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  1. 1. • 800-992-9392 • T HE S TUTTERING F OUNDATION The Podcast Clinical Trial A Nonprofit Organization WINTER 2009 Since 1947... Helping Those Who Stutter on Cognitive Three Guys Who Stutter...Behavior TherapyBy Susan Block StutterTalk is a weekly podcast Social anxiety (i.e. anxiety aris- where three guys who stutter talking in social encounters) cannot be openly about stuttering.overlooked in the management of Co-hosts Peter Reitzes, Gregchronic stuttering. The evidence for Snyder and Eric Jackson get to-a relationship between anxiety and gether and talk aboutstuttering is con- stuttering and life.siderable. Adults Peter explains, “Wewho stutter have have fun, laugh, arguereported high lev- and agree, talk aboutels of trait, state, the stuttering world, Nan Ratner andand social anxiety music, movies, and Lee Caggianoon standard mea- our wives and girlfriends. We try Joe Donaher share theirsurement instru- talk s to the and make sense of the whole stut- “3 Guy s” from thoughts.ments (Hancock tering thing by talking about it.” StutterTalk .& Craig, 1998; Susan Block, Ph.D. Recently, StutterTalk’s “3 guys”Kraaimaat, attended the Stuttering Foundation Eric Jack sonJanssen, & Vandambaggen, 1991). Workshop Reunion reception and holds theThose who stutter appear to experi- interviewed several Foundation microphone.ence higher than normal levels of workshoppers for their podcast,anxiety, independent of speech. A asking their opinion of the trainingrecent, large-scale population study they received at SFA workshopsof Australians (Craig, Hancock, through the years.Tran, & Craig, 2003) found trait “The workshops include reallyanxiety levels to be higher in stut- intense practice and knowledge-tering participants than in controls. able discussions. You walk away see Dr. Hugo Gregory “in action” This paper presents the results of feeling comfortable with treating during the workshop she attended.a study in Australia in which the people who stutter,” comments Dr. Joe Donaher, who now leads theauthors examined social anxiety Nan Bernstein Ratner. She noted Philadelphia workshop, added, “Itand stuttering. The study examined how stimulating it was for her tothe rate of social phobia among 32 Continued on page 4adults who stutter, the effects of James Waitus Garrison Rememberedspeech restructuring treatment onsocial anxiety, and then the effectson anxiety and stuttering of a cog- 1917-2008nitive-behavior therapy (CBT) Longtime Stuttering Foundation its inception in 1947.package for social anxiety. Board member, James Waitus “He was razor sharp and always Garrison, passed away at home in asked the tough questions,” noted Continued on page 6 Memphis on Sept. 29, Foundation President 2008, the morning of his Jane Fraser. 91st birthday. “He kept me on my Inside... Jimmie was SFA toes and made sure we 10 Downing Street . . . . . . . . 3 Founder Malcolm were on track at all Brochure for Teens .. . . . . . . 4 Fraser’s most trusted times, fulfilling my fa- Windy City Hosts ASHA . . . 5 friend and colleague and Garrison celebrate their ther’s hopes of making Jimmie and Louise Golfing for a Cause . . . . . . . 7 had been on the 70th wedding anniv er- a real difference for Awareness Worldwide . . . . 10 Foundation Board since sary in September 2008. those who stutter.” K
  2. 2. 2 800-992-9392 THE STUTTERING Distinguished ʻFind Yourself a Dreamʼ Wins Emmy FOUNDATIONProfessor Emeritus “Find Yourself A Dream - The school, getting an education, per- Bill Perkins Bob Love Story,” a documentary severing over adversity, and Remembered about Bob Love and his struggle achieving one’s dreams. to overcome his More recently, William H. Perkins, a nation- stuttering, has won SFA Board mem-ally recognized authority on an Emmy in the ber, Jean Gruss rec-stuttering, died Oct. 6, 2008. c a t e g o r y , ommended Love asHe was 85. Outstanding keynote speaker for Perkins received the American Achievement for a the 2008 SouthwestSpeech-Language-Hearing Documentary Florida Blue Chip Association’s high- Program. The an- Community est honor in 1973. nouncement was Business Award Perkins was profes- made on Saturday, luncheon in Fort sor emeritus of October 18, 2008, Myers, Florida. It speech pathology by the Chicago/ was a most fitting and otolaryngology Midwest Chapter setting for him as at the University of of the National this award recog- William H. Southern Califor- Academy of nizes small busi- Perk ins nia’s Keck School Television Arts & ness leaders whoof Medicine, and speech com- Sciences at their New 2009 SFA poster with have overcome ad-munication at the Annenberg 50th Annual Chicago Bulls’ legend Bob Love. versity to achieveSchool for Communication. He Chicago Midwest success and shareswas awarded Distinguished Emmy Awards ceremony. their stories as models for otherEmeritus status at USC in 1991. Love is not only a spokesman entrepreneurs just as Love him- “Bill was a delightful and for the Stuttering Foundation but self has.stimulating person, always also is featured on the Love autographed his bookready to challenge traditional Foundation’s Famous People and Stuttering Foundation postersways of seeing a problem,” said Who Stutter poster and brochure. for hundreds of banquet guests. KJane Fraser, who worked with As Director of CommunityPerkins editing several SFA Affairs for the Chicago Bulls, The SFA’sbooks. “He possessed a quick Bob Love makes over three hun- Famouswit and a great sense of humor.” dred appearances each year, and People Who As director of The speaks to over 250,000 young Stutter posterStuttering Center at USC, he people and their parents about and brochure.oversaw a speech clinic that the importance of staying inspecialized in the treatment ofstuttering. At the end of his ca-reer, Perkins became an outspo- entific approach that accounted 1983 as a lieutenant commander.ken critic of his field, calling for the subjective experience of After retiring in 1988, Perkinsinto question the conventional the stutterer. devoted his career to solving whatunderstanding of stammering “If science requires objectify- he called “the unsolvable problemand how it should be treated. ing stutterers to the extent of di- of stammering.” It was his contro- “I realized that the road we vesting them of their subjective versial book, Tongue Wars:were on was not leading to an experience because it cannot be Recovery from Stammering, which measured traditionally by what is challenged the profession to re-understanding of the fundamen- consider long-held orthodoxy. readily observed,” he said, “thental nature of stammering; it was science is the loser.” He is survived by his wife, Jilla circular track that was being After receiving his B.S. in and sons, Scott, Kyle,repaved regularly,” he wrote. “I 1943 from Missouri State Christopher, and his daughter-in-left the paving crew to blaze my College, Perkins enlisted in the law, Denise. The family requestsown trail in a different direction Navy and served in World War II that donations be made to theby following markers of those as a gunnery officer stationed in Alzheimer’s Association in Dr.who stammer.” the South Pacific. He retired Perkins’ name to further scientif- He went on to advocate a sci- from the U.S. Naval Reserve in ic research. K
  3. 3. 800-992-9392 3 THE STUTTERING 2009 FOUNDATION 10 Downing StreetWINTER Stuttering Foundation representa- tives Joe Fulcher and Jane Fraser joined actor Michael Palin and the staff of the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children at the September 11 reception at 10 Downing Street hosted by Mrs. Sarah Brown, wife of the Prime Minister A portrait of Queen Elizabeth I graces the room abov e the crowd. Gordon Brown, in honor of the work done on behalf of children who stutter. Lord Max Egremont, Cabinet Minister Ed “It was a most remarkable experi- Balls, Sarah Brown and Michael Palin. ence at such an historic site,” com- mented Jane Fraser. Speakers at the reception included Michael Palin, The Right Honorable Edward Balls, and noted author, Lord Max Egremont. The Right Honorable Edward Balls, Cabinet Minister Ed Balls spoke Sarah Brown and Michael Palin. eloquently of his difficulties as a stuttering child. In the past year, he has been a driving force in obtaining Jane Fraser, additional funding for children who Joe Fulcher, stammer. This funding will help ex- Trav ers Reid pand the work the Centre does in and Mrs. Reid. training therapists throughout the United Kingdom. The Stuttering Foundation, in turn, is striving to promote these ef- fective treatment ideas worldwide. Back row: David Botterill, Oliver Rawlins (a Trustee of the Michael Lord Max Egremont also recalled Palin Centre), Kit Sparkes andWillie his school days as a child who stam- Botterill. Front row: Sharon Millard, mered and the difficulties that they en- Sarah Broadhead, Jane Fry, Frances tailed. Both joined in praise for the out- Cook, Diana de Grunwald, Elaine standing work on behalf of children Kelman, Ali Berquez and Liz Jorden. and young people being carried out by the staff of the Michael Palin Centre. Michael Palin and Sarah Brown. In a recent letter to Jane Fraser, Balls emphasized, “Helping children and young people who stutter is vital. Meeting and talking to so many peo- ple who work with the Centre, or are patients, really demonstrated just how important its work is.” K Frances Cook , Michael Palin, Jane Fraser and Joe Boulding. Joe Fulcher and Jane Fraser at 10 Downing Street. Lord Max Egremont and Jane Fraser. Michael Palin, The Right Honorable Edward Balls and 15-year-old Catherine.
  4. 4. 4 800-992-9392 THE STUTTERINGHot Off the Press FOUNDATION The Stuttering Foundation just published a new brochure Co-host Bios: StutterTalk for teens. Stuttering: Myths, Greg Snyder is an adult stut- Beliefs and Straight terer and is currently an assis- Talk is written by tant professor at Peter Reitzes, M.A., the Department of CCC-SLP, and Greg Communicative Disorders at the Snyder, Ph.D. University of In addition to Mississippi. addressing issues He earned a Ph.D. facing teens and Caroly n Gregory is interv iewed by from the Department of debunking myths, Eric Jack son. Communication Sciences and the brochure lists numerous re- Disorders at East Carolina sources, many of them new and Podcast Continued from front page University. After graduation, available free on the Web. has been 10 years since I attended Greg was assistant professor in The brochure can be down- the Northwestern workshop with the Department of Hearing, loaded at, Hugo, June Campbell and Diane Speech, and Language Sciences click on “brochures” or call 800- Hill. It was incredibly valuable not at Gallaudet University. Greg 992-9392 for information on our only in terms of treatment but also in and his family currently reside in printed version. terms of networking with other clin- Oxford, MS. icians.” K Peter Reitzes is an adult stutterer Joe Klein, who attended this and an ASHA certified, speech- year’s Philly workshop, joked that language pathologist since then he now knows every- Gets National Press thing there is to know. On a more working in an ele- Trouble at Recess mentary school and serious note, he added how much in private practice in The October issue of the na- he valued his five workshop days.tional publication, American Brooklyn, New Lee Caggiano said, “It was York. He is the au-Teacher, generously spread the tremendous to be able to be at aword that Trouble at Recess is thor of 50 Great workshop with Dr. David Luterman Activities foravailable free of charge to school and interact with him and with Children Who Stutter: Lessons,libraries across the country. other clinicians! The workshops are Insights, and Ideas for Therapy Through this affordable, and Success (PRO-ED), is co-editor exposure, the you get to see the Contact of the Journal of Stuttering Miami-Dade world’s best thera- Information: Therapy, Advocacy and Research County school Web s i tes : pists doing therapy http://stutter (, system quick- live.” In addition talk .com and and is adjunct professor at St. ly got the to her work as a http://stutter John’s University and Touro word to the therapist, Lee also l : University. media spe- Vo i cemai heads up Friends: 206-888-4619 cialists in The Association of Emai l : Eric Jackson is an adult stutter- their elemen- Young People Who stuttertalk@ er and a graduate student in the tary schools Stutter. stuttertalk Speech-Languageand in one week the Stuttering Other podcasts .com Pathology programFoundation received 55 re- feature special at Brooklyn Collegequests for the book! To date, guests, such as workbook author in New York. As ahundreds have been sent to li- Kristin Chmela, SFA Board mem- Graduate Fellow inbrarians in 15 states throughout ber Dennis Drayna, Counseling the program, hethe country. teaches an under- DVD “star” David Luterman, and graduate course in many others. public speaking. Eric is also a K musician in two Brooklyn-based Listen to the podcasts online bands. at K
  5. 5. 800-992-9392 5 THE STUTTERING FOUNDATION Windy City HostsWINTER 2009 Setting up... ASHA 2008 Charlie Osborne sits on 800 pounds of SFA materials - all needing to be unpack ed. Carol Eck e, Frances Cook , Willie Botterill, and Charlie Osborne - The Setup Team. The temperature in Chicago was chilly, but the Stuttering Foundation booth was bustling with warmth and activity at the American Speech-Language–Hearing Association Convention in Carol Eck e tak es a picture mid-November. The newest of the crowds waiting for items were hot: Trouble at the ex hibitors to open. Recess flew off the shelf and Traffic Was Hot! sold out on the first day! Many were disappointed to discover the 8 Tips for Teachers and 7 Tips for Talking with Your Child fly- Jones get the Stuttering Foundation Renee Shepherd, Carol Eck e and Terri ers had already disappeared booth ready for the big rush. by the second day of the convention. Other items proving to be popular were the old and the new: The DVD Working with Preschoolers Who Stutter: Successful Intervention Strategies and Sharpening Counseling Carol Eck e and Terri Skills with David Luterman, D.Ed. Jones discuss a book Susan Cochrane, with an attendee. A record number of volunteers helped Vianne Bjornberg staff the thirty-foot booth – 33! A special and Caroly n Gregory . thanks to Steffi Schopick, Katerina Ntourou, Willie Botterill, Frances Cook, Patrice Carothers, Robin Jones, Sheryl Gottwald, Joseph Donaher, Rita Thurman, Vivian Sisskin, Judy and Tom Kuster, Jennifer Watson, Charlie Healey, Julie Gasway, Anthony Buhr, Ryan Pollard, James Panico, Glenn Weybright, Peter Reitzes, Charlie Osborne, Susan Cochrane, Bill Murphy, Lynne Shields, Kristin and Tom Chmela, Kim Krieger, Susan Short, Kathleen Scaler- Scott, Tom and Maria Gurrister, Dahye Choi Peter Reitzes and Kristel Kubart. helps SLPs Watch the video from the ASHA confer- select the per- fect resources. ence at K
  6. 6. 6 800-992-9392 SFA Spokesman Remembering Courtney Stromsta THE STUTTERING FOUNDATION Stuttering: Its Nature Several years after his death, in the News In the Nov. 3, 2008, issue of and Management by his daughter Sveri asked her mother (Rose Stromsta) if there Newsweek, the magazine writes, Courtney Stromsta, was perhaps a briefcase that “Alan Rabinowitz, a long-time di- Ph.D., is now available at Sveri could have. They located rector at the Wildlife Conservation one that had belonged to Society (WCS) in New York, is Courtney. Just as they were taking a new ap- Click on “eBooks.” reaching for it, Sveri said to proach to big cat Rose “what if there is a book conservation. Not Courtney Stromsta (1922-1995) manuscript in there?” and indeed only is he working was a profes- there was. to bring back the sor of Speech This man- world’s vanishing and Hearing uscript was tiger populations, Science at originally he is establishing We s t e r n edited by passageways for Michigan Gordon those populations to mix and pre- University in De Young serve genetic diversity. Kalamazoo, of Key “Two years ago, Rabinowitz part- Michigan Publishing nered with philanthropist Tom from 1968 to Services in Kaplan to form Panthera, a nonprof- 1987. Along 1994. It has it firm devoted to cat conservation. with Dr. not been re- Their first objective is constructing Charles Van edited for ‘genetic corridors,’ which will tra- Riper, he more con- verse wilderness and cultivated land conducted temporary alike to connect existing habitats research into vocabulary. and allow individual cats to seek the problem The term new territory for prey and new pop- of stuttering, “stutterer” ulations for breeding. Think of these looking for while not as a kind of underground railroad for ways to improve therapy. used as frequently now, was the tigers: the conductors are the cats In 1986, he published norm then, and has been retained themselves, and the endangered Elements of Stuttering which is for this edition. cargo they bear is their genes.” now available from the For the complete article, visit our Stuttering Foundation. ~ Carroll Guitar K Web site, KClinical Trial Continued from front page participants who had received on research by Ross G. Menzies, CBT showed no social phobia Sue O’Brian, Mark Onslow and Thirty-two adults with chronic and greater improvements than Ann Packman of the Australianstuttering were randomly allocated control participants on a range of Stuttering Research Centre, Theto receive either speech restructur- psychological measures of anxi- University of Sydney, Australia;ing (Prolonged Speech) following ety and avoidance. However, the Tamsen St Clare of The Universitya CBT package for social anxiety CBT package made no difference of Sydney and Westmead Hospital,or speech restructuring alone. Data to the speech outcomes of those Sydney, Australia; and Susanwere obtained on a variety of with social phobia. Block of La Trobe University,speech and psychological mea- Consequently, it was concluded Melbourne, Australia.sures at pre-treatment, post-CBT, that the CBT treatment was asso-post–speech restructuring, and 12 Craig, A., Hancock, K., Tran, Y., & Craig, ciated with significant and sus- M. (2003). Anxiety levels in people who stut-months follow-up. tained improvements in psycho- ter: A randomized population study. Journal Sixty percent of the cohort of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, logical functioning but did not im- 46, 1197–1206.were diagnosed with social pho- prove fluency. Hancock, K., & Craig, A. (1998). Predictorsbia. Speech restructuring treat- of stuttering relapse one year following treat- This article is from the Journal ment for children aged 9 to 14 years. Journal ofment alone had no impact on the of Speech, Language, and Fluency Disorders, 23, 31– phobia of the cohort at 12 Hearing Research Vol. 51 1451- Kraaimaat, F. W., Janssen, P., & Vandambaggen, R. (1991). Social anxiety and stut-months follow-up. At follow-up, 1464 December 2008. It is based tering. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 72, 766. K
  7. 7. 800-992-9392 7 THEWINTER 2009 STUTTERING FOUNDATION International Stuttering Awareness Day Breaks Record! Media coverage of International “I have a 10-year old who stut- Stuttering Awareness Day, October ters — also father, grandmother, 22, surpassed all expectations. SFA and great-grandmother — any embarked on a Letter to the Editor new hope in last 50 years?” campaign sending letters to hun- Kentucky dreds of media outlets and in turn “I am a 37- year old and have many newspapers printed the letter! been dealing with this problem all Here are of my life. I a few ex- have had Jane Fraser holding a copy of the Stuttering Foundation newsletter cerpts from no luck with John Tarv er on Oct. 8 at the e-mails re- with my Wedgewood Golf Club. ceived from stuttering. I Shelby Railroad readers: need your “My son help.” is 14 years Florida Keeps on Track for Stuttering old. He “I have stutters, an inter- and I want mittent to know stutter. It Kirk and John Tarver and how I can comes and their Memphis-based Shelby help him. Is g o e s . Railroad Services Inc. raised it too late? However, I a record $6,000 to help those New York work in an who stutter. Jane Fraser was “I am the office envi- in attendance to receive this parent of a ronment, outstanding gift along with 3-year old and it is Pat Hamm, the Office boy. He just becoming Manager of the Stuttering started hav- frequently Foundation. ing trouble a source of The annual Tin-Cup with the be- embar- Tournament took place on Oct. ginning of rassment.” 8 at Wedgewood Golf Club in sentences. Texas Olive Branch, Miss. He has trou- “I have a This is the seventh year the ble starting friend who company teamed up with the the word has stut- Stuttering Foundation to honor and seems tered hor- Ruth McGuiness Tarver, the to stay stuck ribly his late mother of company presi- on the initial whole life, dent and founder John Tarver. sound and and I Ruth stuttered from the time drag it out. would like she was a young child. Any infor- to get some “She was a great lady,” mation info to see Shelby Railroad Vice would be if we can President Kirk Tarver said of greatly appreciated.” help him.” his grandmother. “It didn’t Rhode Island Idaho matter to us, but it embar- “Sir, I need self-therapy, “I am both a parent and a rassed her. Back in the ‘30s, there are thousands like me teacher. I teach high school, but there wasn’t any help.” here ashamed of this disorder. I my 3 year old daughter has “We are so grateful for the want to help myself and show been stuttering for the last five dedicated friendship and sup- right way to others so that they months and lately has been get- port the Tarvers and Shelby can live a dignified life.” ting worse.” Railroad have shown us,” India Montana K Fraser said during the event. K
  8. 8. Dear SFA: Reader Response 8 800-992-9392 THE STUTTERING FOUNDATIONSend letters to SFA, P.O. Box 11749, Memphis, TN 38111-0749 or e-mail class is fun tongue, shake my head and sayDear SFA: “ahhh.” When that happens I feel I was 5 when I started noticing nervous, so I try to forget that itthat I was stuttering. Then when I happened and use easy speech togot older I kept getting madder keep talking. Easy speech is aand madder at my stuttering. But great technique because I talkwhen I was 5, I didn’t mind it more fluently and now I’m OK‘cause I didn’t know how bad it with my stuttering.would be. Now I’m in 2nd grade. EdgardI’m getting used to my stuttering Orlando, Fla.and I’m getting better. SometimesI still get mad at my mouth. By 6th Be proud of who you aregrade I hope I stop stuttering. I Dear SFA:went to summer speech school and My name is Maddy. Im 10 yearsthat helped me a lot. We read and old. I enjoy going to speech classrecorded stories. It was F-U-N! A self-portrait of Carter. because I want to learn and get bet-My school speech teacher teaches ter at my stuttering. My friends dontme to relax my body. I get pluses with my friends. I’ve been in tease me because we all know thatfor the words I am fluent on. I say speech class for 2 years. However, no one is perfect, but unfortunatelywords with 2- and 3-syllables, and that doesn’t bother me anymore. there are people in the world whoI did it perfectly. Ever since my speech teacher told make fun of other people. You haveCarter me that everyone stutters — even to remember stuttering is okay andMinnesota she does now and then — it makes over 3 million people in America me happy to be who I am. stutter, so dont be ashamed. BeTechnique helps My teacher teaches me how to proud of who you are. Everyone isDear SFA: use easy speech. Sometimes we perfect in their own way. You can do I am Edgard. I’m 10 years old have homework for easy speech, everything that you want to.and in 5th grade. My hobbies are and it helps me use my strategies. Maddy, 10being with my family, playing When I stutter, I stick out my St. Charles, MOwith my brothers, and playing Continued on page 9 Young author writes books Josette, 10, from Brooklyn, N.Y., has been working on a book series titled “Stuttering Sara.” She is writing the se- ries in hopes of helping other children who stutter. In the first book, Sara was chosen for the lead in a school play. But she is scared to perform because she might stutter. At first, Sara doesn’t even show up and the stage remains empty! Sara finally decides she would rather perform than quit the play and she comes up with an idea. She knows that when she speaks in unison chorus with another person, it helps alleviate her stuttering. So she enlists the help of a friend and together they successfully perform in front of the whole school. The play is a big success and Sara is happy to have conquered her stage fright with a great solution. Josette is a student of Peter Reitzes, M.A., CCC-SLP. A n em pt y st age.
  9. 9. 800-992-9392 9 THE STUTTERING World War II Veteran Shares Journey FOUNDATIONWINTER 2009Tips for teasingDear SFA: I have gone through a lot of Dear Stuttering Foundation, always hold a special place inthings like kids picking on me After seeing an article for my memory.and calling me names. The way your organization in the Journal In 1946, I joined the U.S.I deal with it is to not pay atten- of the American Medical Army Air Corp and became antion to them and not listen to Association, I decided to send aircraft mechanic. I then passedthem. Now I am 10 years old you this letter to hopefully help exams to become a flight engi-and people don’t pick on me that others who stutter today. neer on B29s. Because I liked tomuch because I’ve gotten better First off, I have to brag a little. talk they made me a classroomat not stuttering. Today, I no longer stutter as I and “hands on” flight instructor.Desmond once did. Giving speeches to This duty lasted for 21 years.Chicago business or classroom groups is One week after retiring in a pleasure for me. I have been a 1967 I was hired by DouglasSchool, baseball are favorites Toastmaster president and won Aircraft Company to teach sys-Dear SFA: many speech tems to air- I am 9 years old. I like to play contests! line pilots andbaseball. I have been going to I started off flight engi-speech for 6 years. My favorite in life as a neers. Now itsubjects are science and math. I New York was all jet air-like school. Stuttering is like City youngster craft (DC8,somebody hitting you in the who could not DC9 andface. I sometimes get worried, say my own DC10), but Ibut I know its okay. I have two name. Kids learned fastbrothers and one sister, and she would jeer me. and became ais so cute. I had zero top classroomTripp friends. I got into many fights and instructor. After another 21E-mail was expelled, failing elementary years, I again retired. school and not attending high I took two subsequent jobs,Encouragement for others school. one as a DC10 pilot instructorDear SFA: In 1943, the U.S. needed mer- at Continental Airlines, and My name is Cricynda (crih- chant sailors in the war with one as a certified teacher of ansin-dah ). I am 11 years old and Japan and Germany, so at age 16, aviation course at the Longin the 5th grade. I like to do my Dad signed me into Beach City College. My abilitymany things, like swimming and Sheepshead Bay Merchant to talk as a teacher, instructor,drawing. I’ve been in speech Marine School. Dad said I might Toastmaster, and everyday per-class for two years. I feel okay learn a trade and off I went to sea son makes me feel very good.about my stuttering. I’ve been in the cold Atlantic. Education is never-ending. Ilearning about one thing … Easy Disliking icy weather, I volun- am also a self-taught cartoonistspeech! Easy speech is slowing teered for engine room duty. It and often go on cruise ships todown when you’re talking. We was warm but the job required entertain people with my art. Iuse this very often. Our goal is yelling information above the started to draw because myto use it outside of class. Thank engine noise to the watch engi- writing was terrible. I canyou for reading my letter. I hope neer. I found that by yelling, I “draw” in any language!this helps other kids know that didn’t stutter! No one can stutter Today, I am 81 years old, re-other people stutter as well. when you yell or sing! I soon tired three times, married 61They are not the only ones. learned to fake a hearing loss and years to the same lady, and amCricynda talk louder. I was so pleased to in relatively good health exceptOrlando, Fla. be fluent, I talked to anyone who for profound hearing loss. would listen. Stuttering can be overcome! Please include contact informa- I studied the engines and sys- Find your way, the sooner thetion and parent’s permission when tems and learned fast since this better. I do hope this letter andsending children’s drawings and was my first real “school.” No my story serves someone someletters. You can e-mail them to stuttering and no laughing kids. I or mail passed the required Coast Guard Respectfully yours,them to P.O. Box 11749, Memphis, exams and advanced to better James WalkerTN 38111-0749. K jobs. The war-time sea duty will Lakewood, CA K
  10. 10. 10The Second African Conference on Stuttering 800-992-9392 THE STUTTERING FOUNDATIONBy Joseph Lukong • The need for collaborationSecretary & Board Member of among African stuttering associa-the International Stuttering tions to share information on selfAssociation Coordinator General help issues, treatment and researchof Speak Clear Association of in stuttering with each other.Cameroon • The creation of a Federation of African Stuttering Associations. A The International Stuttering provisional committee of threeAssociation (ISA) and Stuttering persons was formed: Moussa DaoAssociation of Burkina Faso Attendees at the conference. from Burkina Faso, Joseph(Action Contre Le Bégaiement - Lukong from Cameroon and ZanABC) organized and sponsored the Camera from Mali.Second African Conference on • Emphasis on the need forStuttering in Ouagadougou training of African speech pathol-Burkina Faso during October 27th After the conference, Anne ogists who specialize in stuttering.– 30th. The conference explored Marie Simon works with a person who stutters. - Advocacy efforts to be made to-Stuttering In Africa: Strategies for ward African governments in viewEffective Reawakening. Moussa Dao, president of of recognizing stuttering as a com- The opening ceremony took place the Burk ina Stutterers’ munication disorder and for it to beat the auditorium of the Burkinabe Association. given due attention.Shippers Council (ConseilBurkinabe des Chargeurs) and was • The ISA and other internation-chaired by the Representative of the al bodies should offer financialMinister of State in Charge of and other assistance to young Foreign African associations to enable World Event Affairs and Anne Marie and Dr. Moussa Dao them to take off and work for PWS Approximately Regional discuss stuttering on liv e TV. in their respective countries. 230 delegates at- Integration of • The wish to continue hosting tended the confer- Blind children Burkina Fas play musical African conferences on stuttering ence with 60 dele- gates from Speeches instruments for African PWS to meet and learn Burkina Faso. were made during the closing from each other. To this effect, it Other countries by Dr. ceremony . was resolved that the next African represented were Moussa Dao, Conference Media outlets conference will take place in Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Convenor cov ered Kenya, East Africa in 2011. the ev ent. Mauritania, Cote and President • A million thanks to the D’Ivoire ( Ivory of the Action International Stuttering Association Coast), Ghana, Contre Le and the Stuttering Association of Togo, Benin, Begaiement; Burkina Faso for organizing and Chad, DR Congo, T h o m a s Traditional sponsoring this conference. Burundi, Rwanda, K r a l l , clothing and dancing. The Representative of the Minister Kenya, in charge of Basic (Primary) Cameroon, Coordinator of the Board Education of Burkina Faso presid- Germany, France, the international self-help move- ed over the closing ceremony the United States of Directors, ment for people who stutter, promising that much attention of America, presented renowned speech language patholo- would be given by her ministerial Lithuania, and the B e n n y United Kingdom. Ravid’s gists, researchers, and leaders of ex- department to stuttering in speech as isting national stuttering associa- Burkina Faso.ISA Chairman Ravid was unable to tions in Africa. Fourteen African del- Certificates of honor were givenattend. All the major newspapers, egates recounted their personal ex- to people and organizations intelevision and radio stations in periences as people who stutter and Burkina Faso to Anne MarieBurkina Faso were present and car- what the situation is for those who Simon from France to the ISA rep-ried the story of the conference. stutter in their respective countries. resentative, Joseph Lukong, for The twenty-one presentations The following resolutions were the ISA’s support of conferenceswere made by leading members of made … on stuttering in Africa. K
  11. 11. 11 THE 800-992-9392 STUTTERING I Kid You Not! Paar is an Inspiration to Others FOUNDATIONWINTER 2009 While Jack Paar is among the months. During this time, the future was in several B-movies. He co- most prominent of the entertain- television legend became obsessed starred in the 1951 movie “Love ers on the Stuttering with radio, constantly fantasizing Nest,” with another newcomer, Foundation’s list of Famous about overcoming his stuttering Marilyn Monroe; ironically People Who Stutter, he deserves and becoming a radio star. Every Marilyn Monroe also struggled special recognition as he was day he hosted “make believe” radio with stuttering. among the first to openly address shows in which he was the star. Paar then turned to television, his stuttering in public. As host of hosting quiz shows and game “The Tonight Show” from 1957- shows. In 1954, he became the co- 1962, he spoke of his difficulties host of CBS’ “Morning Show” as a stuttering child and teenager, and in 1957 received the defining giving hope to young people. role of his career, taking over the Born in 1918, Paar stuttered reins of “The Tonight Show” on from an early age and faced the NBC from Steve Allen. typical problems of a child who Paar made “The Tonight Show” stutters. He described his stutter- a staple of American culture. ing in his 1959 autobiography, I Writing in the New York Times in Kid You Not. “I didn’t mix much 1997, critic John O’Connor put it with the other children growing best: “Before Jack Paar, there were up. It seems strange to me now, various variety shows doing the when I make my living talking, midnight watch. He simplified the mostly without written material or format into a talk show, complete rehearsal, but I stuttered badly as a with the sofa–and-desk set that re- child. This made me ill at ease in Stev e Allen, Bob Hope and Jack Paar. mains a fixture. His secret? school and with other children. Interesting guests, far more so than “Like many youngsters who Paar left school at age 16 to the celebrity hordes working on stammer, I lived a great deal in the work full-time for a radio station. product plugs today, and an uncan- world of imagination and books. At first the station only let him an- ny ability to listen carefully and ac- One day I read about nounce the words “This is Station tually engage in clever and often Demosthenes, the great Greek or- WIBM, Jackson”. Other tasks in- witty conversation.” ator, who had cured himself of cluded sweeping the floor and Fans were shocked and sad- stammering by putting pebbles in emptying the waste baskets. In his dened with his leaving “The his mouth and declaiming over autobiography, he wrote, “They Tonight Show” in 1962. Retiring the roar of the sea. Since we were wouldn’t let me do commercials early to a secluded life, Jack Paar living in Michigan, with no sea because I stuttered, and the station did the occasional network special. handy, I made the best I could do. was so small you could walk out One special, “Jack Paar Comes Instead of pebbles, I used buttons of its coverage area by going down Home” aired in 1986, and featured from my mother’s sewing box. the street for a cup of coffee, but I Paar talking about his past stutter- And with no sea shore nearer than was a real live radio announcer.” ing problem and how he never gave a thousand miles, I used my room Eventually the station let him up trying; urging people with chal- at home. Then I would stuff some spin records and do a few commer- lenges to strive for their dreams and buttons in my mouth and practice cials; though he still stuttered on not listen to the nay-sayers. speaking. I read papers and maga- the commercials, the sponsors ac- Jack Paar died on January 27, zines. I talked about anything that tually received a bit more airtime 2004. Younger generations may came into my head. I read books, because of it and did not seem to not be familiar with him. He not watching myself in the mirror. mind. Making radio his life’s goal, only created the late night talk Apart from once nearly swallow- his speech greatly improved on the show format that has been copied ing a shirt button in a burst of ora- air; and he was finally able to do by his “Tonight Show” successors torical fervor, the system worked the news and interviews, develop- Johnny Carson and Jay Leno as very well. Little by little my ing the “hemming and hawing” well as so many others, but he con- speech improved.” style that became his trademark. tinues to give hope and inspiration, At age 14 Paar was bedridden After service in World War II, as well as a sense of pride to the with tuberculosis for several Paar tried his luck at acting and stuttering community. K
  12. 12. 12 800-992-9392 THE STUTTERING Tools for Success! FOUNDATION The Stuttering Foundation in 2009 will release a new DVD, Tools for Success, a “taster” on cognitive be- havior therapy and how it may be used in stuttering therapy. Jane Fraser, Matt Murphy , Katherine K Preston and Bob Wellington after their interv iews on December 14th. Katherineʼs Myths Katherine Preston is traveling the United States, interviewing Videographer Bob O’Brien films people who stutter and gathering Frances Cook and Willie Botterill in information for her book. Nov ember at the ASHA Conv ention “The book will be a compila- in Chicago. tion of interviews with people who stutter around America. It will be aimed at debunking the myths that many ‘fluent’ people Reaching Out to School-based therapists! have about stuttering and stop October 10-11, 2008: Two-day conference at Cal. State - Fullerton stuttering from being such a taboo subject. The stutterers I am talk- ing to are different ages and have varying backgrounds and person- alities,” shares Katherine. She has already interviewed 35 people from all walks of life. Some are well known like Jack Welch of GE, conservationist Alan Carol Eck e at Rabinowitz, and geneticist Dennis the booth. Drayna and others are not so fa- All the SFA resources on display . mous but just as important to her. Katherine adds, “I would be Bravo to the Rileys very interested in hearing from for starting the 2-day anyone who would like to be in- event in Fullerton terviewed. My email address is and kudos to Gary” Montooth, Sherri Wolff and the local Dav id Daly and NSSLHA Chapter Ads Strike a Chord Walter Manning hold their awards. for keeping it alive. Public service ads have appeared Sherri Wolff and Drs. Jeanna and Gly ndon Riley . in many magazines this year – ev- erything from Good Housekeeping July 2008 and Newsweek to The National Hog Farmer! ASHA School Delta Sky Magazine, Conference in which reaches millions Orlando reach- of travelers each es hundreds of month, has donated school-based Carol Ecke discusses space for PSAs several SLPs too! an SFA DVD with Ellen Estomin, the di- times this year. If you rector of special educa- spot a PSA, be sure to tion for the Pittsburgh thank the magazine for Renee Shepherd and Carol Eck e Schools, and Wendy answer questions. Wingard-Gay. donating space to charity. Their gen- erosity is making a difference.
  13. 13. 800-992-9392 13 THE STUTTERING Hip Hop Rap Artist Finds His Voice 2009 17th Annual MediaWINTER FOUNDATION AMybutgreatestfreely andnot to Awards Competition QWhat ainspired you to be- Interview with Travis Kruck obstacle is The Stuttering Foundation an- not focus on trying to AImyselffoundable toway at thenounces that it will recognize jour- stutter, speak learn come rap artist? to control my speech as I gonalists for the thir-teenth consecutive wasn’t express along. Lately Ive been doingyear for excellence in any other rather well on this, but when allreporting that fur- time and joy and great eyes are on me I tend to be asthers the understand- satisfaction in doing choppy as the sea belowing of this complex disorder. something well, vocally. the storm and my control “We are happy to announce Performances are amaz- goes out the window. I’mthese awards to further public ing! Being on stage, learning to block all dis-awareness of stuttering,” said under the lights, doing tractions out though andJane Fraser. “Media coverage my thing is probably the just try to focus on the Qdream? your biggesthas grown substantially in vol- only time I feel like a free subject I’m speaking on.ume and sensitivity in recent spirit where thoughtsyears. We want to continue rec- don’t control me; my What is QIs there any memory your Aabout alwaysbydreamognizing outstanding reporters.” spirit and heart do. Trav is Kruck The seventeenth annual YouStuttering Foundation Awards specific that big break,will be given to journalists in two childhood that that hit single, followed your stands out regarding Acategories: print and electronic prize work of an album and justmedia. They will recognize news speech? making a living doing what I lovestories over the last year that: One story that sticks in my to do. If you would have asked • Advanced the public’s un- head was auditioning for a me this a couple years ago, Iderstanding of stuttering; school play. I had to walk up on probably would have said to • Introduced information on stage, in front of a cafeteria full speak fluently and not stutter. Butstuttering to a significant new of classmates and first say my I’ve realized I will never speakaudience. full name, followed by the song perfectly nor can anyone else. I Print and electronic journalists I was going to sing for the play. shouldnt take it so seriously, butare invited to submit copies or When my turn came up, of just live and have faith in myselfDVDs of their news items to the course I was nervous and unde- that I can do what I want to doStuttering Foundation, 3100 QIf you couldteenagerssimple niably expecting to stutter, but as and in turn say what I want to say.Walnut Grove Road, Suite 603, I was waiting in line for my turnP.O. Box 11749, Memphis, TN to speak I tried to focus and give a38111-0749. All entries must have block those thoughts out. Sure message to who ARunning awayfrustrationprob-been published or aired between enough as the pressure I was stutter, what would it be?Jan. 1, 2008, and April 20, 2009. holding back came thundering is not the an- In addition to a public an- in, I couldn’t even say my first swer. Hiding from thenouncement of the Award recip- name, only the first letter of my lem and letting andients, each honoree will receive name about a thousand times. anger build up inside will onlya cash award of $250.00 from And to make it worse, the in- hurt you more. Building confi-the Foundation. structor had thought the mic was dence the is key in learning to T turned off or not working prop- cope with your stutter. Find out K erly, so he instructed me to say what it is you like to do and makes "mic check" and when I couldn’t you feel worth something more he Stuttering Foundation of say that, I desperately resorted to America is a tax-exempt or- than your stutter. Soon you’ll ganization under section tapping the mic head to show have left your negative stuttering 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue him the mic was in fact working. thoughts and judgments far be- Code and is classified as a private oper- But I guess I wasn’t supposed to hind, and you’ll be on your way to ating foundation as defined in section do that, he yelled at me pretty a future of your own choosing. Q 4942(j)(3). Charitable contributions and bad for that move! bequests to the Foundation are tax- If you would like to hear deductible, subject to limitations under What is your greatest obstacle, Kruck’s music, visit the Code. and how do you deal with it? K
  14. 14. 16 800-992-9392 THE STUTTERING FOUNDATION Jennifer Watson, Ph.D., Texas Christian University; The Eastern Workshop:Newsbriefs and Ellen Reuler, Diagnosis and Treatment of M.A., Portland State Preschool and School-Age University. Children Who Stutter Fellowships cover tuition, room June 10-14, 2009 and board, and CEUs are avail- at Boston University able. Download application atSpeakers include Diane Parris, M.S., or callBoston University; Edward G. 800-992-9392. Conture, Ph.D., Va n d e r b i l t The Sixth IFA World Congress Chinese celebrate 2008 International University; Sheryl on Fluency Disorders will be held Stuttering Awareness Day .Gottwald, Ph.D., University of New August 5 – 8, 2009 atHampshire; and Adriana DiGrande, the Veiga de AlmeidaM.A., Boston University. University located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Midwestern Workshop: For more information, Diagnosis and Treatment of visit Children Who Stutter June 22-26, 2009 The 9th World Congress of at the University of Iowa the International StutteringSpeakers include Patricia M.Zebrowski, Ph.D., Association will be August 1st - Happy new year from... 7th, 2010 in Beijing, China.University of Iowa; For an overview Renee Shepherd, Joan Warner, RobertaToni Cilek, M.A., of the theme - Brugge, Terri Jones, Lisa Hinton,University of Iowa; Anne Edwards, Jane Fraser and Pat Benefit the People Hamm, Susie Hall, Patty Reed, Scotand Lisa Scott, Who Stutter, Benefit Squires, John Bell and Carol Ecke.Ph.D., Florida State University. the Society, and a list of speakers, as well as fees, vis- The Western Workshop: This newsletter is published quarterly. Please e-mail address changes and story ideas to Diagnosis and Treatment of Children Who Stutter July 15-19, 2009 You can donate to the Volume18, Issue 1 Stuttering Foundation at Portland State University Renee Shepherd . . . . . . . . . . . . . Editor di rectl y thro ug h theDirected by Susan Hamilton, M.A., Scot Squires . . . . . . . . . . Writer/Designer United Way.University Way Speech Services; Special thanks to Joan Warner, Patty Reed, Susie Hall, Pat Hamm, Lisa Hinton, Terri Jones, and Carol Ecke. THE STUTTERING FOUNDATION 3100 Walnut Grove Road, Suite 603 P.O. Box 11749 • Memphis, TN 38111-0749