My interact programme newsletter july sept 12 a4


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My interact programme newsletter july sept 12 a4

  1. 1. Activities, events and short breaks for disabled children Welcome to MyInterAct ‐ our summer programme of ac vi es for young people (13‐18) with disabili es. A er feedback from parents our programme now shows events by locality. You can book for ac vi es at any venue—no ma er where you live in the Essex County Saturday 11th August Council area. We hope that by the me you read this the rain will have Pamper Day at stopped and we will be enjoying our fun‐filled programme of summer Moulsham Mill ac vi es in glorious sunshine! For young people and their  Registra on Forms—We recently sent you a new registra on form. If families  Cost £5 per therapy session which  you haven’t already done so, please complete and return this to us. We must be pre‐booked.  Therapies  need to make sure we have up to date informa on in case of any will include Alexander Technique,  emergency and also for reports to our funders. Nail Art, Henna Art, Face  Massage, Reflexology, Foot  Residen al Weekend—Our next residen al weekend will be from 28th Massage, Hand Massage, Music  –30th September at Fairplay House Outdoor Educa on Centre, Therapy and more...  Wickham Bishops. The cost will be £120 (fully catered) and you will be able to pay in instalments if you prefer. There will be a Saturday 18th August Parent Informa on Evening on Thursday 13th September for parents of Sponsored Sky Dive young people who are going on the trip . Book your place now to avoid by Staff and disappointment. Friends of InterAct Beccles Airfield—All welcome, Friday 3rd August 9am—7pm bring a picnic and see the fun InterAct Fun Day at Moulsham Mill Please support this fundraising  Mystery Tour, Ac vi es, Garden Games, Wii Olympics, record your ‘Big Brother’ event at moment, A ernoon Tea , Awards Ceremony at 4.30pm interactchelmsford or ask a  Parents/Carers & Families welcome to join us for tea   member of staff for a sponsorship  from 3‐5pm.  COZ Club will run from 5‐7pm  form.  All money raised will help  develop InterAct’s services for  young people.  Please make sure you book... Places for all ac vi es except COZ Club must be booked in advance so we can 28th—30th September RESIDENTIAL WEEKEND ensure adequate supervision and transport arrangements. Full details of events will be confirmed with your booking. Fairplay House YOU CAN BOOK ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS BY: Outdoor Educa on Centre  Comple ng the enclosed Pre‐Booking Form and returning it to us. We will Wickham Bishops confirm whether you have a place by phone or email. Cost £120 fully catered (pay in  or you can phone to book on  01245 608201   instalments op on) Parents  or you can email your booking to  informa on evening on 13th September. For updates and more informa on visit Book Now to guarantee your place!  InterAct, Moulsham Mill, Parkway, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 7PX T: 01245 608201 Charity Registra on No 1048631 Company Registra on No 3087233
  2. 2. SPECIAL EVENTS Friday 3rd August 9am—7pm Saturday 11th August 1pm—4.30pm Saturday 18th August Time TBC InterAct Fun Day at Moulsham Mill Pamper Day at Moulsham Mill Sponsored Sky Dive by Staff and Mystery Tour, Ac vi es, Garden For young people and their families  Friends of InterAct Games, Wii Olympics, Cost £5 per therapy session which must be Beccles Airfield—All welcome, bring a Big Brother videoing , A ernoon Tea   picnic and see the fun pre‐booked. Therapies will include Alexander Awards Ceremony at 4.30pm Technique, Nail Art, Henna Art, Face Massage, Please give generously  Parents/Carers & Families welcome to  Reflexology, Foot Massage, Hand Massage, Sponsorship forms from staff or go to  join us for tea from 3‐5pm  Music Therapy and more... Ac vi es in the Chelmsford area—lead worker Ryan (Meet at Moulsham Mill unless otherwise stated) Date Time Event Venue Cost Informa onMon Odeon, up to Meet there. Bring tbc Cinema at Chelmsford2nd July Chelmsford £10 Carers CardMon Minibus from Mill or 4.30 ‐ 7pm Mixed Sport & Food Wri le College £59th July meet there all day— Bradwell Outdoors Minibus providedSat start me Sailing & onshore games Bradwell £5 Kit list available14th July tbc Bring a picnic NAMCOMon Minibus from Mill or 4.30 ‐ 8pm Karaoke/Bowling/Food Freeport £1016th July meet there BraintreeMon Chislehurst Caves & Minibus provided 9am all day Kent £1530th July Bluewater Bring a picnic Minibus fromMon London Dungeon & Moulsham Mill and tbc London Bridge £256th Aug sightseeing Fes val Leisure Park Bring a picnic Pamper Day at Moulsham Alexander Technique*Nail Art*HennaSat Mill 1‐ 4.30pm Art*Face Massage*Reflexology *Foot11th Aug £5 per therapy session Massage*Hand Massage*Music Therapy (must be pre‐booked) MinibusMon 5‐8pm Megazone Quasar & Food Rayleigh tbc from Moulsham Mill20th Aug at 4.15pm Every Friday ‐ Chill,Every Friday 4 ‐ 7pm Coz Club Moulsham Mill £3 Pool, DVDsAc vi es in the Basildon/Brentwood areas—lead worker Ryan (Meet at Fes val Leisure Park unless otherwise stated) Minibus fromWeds Basildon 5—7.30pm Swimming £5 Chelmsford or4th July Spor ng Village meet there Minibus fromWeds Fes val Leisure, 5 ‐ 7pm Food & Bowling £12 Moulsham Mill or11th July Basildon meet there 5pm
  3. 3. Summer Programme Date Time Event Venue Cost Informa onAc vi es in the Basildon/Brentwood area (contd) (Meet at Fes val Leisure Park unless otherwise stated)Weds Megazone Quasar & 5 ‐ 8pm Rayleigh tbc Minibus from FLP18th July FoodWeds 8.30 Chessington £25 Minibus from FLP25th July all dayTues Bradwell Outdoors Bradwell on tbc £5 Minibus from FLP31st July Sailing & games SeaWeds all day Diggerland Kent £20 Minibus from FLP8th AugWeds Belchamps all day Belchamps Ac vity Day £20 Minibus from FLP15th Aug Park, Southend Fes valWeds Can a end all or part all day Bowl/Cinema/Food Leisure,22nd Aug of day Basildon Minibus from Mill andWeds Snowdome/Sledging/ all day Milton Keynes £30 FLP. Times tbc29th Aug Meal/Cinema Bring a picnicAc vi es in the Braintree area—lead worker Joanne WellsThurs 5th Freeport Meet there. Bring 4.30pm Cinema & FoodJuly Braintree Carers CardThurs NAMCO Meet at NAMCO 5—8pm Bowling & Karaoke12th July Freeport Recep on Blake Cra Meet at Blake CraSunday Country Show 11—2pm Centre, Centre Recep on.22nd July Braintree Bring a picnicThurs 9.30— Minibus from Mill and Barleylands Farm Park Billericay26th July 4pm Braintree. Bring picnic Create music & watchThurs 12 ‐ Sound Waves Tabor Centre, sound waves on big £102nd Aug 3.30pm Workshop Braintree screen. Burn a CD to keep. Bring a picnic Keyboards available orThurs 12 ‐ Tabor Centre, Musical Adventure £10 bring instruments9th Aug 3.30pm Braintree Bring a picnicThurs 12 ‐ Tabor Centre, Rounders, cricket etc Outdoor Games £516th Aug 3.30pm Braintree Bring a picnic All equipment provided. Come andThurs 12 ‐ Digital Photography Tabor Centre, £10 have fun and take23rd Aug 3.30pm Workshop Braintree away a picture of yourselfThurs 12 ‐ Wii Sports, Pool & DVD Tabor Centre, £5 Bring a picnic30th Aug 3.30pm A ernoon Braintree
  4. 4. Ac vi es in the Colchester & Tendring Area—lead worker Joanne Wells Date Time Event Venue Cost Informa onTues TenPin £5 + Meet there 5‐8pm Bowling3rd July Colchester food Food extra if requiredTues Clacton 5 ‐ 7pm Indoor Sports tbc Meet at Recep on10th July Leisure Centre HoyTues Music Quiz and Fish & Meet at restaurant at 5 ‐7pm Restaurant £6.5017th July Chip Supper 5pm St OsythFri 10am ‐ Abbots Hall Wildlife Park Limited space—book Free20th July 1pm Colchester early. Bring a picnicTues Mersea Outdoors Lunch included All day £824th July Ac vity Day Max 15 people Colchester United WestonTues 9.45am— Football Madness & Community £10 Meet there at 9.45am31st July 3pm Stadium Tour Stadium Meet at Martello CarTues 9.45am ‐ Clacton Beach Day Clacton‐on‐ Park at 9.45am7th Aug 4pm with Beach Hut Sea Bring a picnicTues TenPin Meet there 5—8pm Bowling £514th Aug Colchester Food extra if required Colchester United WestonTues 9.45am ‐ Football Madness & Community £10 Meet there at 9.45am21st Aug 3pm Stadium Tour Stadium PARENTS—FOR ALL ACTIVITIES …  Please make sure  FUNDING  young people wear suitable clothing and that they are  ‘Short Breaks for  provided with appropriate food/drink, and/or money to  Disabled Children  purchase refreshments during ac vi es.  in Essex’ is  Please also note that some ac vi es (e.g. Quasar) may  funded by Essex  be unsuitable for some young people for health and  safety reasons, but alterna ves may be offered.  County Council  TRANSPORT Every young person is invited to join in any ac vity they wish to do in any area. Transport will not be provided unless stated in the programme. It may be possible to provide minibus transport from Moulsham Mill to Basildon ac vi es due to staff/minibus loca on.