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What It Takes to Make Social Successful


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A review of the technical and cultural issues surrounding a successful deployment and adoption of a social collaboration solution, from a SharePoint and Yammer perspective.

A review of the technical and cultural issues surrounding a successful deployment and adoption of a social collaboration solution, from a SharePoint and Yammer perspective.

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  • 1. What It Takes to Make Social Successful CHRISTIAN BUCKLEY CHIEF EVANGELIST @METALOGIX
  • 2. Christian Buckley Chief Evangelist & SharePoint MVP Metalogix @buckleyplanet
  • 3. Our Continuing Mission: Improve the use and performance of Enterprise Content to power knowledge sharing and collaboration. 14,000+ customer license shipped Fastest and Largest growing ISV. Complete & Best-of-Breed SharePoint Infrastructure Management Suite We are committed to your Success with SharePoint
  • 4. Best of Breed Content Infrastructure Management Suite Single Source to Deploy, Operate, and Protect SharePoint • Provide single source delivery of complete suite of best-in-class SharePoint technology • Now offering the industry’s premier SharePoint governance, backup and monitoring. • Deliver world-class live 24x7 support to our customers • Over 14,000 customers in 86 countries on 7 continents • The fastest growing SharePoint-focused Independent Software Vendor (ISV) in the world
  • 5. How do you use social today?
  • 6. Ground-Level View of SharePoint Social
  • 7. You
  • 8. So does she Him too
  • 9. As she posts… Everyone following her gets notified
  • 10. Write Read
  • 11. The micro-feed enables users to  Participate in conversations by posting comments and replies  Post pictures and links  Use tags (starting with the # symbol) to define keywords that users can follow and search for  Use mentions (starting with the @ symbol) to tag users in posts and replies  Indicate agreement with comments and replies by clicking Like.  Follow people, documents, sites, and tags to customize their feed  Office 365 has all these capabilities too, btw.
  • 12. demo
  • 13. Social is more than just technology Its about People, Process and Technology It’s about solving a business problem – but with an understanding of your cultural needs
  • 14. How people are using social: • Innovation • Find an Expert • Sharing • Discussions • Knowledgebase • Ad hoc collaboration • Rich media sharing • Anywhere access
  • 15. Roadmap to Success  Successful social deployments take more than just the latest software or service  Technology  Cultural fit  Training  Nurturing  Business alignment  Power users  Executive buy in
  • 16. What can I do to make social successful in my organization?
  • 17. Make sure you have executive participation
  • 18. Align with business activities
  • 19. Determine (and enforce) the right home for content and conversations
  • 20. Invite people to participate, continually
  • 21. Make it part of the corporate culture
  • 22. Provide the metrics
  • 23. Help develop, and surround yourself with, power users
  • 24. The SharePoint and Yammer Roadmap
  • 25. Yammer + SharePoint Roadmap Today  Option to replace SharePoint Newsfeed with Yammer  Yammer app for SharePoint  SharePoint 2013 on-premises guidance Tomorrow Future  New User Experience  External Communication  Document conversations  Email integration  Office 365 Single sign-on  Enhanced messaging
  • 26. For more of a dev perspective with detail on APIs, read Beyond Social by Adis Jugo
  • 27. Conversations are stored in a Content Database in Micro-feed-type lists, and the rest, such as tags, etc., are in a User Profile Social Database
  • 28. Extending via APIs • Client-side o o Mobility API: Windows Phone o JavaScript Object model (JSOM) o • CSMO: Managed C#, Silverlight REST / Odata Server-side o Server Object Model
  • 29. Thank you! @buckleyplanet