Task Two


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Task Two

  1. 1. From the initial idea to exhibition and beyond.
  2. 2.  On the skill set website you will find an interactive storyboard guide to how films get made in modern Hollywood. Take a look at this and start to get your head around just how many processes there are in making a film – this is the link you will need http://skillset.org/film/business/# click „ENTER‟ Pick a big, blockbuster film that you have seen and enjoyed. Work through the storyboard, researching each step it explains for the film of your choice and produce a case study for your chosen film. You will need to use all your independent study skills for this as the information you need is unlikely to be found all in one place so you will have to search the internet and read the information and articles carefully to get the information you need. A good starting point for your research is the Wikipedia page and the Internet Movie Database page for your chosen film. For any parts of the process that you cannot find specific examples for from your film you must instead research the process itself. Look at the following slides for examples and instructions, I have picked I Am Legend.
  3. 3.  To outline the process of filmmaking for your chosen film (PASS). To describe the process of filmmaking for your chosen film with some detail and illustrative examples (MERIT). To explain the process of filmmaking for your chosen film with precise and detailed illustrative examples (DISTINCTION).A very important rule: DO NOT COPY AND PASTE INFORMATION YOU FIND, IF YOU DO YOU WILL BE ASKED TO DO THE TASK AGAIN IN YOUR OWN TIME/IN DETENTION.
  4. 4. It is 2009 and scientists think they have finally found a cure to cancer in a genetically-engineered variant of the measles called Krippen Virus. Unfortunately the virusmutates out of control into a lethal strain and spreads across the whole world rapidly,killing 5.4 billion people (90% of humanity). Of the 600 million survivors, 12 million arenaturally immune to the virus whilst the rest are effected by the virus but not killed byit. The infected degenerate into hairless, aggressive, animal-like beings called„Darkseekers‟ who hunt the immune as prey. Military virologist, Robert Neville isinvolved in trying to contain the virus and protect survivors when it initially breaks outof control, and in the process loses his wife and child in a helicopter accident as he istrying to evacuate them.3 years later Neville is the last remaining healthy human being in New York City.Neville‟s daily routine around experimenting on rats to find a cure for the virus andsending out radio signals in the hope that other survivors will come to meet him. Theonly companionship he has is his German Shepherd, Sam. When one of his experimentsshows promising signs he sets a trap to catch a Darkseeker in order to test the possiblecure on her. A male Darkseeker attempts to prevent him and get the infected womanback but Neville holds him back and returns to his fortified house. He tests the possiblecure on the infected woman but with no success.The next day Neville is caught in a trap himself and he and Sam are attacked by a packof infected dogs. Although Neville and Sam manage to escape Sam is bitten by one ofthe dogs. Neville brings Sam home and attempts to save him with the cure but he seesin Sam‟s eyes that the dog is being taken over by the virus and is forced to strangle hisonly companion and the last link he has to his dead wife and child.
  5. 5. The following night, in a fit a grief, Neville attacks a group of Darkseekers. Heattempts to end his life in this suicide attack, while taking as many of them with him ashe can. He kills a large number of them but there are too many of them and theyoverwhelm Neville and almost kill him before he is rescued by two other immunehumans. A woman named Anna and a young boy called Ethan heard his radio broadcastsand were coming to meet him when they found him being attack. The threesurvivors go back to Neville‟s house where Anna explains to Neville that he is in fact notas alone as he believes and that there is a survivors camp in Vermont which is wherethey were heading when they heard his signals over the radio.The next night a huge mob of Darkseekers attack the house, lead by the maleDarkseeker who tried to prevent Neville taking the female Darkseeker a few daysearlier. Neville uses all of the defences he has set up to kill the first wave of the mobbut his defences are no match for the huge mob. The Darkseekers manage to get intothe house and soon Neville, Anna and Ethan are forced to find refuge in the basementlaboratory. They seal themselves into a plexiglass box in the lab with the infectedwoman who Neville tried out his cure on previously. Neville notices that she looks muchmore human and he realises that his cure is actually working. As he realises this theDarkseekers swamp the room, destroying the lab whilst the male Darkseeker begins toattack the plexiglass box, clearly trying to get the woman Neville took. Neville realisesthat he has a cure that could save the remaining immune humans but it will come at acost to him. Neville draws a vial of the woman‟s blood and gives it to Anna beforeshutting them inside a coal chute hidden in the wall. He then uses a hand grenade towipe out the Darkseekers and himself.Anna and Ethan are then seen driving to Vermont and stopping at the gated entrance tothe survivors‟ camp where Anna hands over the cure Neville gave her.
  6. 6. The initial source of inspiration for the film was the book of the same nameby Robert Matheson, written in 1954. The book had already been adapted tofilm as The Last Man on Earth in 1964 and The Omega Man in 1971.The novel‟s main character is Robert Neville, the sole survivor of anunknown pandemic which turns the infected into similar to vampires. Thenovel details Neville‟s daily life in Los Angeles as he attempts to cure thedisease, to which he is immune.Neville spends his days repairing the house, boarding the windows, hanginggarlic and getting rid of corpses of the dead. Once darkness falls Nevillefaces a siege from the infected, vampire-like hordes. The taunt him andtry to entice him out so they can attack him and he recognises one of theinfected as his friend, Ben Cortman.After bouts of depression and heavy drinking, Neville decides to try to find acure. After lots of research he discovers the root of the vampiric disease: astrain of bacteria capable of infecting both deceased and living hosts.Although he does not realise that the living hosts (the infected) are stillinherently human even though they show signs of vampirism.
  7. 7. One day Neville comes across a woman who appears to be uninfected andcaptures her. Once he gets her back to his house he becomes suspicious ofher story and also notices that she is very reluctant to kill the vampires. Hecan‟t believe that she has survived this long without becoming hardened tothe fact that they have to kill the infected. Despite his suspicions the twocome to live together and eventually grow close and become lovers. Thenext morning Ruth lets him take a blood test on her but knocks him out justas he realises that she is infected. When he wakes up, Neville discovers anote left by Ruth. In it, she tells him that the infected have slowly beenable to adapt to their disease to the point where they can spend shortperiods of time in sunlight and they are even attempting to rebuild society.They hate Neville and view him as an enemy since he has unwittinglydestroyed some of their people along with true vampires. In their quest tocapture him, the infected sent one of their own to Neville. Ruth warnsNeville in her note that her people will eventually attempt to capture himby force, and that he should leave his house and escape while he can.Neville ignores Ruths warning and is eventually captured by an ambush.
  8. 8. After his capture Neville is held in prison by the members of this newsociety and is visited by Ruth. She informs him that she is a ranking memberof the new society but she doesn‟t hate him. She tells him that she hascome to help him but that she can do nothing other than make his executioneasier by giving him pills. Neville is broken and accepts his fate, asking Ruthnot to let the new society get too brutal and heartless. Ruth kisses him andleaves.Neville goes to his prison window and sees all of the infected waiting for hisexecution. When they see him he sees the fear and horror in their eyes heunderstands that to them he is the abnormal one, to them in their newsociety infection is normal. He, as the only survivor of the old race, is thethreat to their new society. As he turn away and swallows the pills, Nevillegrasps the reversal that has now taken place and that just as vampires werelegend in pre-infection times now he, an example of old humanity, is legendin the eyes of the new race born of the infection. The final line in the bookis where the title comes from; “I am a new superstition entering theunassailable fortress of forever. I am legend.”
  9. 9. Producers: Akiva Goldsman, David Heyman, James Lassiter, Neal H. Moritz and TracyTorme.Akiva Goldman is a screenwriter and producer who has been involved in a number ofrecent successes such as A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man and The Da Vinci Code.David Heyman is a British film producer and the founder of Heyday Films, a British filmproduction company. Heyman obtained the rights to the Harry Potter series in 1999 andhas produced all eight films.James Lassiter is an American film producer and long time business partner of WillSmith who has produced a number of films featuring Smith such as Ali, I, Robot, Hitchand The Pursuit of Happyness.Neal H. Moritz is an American film producer and founder of Original Film, a filmproduction company which has produced films and television movies. Moritz has over70 films to his credit among them, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Urban Legend,Cruel Intentions, The Skulls and The Fast & The Furious.Tracy Torme is a screenwriter and television producer who has worked on SaturdayNight Live, Odyssey 5 and Sliders.Director: Francis LawrenceLawrence began his career when he joined a major production company and begandirecting music videos, working with the likes of Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and TheBlack Eyed Peas. He was also directing adverts for some of the biggest clients such asCoca Cola, L‟Oreal and Calvin Klein. In 2005 he directed his first feature film,Constantine based on a comic book and starring Keanu Reeves. His next film was I AmLegend in 2007.Screenplay: Akiva Goldsman and Mark ProtosevichMark Protosevich is an American screenwriter who has worked on The Cell, Poiseden,Thor and Mass Effect.
  10. 10. Here you must research film treatments andexplain what they are. Try to give as muchdetail and examples as you can.
  11. 11. Research what a pitch is and write one for yourchosen film.
  12. 12. Hopefully you now get the picture of what youhave to do.Keep in mind that you may find it difficult to find information for all of the stages of production so here are some tips: Use youtube – try to find featurettes or making of videos about your film, these might give you insights into the production processes of the film. Really focus your research on four areas – script development, marketing, exhibition and other markets.