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  1. 1. FALL 2004 THE Media Awards Announced S TUTTERING Stuttering: For Kids, By Kids Premieres at Friends’ Convention Highlights of Two-Day Conference FOUNDATION Kids Write About Stuttering New Tape on PreschoolersA Nonprofit Organization 1-800-992-9392 www.stutteringhelp.org Since 1947... Helping Those Who StutterEditor’s Note: As we go to press, an arti-cle on this study by Dr. Weber-Fox also SFA Outreach Tops 43,571 Pediatriciansappeared in the New York Times. English/Spanish DVD superb new resourceNew Research on the Reaching well over 43,571 pediatri- Preschool Child, brochures and contact cians with the latest information about information for resources.Roots of Stuttering stuttering is a goal The Stuttering With each package costing approxi-Language Processing and Foundation will realize this fall. In an mately $10, the total expenditure on theSpeech Motor Control: exciting development, that information project exceeds $430,000. For the pastComplex Interactions in is now available on a new DVD with three years, The Annenberg FoundationStuttering English and Spanish has helped support this versions of Stuttering critical undertaking. Stuttering and Last fall, the SFA sentBy Christine Weber-Fox, Ph.D., CCC-SLP and Your Child: Help Your Child: Help for FamiliesPurdue University for Families. information packets to LaTartamudez y Su Niño: Una Guía para la Familia In the last decade, accumulating evi- With a new grant 5,251 pediatric offices In English and in Spanishdence from laboratories in the U.S. and from The Annenberg throughout Michigan,Europe, as well as our own, led to the de- Foundation, the SFA Minnesota, Missouri,velopment of a multi-factorial model of served will complete the ambi- Mississippi, Montana, ights restuttering. This model of stuttering hy- . All r tious project begun North Carolina, North tionpothesizes that stuttering emerges from nda Fou three years ago—to Dakota, Nebraska, ing DVD No. 0073 tercomplex interactions among factors in- tut eS THE STUTTERING Th reach every pediatric New Hampshire, New 04 FOUNDATION 20 ® cluding genetics, © 3100 Walnut Grove Road, Suite 603 language processing, office across the coun- Mexico, Nevada, and P.O. Box 11749 • Memphis, TN 38111-0749 www.stutteringhelp.org • www.tartamudez.org 1-800-992-9392 emotional/social as- try with effective Ohio. pects, and speech guidelines on when to Pediatricians are often the “front Back in 1991, the motor control. refer and information to line” for families concerned about SFA started exhibiting stuttering. The SFA this fall will Ultimately, stuttering share with parents. send 6,386 pediatric offices this at the Convention of occurs when the neu- This year’s mailing new DVD with English and the American Academy ral signals that pro- to 6,386 pediatric prac- Spanish versions of Stuttering and of Pediatrics and real- duce the coordinated tices—often with as Your Child: Help for Families. ized the need to devel- Christine Weber movements in the many as eight pediatri- op materials specifical- Fox, Ph.D. respiratory, vocal, cians in each—in New York, ly for physicians. A group of profes- and articulation sys- Pennsylvania and New Jersey will bring sionals was convened to create a booktems become disrupted. The underlying to 43,571 the number of practices which specifically for pediatricians, which of-notion is that the functions of the brain have been sent the 16-page book The fers “the necessary information in aareas for speech motor control are affect- Child Who Stutters: To the Pediatrician, clear and succinct manner,” accordinged by complex interactions with other the video/DVD Stuttering and The Continued on page 5neural systems. One important underly-ing assumption of this model is that thesefactors may not play the same role in dif-ferent individuals who stutter and very A Part Of It In Ol’ NYlikely vary in significance over different Having made it big in New York,stages of development. there is quite a contingent of young peo- In our recent series of complementary ple who stutter who know they canexperiments we studied how neural sys- make it anywhere. The Our Timetems for language processing may con- Theatre Teens lit up a New York stage totribute to disruptions in speech motor kick off National Stuttering Awarenesscontrol in people who stutter. We have Week (NSAW) in style.examined this question using two ap- The May 10 gala was a tremendousproaches. First, using a very sensitive success, said SFA President Jane Fraser,movement tracking system, we have who attended the festivities and intro-been able to analyze speech movements Our Time Teens David Nachman, Keith duced SFA Board member Alan Russell, Jonathan Greig, Donny Sethi, andwith an accuracy of less than .1 mm to Rabinowitz, 2004 recipient of the Our Corom Buksha were among the cast in adetermine how consistently and smooth- Time Award. crowd-pleasing performance May 10. Continued on page 6 Continued on page 9
  2. 2. 2 www.stutteringhelp.org 1-800-992-9392 A is for “Awesome” Say Two-Day Workshop Participants A good teacher helps studentsgrow in knowledge and gain confidencein applying new skills. Judging by theirremarks, speech-language pathologistsat the SFA’s conference had 14 superbteachers, and grew exponentially in theirability to help those who stutter. Stuttering Therapy, Practical Ideasfor the School Clinician brought togeth-er 100 SLPs from schools, private prac-tice and university clinics to learn from14 of the nation’s top professionals in the Conference leaders, from left; front: SFA President Jane Fraser, Susan Cochrane, Susan Dietrich, Patricia Zebrowski, Sheryl Gottwald, back: Charles Healy, Bill Shannon, Joe Donaher,area of stuttering, June 11-12, 2004, in Barbara Moore Brown, Lisa Scott Trautman, Peter Ramig, Ann McKeehan, Kristin Chmela,Cincinnati, Ohio. If comments such as Elisa Kaufman, Kerry Stanton, Patrice Carothers and Barry Guitar. Not pictured, Bill Murphy.“awesome” are any indication, it was agreat experience. “This is the best conference I havebeen to in my eight years of practice,”wrote one participant. “The speakers areknowledgeable and approachable. Ilearned more in these two days than I didin a nine-week course I took in gradschool. Thank you for the opportunity.” Presenters Barry Guitar, CharlesHealey, Peter Ramig, Bill Murphy, Small group leader Susan Dietrich, left, with conference attendees. Small group discussion al-Patricia Zebrowski and Kristin Chmela lows for answers to specific questions and for practicing treatment skills.offered practical strategies for evaluatingand treating children who stutter, coun-seling parents, working with teenagers,and devising strategies to handle suchproblems as teasing and peer pressure. “I learned more in these two days than I did in a nine-week course I took in grad school.” Time to talk about caseloads and network is built into —Conference participant the conference. “How did you manage to get so many “I have a particular client that I have Conservation Society, was in Costa Ricagreat speakers at one conference?” asked been concerned about for a while and this year at the dedication of a wildlifeone participant. “I felt like I had located now I feel much more confident about sanctuary for jaguars he worked to helpthe pot of gold at the end of the rainbow- therapy because I have more tools,” said procure. A letter from him read by Barry-and I needed that! I was particularly im- one. Guitar still brought tears to the eyes ofpressed that each speaker listened to the many who left the conference withother speakers.” greater understanding for those who Small group leaders Susan Cochrane, “This conference has stutter as well as better therapy skills.Patrice Carothers, Susan Dietrich, made me passionate for “This conference has truly made meJoseph Donaher, Sheryl Gottwald, Elise disfluent clients now. I passionate for disfluent clients now. I amKaufman, Ann McKeehan and Barbara have learned so much. so impressed with this conference for itsMoore-Brown guided participants as cost. I have been to so many expensivethey practiced fluency shaping and stut- You all are awesome.” two-day conferences and come home sotering modification skills. Discussion —Conference participant disappointed—not here. You all weregroups also scored high for offering the awesome.”chance for individualized learning. Time to network and share caseload The Stuttering Foundation’s two-day Many SLPs at the conference noted problems is also built in to the two days. conference is typically held the secondthat they had received little training in Last year, SFA board member Alan weekend in June. For more informationstuttering as part of their formal educa- Rabinowitz recounted his own struggle call 1-800-992-9392, email info@stut-tion—the primary reason The Stuttering growing up with stuttering. Rabinowitz, teringhelp.org, or watch the SFA’s webFoundation underwrites such confer- the Director of the Science and site at www.stutteringhelp.or for a down-ences each year. Exploration Program at the Wildlife loadable application. □
  3. 3. FALL 2004 1-800-992-9392 3Media Awards Recognize QualityReporting About Stuttering Mass media plays a critical role in rais- piece that answereding awareness about stuttering and what an anxious parent’scan be done to help. letter about a five- To recognize superior reporting on the year-old child whotopic in print and electronic media, The stutters. The columnStuttering Foundation instituted the Media included recom-Awards for Excellence 13 years ago. We mendations on howare pleased to announce the seven winners to get free assis-for 2004, each of whom has enhanced tance through thepublic understanding of this complex Jodie Lynn school system. Third place win- Stuttering: For Kidsspeech disorder that affects millions ofpeople. ner is Evelyn Peterson. In her Ask Premieres at Friends First place in the Evelyn advice column, she answered a Daily Newspaper teacher’s query about a Kids who stutter have a lot to say, category went to four-year-old child and friends can show them how in Jason Hidalgo of who may be stuttering, Stuttering: For Kids, By Kids, a new The Reno Gazette- providing reassurance DVD that premiered at the Friends: Journal (Reno, and tips on how to help The Association of Young People Who Nev.). A health re- the child’s fluency. Stutter convention in San Francisco. porter and Sunday The first place win- Many children who stutter have columnist, Hidalgo ner in the Magazine never met anyone else who strugglesJason Hidalgo in his article Help category was Dan with the same disability. But in this for Stutterers? ex- Costa of Scholastic Evelyn Petersen new video from The Stutteringplored whether electronic devices on the Parent & Child maga- Foundation, they hear other kids whomarket can really help people who stut- zine. His question-and-answer interview recount how they handle challengester. He presented the evidence in a fair with speech-language pathologist Lisa such as teasing, speaking out in class,and balanced way and provided addi- Scott Trautman, Ph.D., of The Florida and teaching others about stuttering.tional resources readers could contact State University, in Focus on Health Because the DVD is for kids them-for help. gave clear and easy-to-understand an- selves, the annual gathering of Friends, Second place swers to common questions about stut- a nonprofit which runs support groupswent to Natalia tering. nationwide, was a natural venue atMielczarek of The The second-place magazine winner which to premiere the 12-minute film.Tennessean for her was writer Michael Medley, of OC Swish, a lively and engaging ani-article entitled Family and Inland Empire Family mag- mated basketball character designed byLearning to Cope azines, with Say the Right Thing. This students at Purdue University, narrateswith Stuttering. well-researched story on childhood stut- the video. The children who star rangeMielczarek con- tering included a boxed sidebar with 10 in age from first-grade to high school,veyed to readers tips for talking to clip out and post on and they offer frank and sometimes dif-what it’s like to Natalia Mielczarek the refrigerator door. ferent views of stuttering.stutter as a teenager Each of The Foundation’s first place For example, Matthew, age 10, saysand offered sources of help and inspira- winners received a cash award of $250. about his stuttering, “It’s no big deal;”tion. To submit an article for next year’s but Kate, age 9, worries about her First place in the category of Media Awards for Excellence, write The speech, what is going to happen nextColumnists went to Linda Lewis Stuttering Foundation at 3100 Walnut and whether or not she’ll stutter.Griffith, of The San Luis Obispo Grove Road, Suite 603, P.O. Box 11749, Arianne , age 14, Tribune. Classroom Memphis, TN 38111-0749, call toll-free says, “It’s not a situations can be 1-800-992-9392, or email info@stutter- big deal because terrifying for chil- inghelp.org. □ it isn’t about who dren who stutter, I am as a person.” and Griffith provid- Kids who pre- ed some good ad- Give the United Way viewed the video vice to teachers and at the Friends parents in her col- Do you give through United conference in umn, Stuttering Way? You can still directly July had someLinda Lewis Kids Need designate your gift to the SFA! pretty frank opin-Griffith Assurance from Proof of nonprofit status can be ions too, enthusi- Teachers. sent to your employer by fax, astically casting Parent to Parent advice columnistJodie Lynn won second place for her mail or email. Intent on the film. Continued on page 4
  4. 4. 4 www.stutteringhelp.org 1-800-992-9392Celebrity Golf Tournament Benefits SFA A low golf score can people gathered mean a large donation to for a banquet help those who stutter. and auction that The SFA was a benefi- raised $20,000 ciary of the Al Geiberger for charity. “Mr. 59” Golf Invitational “It’s one ofTournament this spring. the greatest ac-co-organizer Golfers gathered April complishmentsand long-time 22-24 in Palm Desert, CA a human beingSFA friend to play with golf greats Al can make to go Jane Fraser and KenBob Foote. Geiberger and special from barely Venturi at the “Mr. 59”guest Ken Venturi, former U.S. Open putting together Golf Invitational.Champion, CBS sports commentator, two words toand SFA spokesman. being a national broadcaster up in the The tournament commemorates the booth,” said amateur golfer and busi-score of 59—at the time the lowest ever nessman Gary Shemano of Venturi.in an official PGA Tour event—shot by “We are thrilled to be the recipients ofAl Geiberger on June 10, 1977, at the this generous gift to the Foundation,” Ken, Kathleen Venturi and Al Geiberger at theDanny Thomas-Memphis Classic, a ben- said SFA president Jane Fraser in Palm banquet. Golfers pay as much as $975 for twoefit for St. Jude’s Hospital. Desert. “On behalf of all those who stut- days of golf and parties with Geiberger and his “If I had to pick a golf course where ter and their families, I wish to thank celebrity guest. “The tournament is certainly for a good cause. They asked me if I’d come helpyou could not shoot 59, it’s the golf Ken Venturi, Al Geiberger and all those and I said I’d love to,” Venturi told The Desertcourse he shot it on,” said Venturi, who associated with the “Mr. 59” Invitational Sun. The Palm Desert newspaper prominentlystuttered severely as a youngster, to 240 who made this possible.” □ covered the tournament’s 20th year. Stuttering: For Kids, By Kids is About Friends Continued from page 3 “Well, my best advice for kids who themselves in the role of “film critics.” stutter would be probably that they’re not “What we want you to do is tell us alone and that there are a ton of other kids your opinion,” said Lisa Scott Trautman, out there who stutter,” says Naomi, in the co-producer, in introducing the video to video. a roomful of 5-11 year olds. “Anyone interested in helping kids “Can we give it a rating?” asked one learn more about stuttering will want to 10-year-old. “With a good rating, some see this tape,” said SLP Joe Donaher of movies make like $300 million.” Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. “The Since The Stuttering Foundation is a children featured are a perfect example of nonprofit organi- how to openly and zation that makes honestly handle its publications stuttering.” Joe Donaher with Debbie and Dan Squires available at or “This is an im- at the SFA table at the Friends conference. below cost, that’s portant tool for not likely. families, friends, However, one and teachers of thing that is true kids who stutter about the film is too, added Jane that, “people Fraser, SFA presi- should treat you like every- dent. one else,” said Linnea, age 8. Stuttering: For “I liked the basketball Kids, By Kids is [Swish]. It was the best part,” available in VHS said Danielle, age 9. or DVD free of While the ratings systems charge to all pub- were a bit erratic, ranging lic libraries. For from “2 thumbs up” to more information, “A++++” to “3 stars,” one call 1-800-992- primary message from the 9392. □ video came through strong Lindsey, top left, and Lisa, bottom, listen to comments. At right, Samantha and Linnea write reviews. Kids and consistent on everyone’s can be tough critics, but most agreed that seeing other kids talk about their stuttering was pretty cool, they critique: “it’s okay to stutter.” liked what they saw, and “other kids who stutter” should watch Stuttering: For Kids, By Kids.
  5. 5. FALL 2004 1-800-992-9392 5Annenberg Continued from page 1 Booths Rock at ASHA and TSHA Conferencesto Michael B. Grizzard, M.D., a consul- Baltimore was the setting for thetant on the project. largest ASHA Schools Conference ever, A new third edition of The Child and the SFA booth kept pace.Who Stutters: To the Pediatrician re- “The 2004 conference drew moreflects gains made in the field in the in- than 700 people, and it felt like all of them were equally drawn to our booth,” The SFA will have reached said Deborah Squires. “With wonderful 43,571 pediatric offices speech-language pathologists such as Vivian Sisskin and Barbara Moore- with the latest information Brown helping out, of course it became a on stuttering. mecca for SLPs seeking answers to questions about stuttering treatment.tervening years. The book now includes “It’s always great to hear how our ma-an etiology and a chart delineating the terials are making a difference and howdifferences between normal disfluen- much SLPs appreciate the affordability Jennifer Watson, left, and Deb Squires in thecies, mild stuttering and severe stutter- and quality. At the end of the two days, SFA booth in San Antonio, TX.ing, with suggestions for when an SLP all that was left fit easily in a tote bag.”should be consulted. San Antonio was the site for the Stuttering Foundation can help. The Child Who Stutters: to the Texas Speech-Hearing Association con- Thanks to Jennifer Watson, Ph.D., ofPediatrician may be downloaded for ference, which also provided a wonder- Texas Christian University, for her fabu-free from the Foundation’s Web site. It ful opportunity to talk with SLPs, hear lous help in the booth! Thanks, also, tois also available on the Foundation’s about their needs, help answer questions, Russ Hicks and Joseph Diaz for servingSpanish site at www.tartamudez.org. □ and let them see first-hand how The as “official photographers.” □Reaching Out Buddy, My Buddy,Worldwide ThroughThe Radio Your Buddies Will Miss You A voice advocating for Personal remembrances on the retire- time or another. those who stutter was heard ment of Buddy Morgan from MPL All the people across the world this spring, Media and as videographer for SFA. SFA selected to when SFA President Jane be in the videos Carroll Guitar, SFA video coordinator: were truly profes-Fraser was interviewed by The Voice ofAmerica radio. Buddy was not only delightful to sionals. Buddy Morgan The focus of the show, which airs in work with while we were shooting in Ive learned aforeign countries across the globe but not various locations but also did an out- lot about stutter-in the U.S., was on Stuttering Awareness standing job in coaching the professors ing over the years. I stuttered myself asWeek. It provided an opportune time to and directing them in sometimes seem- a real young child.let people know about resources and or- ingly endless takes to get it just right! In the studio, Buddy worked tire- Jane Fraser:ganizations available to them wherever I first met Buddy back in the latethey live. lessly to knit together video images, audio tracks, graphics, and music for a 1980s or so when we first began to The Foundation alone provides publi- work on reproducing some old filmscations in 22 languages and mails mate- seamless production. He had humor, Southern charm and a real interest in from the 70s: the Van Riper series, therials to more than 60 countries each year. old Hal Starbuck tapes and the earlyOf course, the Web site is accessible helping those who stutter. Prevention of Stuttering series.worldwide, and offers an international Buddy Morgan: Thanks to encouragement—andreferral list of speech-language patholo- Ive been in Memphis since 1959, prodding—by Charles Van Riper, wegists and programs specializing in stut- and worked all over the world filming began to turn our attention to producingtering treatment. The SFA’s Spanish site, for the National Cotton Council, learn- a new generation of videotapes, the firstwww.tartamudez.org, reaches an ever- ing my trade. It was film back then be- of which was directed by Ed Conture,growing number of people as well. fore we converted to video. Ive been then at Syracuse University. Fraser was a guest on The Larry with MPL for the past 25 years, and Buddy and the Motion Picture LabMeiller Show on Wisconsin Public converted them to video, too. team came into the picture in "glue-Radio again this year. The 45- minute What was really nice about working ing" the footage of professors, children,live segment focused on National with SFA was that there was always a and the narration together into a seam-Stuttering Awareness Week, and what script: detail was taken care of. It was less product. And that of course wascan be done to help those who stutter. always fun because the people were so only the beginning. The call-in talk show aired through- nice and willing to try something new. Now some 27 tapes later, there is notout the greater Wisconsin area, and I guess Ive worked with every one a one in which Buddy Morgan didntprompted much feedback from that and of the professors. I shot them all at one play an important role. □surrounding states. □
  6. 6. 6 www.stutteringhelp.org 1-800-992-9392 Teens performed with cast members from STOMP, music director Everett Bradley, and others before a packed house at the Lucille Lortel Theater. Emmy-award winning actress Jane Alexander was the host. “The Our Time Gala was spectacu- lar!” said director Taro Alexander. “It was incredi- bly powerful to celebrate the courage, strength, joy, and creativi- Director Taro Alexander, right, and Jane Fraser, SFA president, congratulate Alan ty of people 6,000 Strong and Growing Rabinowitz on receiving the 2004 award. who stutter. Cleo Brooks, senior librarian for disabled The evening services, looks at SFA publications in the filled us all collection in the stunning new SeattleNSAW Gala in New York with hope Public Library. Over 6,000 public librariesContinued from page 1 now shelve SFA materials, which are pro- Our Time Theatre is a nonprofit or- and pride, Eric Gunhus, left, an vided to them free of charge. Check out our ganization dedicated to providing an and we look actor in the Broadway library listings page online at www.stutter- artistic home for young people and forward to show,the SFA Producers, touts The newsletter inghelp.org to see what’s available at your adults who stutter. celebrating to Everett Bradley, Our library. If they don’t have SFA books and next spring.” Time musical director. tapes, please have them call 1-800-992-9392 To celebrate NSAW, the Our Time or email info@stutteringhelp.org.Special Education Law and Children Who Stutter A child who stutters may be eligible Getting Started and the Screening During an eval-to receive speech therapy for free from If a child attends elementary school, uation, a parentthe local school district—even a child as the teacher may recommend a screening. should tell theyoung as three years old or one attending The parent of a preschooler may contact speech-languagea private school. the local school district directly and ask pathologist (SLP) when the child first Federal law mandates that state edu- that their child be screened for stuttering started to talk, when he first noticed thecation agencies and local school districts or ask their pediatrician to make a referral. stuttering, whether it has changed overprovide special education services to The child may be screened by one time, how her talking changes in differentchildren ages 3-21, including speech person or by a team of professionals. speaking situations, and whether there istherapy. Parents will be asked about the child’s a history of stuttering in the family. To help parents understand special general development, their current con- Is My Child Eligible?education law, the SFA has published a cerns about his speech, and general in- After the evaluation, a team com-new brochure, Special Education Law formation about the family. Then, the prised of the parent, the SLP and some-and Children Who Stutter. person or team will play with the child, one from the local school will determine Written by Lisa Scott Trautman, whether the child is eligible for speechPh.D., the brochure explains in simple, therapy. The eligibility decision is baseddirect, parent-centered language how Even a child as young on 1) the testing results from the evalua-children are identified, screened, evalu- as 3 years old or one in tion, 2) how these results compare to theated, and determined to be eligible for private school may be eligibility guidelines used by the schoolservices. There is a lengthy discussion of eligible for free speech district, 3) parent input, 4) how thehow speech therapy plans are developed therapy from the local child’s stuttering affects him in school,for each child and the parents’ roles in and 5) the team’s opinions regardingthe process. Differences in these pro- school district. whether the child would benefit fromcesses for children who are enrolled in therapy.private schools are discussed, and speech listen to his talking, and observe how he The Individualized Education Plantherapy options are presented for chil- plays with toys and interacts with others. If the child is eligible, an Individualdren who are ineligible for services from After the screening, a team of profes- Education Plan (IEP) will be writtenthe schools. sionals will meet to discuss the results. If within 30 days. If a child is not eligible, The full, four-color brochure is avail- further evaluation is necessary, the par- parents must be notified why in writingable for 10 cents through the ents will be contacted for permission to and given information about what to doFoundation’s catalog and online store, or schedule a comprehensive evaluation to if they disagree.may be downloaded for free from the determine whether a child’s stuttering The IEP lays out the therapy plan forWeb site. While space does not permit makes her eligible for speech therapy. the child and states what services thethe full text to be printed here, following The law also requires that parents be on child will receive. It is developed withis an edited version with some major the team that makes the final decision re- input from parents, the child’s teacher,points about getting help. garding eligibility. Continued on page 12
  7. 7. FALL 2004 1-800-992-9392 7 New DVD Offers Strategies for Treating Preschoolers Most experts agree that early inter- Stutter as a resource (both video and vention is critical in stuttering therapy. handouts) for my course in stuttering,” Yet many have questions about work- said Amit Bajaj, PhD, Assistant ing directly with preschoolers. Professor at Emerson In this new video, Kristin Chmela, one of today’s New! College, Boston. The nearly two-hour leading professionals in long video covers such fluency in young children, topics as the assessmentThe video team: Barry Guitar, Jane offers comprehensive and and treatment ofFraser, Frances Cook, Peter Ramig,Carroll Guitar, and Lisa Scott Trautman. practical strategies for preschoolers who stutter, successful intervention. guidelines based on new Video to Demonstrate Demonstrations of actual research on when to provide therapy sessions model treatment, and a structured ap- Therapy Techniques easy speech, and parents proach to involve parents. Work has begun on a DVD that will share their stories about being Working With Preschoolers demonstrate fluency shaping and stut- involved in treatment. Who Stutter: Successful Strategies for tering modification techniques with “In my opinion, hers is a very well Intervention is available from the SFA people of all ages who stutter. put-together program for preschool in- on VHS or DVD, and includes a 27- “This videotape is going to include tervention. I am certainly planning to page booklet that may be photocopied. footage of a variety of clinicians, all use Working With Preschoolers Who Call or visit the online catalog. □ specialists in the area of stuttering, who use these fluency shaping and stuttering modification strategies in News Shorts their clinical practice,” said Patricia Surviving Librarian Says Thanks— Zebrowski, Ph.D., University of Iowa. Adversity Send More, Please! “Demonstrations with actual people who stutter across the life span is Two of the SFA’s “As an adult who had a severe stutter- something that has not been captured heroes and spokes- ing problem as a child, I realize how on videotape. Our hopes are that any men are subjects in limiting it can be. I am forever grateful clinician can use these skills and adapt a new book by to my first grade them to their own personal style.” Gord Carley. teacher, Mrs. “This tape will address a need that Former Chicago Belzer, who deter- has been sought by many clinicians Bulls great Bob mined that it was over decades,” added Peter Ramig, Love and actor Nicholas not that I did not Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder. Brendon talk about their struggles with know the answer “We frequently hear from clinicians stuttering and how they overcame their when she called who wish they could watch other clin- greatest challenges in Surviving upon me, just that I was too embarrassed icians teach clients to use certain tech- Adversity. The book includes 30 other to try to speak; and it was not that I was niques. This video is going to fill that profiles of individuals who have over- unable ro read, just that I was unable to come different types of adversity. The□ read aloud, and arranged for me to have need,” said Lisa Scott Trautman, Ph.D., The Florida State University. book may be purchased through the speech therapy,” wrote Karen Worrall, “The inspiration for this project was SFA for $12.95. Carley has generously director of the Torrington Library. Ms. the videotape series by Dr. Charles offered to donate 50 percent of the Worrall listed a number of SFA publica- sales price to the SFA! □ tions the library shelves, and asked for Van Riper and Dr. Harold Starbuck that is still available from SFA,” ex- free copies of more resources. Ms. plained Carroll Guitar, M.L.S., project Worrall, we’re happy to oblige. □ chairperson. “Jane Fraser especially International Stuttering wanted to produce a DVD that would Awareness Day is Oct. 22 show therapy in action with master International NSSLHA Chapters Give clinicians. While Van Riper and S t u t t e r i n g to Stuttering Foundation Starbuck focused mainly on stuttering Awareness day will Thanks to National Student Speech, modification, the current project will be Oct. 22 this year, Language and Hearing Association include fluency shaping and a combi- with the theme of chapters at St. Joseph’s College in New nation of those techniques. The clini- “International Year of the Child Who York and at the University of Cincinnati cians involved with this project are all Stutters.” Professionals and others inter- in Ohio who sent gifts to the SFA. “We top-notch, devoted to stuttering thera- ested in stuttering are invited to partici- would like to contribute money that will py and, combined, have decades of ex- pate in an online conference Oct. 1-22 at make a direct difference, such as the perience with clients of all ages. It is a http://www.stutteringhomepage.com. A much-needed videotape for school-age particular pleasure to work with special section will be available this children,” wrote the chapter in New Frances Cook of the Michael Palin year for children and teens who stutter. York in sending in their donation. Great Centre in London, who brings a unique CEUs or college credit are available for timing! Stuttering: For Kids, By Kids is perspective from the UK.” □ a fee. See the web site for details. □ just out in VHS and DVD. □
  8. 8. 8 www.stutteringhelp.org 1-800-992-9392 Dear SFA: Reader ResponseSpeechEasy and Children Stuttering Foundation was the first year Dear SFA: Nicholas Brendon was chosen as We’ve given the idea of using the spokesman. Personally, I do not stutter,SpeechEasy with children a lot of and I can’t even imagine what a stuttererthought. goes through. It would be unfortunate, we think, if As an avid Nick fan I have read a lotyoung children were fitted with the de- of articles where he speaks about his bat-vice as they respond positively to a vari- tle with stuttering and on some occasionsety of traditional treatments. As far as we I was personally able to hear him talkknow, there is no research on the effects about it. You couldn’t have picked a bet-of Speech Easy on young children. ter spokesman. Nicholas speaks from his Along with treating the stuttering in heart and grabs your attention and touch-children, sometimes there are other treat- es your soul. He’s the perfect role model.ment needs, such as language, articula- The perfect inspiration.tion, etc. Only if an older child has had Recently I purchased three posters Mary Kozak is an SLP in Hagerstown, Ind.a history of unsuccessful treatment and if from the Foundation, all of Nick, and Larissa is her 6th grade student, who has placed them in my high school, my been inspired by stories about children whothe child does not have avoidance behav- stutter. Now it’s her turn to inspire others,iors, might it be considered. nephew’s elementary school, and in the said Mary, in sending the story below. The child, also, should be able to local library. The response has beenachieve an easy onset. A child who clut- amazing! A freshman boy from myters/stutters probably would not be a school e-mailed me and explained how I Can Do Anythinggood candidate since those children have terrific he thought the Stuttering This is it. Larissa gave her speech indifficulty being aware of their speech Foundation was. He was also in awe of front of her classmates and won the con-and the use of easy onset. the fact that Nicholas has a stutter and test. Now it’s time to speak in front of a In other words, individual speech and told me that “It’s just so wonderful to see larger audiecne with parents, teachers andlanguage assessments are as necessary his face on that poster.” admnistrators. She seems cool and calmwith the device as in any other treatment The Stuttering Foundation has touched as she approaches the microphone. I holdplan. Caution is the key word. the hearts of so many people and I am my breath as she begins. Drs. Jeanna & Glyndon Riley very proud to be a supporter. She uses her compensatory strategies: Riley Speech and Language Institute Tara Ripke pacing, slower rate and slide-outs, with Tustin, California ease and confidence. I think back to the Editor’s Note: Nicholas has worked girl I met over two years ago, who with the SFA since 2001. In that time, thought she was the only person in theNick’s the Best! www.NickBrendon.com visitors have world who stuttered. Among other I just want to let you know that your contributed more than $5,000 to the char- things, she has learned about famous peo-Foundation is remarkable. I cannot begin ity. Helping the SFA is a significant out- ple who stutter. She especially liked Kingto tell you how many lives you have come of Nick’s role on Buffy. You can still George, who “looked like he was goingtouched and helped. contribute to the SFA through Nick’s to throw up” before his coronation The way I became familiar with The Birthday Project on his site. speech. She read about other children A Picture’s Worth... Artwork, left, by David Sakiewicz, 10, who writes, “I feel that my speech is like a dark cloud looming and fol- lowing me, and when I use my speech utensils I put on a raincoat and I feel in control!” Artwork, right, by Trevor Davis, 8, who writes, “ Speech looks like a river flowing and then someone put a rock in it so it can’t flow.” Submitted by Charito Shook, a bilin- gual SLP at Libby Elementary School in Oceanside, Calif.
  9. 9. FALL 2004 1-800-992-9392 9who stutter and wrote letters to them. But to help my students with stuttering. At Joey’s Storymost of all, we have laughed together speech department meetings, it seems all Dear Stuttering Foundationwhile sharing feelings and ideas. of the other therapists share these same I have been working on my stuttering a As she ends her speech, my teary eyes feelings. lot lately. Our speech therapist told us thatare filled with joy as the audience claps in I appreciate your materials from The on special occasions you can’t stutter, butappreciation. As we smile at each other, Stuttering Foundation. We’re reading when that special occasion ends, it don’tshe and I both know the secret to suc- through the Sometimes I Just Stutter book care if you stutter or not.cess—confidence in who you are as a together and I am copying it and sending I am eleven years old now and I haveunique individual. it home for them to share with their fami- been stuttering for 6-8 years and I want to Mary Kozak lies. stop stuttering. I have been working real- Joey is a 5th grader with good self-es- This is about my D.A.R.E. speech and ly hard on it, and now I am doing a lot teem. His stuttering does not hold himhow I got through it. D.A.R.E. is a pro- better on it. back from participating in school. He is agram at my school that teaches kids about I sure hope you get my letter and write bright boy who knows his sports statistics.drugs. A good idea is to practice with an me back, because I really want to stop When he is retelling sports facts and whenadult and pretend aliens are in the audi- stuttering. he gets up to perform before a crowd, hisence. Aliens don’t make me feel nervous, From Joey Thornton speech is more fluent than most. He alsolike people do, during a speech. My came in third place in our county’sstomach does flips when I have to give a Blake’s Story About His spelling bee.speech. I use slide-outs and it is very Stuttering Blake is a “cool” and very intelligenthelpful. A really good tip is to read your I think that kids who stutter should not 5th grader. He is quite a leader and aspeech over and over again to an adult. feel sad about it. I have been going to straight “A” student. He’s great and en-Talk slowly and pause between your sen- therapy for 2 years, and she has [taught] joys math and drawing and we’ve dis-tences. Don’t be afraid to try and give me how to overcome stuttering. cussed being an engineer, architect,your speech in front of a lot of people. If I am ten years old and I have been stut- graphic illustrator, and so on. I remindI can do it, then I know you can too! tering all my life and I don’t stutter a lot him that he’s a leader and others really Larissa Nakamura now. Kids shouldn’t be upset about stut- watch him and copy what he’s doing. Thank you for your time and for hav- tering. I feel special about it, and otherOur Stories ing a place where children can feel at kids should too. Dear SFA: home with their stuttering and communi- Blake Utley Following are letters from my stu- cate those feelings, while being totally un-dents whom I treat for stuttering. As a derstood. Send your letters to SFA, P.O. Boxspeech therapist, I often feel FRUS- Christine Dietrich, MA, CCC-SLP 11749, Memphis, TN 38111-0749 orTRATED and INADEQUATE in trying Rockingham, NC email info@stutteringhelp.org. Language Processing an elastic cap. Using this technique we can by words that rhymed or did not rhyme Continued from page 1 measure changes in brain activity on a mil- with a preceding word. This experiment ly these movements are produced across lisecond by millisecond basis. The partici- allowed us to look at how phonological different language tasks. The main find- pants in these studies were asked to read processing (without the grammatical or ing from these studies is that when lan- words that were flashed on a computer semantic demands) may differ in adults guage demands are relatively low, the monitor one word at a time. We then aver- who stutter. For the most part, the aver- speech movements of adults who stutter aged the brain activity that was elicited by aged brain waves and behavioral re- are similar in consistency to those of nor- specific aspects of the language stimuli, sponses of the adults who stutter were mally fluent adults. However, when the such as whether the word is a content word very similar to those of normally fluent linguistic demands of an utterance be- (e.g., “cow”) or a function word (e.g., speakers. It was only in the most difficult come more complex, the additional pro- “into”). This averaging of the brain waves rhyme decision, when the two words cessing demands affect the speech motor results in a measure known as an event-re- looked alike but did not rhyme (e.g., control systems of adults who stutter to a lated brain potential (ERP). When we ex- gown, own) that the reactions times were greater extent than those who are nor- amined the averaged brain waves of the slowed in the adults who stutter. The av- mally fluent. This is direct evidence of adults who stutter, we found they were re- eraged brain waves for the rhyme deci- how task demands in other neural sys- duced in amplitude compared to matched sion was larger over the right hemi- tems, such those involved in language normally fluent group of adults. We found sphere compared to the left in the adults processing, can disrupt the neural signals reduced amplitudes of averaged brain re- who stutter but equal in the normally flu- for the speech movements themselves. sponses in adults who stutter for function ent speakers. Taken together, these find- A second approach we have taken to and content words, for words read in an un- ings indicate that the neural systems for better understand how language process- expected context (semantic anomalies, e.g. some aspects of language processing ing demands may affect stuttering is to The boy hung his coat in the peanut), and may operate differently in adults who examine brain responses to language violations in verb agreement (e.g., stutter even when there are no overt tasks when participants are not required Everyday they travels this road). Our most speaking demands. Overall, in both the to speak. To do this we recorded the elec- recent study which will appear in the movement tracking and brain response trical activity that is generated by groups Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing studies, we found that increased com- of brain cells (electroencephalography) Research in December, 2004, examined plexity, or greater demands on the lan- with 32 electrodes that are embedded in averaged brain responses that were elicited Continued on page 12
  10. 10. 10 www.stutteringhelp.org 1-800-992-9392 ■ The Stuttering Foundation two- therapy through the public schools.NEWSBRIEFS day conference for speech-lan- Chapleau, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2K 3H6; 1-877-353-1042. Please Instead, parents may have to find a guage pathologists working with enclose $20.00 Canadian to cover print- school-age children who stutter, speech-language pathologist in a clin- ing, postage, and handling costs. Practical Ideas for the School ic or private practice to see the child, Clinician, will be held in June, and pay for therapy themselves or 2005. For dates, place, and an have it billed through their health in- application form, call the Stuttering Special Education Law and surance. The Stuttering Foundation Foundation at 1-800-992-9392 or Stuttering Therapy check www.stutteringhelp.org. can provide a list of SLPs who spe- Continued from page 6 cialize in stuttering therapy. □ ■ The Stuttering Foundation Eastern Workshop, Diagnosis and input from parents, the child’s teacher, Treatment of Children Who Stutter: and from the special education team Practical Strategies, directed by member(s) who will work with the Language Processing Susan Dietrich, Ph.D., Sheryl Continued from page 9 Gottwald, Ph.D., Edward G. child. For stuttering, this is typically Conture, Ph.D. in collaboration an SLP. guage processing system, enhanced with Diane Parris, M.A., will be The IEP includes: a statement differences between adults who stutter held at Boston University. Call for about the child’s present level of per- and normally fluent adults.dates, place, and an application form, call formance, annual speech therapy The studies described above havethe Stuttering Foundation at 1-800-992-9392 or check www.stutteringhelp.org. goals, services to be provided and focused on language and motor inter-■ The Stuttering Foundation Workshop, who will provide them, the amount of actions in adults who stutter. This bodyDiagnosis and Treatment of Children Who time services will be provided each of work lays the groundwork for theStutter: Practical Strategies, directed by week, and how progress will be mea- next phase of our research which is toAlex Johnson, Ph.D. and Patrice sured. look at similar types of interactions inCarothers, M.A. For dates, place, and an The IEP is a one-year plan devel- young children who stutter. Our re-application form, call the StutteringFoundation at 1-800-992-9392 or check oped with the parents’ input. Parents search group (Anne Smith andwww.stutteringhelp.org. must also consent for the child to be Christine Weber-Fox from the■ The Stuttering Foundation two-week placed in speech therapy. At least Department of Audiology and SpeechWorkshop for Specialists will be held at once a year, a meeting will be sched- Sciences and Howard Zelaznik fromthe University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, in the Department of Health andJune 20-July 2, 2005, directed by Patricia uled to review the child’s progress.Zebrowski, Ph.D. and Toni Cilek, M.A. The IEP is a flexible document that Kinesiology at Purdue University) veryFor more information, contact the can be modified if the child’s needs much appreciate the support from theStuttering Foundation at 1-800-992-9392, change before a year has passed. National Institute of Deafness andor write Dr. Zebrowski, c/o SFA, 3100 Parents have the right to have the Other Communication Disorders of theWalnut Grove Road, Suite 603, Memphis, National Institutes of HealthTN 38111-0749. This unique workshop team’s recommendations reviewed bybrings together speech-language patholo- an outside person or have the child in- (Physiological Correlates of Stuttering,gists from all over the world. dependently evaluated. They may R01 00559). □■ For those wanting to purchase a poster also take an advocate with them toentitled The Bill of Rights andResponsibilities of PWS, contact Michael any meeting. For example, if parents The Stuttering Foundation of America isSugarman at MSugarman1@aol.com. It are paying for private speech therapy, a tax-exempt organization under sectionrepresents the combined effort of the IFA they may take the therapist to school 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Codeand ISA. meetings to help plan the child’s pub- and is classified as a private operating■ Cours dimmersion a la fluidite offrira lic school therapy. foundation as defined in sectiondes lautomne 2004, une fin de semaine in- 4942(j)(3). Charitable contributions andtensive sur la fluidite. Pour renseigne- Children in Private Schools bequests to the Foundation are tax-ments, faire venir un courriel a abcbe- Local public school districts are re- deductible, subject to limitations under the Code.gaiement@sympatico.ca. quired to identify, evaluate, and pro-■ LISTSERV for doctoral students specializ- vide services to children in private For Combined Federal Campaign donors,ing in stuttering. The intent of this list is toserve as an open forum for doctoral students. schools just as they must for children please note that our code number for theMembership is limited to doctoral students attending public schools. The main 2004-2005 CFC campaign isonly. To subscribe, send the following message difference for students in private CFC #2539.to listserv@listserv.temple.edu: subscribe stut- schools is in how services are deliv-terdoc firstname lastname or contact Joe ered and the replacement of the IEP We are proud that over 95 centsDonaher at turtlecraw@aol.com. of every dollar goes directly into■ For those interested in joining Toastmasters with a “Service Plan.” Instead of an helping those who stutter.International as a way to improve fluency, SLP coming to the child’s owncommunication or public speaking skills, their school, the child may have to go to theaddress is: Toastmasters International, Inc., closest elementary school for therapy.Attention: Membership Department, P.O. Box9052, Mission Viejo, CA 92690, Telephone: The Service Plan establishes annual goals for the child and specifies the STUTTERING FOUNDATION TM(714) 858-8255; Fax: (714) 858-1207.■ For those wanting to obtain a copy of services to be provided. PersonnelSelf-Therapy for the Stutterer in Japanese, from the child’s school are invited to A Nonprofit Organizationwrite to Dr. Shokichi Nakajima, 2-21-1 help determine eligibility and develop Since 1947 — Helping Those Who StutterOgawa Machida-shi, Tokyo 194, Japan, the Service Plan. 3100 Walnut Grove Road, Suite 603telephone/fax: 0427 (96) 5092. P.O. Box 11749 ● Memphis, TN 38111-0749■ Self-Therapy for the Stutterer is avail- If My Child is Ineligible 1-800-992-9392 ● 1-800-967-7700able in French. Write to the Association Sometimes a child who is stuttering www.stutteringhelp.orgdes Begues du Canada, 2596 A rue may not be eligible for free speech info@stutteringhelp.org