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The Conjunction of Search and Social Media Marketing by Gillian Muessig


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Gillian Muessig presentation at SMSin2011

Gillian Muessig presentation at SMSin2011

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  • 1. The Evolution of SearchThe Merging of Search and Social Gillian Muessig – Chennai Nov, 2011
  • 2. The King is Dead! Long live the king!
  • 3. 2001: A Crazy Search LandscapeVia Bruce Clay’s classic search engine relationship chart:
  • 4. The Algorithm:(Keyword Use + Anchor Text) X PageRank Simpler times. Spammier times, too.
  • 5. SERPs All Looked Like This:Via Google’s 10th Birthday post:
  • 6. SEO Meant a Few FundamentalsMake good content, make it accessible, target the right keywords… That was pretty much it!
  • 7. And a Lot of Link BuildingLinks were pretty much everything once you got a crawlable, keyword-targeted page set up.
  • 8. Hello Spam!Even Rand bought some of these back in the day…
  • 9. Fast Forward 7 YearsGoogle celebrated the year with a TCP/IP protocol reference:
  • 10. Google’s DominatingVia
  • 11. Local/Maps is on the RiseMatt McGee charted the astounding rise of Google Maps/Local starting in 2008:
  • 12. There’s a Few New ProtocolsThe homepage literally hasn’t changed since February of 2008!
  • 13. But Not Much Else Has ChangedIn early 2009, I wrote a post about the shift in importance of algorithmic factors at Google:
  • 14. Jump Ahead… to 2011
  • 15. It’s a Whole New WorldImage via (which is pretty cool, BTW)
  • 16. SERPs Rarely Look Like This Anymore It took me serious time to find a query this sparse
  • 17. They Look Like This:Google’s instant answers are getting more detailed and sophisticated, as illustrated by
  • 18. And This:News results, shopping results and video snippets + the new, shrunken sitelinks for the top result
  • 19. And This:Awesome!
  • 20. And This:Personalization and social sharing dominate the page because I’m logged in.
  • 21. Rich Snippets & Schema.orgThere’s a good post by Rich Baxter on Schema here:
  • 22. Rel=AuthorGood advice on how to get it set up here:
  • 23. Video ResultsGoogle on how to create video XML sitemaps and appear in these results:
  • 24. And Social AnnotationsNot only are the results annotated with the share / social data; they also outrank the top result
  • 25. SERPs Are Almost Always Personalized Search history, social networks, previous clicks and more impact personalization + rankings
  • 26. And Geographically Biased, TooGeography impacts both search result ordering and search suggestions/instant
  • 27. Search Barely Requires TypingBTW – I tried this same search from Portland vs. Yoder, and “Fox News” is not a top suggestion, but“Firefox “and “Fred Meyer” both are 
  • 28. Misspellings are a Thing of the Past A few years back, there would be entire sessions at conferences on SEO for misspellings
  • 29. Instant Answers are EverywhereGoogle even offered instant answers as to the sexual orientation of celebrities: (but the feature appears to have been removed)
  • 30. The Algorithm Has ChangedCheck out Dr. Pete’s Algorithm History guide:
  • 31. We Had VinceAaron Wall did some excellent analysis on Vince here:
  • 32. And May DayBarry Schwartz summarized the impact as described by Matt here:
  • 33. And the PandasSome good analysis from Cyrus Shephard here:
  • 34. Brands Can Now Dominate Entire Pages Nothing but from top to bottom
  • 35. Some are Dominated by Google Itself
  • 36. Social is on the Rise Like Never Before Via
  • 37. Why Social Signals Trump LinksVia
  • 38. We Know Who Rules the News That Day
  • 39. And Google Pivoted
  • 40. Social Is The Immediacy Signal
  • 41. Social Signals Rose Again Yesterday
  • 42. We Want News, Not Ancient History
  • 43. We Want Today’s Reviews
  • 44. It Means You’ve Got Work • Websites need fresher content • Comment Marketing increases • Facebook, Orkut & Twitter increase in power… again
  • 45. Social Fragmentation Appears CertainUsers: 50mm 750mm 200mm 120mm 10mmUsers: 14mm Millions 14mm 6.5mm This growth is a big reason why I’ve changed my tune on social media marketing and now strongly endorse it for almost every business:
  • 46. What’s More…
  • 47. Search No Longer Works in a Vacuum Earning a click in the SERPs is merely one step in a greater process.
  • 48. It Lives in the Broader Inbound Funnel Eloqua’s content grid does a great job exploring where content sits in the marketing funnel:
  • 49. But is Nearly Useless By ItselfVia
  • 50. SEO from 2001-2008
  • 51. Make the Site Search-Engine Friendly Via
  • 52. Target KeywordsVia
  • 53. Build LinksVia
  • 54. Good EnoughYep; it really used to work.
  • 55. That SEOis Dead.
  • 56. You Might RankBefore you even do that, make sure you’re choosing the right goals:
  • 57. You Probably Won’t Convert Well Unless the rest of the funnel rocks, SEO is in a rough spot: the-seo-battle-at-every-step-of-the-purchase-path
  • 58. The New Look of Search
  • 59. Top Ten Tips for Chennai SEOs!
  • 60. #10: New Heirarchy of Social Credibility
  • 61. #9: Info-graphics Are the New Linkbait
  • 62. #8: Video Rules!
  • 63. #7: Branding is Baaaaa-ack!
  • 64. #6: Leverage All the Social NetworksUsers: 50mm 750mm 200mm 120mm 10mmUsers: 14mm Millions 14mm 6.5mm
  • 65. #5: Recommend Sites to Searchers
  • 66. #4:Build Links With Your Social Followers
  • 67. #3: Play Games!
  • 68. #2: Thought Leadership = CTR Bump
  • 69. #1: Ask Rand; He’s Not Busy ;-)
  • 70. +1!: Follow the Money Backwards
  • 71. SEO is Bigger than SEO
  • 72. And We Have the Skills, Knowledge,Experience and Adaptability to Win.
  • 73. Long Live SEO!
  • 74. Thank you! Gillian MuessigFounding President of SEOmoz | @SEOmom |