. 11
  12. 12. HORIZON CENTRIFUGE RANGE A new revolution on the horizon There are eight CE marked models available in the range of horizon centrifuges (each with differing rotor options) - all models are small, low cost and feature a unique swing-out rotor to provide full horizontal separation. All models come with a full 2 year warranty. Horizontal separation maximises the centrifugal force, therefore reducing spin times; a horizontal rotor produces a tighter horizontal separation line. The tighter gel line prevents re-mixing and therefore contamination and haemolysis. It is also less likely to become disturbed during shipping ensuring your samples arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Operating Features Safety Features • Electronic timer with display - selectable from 1 to 99 • Automatic lid lock - centrifuge will not run minutes, hold feature, (+/- 1%) with the lid open; lid cannot be opened while samples are spinning or when power is lost • Electronic speed control with display - easily set the running speed by RPM or RCF • Positive lid lock - firm mechanical lid lock prevents the escape of material in case of • Brushless DC Motor - for smooth and quiet operation breakage or accident with no routine maintenance • Out-of-balance detection - if an imbalance • Variable acceleration and deceleration - customise is detected the centrifuge will come to a safe the run from start to finish controlled stop • End-of-run audible indicator - sounds when the rotor • Welded steel construction - for strength has stopped to inform the operator the cycle is complete and durability • Variable speed - precision variable speed control gives the operator the ability to select from 500 RPM to the maximum rotor speed in 50 RPM increments Why Is Horizontal Separation Important? • Quiet operation and low vibration - double-encased motor and unique “stability mount” assure quiet performance and low out-of-balance vibration • Better separation • Tighter gel line • No remixing • No spoilt samples • No need for re-spins www.woodleylabdiagnostics.com12
  13. 13. These models are our four best selling centrifuges, however please refer to the separate Horizon Centrifuge catalogue or www.horizoncentrifuges.com for the complete range.Clinispin horizon 642E Clinispin horizon 755VESOur most popular centrifuge for the A popular centrifuge for thedoctor’s office/small laboratory larger laboratoryThe Clinispin horizon 642E is The Clinispin horizon 755VESa single speed centrifuge centrifuge features thedesigned for the doctor’s largest capacity of theoffice or small lab. Its horizon range. Thecompact design versatile standardminimises its footprint, horizontal rotor canleaving more room on accommodate 24 x 10mlyour worktop. The tubes, 12 x 15ml tubesunique horizontal rotor or 6 x 50ml tubes.design allows for the test Variable speed 3500 RPM /tubes to be inserted at a 2200 x g; Weight 17.7 kg.convenient 45 degree angle, they arethen gently rotated to a full horizontalposition as the motor accelerates. Single speed Suggested Applications3800 RPM / 2000 x g; Weight 8.4 kg. • Larger laboratories • University departmentsSuggested Applications • 50ml tube-size requirements• Doctors offices • Multiple tube-size requirements• Small laboratories • Contract research/pharmaceutical organisations• Veterinary surgeries• Emergency rooms• Contract research/pharmaceutical organisationsClinispin horizon 853VES Clinispin horizon 842STATFor high performance in Platelet poor plasma with aroutine applications 2 minute spinThe Clinispin horizon 853VES The Clinispin horizonis a medium capacity 842STAT is the mostcentrifuge with compact of theunmatched performance. Performance SeriesHigh speed and force centrifuges. Thecapability produces 842STAT offers controlplatelet-poor/free plasma over almost everyand greatly reduces aspect of the unit’sprocessing times. The operation from variable acceleration and deceleration toexclusive horizontal rotor allows for easy time and speed input. High speed and force capabilityquick and easy sample loading and complete produces platelet-poor/free plasma with a 2-minute spin,horizontal separation. Save settings in one of ten memory greatly reducing processing times. Variable speed 7000 RPM /locations and recall them at the touch of a button. Variable 5700 x g; Weight 10.5 kgspeed 5000 RPM / 3800 x g; Weight 13.7 kg. Suggested ApplicationsSuggested Applications • Emergency laboratories• Small to large laboratories • Coagulation laboratories• Doctors offices with a higher throughput • Veterinary surgeries• Veterinary surgeries • University departments• University departments • Anyone requiring 2-minute, fixed-angle separation• Contract research/pharmaceutical organisations with tubes up to 10ml • Contract research/pharmaceutical organisations 13
  14. 14. VISION MICROSCOPES Precision. Clarity. Innovation Each Vision model is chosen for its particular features to fill many microscopy needs in a variety of applications. Our line ranges from inexpensive quality microscopes, to full-featured professional laboratory instruments, with various options in-between. Vision microscopes are equipped with precision DIN* optics (*Deutsche Industrie Normen, a recognised universal industry standard for microscope objectives). All microscopes are packed in fitted protective Styrofoam and various upgraded accessories are available upon request. These microscopes are our most popular models, however please refer to the separate Vision Microscope catalogue or visit www.visionmicroscopes.com for the complete range. MRP-5000 Professional Microscope Our most popular microscope Designed for extensive lab use in clinical and research settings. The MRP-5000 provides five objectives and interchangeable condenser system which applies to bright field, phase contrast and dark field techniques. The lower position of the mechanical stage knob offers comfort for extended use. Each of our popular binocular models can be ordered as Dual View Microscopes, ideal for one-on-one teaching. The binocular head is replaced with an adapter fitted to two binocular heads with slide-type interpupillary adjustment and 10x WF eyepieces. Features: • Pair of 10X widefield eyepieces, interpupillary distance adjustment 55-75mm • 5 DIN Achromatic parfocal and parcentered objectives, backward mounted: 4X (N.A. 0.10), 10X (N.A. 0.25), 40X (N.A. 0.65), 60XR (N.A. 0.90), 100XR Oil (N.A. 1.25) • Magnification: 40X to 1000X • Focusing stop to prevent objectives and slides from damage • 140mm x 135mm graduated mechanical stage (range of travel 40 x 80mm) with lower knobs of coaxial drive • Spring loaded slide holder • Abbe condenser NA 1.25 with rack and pinion adjustment • Iris diaphragm with blue filter • Field diaphragm offers more light control • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing tension controls • Variable intensity halogen illuminator, 6V 20 W • Replacement bulb and fuse, immersion oil • Dust cover • Size: 25.4 x 20.3 x 42 (H) cms • CE Certified www.woodleylabdiagnostics.com14
  15. 15. MIS-6000 Infinity MicroscopeThe MIS-6000 provides optical performance ideal for extensive lab use in clinical and research settings of biology,histology, pathology and medical chemistry. Outstanding design features include a contemporary ergonomical body,wide mechanical stage which can hold two slides for easy comparison and a frontward mounted-pull hatch condenserfor easier light bulb changes. The external adapter and quality objectives offer the user more convenient operatingspace and better observation effects with a large 22mm field of view. The high-intensity illumination system andInfinity Colour Corrected Optics System (ICS) ensure high clearance and intensity in images.Features:• 30° inclined head rotates 360°• Eyepiece WF 10X / 22mm• Interpupillary distance adjustment from 55mm-75mm• Plan Infinity Objectives: 4X,10X, 40XR, 100XR Oil• Double layer mechanical stage can hold two slides for comparison: stage size- 180mm × 150mm, moving range-75mm × 50mm• Swing out N.A.1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm & 3 colour filters• Coaxial coarse & fine focusing adjustment with rack and pinion mechanism. Fine focusing scale value 0.002mm• High brightness Kohler illumination• 12V/30W Variable intensity halogen bulb.• Wide range voltage for international markets - 85V-240V• Size 33 x 21.6 x 38.1 (H) cmOther Microscopes Available in the Range:• Professional microscopes• Medical & research microscopes• Advanced microscopes• Stereo zoom microscopes sories• Stereo mciroscopes• Inverted microscopes M icroscope Acces esolution epieces and high-r • Digi tal microscope ey ixels) 3.0 and 5.0 megap microsc ope cameras (1.3, ycases • Microscope carr e on request • Others availabl 15
  16. 16. CLINICAL CHEMISTRY SYSTEMS Clinical Chemistry at the Point Of Care Woodley Laboratory Diagnostics have a range of Clinical Chemistry analysers available, each of which is only available in selected country areas. Please contact us for further details. Reflotron Plus Dry Clinical SpotChem EZ Clinical Chemistry System Chemistry Analyser Point Of Care Clinical Chemistry Analysis Automated Analyser for Clinical Chemistry The Reflotron® Plus is an in vitro diagnostic The SpotChem EZ performs device designed for the biochemical measurements quantitative determination easily with the dry method of clinical chemistry and solid phase reagent. parameters using A built-in compact centrifuge Reflotron® Test reagent reduces pre-treatment of strips. It works on the samples before measurement. prinicple of reflectance The SpotChem EZ has simple Photometry and ensures operation and a range of rapid and reliable results 22 reagents, where continuous while being easy to use. measurement of 1 - 9 parameters is possible. Features Features • 17 clinical chemistry parameters • Small bench top fully automated analyser • Seven different multi-test panels available • No reagent calibration • Can measure up to 9 parameters simultaneously • No calibration on a sample • Individual parameter selection • Internal centrifuge • Small sample volume • Simple calibration by magnetic card • Easy to use • Results available in minutes • Minimal maintenance • Small sample volume SpotChem EL Electrolyte Analyser PocketChem BA Blood Fast, accurate and simple electrolyte Ammonia Analyser analysis of body fluids New style of blood ammonia measurement The SpotChem EL is an electrolyte The PocketChem BA blood analysis system with capacity for ammonia analyser is a palm total electrolyte analysis size meter with a separate requirements in all fields. Fast, printer unit, whole blood accurate and simple electrolyte sample is available with easy analysis of body fluids is essential operation. You can measure in an emergency situations in all blood ammonia anytime, anywhere fields from clinics and testing and by anyone without any care centres, to emergency rooms, ICU’s, about increasing ammonia level. CCU’s and operating theatres. Features Features • Small, portable whole blood ammonia meter • Compact bench-top blood electrolyte analyser • Blood ammonia reagent test strips supplied • Simultaneous measurement of Sodium, Potassium individually wrapped and Chloride. • No pre-treatment of 20ul sample required for easy operation • Whole blood, serum, plasma or urine. • Easy calibration with magnetic swipe card • Results available in approximately 1 minute • Results available in around 3 minutes • Calibration by magnetic card • Temperature compensation to ensure accurate results • Highly reliable special electrodes • Detachable printer delivers the security of hard copy • Compact and lightweight print-outs www.woodleylabdiagnostics.com16
  17. 17. SERVICE DEPARTMENTLooking after the care, service and calibrationof your equipment Woodley Laboratory Diagnostics have specialist Technical Support and a dedicated Service Centre for QBC Europe products, centrifuges and microscopes, with repairs and services being carried out in-house. This centre will also undertake in-house training for the service engineers of our nominated distribution partners. Technical Support The Technical Support department is staffed with Biomedical Scientists, Service Engineers and Medical Electronics Engineers, who work together with our distribution partners to deliver a proven high-quality after-sales service. QBC Customers should contact their local distributor with their Technical Support queries. Full training and support is available for all QBC Europe equipment, centrifuges and microscopes. For further details contact us on +44 (0) 1204 460446 with your requirements. Repairs and Warranty Repairs All warranty repairs must be carried out by Woodley Laboratory Diagnostics. Any repair or assessment carried out by a third party will invalidate the warranty. For equipment not under warranty, please contact your local distributor for technical support. If the problem is not resolved at this stage, Woodley Laboratory Diagnostics has appointed a growing network of approved Official QBC Service Centres equipped to handle QBC repairs.Why Choose Woodley?Technical SupportWe have over 20 years experience in providingfree unlimited technical supportSafetyWe guarantee all equipment is tested to thehighest current EU, UK and FDA standardsRepairsWe offer an economical alternative tomanufacturers’ chargesDedicated Distribution PartnersWe have a network of dedicated businesspartners to distribute our equipment to theend user 17
  18. 18. WOODLEY VETERINARY DIAGNOSTICS Woodley Equipment Company Ltd have a specific veterinary division. Woodley Veterinary Diagnostics supply veterinary distributors with specialist laboratory equipment, diagnostic kits and critical care products across the globe. Woodley Veterinary Diagnostics is a market leading company in the vet industry with an evolving portfolio of products with Worldwide Distribution rights. epoc Hand Held Critical Care Analyser The epoc Hand Held Critical Care Analyser is now available exclusively from Woodley Veterinary Diagnostics in a number of countries worldwide. The epoc, developed by the founder of the i-STAT analyser, is the first wireless Point Of Care testing solution to use smart card technology. The epoc provides immediate blood gas, electrolyte and critical care biochemistry results directly to a hand held PDA (included) and wirelessly interfaces with in-practice computers. It is a completely affordable analyser that is easy to use and requires no refrigeration of consumables. Other products available in the range: • Biochemistry analyser • Centrifuges • Endoscopes • Haematology analyser • Microscopes • Microscope accessories • General vet products If you are interested in any of our veterinary products please contact us at: sales@woodletvetdiagnostics.com www.woodleylabdiagnostics.com18
  19. 19. ORDERING INFORMATIONPlease see below the ordering codes for the main products available. For more detailed orderinginformation, specifications and complete price lists please either contact your local distributor orcontact Woodley Laboratory Diagnostics at sales@woodleylabdiagnostics.com PRODUCT PRODUCT ORDER CODE QBC Europe Products QBC STAR POC Haematology System QBC STAR Haematology System 429000 QBC STAR Tubes (100) 429625 QBC Autoread Plus POC Haematology System QBC Autoread Plus Haematology System 428605 QBC Centrifuge Only 425740 QBC Autoread Plus Analyser Only 429577 QBC Haematology Test Kits AccuTubes (100) 423406 Venous Tubes (100) 424240 Venous Tubes (1000) 424237 Capillary Tubes (100) 424241 Capillary Tubes (1000) 424238 QBC ParaLens Advance Fluorescence Microscopy System ParaLens Advance with 20x and 40x objectives 424330 ParaLens Advance with 60x objective 424331 ParaLens Advance with 100x objective 424332 ParaLens Advance Complete System with Portability Pack 424333 QBC Malaria Diagnostic Kits QBC Malaria Diagnostic Kit (100) 253037 QBC Malaria Diagnostic Kit (2000) 253005 QBC F.A.S.T. TB Diagnostic Kits F.A.S.T. ParaLens System w/Centrifuge & Microscope 427414 F.A.S.T. ParaLens System w/Centrifuge 427421 F.A.S.T. AFB Smear Kit (400 Smears) 427409 F.A.S.T. AFB Smear Kit with Digestion Buffer (400 Smears) 427408 F.A.S.T. AFB E-Z Smear Kit (50 Smears) 427410 Horizon Centrifuges Clinispin horizon 642E WD4000 Clinispin horizon 642VES WD400 Clinispin horizon 755VES WD4001 Clinispin horizon 853VES WD4003 Clinispin horizon 853RAPIDE WD4049 Clinispin horizon 842VES WD4002 Clinispin horizon 842STAT WD4037 Clinispin horizon 842COMBI WD4046 Vision Microscopes MRP-5000 Professional Microscope WD6001 MRJ-03 Medical & Research Microscope WD6003 MF-02 Advanced Microscope WD6015 SMZ-02 Stereo Zoom Microscope WD6023 MIS-8000 Advanced Infinity Microscope WD6178 MIS-9000 Inverted Microscope WD6179 Clinical Chemistry Analysis Reflotron Plus Clinical Chemistry Analyser WD0006 Various Reflotron Plus Reagents WD0007 – 32 SpotChem EZ Clinical Chemistry Analyser WD5500 SpotChem EL Electrolyte Analyser WD5501 PocketChem BA Blood Ammonia Analyser WD5502 Please contact Woodley Laboratory Diagnostics for further information on any products available within their range. 19
  20. 20. Woodley Laboratory Diagnostics Locomotive House Locomotive Industrial Estate Horwich, Bolton Lancashire, BL6 5UE United Kingdom Tel: +44(0)1204 460446 Fax: +44(0)1204 692198 Email: sales@woodleylabdiagnostics.com Web: www.woodleylabdiagnostics.comDistributed By: www.woodleylabdiagnostics.com