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Governance, Compliance, and Monitoring "In The Real World"
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Governance, Compliance, and Monitoring "In The Real World"


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Webinar given by fellow SharePoint MVPs Nick Kellett, CTO of StoneShare, and Christian Buckley, Director of Product Evangelism at Axceler, on SharePoint auditing, compliance, and monitoring.

Webinar given by fellow SharePoint MVPs Nick Kellett, CTO of StoneShare, and Christian Buckley, Director of Product Evangelism at Axceler, on SharePoint auditing, compliance, and monitoring.

Published in: Technology

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  • Goals and Objectives:Ensure your plan is being followedReduce the compliance overheadMake it “future proof”
  • OOTB Steps: For a team site: Go to Site Settings > Site Web Analytic Reports, view the results. a site collection, go to Site settings > Site Web Analytic Reports, view the results.For a report, go to Analyze tab, click “Export to spreadsheet” and view the result in ExcelClick schedule alerts or reports and show that a special workflow has to be setup to notify users
  • OOTB Steps: Using James Joyce or similar user, navigate to two different team sites and check his site permissions using Site Settings > Site Permissions > Check Permissions. Navigate to a library with customized permissions and determine what rights he has thereIdeally we should use a user and show site(s) with customized libraries and permissions for that user
  • OOTB Steps: Using site collection admin, navigate to a team site and view audit reports in Excel format, showing security permission changes and determining who has modified contentRequires auditing to have been turned on
  • OOTB Steps: Site Actions > Site Settings > Storage Metrics (With SP1 only)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Governance Compliance and Monitoring“In the Real World”
    • 2. Agenda‣ What is Governance Compliance?‣ 5 Steps to Governance Compliance Success‣ Governance Plan‣ Governance Compliance Scenarios ‣ With SharePoint OOTB ‣ With Axceler ControlPoint‣ Q&A
    • 3. What is Governance Compliance?‣ What is Governance Compliance ‣ Goals and Objectives ‣ Types of compliance‣ SharePoint Maturity Model
    • 4. What is Governance Compliance?‣ Types of compliance ‣ Accessibility (web standards) ‣ Operational security and privacy ‣ Legislative (PIPEDA, HIPAA, SOX, ITAR) ‣ Auditing and Legal (e-Discovery, ATIP) ‣ SharePoint Service Quality‣ Goals and Objectives
    • 5. SharePoint Maturity Model ‣ Notice that levels 400 and 500 depend on monitoring
    • 6. 5 Steps to Governance ComplianceSuccess1. Identify your compliance requirements2. Map your requirements to SharePoint functionality3. Establish governance model and policies for these requirements4. Determine compliance monitoring approach and tools5. Monitor (and automate!)
    • 7. Example Governance Model
    • 8. Example Compliance Map – e-Discovery‣Business Requirement: “Ensure that content stored inour SharePoint portal can be included properly in e-Discovery”
    • 9. Example Compliance Map – e-Discovery‣ Functional Requirements:1) Find relevant content  e-Discovery feature2) Place content on hold  e-Discovery and in-placehold features3) Legal admissibility: Ensure content has not beenmodified  auditing feature4) Export content to legal team  Download copies, bulkdownloaders, or SP2013 export
    • 10. Governance Compliance Scenarios‣ Content Analytics‣ Security Permissions‣ Auditing‣ Storage Management
    • 11. DEMO:Content Analytics Scenario
    • 12. DEMO:Security Permissions Scenario
    • 13. DEMO:Auditing Scenario
    • 14. DEMO:Storage Management Scenario
    • 15. Governance Compliance :: Axceler‣ ControlPoint extras: ‣ Actionable Reporting ‣ Governance Policy Manager
    • 16. Next Steps1. Register for ControlPoint demo and install Trial2. Determine your SharePoint Maturity3. Follow the 5 Compliance Success Steps‣ Resources: ‣ StoneShare Blog: ‣ Axceler Blog: ‣ BuckleyPLANET: ‣ SharePoint Maturity Model:
    • 17. Contact Us Nick Kellett Christian Buckley Chief Technical Officer Director of Product
    • 18. StoneShare Quick Facts‣ Exclusively SharePoint Focused‣ Microsoft Gold Certified in Content Management‣ Microsoft Gold Certified in Portals‣ All Consultants SharePoint Certified by Microsoft‣ All Delivery Guided by SharePoint MVP’s‣ Strategy, Implementation and Support Services‣ 50% of Projects Focused on Enterprise Content Management‣ 100+ Person-Years of Practical SharePoint Experience‣ Over 50,000 Hours of SharePoint 2010 Alone‣ Recognized as One of Canada’s 50 Fastest Growing Start-ups (PROFIT MAG 2011, 2012)‣ Growing at an Average of 100% Per Year Since 2009‣ Offices in Ottawa and Toronto