How to Kill Innovation in SharePoint in 5 Easy Steps


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A sarcastic, somewhat snarky presentation on the 5 areas that cause SharePoint to fail, which impacts an organization's ability to collaborate and innovate. Based on an article and ebook of the same name.

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How to Kill Innovation in SharePoint in 5 Easy Steps

  1. How to Kill Innovation in SharePoint in 5 Easy Steps CHRISTIAN BUCKLEY CHIEF EVANGELIST @METALOGIX
  2. Christian Buckley Chief Evangelist & SharePoint MVP Metalogix @buckleyplanet
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  5. How to Kill Innovation in SharePoint in 5 Easy Steps  What I’ll cover today: • How to break the spirit of your end users • How to expand the process lawlessness • How to ensure nobody can ever find their content ever again • Which key trends and best practices to completely and utterly ignore
  6. Do you recognize these business problems? • Adoption issues • Weak usage of taxonomy and templates • Poor collaboration • Slow to realize benefits of SharePoint investments
  7. Awesome! The plan is working.
  8. If total failure is your goal, then please proceed.
  9. 5 industry-tested techniques for ending any chance that SharePoint will ever be successful
  10. 1. Skip the information architecture.
  11. Of course, if you skip the information architecture…  You won’t understanding how the platform works  You won’t know how sites should be structured  You will not be familiar with the many templates, content types, taxonomy, and navigation  You won’t be able to help your users take advantage of the rich features within  You will struggle to accomplish the basic tasks  Search will just flat out suck
  12. 2. Deploy it, and walk away.
  13. The problem with just deploying SharePoint and walking away…  The system will not actually meet the requirements of your users  As your users get more sophisticated on the platform, the platform will not grow with them  End users will quickly outgrow a static platform, and move onto other tools – which will most likely be unsecure, unsupported, and you’ll eventually be tasked with cleaning it up
  14. 3. Don't plan for governance
  15. Ignoring governance sounds great, but then…  There will be no early detection for long-term problems  You’ll have no visibility into how the system is being used  Teams will have differing standards, if they follow standards at all  Collaboration will break down into old team and divisional siloes, and the system will lose its inherent value
  16. 4. Refuse to recognize the power of social computing
  17. Of course, if you think social is just a passing fad…  Then you’ll miss out on another layer of the search experience  You won’t be able to put content and ideas (and innovation) in context to the running dialog within your organization  You will severely limit your ability to find content and ideas outside of the exact search terms you input  You’ll find it more difficult to find the right people and expertise  Your end users will increasingly disengage
  18. 5. Don't have a user adoption strategy.
  19. If you don’t have a plan for getting your users to saddle up…  They won’t use it  You’ll spend a bunch of money on a very expensive file share (regardless of whether its on premises or in the cloud)  They’ll go find something else – and you can bet that it’ll be outside of your control
  20. But seriously…
  21. Just remember…. • SharePoint is a journey, not a race • You're not going to get everything right all the time • Listen to your users • Be authentic about what you know, what you have permissions (and budget) to do for your end users • Reach out to the expert community for advice and best practices
  22. Thank you! @buckleyplanet