How deep do you dive in Inbound Marketing waters [Infographic]


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Inbound Marketing Infographic

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How deep do you dive in Inbound Marketing waters [Infographic]

  1. 1. ARE YOU PROUD OF YOUR WEBSITE? NO The fish aren’t biting. Maybe we’re using the wrong bait. I don’t believe SEO will help my business. We know what SEO is and we put some keywords behind the pages on our site, but we tend to swim on the surface. HOW DEEP DO YOU DIVE INTO INBOUND MARKETING WATERS? Are you a B2B professional services company “dipping your toes” into inbound marketing waters? Or perhaps, you’re going through the motions and wondering what your marketing efforts are producing. Follow below to see just how deep you dive. Get started! Time to hire some profe- sional divers... AKA web designers with inbound mar- keting expertise. IS YOUR SEO STRATEGY LEADING TO FIRST PAGE KEYWORD RANKINGS? B2B buyers are searching keyword terms related to your business. Don’t miss out on achievable SEO oppor- tunities to get more traffic and buyers to your site. Inbound Marketing hinges on the value of the content on your website. DO YOU HAVE A CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY? What’s content marketing? Last time we wrote some- thing, George W. Bush was President. IS YOUR CONTENT APPEALING TO YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE? DOES SOCIAL MEDIA HAVE A ROLE IN YOUR BUSINESS? IS YOUR EMAIL MARKETING PRODUCING RESULTS? NICE WORK! DIVING THIS DEEP WILL REWARD YOU WITH WEB TRAFFIC, INCREASED LEAD GEN OPPORTUNITIES, AND MORE SALES IN THE FUNNEL. We’re active on social media and view it as a method for distributing content and a channel for our sales and marketing teams to engage with our target buyer personas. We carefully segment our target lists of contacts and write compelling copy with calls-to-action. 75% of buyers look at your website before purchas- ing. 59% of B2B marketers say email is the most effective channel for generating revenue. Invest in an email marketing process that identi- fies your buyer per- sonas and segment them accord- ingly. 87% of buyers go out and look for advice before choosing. What if you were that source of advice? I don’t think my target market is hanging out there. Why bother? You may not acquire a bunch of customer by simply tweeting here and there, but Social Media will abso- lutely build your brand awareness. 62% of companies said that Social Media has become more important as a source of leads in the past six months. (2012) 65% of B2B companies report that they have aquired a customer through Linke- dIn. “Customer Service Out- sourcing” is searched 4,400 times monthly. Our website is profesionally and carefully branded and designed. We consistently create vari- ous forms of original con- tent that our buyer personas find valuable and relevant. There are multiple ways to craft content that is valuable to your target audi- ence. Dolores from accounting likes to blog about her favorite recipes. Each page is optimized around several specific keywords that fit our brand and we consistently rank on the first page of Google. Your email copy should promote low- hanging fruit opportunites. Slide- Share White Papers You Tube Videos Case Studies eBooks Testi- monials Bro- chures Blogs We craft our content with our target audi- ence in mind, providing helpful information that our customers are searching for. Find out what they’re searching for on Google Troll Social Media sites to see what they’re talking about Start some conversations with current and potential cus- tomers Conduct surveys The term “IT Staff- ing Company” is searched nearly 50,000 times on Google every month. Act as another touch point in the sales process Initiate networking opportuni- ties Encourage “word of mouth” recom- mendations Personalize your company to customers But don’t just stop here, complement your Inbound Marketing efforts with other activities like content syndication ,PR, adwords, guest blogging, updated sales messaging, and “warm” calling campaigns.... Stats credits: Created by: YES