Woodley Clinical Trials Equipment Brochure 2011


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Woodley Equipment Clinical Trials specialise in the rental of medical equipment and Point Of Care solutions to the Pharmaceutical industry across the Globe.

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Woodley Clinical Trials Equipment Brochure 2011

  1. 1. Pure Peace of Mind Equipment Rental For Your Clinical Trial Medical Equipment | Laboratory Equipment | Point Of Care ECG Patient Infusion Point MedicalCentrifuges Monitoring Monitoring Systems Of Care Refrigeration
  2. 2. Contents About Woodley Equipment We bring simplicity to the worlds most 2-3 About Woodley Here at Woodley Equipment Company Ltd we specialise in the international rental of medical and laboratory equipment to the Clinical Trial industry. We have been In-House Service Department / providing equipment outsourcing solutions for 20 years. 3 Equipment Management Service We understand the urgency in the need to supply equipment at the last minute and for this reason we hold stock of many 4 Centrifuges products ready for next day delivery to mainland UK sites and 1 - 3 day international delivery. We offer a worldwide service and so contribute simplicity and continuity to your study by the use of one centralised supplier. 5 ECGs • Rental or Purchase • No minimum hire period* 6 Infusion Systems • No deposits* • Exceptional service • 20 years experience in the industry 7 Point Of Care • Worldwide delivery and collection • Experience of bringing simplicity to the most 8 Medical Refrigeration complicated clinical trials • Plethora of clients from the largest clinical trial companies across the world 9 Temperature Recording * except large orders 10-11 Patient Monitoring / Laboratory Equipment2 w w w. w o o d l e y e q u i p m e n t . c o m
  3. 3. In-Housecomplicated clinical trials Service Department Whilst we specialise in providing medical and laboratory We have our own in-house service and technical equipment for hire, purchase options are also available support departments staffed with service engineers for all our ranges of hire equipment including centrifuges, and biomedical scientists who deliver a proven high- ECGs, medical refrigeration, patient monitoring, infusion quality after-sales service. systems, Point Of Care and much more. These departments are used for maintaining all our equipment in addition to servicing all our clients’ own equipment. We can also provide unique one-off services to clients, or service If you cannot find the equipment you require contracts for the maintenance of equipment. featured in this brochure, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can source and supply ANY The service department specialises in a wide range of: equipment from any established manufacturer. • Syringe pumps Offering no deposits*, no minimum hire period*, • Infusion pumps worldwide delivery and collection, and a • Centrifuges full-service back-up, you can be sure Woodley • ECG machines are your total equipment solution provider. • Microscopes • Analysers * except large orders Full training and support for all our equipment is provided. For further details please contact us with your requirements. Equipment Management Service A full equipment management service is available where we can hold stock should you choose to purchase your equipment from us. The scheme involves: • Long term storage • Pre-despatch checks • Annual service • Repairs • International despatch and collection Please call us for more details as we can tailor our service to your individual needs. Tel: +44 (0)8456 777001 | Fax: +44 (0)8456 777002 | Email: sales@woodleyequipment.com 3
  4. 4. Centrifuges Our centrifuge range is designed to meet any specification: swing-out rotor, fixed-angle rotor, high speed, large capacity, large tube volume including 50ml, ambient and refrigerated. Our centrifuges are available for worldwide delivery; they are available in 230V or 110V making them the ideal centrifuge for all sites. Featured below are our most popular models but we can source any centrifuge for your individual requirements. Clinispin horizon 642E… Clinispin horizon 842COMBI a revolution on the horizon High Speed Centrifuge The Clinispin horizon 642E is the first small, The most compact of the performance series of low-cost centrifuge with a swing-out rotor available centrifuges. It accommodates 16 tube positions and within the Clinical Trials industry. The unique rotor and offers control of almost every aspect of the operation compact design minimise its footprint, making it ideal from variable acceleration and deceleration to easy for the doctor’s office or a small laboratory. time and speed input. Only 10.5kg. Weighing only 8.4kg it is ideal for worldwide export. • Variable speed – up to 12000 RPM / 13520 x g • Single speed – 3800 RPM / 2000 x g • 16 x 2 ml and 16 x HCT tubes • 6 x 10 ml swing-out rotor fixed angle rotor • 30 minute timer • 99 minute timer • 230V or 110V • 230V or 110V Refrigerated Centrifuges Also available... We provide a range of refrigerated These centrifuges have variable speed and are available in centrifuges. Because of its low weight and 230V or 110V. small size, the Eppendorf 5702R centrifuge is our most popular refrigerated centrifuge and is Model RPM xg Max Capacity perfect for export and easy transportation. With 755VES 3500 2200 24 x 10ml, 12 x 15ml swing-out various fixed-angle and swing-out rotors available 842VES 6500 5000 6 x 5ml swing-out it can accommodate any kind of tube. Adjustable 853VES 5000 3800 12 x 10ml swing-out from -9ºC to +40ºC, with stand-by refrigeration and 853RAPIDE 5300 4228 12 x 10ml swing-out “fast temp” setting. Supplied with a 8 x 15 ml swing-out rotor as standard. 842STAT 7000 5700 6 x 5ml, 6 x 10ml fixed-angle • Variable speed up to 4400 RPM Full specifications and rotor options available on request. • Fixed-angle and swing-out rotors available, accommodating tube sizes from 0.2ml to 85ml • 99 minute timer4 w w w. w o o d l e y e q u i p m e n t . c o m
  5. 5. ECGsAn extensive range of ECG equipment is available including the latest PC based systems, stresstest systems, stand-alone ECGs, plus we are able to source any other ECG equipment based on yourindividual requirements. CT8000P CT110 CardioConcept Multifunctional ECG which allows stand-alone Using a conventional 10 lead ECG cable, this PC based use or PC connectivity. 12 lead, 3 channel high ECG records directly from patient into the treatment quality interpretive ECG with or without LCD screen. room computer. It has an easy-to-use interface and requires only 2 clicks of the mouse to Interpretation and measurements included. take an ECG recording. Comes • A4 print-out with interpretive software. • Internal memory of 45 ECG recordings • Upgrade options available • Further consumables available MAC1200 MARS Holter Analysis System This ECG machine can be easily configured to meet A PC based, sophisticated ECG technology machine the needs of nearly every environment. It has a high used for early predication of sudden cardiac death using ECG signal quality for adults and paediatric patients. ECG markers. Advanced technology with easy-to-use Also compatible with the stress test system. software for use in any environment. Also available are the SEER Light / SEER Light Extended compact digital We are able to provide the whole MAC range of ECG ambulatory ECG monitors. equipment for rental or purchase. Interpretation and measurements included. Further consumables available.Tel: +44 (0)8456 777001 | Fax: +44 (0)8456 777002 | Email: sales@woodleyequipment.com 5
  6. 6. Infusion Systems A varied range of infusion systems are available designed for use in many different circumstances, from general ward use, PCA pumps to syringe pumps for use in anaesthesia and intensive care. We supply the most popular brands and are able to source any infusion system to meet your requirements. Syringe Pumps PCA Pumps Infusion Pumps Our large range of syringe pumps Included in the range is the The range of infusion pumps are available with various syringe CADD-Legacy PCA pump are easy-to-use, have simple sizes, infusion rates and safety designed for use in a variety operating control panels and are features. They are suitable for of pain relief situations. Our ideal for use in your daily routine. a range of applications and are range of other PCA pumps easy-to-use. have various syringe sizes • Infusion rates 1-999 ml/hr and features. • Automatic control of • Syringe sizes from 10ml-60ml infusion rate • Infusion rates up to 1200 ml/hr • Syringe sizes from 10ml-60ml • Automatic shut-off • Large display • Clinician over-ride • Dual rate capability • Various audible and • Alarm systems • Diagnostic alarm messages visual alarms • Lockable syringe covers A wide range of consumables are available including: • IV stands • Syringe extension sets • Extension tubing • Administration sets • T-connectors • Y-connectors • Filters • Injection port sets • Needle free sets • Pump accessories • and others.6 w w w. w o o d l e y e q u i p m e n t . c o m
  7. 7. Point Of CarePoint Of Care testing has emerged as the best way to improve patient management. Our range of PointOf Care equipment provides instant results for a variety of tests using the latest technology. We are able totailor our products to your individual requirements and can source and supply any testing equipment from anyestablished manufacturer.Woodley Equipment are the authorised distributor of the Abbott i-STAT to the Pharmaceutical industry on a rental basis. The Ultimate Point Of Care System for the Clinical Trial Industry This system provides the best way to improve patient management for your clinical trial. The system is designed to provide fast and accurate results within 10 minutes for a full range of patient tests. Incorporates a specifically designed data management system which is compatible with all standard clinical trial software. i-STAT – Blood gas, electrolyte, chemistry, coagulation and cardiac markers QBC Star – 12 Haematology parameters including WBC and platelets Piccolo – Lipid, liver, metabolic, renal, hepatic and metLyte panels These analysers can be hired individually or as part of the full Point Of Care system Cardiovascular Glucometer Alcoholmeter Screening We can provide a range of A range of fully automatic, portable Available within the cardiovascular Glucometers suitable for all and simple-to-use alcoholmeters are screening range of equipment is requirements in a range of sizes. available tailored to your individual the Roche Accutrend Plus which is Our clinically validated Glucometer requirements. Used for on-the-spot able to measure total cholesterol, is the Optium Xceed for simple determination of breath alcohol glucose, triglycerides and lactate blood testing and ketones. concentration with a measuring within minutes. Available for rental range 0.02 – 2.00 mg/litre. or purchase. • Easy sample application • Results in seconds • 450 event memory • Weighs only 42g A large range of Drugs of Abuse tests are available in any configuration and sensitivity. Also available is a range of Pregnancy Tests of various specifications.Tel: +44 (0)8456 777001 | Fax: +44 (0)8456 777002 | Email: sales@woodleyequipment.com 7
  8. 8. Medical Refrigeration We provide one of the most comprehensive ranges of medical refrigeration in the industry. Our range allows us to supply refrigeration suitable for any situation or requirement. We are able to provide an extended range of refrigerators and freezers (-80ºC, -50ºC, -40ºC, -20ºC and more) including: table top portable under counter coolboxes large capacity chest freezers upright and more... We will always be able to source a fridge or freezer to All can be supplied with a variety of features meet your exact requests. such as: Please contact us with • lockable your full specification and we will source the • adjustable thermostats appropriate equipment in • alarmed a cost effective manner. • remote monitoring • digital thermostats • glass doors • CO 2 backup • chart recorders8 w w w. w o o d l e y e q u i p m e n t . c o m
  9. 9. Temperature RecordingWe have a wide range of popular temperature recording equipment so you can find the ideal solutionto monitoring all your refrigeration equipment. Min/Max Digital Remote Monitoring Datalogger with Thermometer with System computer software Calibration Certificate This popular monitoring and This item comes with computer One of our most popular items, alarm system allows you to set software for easy analysis. the min/max thermometer comes up and change all settings from a With a range down to -100°C, complete with its own calibration mobile phone without the need of this datalogger will provide the certificate. It attaches to the a phone line. perfect solution to managing exterior, has an internal probe, and all refrigeration equipment. The AS300SA GSM Alarm provides has a triple display for high, low advanced technology to monitor an Other models are available with and current temperature recording. extensive range of applications. digital displays and various Also features an alarm alerting if the temperature ranges. temperature rises above or falls below a set point. Other forms of temperature monitoring equipment can be sourced and supplied based on your individual requirements, including min/max thermometers without certificate, ultra-low temperature dataloggers, digital thermometers and more.Tel: +44 (0)8456 777001 | Fax: +44 (0)8456 777002 | Email: sales@woodleyequipment.com 9
  10. 10. Patient Monitoring We have a broad range of equipment for monitoring patients ranging from BP monitors to thermometers. If you are unable to identify your desired equipment, please contact us with your individual requirements. Blood Pressure Monitoring Pulse Oximetry Our range includes the Omron 907 clinically We have a large range of pulse validated professional blood pressure monitor, oximeters available including the full Dinamap range and many more. We can fingertip, handheld, rechargeable, source any type of blood pressure monitor based on reflectance, table top, alarmed, your specific requirements, including wrist, upper arm, high memory and sleep study continuous, professional and PC output. monitors as well as accessories. Included in the range is the popular Oxi-Pulse Rechargeable and the PulseOx 5500. Capnography Spirometry We provide a range of capnographs suitable for spot- A range of technologically advanced spirometers are checking and verifying intubations. They are compact available for any requirement. The range includes and lightweight and are easy to use. touch screen, desk top, Within the range is the Oxi-Pulse 8400 PC based, peak flow handheld. We also supply any other meters, handheld capnograph suitable for your and many more. specifications.10 w w w. w o o d l e y e q u i p m e n t . c o m
  11. 11. Patient Monitoring Patient Thermometers Vital Signs Monitoring Patient Weighing We have a broad range of This range is designed to meet and Measuring thermometers available for all any specification to provide 24 Our range of equipment for weighing situations including tympanic, hour monitoring of many patient and measuring requirements infra-red, ear, digital pen, measurements. The range includes includes many items such as disposable, rigid tip, flexible the new Reister Ri-Vital. electronic, mechanical and portable tip and all accessories from height measures, electronic and • Portable and lightweight established brands. Popular items mechanical flat scales, electronic include the Omron GT510 and • NIBP and mechanical column scales, digital flexible tip thermometer. • Pulse BMI stations and more. • MAP • SpO2 • Temperature Laboratory EquipmentWe are able to provide a series of equipment suitable for the laboratory setting. Below are some of our most popular items. Balances Microscopes We are also able to The range includes analytical, precision, Our range of Vision provide other forms of compact, top loading and mechanical microscopes fills many laboratory equipment balances. Most are microscopy needs in a including incubators, available with a range variety of applications. baths, stirrers, rotators, of 1-4 decimal place Our line ranges from shakers, mixers and digital displays for inexpensive, quality many more. We are able accurate reading. microscopes to full- to source any equipment featured professional from any established laboratory instruments. manufacturer, based on your individual specifications.Tel: +44 (0)8456 777001 | Fax: +44 (0)8456 777002 | Email: sales@woodleyequipment.com 11
  12. 12. FSC Logo HereCopyright © 2009 - Woodley Equipment Company Ltd - All Rights Reserved CO 2 incubator IV stands incubator centrifuge magnetic stirrer fridge tube roller vortex mixer freezer stethoscope thermometers cytocentrifuge temperature recording CPM machine coolbox defibrillator blood pressure monitor laptop pulse oximeter fax machine capnograph diff counter vital signs monitor microscope dispersing tool sphygmomanometer phase contrast kit point of care digital camera alcoholmeter stirrer hotplatedrugs of abuse testing lockable storage cholesterol testing cabinets urine flow meter bladder scanner syringe pump water bath PCA pump nebuliser infusion pump doppler spirometer slit lamp air conditioning unit baths ice makers homogeniser volumetric pump ECG machine datalogger safety cabinets shaker fume cabinets urodynamics aggregometer blood analysers peak flow meter filing cabinets scales capnometers height measures column scales EEG machine light box timers thermal cycler heating blocks ovens resuscitation trolley glucometer pH meters chromameter rotators Rental or Purchase Tel: +44 (0) 8456 777001 Woodley Equipment Company Ltd. Fax: +44 (0) 8456 777002 Locomotive House, Locomotive Industrial Estate, Email: sales@woodleyequipment.com Horwich, Bolton, BL6 5UE, U.K w w w . w o o d l e y e q u i p m e n t . c o m