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4.4The Universe is Expanding
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4.4The Universe is Expanding


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This is the presentation that will be presented on Monday November 23rd 2009. It follows directly from the McDougal Littell: Space Science text.

This is the presentation that will be presented on Monday November 23rd 2009. It follows directly from the McDougal Littell: Space Science text.

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • Occurred about 14 billion years ago
  • Transcript

    • 1. the universe is expanding
      Space Science- Chapter 4: Section 4.4
    • 2. The Story of Everything
      By: Neal Layton
    • 3. How did the Universe begin?
      The Big Bang Theory
    • 4. The Big Bang Theory
      Movement in time when the universe started to expand out of an extremely hot and dense state
      It is estimated that in 1 second the universe expanded from the size of a speck of dust to the size of our solar system
    • 5. After the Big Bang the universe was very dense and hot
      Energy and matter behaved differently because of the extreme conditions
      We do not fully understand what the conditions were like in the early universe
    • 6. Development of the Universe
      Earliest stage of development happened in fractions of a second
      Took 300,00 years for the first elements to form
      Stars, planets and galaxies began to appear within the next billion years
    • 7. Review: What is a galaxy?
      All space, energy and matter
    • 8. Using your marker draw a galaxy on a balloon
      Draw either an irregular, spiral or elliptical galaxy
      Measure the length and width of the galaxy using a ruler
      Blow up your balloon and tie it
      Measure the length and width again.
      What happened to your galaxy?
      The galaxy is expanding!
    • 9. Movement of Galaxies
      How do we know that the galaxies are moving?
      Hint: The light from the galaxy is either compressing or stretching out
      Astronomers use the Electromagnetic Spectrum and the Doppler Effect
    • 10. Review: What is the Electromagnetic Spectrum?
      Energy that travels across a distance as certain types of waves
    • 11. What is the Doppler Effect?
      This is a car horn at 30/mph
      change in the observed wavelength or frequency of a wave that occurs when the source of the wave or the observer is moving
    • 12. Galaxies that are moving towards Earth emit blue light because the waves are more compressed
      Galaxies that are moving away from Earth emit red light because the waves are stretched out
    • 13. Galaxies Moving
      A: Galaxy and Earth moving towards each other
      B: Galaxy moving away from Earth
      C: Galaxy moving towards Earth