The Convergence of Old School and New School PR


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Principal & Owner, Kim Sherman, and social media director, Rebecca Markarian, present how to put the PUBLIC back in public relations and what the introduction of social media to communications means to creating effective campaigns that deliver results.

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The Convergence of Old School and New School PR

  1. 1. The Convergence of Old School and New School Public Relations Presented by Kim Sherman, Principal & Founder, Echo Media Group Rebecca Markarian, APR, Social Media Director
  2. 2. State of the Industry Ten Years Ago… Would You Have Dreamed? More than 2 Billion People A Day Would View Posted Videos? 500 Million Users Would Participate in an Online Community Sharing Posts, Commenting on “Walls” and “Liking” Various Groups and Causes? •More Than 55 Million “Tweets” A Day Would Go Out? These New Platforms Would Challenge Traditional Media and PR as We Know It?
  3. 3. State of the Industry Media News Releases Blogger Relations Tweets & Posts Relations Video News Social Media Media Tours Digital Assets Releases Campaigns Media Events Speaking Opps Tweet-Ups Podcasts & Webinars
  4. 4. Old School PR Traditional PR Still Plays a Vital Role in: • Building Awareness • Influencing Publics • Establishing Credibility • Relationships with Media • Communicating Your Story • Improving SEO
  5. 5. From Orange County to the White House Case Study
  6. 6. Simon Foundation PR Need – Promote a New and Unique 6-year Scholarship Program – Support Its Goal to Go National Traditional PR Tools – Strategic Media Outreach Program Including:  Media Exclusives  Benefactor Profiles on Ron Simon  Student Profiles
  7. 7. The Simon Foundation Highlights Building the Local Campaigns Provided the Platform to Go National….
  8. 8. The Simon Foundation Highlights • In less than 7 years, the Foundation has awarded more than 425 scholarships valued in excess of $14 million. • They have opened chapters and Simon Scholar Certified High Schools in: • Orange County • San Diego • Santa Fe •Albuquerque •Atlanta • In 2010, the Simon Foundation announced their partnership with Gen. Colin Powell’s America’s Promise Alliance to take the program national, starting with a Simon Scholars candidate chapter in Washington, D.C.
  9. 9. Taking Advantage of the Media Landscape • Time-Strapped & Limited Traditional Media Staff Present Opportunities for: – Submitted Materials: Byline Articles, Tip Sheets and Sidebars – Visual Aids: Photography and Video • More Story Syndication: Find a Journalist that Writes for the Wires! • Become the Authority on a Topic • Utilize new FREE tools like H.A.R.O. (Help A Reporter Out)
  10. 10. Understanding the New Media Landscape Know where the media gets their news?
  11. 11. Getting Social Putting the PUBLIC back in Public Relations
  12. 12. What can NEW PR do for you? Improved Improved Stronger brand company customer awareness perception service Build stronger Quick Stronger relationships response times partnerships Improved SEO (Search Engine And more! Optimization)
  13. 13. How does social media fit? It should be an INTEGRATED part of ALL of your marketing efforts.
  14. 14. Creating an INTEGRATED Program Communications (PR & Social Customer Service Media) Sales Advertising Marketing Events Collateral
  15. 15. Establish the Goals Help you engage with audiences and develop deeper relationships Leverage all of your current efforts and make them work harder Take advantage of new tools to gain insight and engage directly Aid in organically improving SEO Reach new audiences Build awareness for your brand and mission
  16. 16. Define the Audience Who will we reach out to and how do we find them? Donors Partners Media Clients/Customers • Existing Donors • Existing partners • Traditional • Existing • New Donors • New Partners • Non-traditional clients/customers • New clients/customers
  17. 17. Set the Objectives These must be SPECIFIC, REALISTIC and MEASUREABLE. Generate 100 potential new donor leads per month through PR and Social Media Consistently grow social media network by 10% each month Consistently grow active engagement by 10% each month Secure targeted media (both traditional and non traditional) placements that reach approximately 500,000 potential donors per month Grow traffic to corporate website by 20% year over year
  18. 18. Outline the Strategies and Tactics How are you going to achieve each PR & Social Media objective? Advertising Think through ALL of the possibilities: – Events Email Newsletters – Current marketing activities – Upcoming opportunities Partner Marketing Materials – Trends in the news Web site
  19. 19. Get Everyone On Board Make everyone invested and accountable for the success of the program. Don’t be “that crazy guy.”
  20. 20. Measure & Report Depending on the data you collect, you an create a variety of reports for your team. Here are some of the things we include:  Executive Overview: highlights of your engagement activities  Results by the Numbers:  Number of impressions  Number of engagements  Leads generated  Volume of conversation  Sentiment analysis  Trending words and phrases  Influential sites, bloggers and tweeters  And more!  Analysis of Performance: measurement against specific objectives
  21. 21. Learn from the Results Keep what worked. Change or eliminate what didn’t. Explore the opportunities uncovered.
  22. 22. PR Toolkit Download it for FREE at: 714-573-0899