A Durable Growth Approach to Value Realization<br />Copyright © 2009 aXialyze – All rights reserved<br />1<br />
We envision …More effective enterprises for more durable growth<br />Copyright © 2009 aXialyze – All rights reserved<br />...
The aXialyze way<br />Teaming for value<br />Our preferred approach is to tie our success to our client’s success by shari...
Our company has been founded by a top executives from a global consulting firm. Building on their business and consulting ...
Finance and Performance Management
Sales and Marketing
Corporate Strategy
IT strategy, e-Commerce
Research and Development and IP management</li></ul>... acquired and applied in various industries:<br /><ul><li>Retail (I...
Consumer Goods
Health and life science
Logistics and Transportation Services
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aXialyze Company Presentation

  1. 1. A Durable Growth Approach to Value Realization<br />Copyright © 2009 aXialyze – All rights reserved<br />1<br />
  2. 2. We envision …More effective enterprises for more durable growth<br />Copyright © 2009 aXialyze – All rights reserved<br />2<br />…sustain durable growth in all geographies<br />…help enterprises realize tangible improvements at a cost that will be affordable and directly related to the achieved results. <br />We aim to ….<br />...stay competitive by developing advanced skills and competencies to drive continuous renewal <br />…yield long lasting success to our clients by sharing the risks and rewards with them and by jointly walking the path of strategy development and implementation<br />You need to …<br />…capture opportunities for sustainable value in a complex network of interdependencies<br />…provide and constantly develop high value business management skills to help our clients shape and realize performance improvement.<br />…unleash the power of teaming between us, our clients and our business partners, by joining our objectives and making the most out of our complementary strengths.<br />
  3. 3. The aXialyze way<br />Teaming for value<br />Our preferred approach is to tie our success to our client’s success by sharing risks and rewards and by taking full responsibility for the business results on a long term<br />Sustainable value creation<br />We target sustainable value creation mindful of each organization’s long term business strategy, shareholders expectations and stakeholders’ needs. <br />Agility<br />We balance short term pragmatic wins with long term value creation through innovation. <br />We adopt flexible collaboration models that are most suited to the client’ business objectives by incorporating its strategic, cultural and operating preferences.<br />Integrity<br />We believe that rewarding business relationships are nurtured through mutual respect and appreciation of our complementary strengths and experiences. We approach every task in a way that is true to our values and consistent with our shared objectives. <br />Enjoying collaboration<br />We enjoy a convivial and dynamic work environment based upon team effort and appreciation of diversity. We embrace the journey with enthusiasm, actively learn from each other and take time to celebrate success.<br />3<br />Copyright © 2009 aXialyze – All rights reserved<br />
  4. 4. Our company has been founded by a top executives from a global consulting firm. Building on their business and consulting experience, they set the foundation for the aXialyze value based approach.<br />Business skills…<br />Some companies we worked for …<br />Foundation teamA solid Business Management and Consulting Experience<br />9<br />Deep complementary skills<br /><ul><li>Supply Chain Management (end to end)
  5. 5. Finance and Performance Management
  6. 6. Sales and Marketing
  7. 7. Corporate Strategy
  8. 8. IT strategy, e-Commerce
  9. 9. Research and Development and IP management</li></ul>... acquired and applied in various industries:<br /><ul><li>Retail (Internet and non-internet)
  10. 10. Consumer Goods
  11. 11. Health and life science
  12. 12. Logistics and Transportation Services
  13. 13. Chemicals
  14. 14. Automotive
  15. 15. High-Tech and Telecommunication
  16. 16. Airlines and Public Transportation
  17. 17. Industrial equipment</li></ul>Copyright © 2009 aXialyze – All rights reserved<br />4<br />
  18. 18. Key strengths<br />Foundation teamLeveraging diversity<br />Copyright © 2009 aXialyze – All rights reserved<br />Different cultures of origin, extensive international experience and a true passion create a truly powerful team<br />Country of origin<br />Working experience<br /><ul><li>Complementary knowledge
  19. 19. International team with a working experience in more than 20 different countries
  20. 20. Originating from Belgium, France, Germany , we capitalize on our cultural complementarities.
  21. 21. A common taste to search for ways to create value for our clients and to see it happening!
  22. 22. We are passionate about our work and we take great pride of seeing our client happy with what we achieve</li></ul>5<br />
  23. 23. Our Value Offering<br />Copyright © 2009 aXialyze – All rights reserved<br />6<br />At a glance<br />Agile Business Transformation<br />Value driven program management<br />Supply Chain Management<br />Sourcing<br />Information Technology<br />Business Performance Management<br />
  24. 24. Sustainable value creationThe EVO ™ framework, our guiding asset<br />Our approach to durable value creation relies on a framework, the “Economic Value Opportunity assessment framework” (EVO™), is focused on identifying and quantifying the value levers that can be pulled across the various operational areas. <br />EVO™ connects your business and financial objectives, your operations capabilities and key performance indicators together to produce fact-based improvement opportunities.<br />7<br />Finance & economics<br />Operations<br /><ul><li>Supply Chain
  25. 25. Sourcing
  26. 26. Information technology
  27. 27. Business Performance Management
  28. 28. Strategy & Business Transformation
  29. 29. Value based program management</li></ul>COO-CPO-CIO<br />CFO - CEO<br />Price, Volume, Mix<br />Increase revenues<br />Increase Gross Profit<br />Transaction Cost, <br />Materials cost, Productivity<br />Decrease<br /> COGS<br />Increase Net Operating<br />Profits<br />Reduce<br />selling costs<br />Paper Work, Selling Time, Trade Spending<br />Reduce<br />distribution costs<br />Freight Costs, Network,<br />Distribution Channels<br />Decrease Operating Expenses<br />Shareholder<br />Value Creation<br />Reduce admin costs<br />Customer Service, <br />Order Management, HR<br />Cost of Capital<br />Reduce R&D costs<br />Commercialization Process<br />Improve Capital Costs & Allocation<br />Working Capital<br />Purchased Goods, WIP, Finished Goods<br />Capital Deployment<br />Asset Utilization, Rationalization <br />Fixed Costs<br />Copyright © 2009 aXialyze – All rights reserved<br />
  30. 30. Agile Business Transformation<br />Copyright © 2009 aXialyze – All rights reserved<br />8<br />axialyze enables organizations to successfully shape and execute agile transformation programs directed towards achieving long term competitiveness and organizational excellence.<br />Through our value driven program management, organizations can tackle major change through iterative waves, balancing pragmatic quick wins and radical alterations for faster and higher value realization.<br />Sustain & <br />transition<br />Incremental value realization<br />Initiate & <br />shape<br />InitialState<br />Transformed state<br />Iteration 1“Quick Wins”<br />Iteration 2<br />….<br />Iteration N<br />Iteration N<br />Time<br />
  31. 31. Value Driven Program Management Office<br />Copyright © 2009 aXialyze – All rights reserved<br />9<br />A new way of managing is required to match the complexity of programs that are undertaken by many organizations. Successful execution relies on the ability to draw and follow-up plans that focus on the realization of benefits while balancing resources, costs, quality and speed and incorporating uncertainty.<br />Our agile delivery method aligns the program management aspects with the management of value realization thus allowing the organization to execute the plans while simultaneously assessing and integrating new risks and value opportunities.<br />Our guiding principles:<br /><ul><li>Build a solid business case
  32. 32. Maintain high levels of stakeholders engagement
  33. 33. Ensure focus is on the realization of benefits and proactive follow-up through the earned/burned technique
  34. 34. Iterative and incremental approach to address uncertainty: deploy several cycles of re-evaluating and even re-defining the final deliverables.
  35. 35. Coordinate interrelated projects and address interdependencies
  36. 36. Obtain and deploy resources effectively
  37. 37. Measure and maintain quality</li></ul>Lead time<br /> variance<br />Cost<br />Forecasted<br />Cost variance<br />Earned<br />Resources variance<br />Burned<br />Time<br />The ‘Earned/burned’ follow-up technique focuses on the realization of business benefits<br />
  38. 38. Supply Chain Management<br />Copyright © 2009 aXialyze – All rights reserved<br />10<br />aXialyze supports clients to tackle major supply chain transformation through an end-to-end strategy and implementation approach addressing as well key challenges on medium and short term through a range of specific services and tools. <br />Supply Chain strategy<br />Network design & <br />Flow path optimization<br />DIFFERENTIATING CAPABILITIES<br />Collaborative planning &<br />execution<br />SC Systems<br /> implementation<br />Strategic<br />2 to 7 years<br />Assortment<br /> optimization<br />Inventory management<br />Workforce productivity<br />Transport optimization<br />Warehouse Ops.optimization<br />Tactical<br />3 months to 1 year<br />Execution<br />Days / hours / minutes<br />MUST HAVE CAPABILITIES<br />
  39. 39. Sourcing<br />Copyright © 2009 aXialyze – All rights reserved<br />11<br />In today’s difficult economic context, companies need even more than before to make fact-based decisions on the optimal level of off-shoring and take advantage of their global supply base to centralize and optimize sourcing and purchasing activities. <br />Through an integrated approach to strategic sourcing, purchasing and vendor management, aXialyze enables organizations to enhance their purchasing leverage and realize global synergies of scale and skills.<br />
  40. 40. Information Technology Strategy & Transformation<br />Copyright © 2009 aXialyze – All rights reserved<br />12<br />Our enhanced approach to value creation addresses the need to link IT-enabled initiatives to the business strategy. It leverages aXialyze’s EVO™ framework and industry insights<br /><ul><li>Strategic & operational business and IT engagement
  41. 41. Central management and measurement of IT assets, projects and services
  42. 42. Central demand and resource management directly related to the business benefits </li></ul>IT strategy & <br />governance<br />IT Demand <br />management<br />IT transformation for higher business value<br />IT services optimization<br /><ul><li>Improve IT alignment and prioritize investments based on their strategic contribution
  43. 43. Measure spend and service levels for IT supplied services to drive higher efficiency
  44. 44. IT sourcing strategy</li></ul>IT alignment & portfolio optimization<br />
  45. 45. Business Performance Management – Principles<br />Copyright © 2009 aXialyze – All rights reserved<br />13<br />When advising our clients in defining the right combination of performance measures, we closely follow the principles which we believe make them a powerful instrument to achieve excellence … :<br /> <br /> Always balance the lagging and leading measures to provide a full understanding of cause and effect by linking the operational results to their financial impact<br /> Ensure organizational ownership and understanding in order to make BPM a vehicle for driving strategy<br /> Adopt a cross functional integrated approach for a unified view of corporate performance<br /> Enforce accountability: KPIs need to reflect the desired people behaviors, the existing organizational processes and are integrated into the rewards and recognition policies<br /> Measures should be pragmatic determined , simple and straightforwardto decision makers<br />
  46. 46. Business Performance Management – Illustration <br />Copyright © 2009 aXialyze – All rights reserved<br />14<br />Three Dimensions of Value<br />Business Operations<br />Lagging KPIs<br />Leading KPIs<br />Value targeted Processes<br />Impact<br />Economic <br />performance<br />Sales revenue<br />Price, Volume, Mix<br />Commercialization Process<br />Working capital<br />Service levels<br />Supply chain planning & execution<br />Sales cost<br />Sales effectiveness & efficiency<br />Sales & Customer service<br />Sustainable value<br />Total cost of ownership<br />Supplier performance<br />Sourcing & procurement<br />Admin costs<br />Infrastructure utilization<br />IT services<br />Loss of good will<br />Social <br />performance<br />Supplier social compliance<br />Environmental <br />performance<br />Ethical sourcing<br />Ecosystem productivity loss<br />Carbon emissions<br />Environment<br />…<br />…<br />,,,<br />