Why do films matter?


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Why do films matter?

  1. 1. Wednesday 14/09/2011<br />Starter<br />Write down the titles of the last 5 films you have seen<br />Get into pairs<br />Combine your lists and split the films into categories.........<br />BUT you cannot use traditional genre categories – you have to make some of your own<br />Present your ideas to the class in 60 seconds or less!!<br />
  2. 2. Racial prejudice<br />Che Guevara<br />Mother daughter relationships/bonds<br />Charles Darwin<br />Football<br />MC battles<br />Society’s gender expectations<br />Notorious BIG<br />Friendship between men<br />Friendship between women<br />John Lennon<br />Coal mining strikes<br />Queen Victoria<br />Parenting<br />Margaret Thatcher<br />Falling in love<br />Nelson Mandela<br />The troubles in Ireland<br />Corrupt police<br />Corrupt government<br />Inter-racial relationships<br />Johnny Cash<br />Racism within the community<br />Diana<br />Religious prejudice<br />Bob Dylan<br />Growing up<br />Saving lives<br />Kidnap<br />Loss of life<br />World War I<br />World War II<br />Vietnam war<br />Death<br />Elvis<br />Black slavery<br />Forbidden love<br />Apartheid in South Africa<br />Marriage<br />Rugby<br />Marilyn Monroe<br />The Holocaust<br />The Guildford 4<br />Auschwitz<br />Tina Turner<br />Men falling in love with men<br />Women falling in love with women<br />Richard Nixon<br />Scotland’s fight for independence<br />Queen Elizabeth II<br />Cheerleading<br />Charlie Chaplin<br />Italian mafia<br />Robin Hood<br />British gangsters<br />Gandhi<br />American gangs<br />Father son relationships/bonds<br />Sexual equality<br />President George W. Bush<br />King George XI<br />Gambling<br />Malcolm X<br />Martin Luther King<br />Deceit<br />Revenge<br />Emotional neglect<br />Child abuse<br />Sexual abuse<br />Rape<br />Domestic abuse<br />Teenage pregnancy<br />Social networking<br />Class snobbery<br />9/11<br />Pearl Harbour<br />Murder<br />Abortion<br />Learning difficulties<br />Mental health<br />What do the things on these lists have in common?<br />What does this suggest/tell us about films?<br />
  3. 3. Why do films matter?<br />You have 20 minutes to read through the quotes on your sheets.<br />Using pen highlight any words, sentences, whole quotes you do not fully understand.<br />Now highlight any points which you think are interesting/significant/important/just get you thinking.<br />
  4. 4. Why do films matter?<br />AO – Write a persuasive speech that answers the question above. <br />PASS – Outlinebasic reasons why films matter.<br />MERIT – Describewhy films matterwith some detail and with reference to appropriate illustrative examples.<br />DISTINCTION – Argue and explain why films matter with reference to precise and detailed illustrative examples.<br />Literacy Focus – To use language effectively for a persuasive argument.<br />
  5. 5. Literacy FocusTo use language effectively for a persuasive argument<br />Obviously, Miss Cerrone is the best teacher at<br />North Birmingham Academy<br />Why is this sentence persuasive?<br />What should persuasive language achieve?<br />Write your own persuasive sentence about Media Studies in Year 12<br />
  6. 6. Persuasive WritingSentence Starters...<br />General<br />It is often thought that...<br />Many people believe that...<br /> Some people think that...<br /> One point of view is that...<br />It has been claimed that...<br />Current opinion suggests that...<br />Specific<br /><ul><li>According to x...
  7. 7. To quote from x...
  8. 8. X makes the point that...
  9. 9. X draws our attention to the fact that...
  10. 10. X suggests that...</li></ul>Personal<br /><ul><li> In my view,...
  11. 11. In my opinion,...
  12. 12. To my mind,...
  13. 13. I personally think (that)...
  14. 14. I personally believe (that)...
  15. 15. It seems to me that...</li></ul>Evaluation<br /><ul><li>Clearly,...
  16. 16. Obviously,...
  17. 17. Without a doubt,...
  18. 18. It is easy to see why...</li></li></ul><li>Vocab Bank<br />