Welcome to JNY Enterprises!
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Welcome to JNY Enterprises!






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Welcome to JNY Enterprises! Presentation Transcript

  • 2. ABOUT US JNY (Jewish New Year) Enterprises has been selling Rosh Hashanah products to Jewish people around the world for 10 years now. Until now, we have been sending printed catalogs of our products each year to our customers around the world. Customers who have wanted to purchase from us have had to mail in their orders or call in their orders over the phone. We have not had a website for customers to shop online. We are starting to lose customers to our competition, so in honor of this coming Rosh Hashanah, we have decided to launch a website on which customers can purchase our products.
  • 3. ABOUT OUR CUSTOMERS We know from surveys that our customers understand that (Rosh Hashanah) is the day on which we crown Hashem as King. Our customers also acknowledge that they each have a personal mission within His Kingdom for which they are held responsible. They therefore take Rosh Hashanah very seriously. Our customers have reported the following:  “We make every effort to spend these valuable hours wisely, Davening (praying) and saying (book of Psalms), committing ourselves to Hashem.”  “We do our best not to sit idly and chat or even take a nap on Rosh Hashanah.”  “We believe that every moment of Rosh Hashanah is precious and counts toward a better year.”
  • 4. YOUR JOBYou have been hired by JNY Enterprises to work on our RoshHashanah 5773 catalog. In partners, we want you to create anonline store (more on that shortly) that will assist us in selling ourproducts on the web (we will let you know exactly which products wewant you to include). We know what we want to sell, we know whowe want to sell to, but we are still missing the following informationand ideas: Product images Descriptions of our products, which includes:  Physical description  Product selling point Prices for our products
  • 5. HOW WILL WE MEASURE YOURSUCCESS?JNY Enterprises will be choosing one store from this class that itbelieves will be able to sell the most products.It will decide based on: How appealing are the pictures/illustrations/photos of the products? How well do the physical descriptions fit the products? How convincing are the arguments telling customers why they should buy the products? Do prices make sense?
  • 6. SETTING UP YOUR ONLINE STORE Go to www.shopify.com. Click on “create a new store” on the home page. Type in “Your store name.” This is a name that you make up for the JNY Enterprises online store. It should be unique and also have something to do with Rosh Hashanah. Type in you “Email address.” Type in a “Password” that you will remember. Click on “Create your online store” and then wait while Shopify.com creates your store. Click on “Take me to my store.”
  • 7. GETTING TO THE PRODUCTSPAGE A note will pop up saying “Welcome to your store! It looks like you dont have any products yet, would you like to create some now?” Click on the “create some now” link. It will take you to a page asking for some details. Enter one first name for “first” name and the other partners first name for “last.” For address, just enter “North Miami Beach” and enter any zipcode. Do not enter your real address or phone number. Shopify.com will then let you know where you can visit your store. Write down your store’s URL because you will need to give us that URL in order for us to judge your online store. Shopify.com will then provide you with a link to your products page. Click on that link and then click on “add a new product.”
  • 8. ADDING NEW PRODUCTS You only have to complete the following fields for each product:  “Product title” – enter the title of the product here, such as “Candles.”  “Product type” – enter the type of product here; for example “Food.”  “Describe your product” – describe your product here.  “Selling price” – enter a price that you think makes sense.  “Product Images” – you only need to upload one image. In order to upload an image, you need to have an image that you want to use saved on your computer. Using another browser, you can use Google Images or any other platform to find an appropriate image of the product. Make sure to save the image you find onto your computer. Then go back to the tab/browser that has Shopify open and click on “choose files” and choose the appropriate file to upload. Scroll down and click on “Create Product” You can add additional products by repeating the steps above. The above steps include the minimum you must do... If you have time, feel free to make your online store look and feel even more appealing so that customers will want to buy their Rosh Hashanah products from JNY Enterprises!
  • 9. WHAT PRODUCTS ARE WESELLING?The list of products we will be selling include: Greeting cards Candles Rosh Hashanah Meal Package Shofar Fish for Tashlich Machzor