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  1. 1. 1-800-992-9392 • T HE S TUTTERING F OUNDATIONA Nonprofit Organization SUMMER 2005 Since 1947... Helping Those Who Stutter Ehud Yairi on Incidence Wall Street Journaland Prevalence, page 3 headlines stuttering, page 3Speaking is NBA star joinsno small task By Anne Smith, Ph.D., Purdue University SFA lineup Speaking is many things — it isthinking of what one wishes to say,choosing the right words from our vo-cabulary, putting the words in the prop-er grammatical framework, communi-cating the feelings we have, and so on. At one level though, speaking is producing move- ments: move- ments of the rib cage, the vocal cords, and the mouth. To make these movements, we must control the activity of about 100 mus- Anne Smith, Ph.D. cles. One thing about stuttering is Kvery clear: when disfluency occurs, enyon Martin, the Denver Nuggets bas-the individual who stutters is not ketball sensation who was named to theable to appropriately control the ac- NBA’s All Star Team in 2004, joins othertivity of the many muscles involved famous people who stutter on a brochure —in speech. Why is it that some chil- which unfolds into a small poster — distributeddren do not develop the ability to by The Stuttering Foundation.control the activity of speech mus- The poster is intended to give children andcles, and this becomes a lifelong adults who stutter inspiration as they grappleproblem for the chronic stutterer? with their speech disorder. At Purdue, we have been work- Martin is featured alongside other sports leg-ing on the answer to that question. ends who stutter: Bill Walton, Ken Venturi andClearly we want to know what Bob Love. He is the 16th famous person addedhappens when the individual is dis- to the poster. Others featured include actorsfluent. Many of our studies in James Earl Jones and Marilyn Monroe, Winstonadults who stutter have shown that Churchill and 20/20 co-anchor John Stossel.muscle activity during stuttering ishighly variable among different in- Continued on page 4dividuals, but highly consistent Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images. Copyright 2004 NBAE. Used with permission.within a single individual overmany different types of disfluen-cies. The only truly abnormal sign FACTS ABOUT KENYON MARTINof muscle activity we have found Team: Denver Nuggets Career Highlights: 2004 NBA All-during stuttering is tremor. This is Postion: Forward Star, 2003 USA Basketball Men’san exaggerated rhythmic activity Born: Dec. 30, 1977 Senior National Team, 16th in NBA inof muscles happening around 5 to Height: 6 feet, 9 inches 2002-03 in rebounding, named to the15 times per second. Sometimes College: Graduated from the NBA All-Rookie First Team in 2000-01 Continued on page 9 University of Cincinnati in 2000 Source:
  2. 2. 2 1-800-992-9392 ADHD Brochure Hot off the Press Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity because stuttering and ADHD Disorder (ADHD) affects nearly 3 often overlap. to 7 percent of American “Recent studies have suggested children. To assist speech- as many as 26 percent language pathologists, par- of children with ents and classroom teachers ADHD also stutter,” in reaching these young Donaher explained. people, The Stuttering “This number may be Foundation has published significantly higher if a new brochure. one considers the lan- In March, the SFA guage-based disfluencies printed ADHD and secondary to speech and Stuttering, which is a col- language impairments.” laboration between E. ADHD isn’t Charles Healey, Ph.D., unique to children. “Adults of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Joseph Donaher, M.A., also exhibit many of the same symptoms as children. However, adults can learn to Media can’t and Stephen Soffer, M.D., both of the manage the problem more ef- fectively than children,” get enough Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. “The biggest misconceptions Healey said. “They have many options including: med- ication aimed at specific of Swish Appearing on the pages of Woman’s regarding children with ADHD are symptoms, modifications to the Day with 4,239,930 readers, Swish is that they lack intelligence or that work and home environments to making his debut on the national stage! they are doing things on purpose,” eliminate distractions and seeking Writes therapist Sal Pace from Donaher said. counseling.” Massachusetts, Quoting the book Taking The new brochure defines “my kids, teach- Charge of ADHD, Revised ADHD and covers Treatment for ers, and parents Edition: The Complete, Symptoms, Speech and Language are all in love Authoritative Guide for Parents by Characteristics and Stuttering with Swish! It R.A. Barkley, Donaher said, and ADHD. The authors also pro- has proven to be “ADHD is not a problem with the vide guidelines for treating chil- a non-threaten- child’s knowing what to do; it is a dren and list several resources ing door-opener problem with the child’s doing that offer more information. for classroom what he knows.” ADHD and Stuttering is avail- discussion.” This new brochure is certainly able online at www.stutter- “I’ve been valuable to those working in the or by calling the SFA using it with success in my fluency area of speech-language pathology at (800) 992-9392. ❑ groups,” adds Nancy Ribbler, a speech- language pathologist from Florida. Articles about this little fellow ap- peared in hundreds of newspapers andDr. Hugo Gregory Remembered magazines during the past months. A memorial gathering for Dr. Church, Portland, Ark., shared School Nurse News featured his pic-Hugo H. Gregory was held in Paris, Carolyn Gregory, who added the ser- ture as did Grand Rapids Family mag-France, on Jan. 22. vice was followed by a reception at azine, Queens Family, Virginia Many Northwestern/SFA Workshop the home of Hugo’s childhood friends, Journal of Education, Today’s graduates from Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dean Pugh. Catholic Teacher, and Metro Kids France and Last fall, several memorial ser- Philadelphia to name a few. Belgium attended vices were held. One was in the Kim Brown, staff writer for the Tulsa the gathering orga- Alice Millar Chapel at World, did a feature article about the nized by Dr. Marie- Northwestern University, which new video/DVD. She notes the kids on Claude Pfauwadel. was attended by colleagues and the video are talking directly into the They shared pro- friends. Another took place at First camera in order to communicate with fessional and per- Methodist Church in Gregory’s the children watching. sonal remem- hometown of Baraboo, Wis. She quotes local librarian, Myles Dr. Hugo H. Gregory brances of their Many memorial gifts have been re- Jaeschke of the Tulsa City-County time with Hugo. ceived by the foundation in memory Library, “The Stuttering Foundation Another service and in honor of Dr. Gregory. See page makes obtaining the films easy because itwas held at the Portland Methodist 11 for a listing of these gifts. ❑ Continued on page 6
  3. 3. SUMMER 2005 1-800-992-9392 3Research on Incidence &Prevalence of Stuttering By Ehud Yairi, Ph.D., “knowledge” that “only” 1% of the University of Illinois population stutters has created for us In a recent conference on stuttering noticeable public perception prob-sponsored by the National Institute on lems as well as unwarranted attitude The complete article can be downloaded at: and Other Communication in the field of communication disor-Disorders (NIDCD), I discussed several ders. Specifically, the 1% figure has factors related to pre- produced an incorrect impression that disposition to stutter- stuttering is a “small” problem. It has ing. These include (a) occurrence, (b) been an important reason why, for a HEADLINES long period, the American Speech- age, (c) gender, (d) Language-Hearing Association STUTTERING genetics, (e) stres- (ASHA) and many universities de- sors, (f) concomitant For the first time in several years, emphasized academic and clinical the topic of stuttering has made the disorders, (g) persis- training in fluency disorders required pages of The Wall Street Journal. tency-recovery, and of students specializing in speech- The interest of the nation’s sec- Ehud Yairi, Ph.D. (h) subtypes. language pathology. ond largest newspaper* was most Of these, I would Although the prevalence of stutter- likely piqued by press releases sent to like to summarize ing (how many people stutter at a the newspaper touting auditory-feed-here a few observations pertaining to the back devices that pick up the voice given point in time) appears to beissue of occurrence, that is, how many and play it back into the ear, in thepeople stutter. somewhat lower than 1% (about .73% according to Craig et al., 2002), the hopes of helping those who stutter Whereas dry statistical data do smooth their speech.not commonly excite the imagination actual incidence (how many people have ever stuttered in their life) is The newspaper explains thatof either researchers or clinicians, while this technology has been usedsuch information tells a whole lot approximately 5%, with onsets occur- for some 50 years in speech labs, it isabout a particular disorder and often ring mainly at the preschool age now growing in popularity as a small,has significant influences on public (Andrews & Harris, 1964; Manson, inconspicuous device in the ear.interest, budgetary decisions for 2000). Furthermore, it is important to The Stuttering Foundation’s Webresearch and services, and profes- realize that the 1% prevalence is an site was cited as a source of informa-sional training. average for the population at large. tion in the Jan. 25, 2005, article titled Thus, in my view, the prevailing Continued on page 9 Auditory-Feedback Device May Help Stutterers by Reed Albergotti. The foundation believes it was in- cluded in the article because it provides unbiased information about these prod- Annual Audit of Foundation by KPMG ucts on its Web site (www.stutter- The annual audit of The Stuttering tion and general expenses and the 6/10 of 1% And, in fact, Foundation financial reports for 2004 was for fund raising are very low, and since we are it received hundreds of hits in the days, recently completed by the accounting firm fortunate to have an endowment which more weeks, and even months following the of KPMG. Following is a recap of funds than covers our overhead expenses, donors January article. and expenditures for the year. can be assured that their gifts will go directly While these devices aren’t for every- The 3.9% of expenditures for administra- to support our program services. one and The Stuttering Foundation doesn’t endorse any one product, some Funds expended for: research suggests this technology may Creation, production, printing and distribution help a subgroup of people who stutter – of educational materials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $623,838 . . . . .53.3% possibly as many as 30 percent. ❑ Public information and education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 242,503 . . . . . 20.7% * The Wall Street Journal has a combined Internet and print circulation of more than 2,600,000 worldwide, according to Educational symposia for professionals and the Audit Bureau of Circulations. research . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .136,634 . . . . . 11.7% Maintain Web site and toll-free stuttering information hotline. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 114,440 . . . . . . 9.8% Total for Program Services: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,117,415 . . . . .95.5% Give the United Way Other expenditures: Administration and general . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45,380 . . . . . . 3.9% Do you give through United Way? Fund raising expense . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6,979 . . . . . . 0.6% You can still directly designate Total Expenditures: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,169,774 . . . . . .100% your gift to the SFA! Proof of non- The Stuttering Foundation of America is a private operating foundation which expends profit status can be sent to your its funds on its own programs and does not make grants to other institutions. employer by fax, mail or e-mail.
  4. 4. 4 1-800-992-9392Kenyon Continued from page 1 Then, when he was named Player Videotapes of the Year and became the No. 1 college player in the NBA draft in Martin, who has struggled withstuttering since he was a child in 2000, Martin resolved not to let stut- Make Comeback tering get in the wayschool, says thespeech disorder was a of his success. He Dressed as DVDscatalyst that propelled confronts his stutter- Even best-selling videotapes needhim to the highest lev- ing head-on and he to update their wardrobe.els of basketball. He doesn’t worry what To perform this extreme makeover,was named National others think. The Stuttering Foundation asked retiredPlayer of the Year in “Knowing that videographerhis senior year play- Kenyon also stutters Buddy Morgan toing for the University helps me,” said one return and trans-of Cincinnati young boy who lives form Stuttering:Bearcats. just south of Denver. Straight Talk for As a 6-foot, 9-inch The 16 Famous People Who Stutter “I think he is great.” Teachers andpower forward with poster is available online at His mother agreed. Therapy in or call “Kids look up tothe Denver Nuggets, 1-800-992-9392. Action: Thehe averages just over sports stars. They School-Aged15 points per game. can relate to these Child Who In a recent interview, Martin athletes,” she said. Stutters intosaid stuttering has haunted him “Kenyon Martin will be a great DVDs.since his childhood in South Dallas. source of inspiration to young peo- After theHe endured teasing from classmates ple who struggle with stuttering,” wave of his magicand refused to speak in class. says Jane Fraser, president of The wand (and some video editing equip- Later, as a basketball star in Stuttering Foundation. She notes ment), the popular videos will soonCincinnati, his fear of being teased that speech therapists, school clini- be available dressed in the contem-was replaced by the fear of speak- cians, teachers and others often dis- porary style of to reporters and he tried his play the posters in a prominent Morgan had a few tricks up hisbest to avoid interviews. place in their office. ❑ sleeve. Additional footage has been added to Straight Talk for Teachers. And both DVDs will be decked out in redesigned cases.New Self-study CEUs Announced Interested in adding these DVDs to your video closet? Information will By Lisa Scott, Ph.D. Any clinician interested in learning soon be available online at www.stut- Florida State University more about stuttering should consider ❑ Several new self-study continuing book # 0016 Stuttering: An Integrationeducation products for speech-lan- of Contemporary Therapies, 3rd ed. byguage pathologists are now available. Barry Guitar. This recently updated clas- Self-study products allow you to sic provides essential information on thecomplete your continuing education on differences between fluency shaping,your own schedule at your stuttering modification,own pace without ever and how to incorpo-having to leave your rate both approacheshome or work setting. into your work with For SLPs working clients who stutter. Itwith young children, 3 now includes the op-continuing education portunity to earn 3 con-contact hours (or 0.3 tact hours (0.3 CEUs,CEUs) are now avail- product #9016).able for Working With If you have alreadyPreschoolers: Successful purchased the ChmelaIntervention Strategies VHS/DVD or either of theby Kristin Chmela. books prior to the associ- If your caseload in-cludes school-age chil- ated continuing educationdren who stutter, you materials becoming avail- La Gaceta de Guinea Ecuatorial, Equatorialmay be interested in the self-study ac- able, you can simply order the CEU ma- Guinea’s largest magazine, touted the SFA terials for $25 and earn credits for the Spanish-language Web site, www.tarta-tivity Treating the School-Age Child, in its March 2005 issue.Who Stutters: A Guide for Clinicians products you already have. Equatorial Guinea is the only country in(2nd ed.). This book by Carl Dell was Call 1-800-992-9392, or visit the on- Africa where Spanish is the principal lan-recently revised and now has 3 contact line store at guage. It is situated on the west coast ofhours (0.3 CEUs) available. ❑ Africa, between Cameroon and Gabon.
  5. 5. SUMMER 2005 1-800-992-9392 5“Mr. 59” GolfInvitationalBenefits SFA When golf great Al Geibergershot a 59 in the Danny Thomas-Memphis Golf Classic in June 1977it was a “remarkable achievement,”in the words of Bob Foote. That score, at that time the lowestever in a PGA event, inspiredGeiberger’s nickname and the tour-nament that, for the past 21 years, hashelped raised some large donationsfor charity. The Stuttering Foundation wasagain a beneficiary ofthe “Mr. 59” GolfInvitational heldApril 14-16 in Palm Magazines Make RoomSprings, Calif. Foote, assistanttournament organizer and for Public Service Adslongtime friend of Geiberger’s, was Two new public service ads (PSAs) reached nearly a million readers in theinstrumental in adding the SFA to the from The Stuttering Foundation are April issue!short list of charities that benefit enjoying success this spring. Forbes started this year’s aware-from the prestigious three-day tour- The first, an all-print ad, stresses ness campaign off with a bang by plac-nament that draws 130 participants the fact that there are many new op- ing a one-fourth page PSA featuringfrom across the U.S. to this golfers’ tions for people who stutter. Winston Churchill. Memphis maga-paradise. The second, featuring Buffy the zine chose the John Stossel PSA and Last year, the tournament’s spe- Vampire Slayer star Nick Brendon, is a Modern Healthcare donated a fullcial guest was Ken Venturi, past play on words and uses a typeface that page ad with Alan Rabinowitz! Golfchairman of National Stuttering conjures up vampires. preferred the all print ad stating “doingAwareness Week. All PSAs are now in color be- nothing is not an option.” Foote, who has also long strug- cause many large circulation maga- Smaller — but just as effective PSAsgled with stuttering, met with zines run all their pages in color. — ran in Prevention, Seventeen, andVenturi, who talked about his own In the past, many pages were in Penthouse. In addition, People, Time,stuttering and how he overcame it to black and white and advertisers had and Newsweek have long been support-become a CBS commentator. to pay extra for color. Back then, ers of the SFA. This year, Geiberger was joined PSAs were expected to be submitted This is looking like another recordby Bob Rosburg for clinics and in black and white. year for the foundation’s annualdemonstrations at the Avondale A first for the foundation was a awareness campaign — a campaignCountry Club and the Desert Island PSA in House Beautiful, which that often runs for all 12 months. ❑Country Club, which was capped by agala awards dinner and auction at theIndian Wells Country Club that raisedabout $20,000 for three charities. ❑ Faster Than a Speeding Bullet That’s the word out about the new piece of mail, increasing awareness digital postage meter about stuttering far and now to be found at the wide. Stuttering Foundation In fact, during the Memphis office. The past 12 months, SFA Postalia meter process- mailed information to es up to 90 letters a people in 69 countries minute – and at brisk around the world, a new times of year, that speed record. Far flung loca- is a big time saver for tions like Mali, all the staff. Mongolia, Sri Lanka,Bob Foote, left, and Al Geiberger help raise The new meter also prints the and Malta were destinations of SFAmoney for charities, including the SFA. Stuttering Foundation logo on every materials on stuttering. ❑
  6. 6. 6 1-800-992-9392 Lena Rustin Remembered 4 Workshops Dr. Lena Rustin died onDecember 26, 2004. As in life, she their families. She was a co-founder of the Michael Palin Centre for Help SLPs Beshowed her tremendous courage and Stammering Children.determination as she struggled with Throughout her distinguished career, All They Can Becancer. The words “I’m she worked both in the While it was winter on Dec.hanging on in there!” National Health Service 10th in Cleveland, Kristinwere a constant refrain. and in the charitable sector. Chmela’s humor warmed the Rustin gained a repu- She co-authored and hearts of those attending hertation that was both na- edited a number of well- workshop, “Working withtional and international respected books and con- Children Who Stutter: Becomingfor the outstanding con- tributed a range of chap- the Best Clinician You Can Be.”tribution she made to the ters to important texts. The event was co-sponsored byspeech and language In 1988, Lena was SFA and The Cleveland Hearingtherapy profession, par- honored by RCSLT for and Speech Center.ticularly in the field of stammering. her exceptional work in the field of One participant noted, “Kristin’s Diminutive in stature, her dynamic stammering and awarded an honorary presentation empowers me as a clini-personality profoundly influenced the fellowship. In, 1990, she received cian to meaningfully help my stu-profile of the profession and her dedi- the North East Thames Regional dents who stutter.”cation to her clinical work was inspira- Award. Thanks to Kristin’s husband, Tomtional. She demonstrated a passionate Special thanks to The Michael Palindetermination to provide a first class Centre for Stammering Children forservice for children who stammer and this article.Swish Continued from page 2 identify with the children on the video when they discussed teasing.mails postcards directly to librarians and “It seemed like the kids on the videoships the DVDs or videotapes at no cost.” validated what she was thinking and feel- Jaeschke added that when patrons dis- ing,” Ribbler explained.cover the series, they usually check out Speech-language pathologists haveall the films. “They want to get as much used the Swish video in many ways withinformation as kids. A few ex-they can. Even if amples from Dr. Kristin Chmela presenting at a work-it’s an adult, they Lisa Scott are: shop Dec. 10 in Cleveland. The eventcheck out the • Identifying was sponsored by the SFA and Theone for chil- moments of Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center.dren,” he said. stuttering. The La Voz de students pointHouston, a out moments of Chmela, SFA materials were availableSpanish language stuttering and during the workshop.magazine pub- label them ac- Certainly the weather waslished in Texas, cording to the warmer for Peter Ramig’s in-serviceran an article on A few of the headlines from around the country. type they think in Miami, which was sponsored bySwish. they see. the Dade County Schools. Lisa Tamara Jones of King Features in the • Ask children to watch for a specific Scott and local resident LisetteAsbury Park Press notes that the DVD lets topic (teasing, etc.). Take notes on what Betancourt were on hand andparents know that their child needs en- the children on the video say and brain- helped at the SFA booth.couragement and acceptance. The same is storm for more ideas about how to han- Bill Murphy headed south to Waco,true of teachers, she stresses. Teachers dle the problem. Texas. While he was speaking in theshould be firm and disapproving at the • Ask kids to write their reaction to the Lone Star State, Mary Ann Moore andfirst sign of teasing and bullying in the video. Kathy Swiney made sure everythingclassroom. • Ask children to try to stutter like the went smoothly at the SFA booth. Speech-language pathologist Nancy kids on the video in order to explore all the In Tacoma, Wash., VivianRibbler, M.A., says Swish has been excit- different ways there are to stutter. This is Sisskin was a dynamic speakering for her students to watch. not to imitate or make fun of those who while Rick Burleigh and Susan “I worked with a little girl in kinder- stutter, but for desensitization. Hamilton of Seattle did a superb jobgarten who stutters ... Every time Swish • Children can offer “tips” to those on running the booth.came on, she giggled,” Ribbler said. the video. If a child knows how to use par- Because of the hard work of those This child said she liked Swish because ticular speech management skills, he or who staffed the SFA booths, hundreds“he’s funny.” she can write a letter making suggestions of SLPs were exposed to new and tradi- Ribbler said the kindergartner could to the kids on the video. ❑ tional materials on stuttering. ❑
  7. 7. SUMMER 2005 1-800-992-9392 7Booths Draw Crowds at State Conventions LONE STAR STATE Keynote speaker and Chicago Bulls’ leg-end Bob Love made sure to sign posters atthe SFA booth during the Texas Speech-Language-Hearing convention in April. On hand during the former basketballplayer’s appearance were Susan Hamilton,who also “keynoted” during the convention,and Carol Ecke, who traveled fromMontana to manage the booth. Ecke explained, “Many people whostopped at the booth were already familiarwith SFA material. SLPs noted it is highquality material and there is so much greatinformation. The materials sell themselves.” Joining Ecke at the booth were Dr.Jennifer Watson and her graduate students,Kristi Hammond, Lucey Jones, Kadi Kirlandand Janis Wegner. Also lending a hand wereDr. Courtney Byrd, who teaches at theUniversity of Texas in Austin, Kathy Swiney Garden State Carol Ecke (left) and Susan Hamilton As we go to press, Carol Ecke heads watch as Bob Love, legendary star of theof Houston and Susan Hamilton of Seattle. from her home in Great Falls, Mont., to the Chicago Bulls, autographs posters at the East Coast to join featured speakers SFA booth during the 49th Annual Land of Lincoln TSHA convention in Austin, Texas. Kathleen Scaler-Scott of Flemington, N.J., The Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Copies of his signed poster are available and Vivian Sisskin of the Washington, D.C.Association’s annual convention just outside for $5 as a special fund-raiser for area. The convention is in Atlantic City,the Windy City had record attendance, re- National Stuttering Awareness Week. which always draws a large crowd. ❑ports Dr. Patricia Zebrowski of the Call 1-800-992-9392 to order.University of Iowa. Zebrowski noted, “People were thrilled tosee our booth at ISHA. We ran out of the newSwish tapes on the very first day and had to re-stock several other items, too.” She, along with Tom and Kristin Chmelaand Dr. Linda Louko of the University ofIowa, made sure everything ran smoothly atthe booth during the February convention. “Many speech-language pathologistswere looking for materials that could pro- Sales are hot for Tom and Kristin Kristin Chmela (from left), Patriciavide continuing education credits, and one Chmela at the ISHA convention. Zebrowski, and Linda Louko stand ready to help customers at the ISHA conference.and all liked the SFA’s low prices,”Zebrowski added. Courtney Byrd answers Empire State questions Opening night at the New York State during theSpeech-Language-Hearing Association con- TSHAvention got off to a great start, according to Bill conferenceShannon, who did a fantastic job of organizing in Austin.the posters, banners and other materials. NYSSLHA volunteers were led by In addition to Shannon, Tom and Lee Lee Caggiano (second from left).Caggiano, Jeff Shames, Heather Grossman,Steffi Schopick, Joy Kling, Steven Bender,Joanna Moskeland and graduate studentsfrom Hofstra University all played a huge partin this year’s success. Courtney “SFA was the first booth every SLP saw Byrd (fromas they walked into the hall,” Lee Caggiano left), Kathysaid. Swiney, Shannon added, “The booth and this year’s and CarolNYSSLHA convention went very well. We Jennifer Watson (left) and Courtney Ecke in Byrd in the SFA booth in Austin, Texas. Austin.had quite a few helpful volunteers.”
  8. 8. 8 1-800-992-9392 Dear SFA: Reader Response Send letters to SFA, P.O. Box 11749, Memphis, TN 38111-0749 or email Fan mail for Swish laughs at me. I feel ashamed, scared, and acting business would be wise to do? Dear SFA: disrespected at times like this. I don’t Due to the fact that I stutter, I am Brief note to let you know that “my know if I should faint, flee, laugh or what. afraid that will be a wall for me to try tokids” and parents are in love with Swish. It But when I read your article in Seventeen get into the acting business. Is there anyhas proven to be a relaxing, non-threaten- magazine, I knew I finally found the right information that you can give me?ing door-opener for classroom discussion. help. Please help me in all the ways possi- Patricia This winner should be in the hands of ble with my speech impediment. E-mailevery SLP. Please keep up the great work. If it’s not a problem, could you send Sal Pace me some informative brochures on pre- Editor: There are people in every Lexington, Massachusetts venting and treatment of stuttering. profession who stutter, including Thanks, many actors, singers, sports stars P.S. One of my third-graders wished Jeremy and political leaders. Nicholashe had Swish stickers to pass out to his Atlanta, Georgia Brendon from the popular TV se-classmates. May I suggest that you keep ries “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,”the power of stickers in mind for your John Stossel from “20/20” andnext animated followup. actor James Earl Jones — the voice of “Darth Vader” in “Star Wars” — are Editor: Based on this recommenda- just a few.tion, The Stuttering Foundation is ex-ploring the idea of producing Swish Teacher seeks advicestickers. Stay tuned! Dear SFA: I am a kindergarten teacher. I will Students enjoy newsletter have a student in my classroom next Dear Sir or Madam: school year who stutters (severe). The My name is Joshuah. I go to school at child is going to be evaluated by ourDennis Elementary. I am 7 years old. speech pathologist in May. However, II go to speech therapy to work on my want to be knowledgeable about what Ifluency. I am interested in your can do for him in the classroom.newsletter. Lisa Joshuah Chicago, Illinois Oklahoma Bunny’s story Dear Sir or Madam: When I slow down, it does not work. My name is Tom. I am 9 years old. I I do not like it when I stutter. When I wasgo to speech therapy. I am in 3rd grade. I little I really did not like to stutter, buthave been learning about all of the types now I do not care. Now, I have a speechof disfluencies. I would be interested in teacher and she helps me when I stutter. Swish has become a celebrity since hisreceiving your newsletter. Thank you. debut in Stuttering: For Kids, By Kids. Now, I do not stutter a lot any more, but when Tom at the suggestion of a third-grader, The I do, I do not care. Denver, Colorado Stuttering Foundation is exploring the idea These are some things that help me of producing Swish stickers. not to stutter: Please send help 1. I can whisper. To Whomever This May Concern: 2. Stretch out my words. My name is Jeremy. I’m a 15-year-old Is acting a good idea? Hi: 3. Take a 5-second break.and I have been stuttering ever since Ican remember. I am 17 years old and I have been stut- 4. Find a different way to say it. I had therapy once in the 7th grade at tering since I was in first grade. Bunnyschool for about 4 months. Recently, it It was really a struggle as I was growing New Jerseyseems like it has gotten worse. Now that up; I felt isolated from people because II’m in the 10th grade, my speech im- knew there was something wrong with me. 11-year-old speaks uppediment has stopped me from doing I have seen many speech therapists Dear Stuttering Foundation,many activities that involve talking throughout my life so far, and it has helped. My name is Taylor. I am 11 years old.(like giving feedback in groups and I am in choir, so the singing does I am fine with stuttering. When peoplethings of that nature). help my communication skills usually, talk about me, I just laugh. I know that I have a fear of talking because I don’t but other times it is a real struggle to everyone has something.know when I will get stuck on a word and talk to other people. Taylorsay it over and over again. And everybody I wanted to know if getting into the New York City
  9. 9. SUMMER 2005 1-800-992-9392 9Contestant Spreads the Word on StutteringE va Woolwine of Ashland, Kan., is many kids as possible with her story, a busy 18 year old on a mission. combined with a viewing of Stuttering: She is the reigning Miss Garden For Kids by Kids, she can make a dif-City, and is on her way to the Miss ference.Kansas pageant (June 5-12), which is a Eva is a senior at 21st Centurypreliminary for Miss America. Learning Academy Virtual School. Her platform? Stuttering awareness She is looking forward to attendingand education. college in the fall and majoring in “I have stuttered since early child- Early Childhood Development. As ahood and am passionate about clear- practicing magician, she enjoys per-ing up misconceptions regarding forming for audiences of all ages asstuttering and the people who stut- well as for the talent portion ofter,” Eva explained. “I know first pageants.hand that people who stutter are just In the summer of 2000, Eva attendedas intelligent and well adjusted as an intensive therapy program innon-stutterers.” Roanoke, Va. National Stuttering Awareness Week “I sometimes wear a SpeechEasy,”is May 9-15 this year and Eva wants Eva said. “That, combined with therapy,people to know about the many re- has helped me tremendously.”sources and services provided by The She will be the first to tell you herStuttering Foundation. speech is not perfect and that she must She intends to help spread the word work at it making presentations to classrooms Miss Kansas contestant Eva Woolwine is ed- “The message I want to send is thereat various schools. ucating the public about the resources avail- is help and much hope for those of us Eva feels that if she can reach as able for those who stutter. who stutter,” Eva explained. ❑Incidence & Prevalence scientists, clinicians, consumers of Continued from page 3 services, and private organizations, No Small Task such as The Stuttering Foundation, Continued from page 1 Therefore, it is equally important should strive to alter the perception you can see this tremor as ato understand that the prevalence that stuttering is a “small” problem. trembling of the lips when thevaries greatly according to agegroups. A recent individual screen- Using various public and private individual is trying to study we conducted with more resources, this message should be Another important way to startthan 3,000 preschool children taken to Congress, NIDCD, ASHA, to address the question we posedrevealed a 2.43% stuttering preva- and educational programs in speech- above is to look at young childrenlence with no racial or ethnic differ- language pathology. ❑ when they are just starting to stut-ences (Proctor et al., 2002; Yairi & ter. We now have a large projectAmbrose, 2005 ). References: under way to do just that. If the findings are valid, they mean Andrews, G., & Harris, M. (1964). The We will be studying speechthat at any point in time up to almost syndrome of stuttering, Clinics in develop- coordination processes in2.5% percent of children under age 5 mental medicine, No. 17. London: William groups of 4- to 5- year old chil-stutter. In other words, at any time, in Heineman Medical Books Ltd. dren who are developing typi-spite of a high level of natural recov- Craig. A, Hancock K, Tran. Y, Craig. M, cally and children who areery, a substantial number of preschool- & Peters, K. (2002). Epidemiology of stutter- stuttering. We hope to followers and their parents may be needing ing in the communication across the entire life them over a five-year period span. Journal of Speech Language Hearing (at present we only have threeprofessional evaluation, counseling, Research, 45:1097-1105. years of funding for the pro-and, sometimes, also therapy. Mansson, H. (2000). Childhood stutter- ject!) to see if early speech An important conclusion is that ing: Incidence and development. Journal ofmore resources should be directed to motor control characteristics Fluency Disorders, 25, 47-57.research concerning this sub-popula- Proctor A., Duff, M.. and Yairi, E. (2002). during fluent and stutteredtion. Another lesson is that better Early childhood stuttering: African speech predict who will andpreparation of speech-language clini- Americans and European Americans. ASHA will not develop a chronic stut-cians for dealing with this substantial Leader, Vol. 4, # 15, 102. tering problem. We look for-group of speech handicapped children Yairi, E., & Ambrose, N. (2005). ward to keeping you informedshould receive a higher priority. Early childhood stuttering. Austin, TX: about our progress! ❑ To this end, all interested parties: Pro-Ed, Inc.
  10. 10. 12 1-800-992-9392 Begues du Canada, 2596 A rue Chapleau, Stuttering: An Integrated Approach to Its Nature andNEWSBRIEFS The Stuttering Foundation two-day conference for speech-language Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2K 3H6; 1-877- Treatment by Barry Guitar, Ph.D., published by Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins, Baltimore, MD. pathologists working with school-age 353-1042. Please enclose $20.00 Canadian to (800) 638-3030. children who stutter, Practical Ideas cover printing, postage, and handling costs. Successful Stuttering Management Program, Second for the School Clinician, will be held For those wanting to obtain a copy of Edition, by Dorvan Breitenfeldt, Ph.D., published by in June, 2005. For dates, place, and an Stuttering and Your Child: Questions and EWU Press, Cheney, WA, (509) 235-6453. application form, call the Stuttering Answers in Hindi, write to: Dr. Sajiv Adlakha, Synergistic Stuttering Therapy: A Holistic Approach by Foundation at 1-800-992-9392 or Adlakha Speech and Hearing Clinic, A67 Sister Charleen Bloom and Donna K. Cooperman. check Dayanand Colony, Lajpat Nagar - 4, New Published by Butterworth Heineman, Woburn, MA. The Stuttering Foundation Eastern Dehli-110024, India, or e-mail: adlakhas@hot- Stuttering Intervention: A Collaborative Journey to Workshop, Treating Children and Those interested in joining a fluency Fluency Freedom by David Allen Shapiro, published by Adolescents Who Stutter: Practical and public speaking skills group should also Pro-Ed, Austin, Texas. Strategies, directed by Susan Dietrich, contact Dr. Adlakha at the above address. Tongue Wars by William H. Perkins, Ph.D., Athens Ph.D., Sheryl Gottwald, Ph.D., Press, Los Angeles, CA, 800-551-2959. Book on Stuttering or Related The Bob Love Story: If Its Gonna Be, Its Up to Me by Bob Edward G. Conture, Ph.D. in collabo- Topics Available from Bookstores: Love with Mel Watkins, available through bookstores or call ration with Diane Parris, M.A., will be NTC Contemporary Publishing Group, 1-800-323-4900.held at Boston University, June 22-26, 2005. Early Childhood Stuttering: For Clinicians by Paroles de parents by Anne-Marie Simon, L’Ortho- The Stuttering Foundation two-week Workshop Clinicians by Ehud Yairi and Nicoline Ambrose. 2004. Edition, 76, rue Jean Jaures, 62330 Isbergues, France.for Specialists will be held at the University of Available from ProEd, Austin, TX. Clinical Decision Making in Fluency Disorders byIowa, Iowa City, Iowa, in June 20-July 2, 2005, The Child and Adolescent Stuttering Treatment and Activity Walter H. Manning, Ph.D., published bydirected by Patricia Zebrowski, Ph.D. and Toni Resource Guide by Peter Ramig and Darrell Dodge. 2005. Singular/Thomson Learning.Cilek, M.A. Guest speakers are Peter Ramig, Available from Thomson Delmar Learning, Clifton Park, NY. Nature and Treatment of Stuttering : New DirectionsPh.D. and Edward G. Conture, Ph.D. This unique Troy’s Amazing Universe, by S. Kennedy Tosten. 2002. by Richard F. Curlee, Ph.D. and Gerald M. Siegel, Ph.D.,workshop brings together speech-language pathol- Published by Brite Press. Order from published by Allyn and Bacon, Needham Heights, MA. or A storyogists from all over the world. The Classroom Teacher’s Inclusion Handbook by about a seven year old who stutters. 8th Annual Convention of Friends Who Jerome C. Yanoff, Arthur Coyle Press, Chicago. Experiencias para compatir entre padres e hijos byStutter will be held in Cleveland, OH, July 28- Karina Couselo Rios, Maria Marta Gebara and Mariela Straight Talk on Stuttering, Information, Encouragement,30, 2005. Visit or e- and Counsel for Stutterers, Caregivers, and Speech- Ginhson. Order from Language Clinicians, 2nd edition by Lloyd M. Hulit, Ph.D. Stuttering Therapy: Rationale and Procedures by Hugo The publisher is Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois. Annual NSA Convention will be held in H. Gregory, June H. Campbell, Diane G. Hill, and Carolyn Le begaiement, option guerison by Francois Le Huche,Chicago July 13-17, 2005. For more informa- B. Gregory. Available from Allyn and Bacon, Boston, M.D., Albin Michel, Paris, France, 1998. Order fromtion, visit MA; 2003. Albin Michel, 22, rue Huyghens, 75014 Paris. Les begaiements: Histoire, psychologie, evaluation, vari- Annual CAPS Convention will be held in Stuttering: A Life Bound Up in Words by Marty Jezer. etes, traitements by Anne Van Hout and Francoise Estienne.Edmondton, Alberta, Canada August 18-21, Published by Basic Books, 1997. Published by Masson, S.A., 120 boulevard Saint Germain,2005. Visit www.stutter.caCAPS2005. 75280 Paris Cedex 06, France. You Will Dream New Dreams: Inspiring Personal For those wanting to purchase a poster entitled Forty Years After Therapy: One Man’s Story by George Stories by Parents of Children With Disabilities byThe Bill of Rights and Responsibilities of PWS, Stanley D. Klein, Ph.D., Published by Kensington Books, Helliesen, M.A. Available from Apollo Press, Inc., 1-800- New York, New York. Michael Sugarman at 683-9713 or It represents the com- Stuttering and Science by William H. Perkins, Ph.D. Understanding Stuttering by Nathan Lavid. 2003. and published by Singular Publishing Group, Inc., in Sanbined effort of the IFA and ISA. University Press of Mississippi, Jackson, MS. Order from Diego, California. bookstores or LISTSERV is for doctoral students spe- Programmed Stuttering Therapy for Children and Adults Elements of Stuttering by Courtney Stromsta, Ph.D.cializing in stuttering. The intent of this list is Available from Stuttering Foundation, 800-992-9392. by Bruce Ryan, Ph.D. Available through publisher Charles serve as an open forum for doctoral stu- ❑ Thomas or online at Membership is limited to doctoral stu- Making a Difference for America’s Children: SLPs in thedents only. To subscribe, send the following Public Schools by Barbara Moore-Brown and Judymessage to “ Montgomery. Available from Thinking Publications, Eau The Stuttering Foundation of America is a tax-ex-subscribe stutterdoc firstname lastname” or empt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Claire, WI. 715-832-2488. Internal Revenue Code and is classified as a pri-contact Joe Donaher at Ben Has Something To Say by Laurie Lears, illustrations vate operating foundation as defined in section For those interested in joining Toastmasters by Karen Ritz. A book for children ages 5-9. Albert 4942(j)(3). Charitable contributions and be-International as a way to improve fluency, Whitman & Co., Morton Grove, IL. 800-255-7675. quests to the Foundation are tax-communication or public speaking skills, their Sharing the Journey: Lessons from my Students and deductible, subject to limitations under the Code.address is: Toastmasters International, Inc., Clients with Tangled Tongues by Lon Emerick, Ph.D.,Attention: Membership Department, P.O. Box available from North Country Publishing, 355 Heidtman Road, Skandia, MI 49885, for $13.95 plus $2. postage and THE9052, Mission Viejo, CA 92690, Telephone:(714) 858-8255; Fax: (714) 858-1207. handling, call toll-free 1-866-942-7898; or from the STUTTERING For those wanting to obtain a copy of Self- Stuttering Foundation at 800-992-9392. Living With Stuttering by Kenneth St. Louis, Ph.D. FOUNDATIONTherapy for the Stutterer in Japanese, write to Available from Populore Publishing Company, P.O. Box A Nonprofit OrganizationDr. Shokichi Nakajima, 2-21-1 Ogawa 4382, Morgantown, WV 26504, 304-599-3830. Since 1947 — Helping Those Who StutterMachida-shi, Tokyo 194, Japan, Jason’s Secret by Ellen Marie Silverman, Ph.D. 3100 Walnut Grove Road, Suite 603telephone/fax: 0427 (96) 5092. Published by 1st Books Library. P.O. Box 11749 ● Memphis, TN 38111-0749 Self-Therapy for the Stutterer is available Stuttering: Its Nature, Diagnosis, and Treatment by 1-800-992-9392 ● 1-800-967-7700in French. Write to the Association des Edward G. Conture, Ph.D., published by Allyn & Bacon, Needham Heights, MA. (781) 433-8410.