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ecdp email bulletin 41

  1. 1. October 2012 This update includesMonthly Bulletin 41 articles on the following topics:Dear Members,Today is World Mental Health Day, aninternational event to raise awareness of mental ecdp newshealth issues. Each year the event it themed,giving the day a particular focus. The theme for 1. Essex Unite – a uniqueWorld Mental Health Day this year is depression. employmentYou can read more about this in the article on programme for disabledpage 13 and on the ecdp website. people – begins! 2. ecdp running freeLast week was a very exciting one for ecdp. On training for disabledMonday morning, 15 disabled people started the employers and theirEssex Unite programme, a unique, peer-led work PAs in Thurrockexperience and training scheme run by ecdp.  Empowering the employerThe programme is designed to support disabled  Personal Assistantpeople to apply their skills and gain essential Trainingexperience in the workplace. Run in partnershipwith MITIE and funded by Jobcentre Plus, ecdpwill be working with the 15 successful candidates local newsthroughout the next 6 weeks, during which theywill be working in various businesses across the 3. SNAKE Essexcounty. 4. Essex County Council simplify bus passAfter months of planning we were very excited to application vbegin the programme with a training week at 5. News from Zinc Artsecdp’s offices. You can read all about the training  Unique film night atweek on page 3 of this bulletin and will be able to Zinc Arts – part offollow the progress of the participants on the the Oska Brightecdp website. festival  Zinc Arts: CreativeBest wishes, Plus Programme 6. Essex Carers NetworkOctober 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 1 of 22
  2. 2. Monthly Bulletin 41 – October 2012Faye SavageLived Experience Officer We welcome member contributions to the bulletin, our website and the ecdp magazine. If you would like to write something, or comment on any of the articles in this edition of the bulletin, please get in touch with us using the details below. If you have missed a previous email bulletin, they are all available on our website: ecdp monthly email bulletin. Telephone: 01245 392 300 Email: Post: Ivan Peck House, 1 Russell Way, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 3AAOctober 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 2 of 22
  3. 3. ecdp newsEssex Unite – a unique employmentprogramme for disabled people –begins!Essex Unite is an employment programme for disabled people, run ina partnership between ecdp and the private sector company MITIE.ecdp is aware that many disabled people face increased disadvantagein a difficult job market. Many have the relevant skills and expertise,but lack experience. Essex Unite is designed to address this, byenabling people to consolidate their skills and demonstrate their abilityto use them in the workplace.The programme is unique in many ways: The programme is peer-led by disabled people, ensuring that the specific barriers disabled people face in the workplace and whenOctober 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 3 of 22
  4. 4. ecdp news job hunting, are understood and addressed. Each Essex Unite participant is matched with a workplace suitable to both their aspirations and support needs. The programme includes additional training before and after the work placement. This aims to support people build their confidence, think about how to overcome barriers they have faced, strengthen their customer service and people skills and much more. Participants are offered peer support before, during and after the work placement. Each participant is matched with a ‘buddy’ at ecdp and has a point of contact in their workplace, ensuring they are supported throughout.Last week, the first ever Essex Unite group started the programmewith a week of training at ecdp’s offices. ecdp staff were joined bytrainers from MITIE and delivered a range of activities and training tosupport the ‘Essex Uniters’ prior to them starting their workplacements.The diverse group includes people with a variety of experiences andimpairments. Some are newly out of education and have never had ajob; others have been through a period of unemployment due toacquiring an impairment later in life. However, all were veryenthusiastic and positive about getting back into the workplace.We will be following the participants throughout the programme in theemail bulletin and you can also read a day-by-day account of activitiesso far on the Essex Unite blog page: 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 4 of 22
  5. 5. ecdp newsecdp running free training for disabledemployers and their PAs in Thurrockecdp and Thurrock Borough Council are running two free trainingcourses, for disabled people who employ staff and for their PersonalAssistants. Details of both courses are below:Empowering the Employer: Training for disabled people who employpersonal assistants.This peer-led workshop covers a range of skills needed as a PAemployer, including: Rights and needs – examining how Human Rights and physical and emotional needs are linked and why it is important to get your needs met. Resolution – resolving difficult situations and elements of compromise when managing a PA. Behavioural types – approaches to working with different types of people. How disciplinary and dismissal procedures work – what you need to have in place. Appropriate record keeping – A list of legal and necessary paperwork needed to maintain Direct Payments/Personal Budgets.The training for employers will be repeated two more times on 22November and 21 January and will start at 10.30 and end at 15.30.Personal Assistant Training: Training for Personal Assistants whosupport disabled or older people.This workshop covers a range of information and skills needed as aPA, including: Equality Act 2010 – basics of act and how it relates to being a PA.October 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 5 of 22
  6. 6. ecdp news Safeguarding – recognising abuse and what you can do to stop it. Employer’s responsibilities – the responsibilities of your employer to you as their employee. Best working practice – good practice and how you can be a great PA. Lone working – risks and how to keep safe. Dignity in care – what is dignity and why it is important in PA work?The training for Personal Assistants will be repeated two moretimes, on 23 November and 23 January and will start at 10.30 andend at 15.30.If you or your PA are interested in participating, please contact FayeSavage at ecdp: 01245 214 023 or email: Could you be an ecdp Trustee? Could you help set the strategic direction at ecdp – a leading Disabled People’s User Led Organisation (DPULO) – which serves, and represents, the interests of disabled people in Essex and beyond? We are a charity and company limited by guarantee and are looking for people to join our existing Board of Trustees/Directors. To find out more, please contact the Companies and Charity Secretary, Margaret Watchorn ( ) or telephone 07546 597044.October 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 6 of 22
  7. 7. ecdp newsOctober 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 7 of 22
  8. 8. local newsSNAKE EssexSnake Essex is a group being developed by parents who havechildren with additional needs. The group hopes to grow to helpfamilies with special needs children in Essex.Snake meet on Monday’s from 3.30pm to 7pm fortnightly. They useStay and Play’s indoor play centre with fantastic facilities including alarge indoor play frame, low level soft play, cafe area and meetingrooms. A new sensory area will be coming soon.Sometimes you may want someone to listen, someone to talk to aboutyour concerns or problems or sometimes just someone with whom toshare an adult conversation with. Snake hope to achieve this andmuch more with our new parents group.Their aims are to inform, encourage and support parents and children,so that they can grow in strength and knowledge and become betterequipped to give the best possible help to their children.If you are an Essex parent of a child with a special need or disabilityand you would like more information you can get in touch by 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 8 of 22
  9. 9. local newsEssex County Council simplify buspass applicationEssex County Council has announced a new centralised systemfor bus pass applications, aiming to offer residents an improved,consistent service across the county.From Monday 1 October, Essex residents who are applying foran older persons or disabled persons bus pass for the first timeneed to apply to Essex County Council. Residents can apply by; Downloading an application form from Collecting an application form from their local libraries Calling 0845 200 0388 for an application form or for assistance completing oneCurrent pass holders who have passes due for renewal will beautomatically sent replacements, rather than having to reapply.However, if pass holders have moved since their current pass wasissued they should contact ECC on orby calling 0845 200 0388.Pass holders with severe disabilities are also entitled to a companionpass, allowing free travel on registered local bus services for one extraperson accompanying them.County Councillor Derrick Louis, Cabinet Member for Highways andTransportation said: We’ve been working closely with District and Borough and City Councils to ensure that a centralised system will deliver an improved and consistent service across the county, as well as providing customers with more support to complete applications.For more information contact Louise Alabaster in Communications on01245 434216 or email You can readthe answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions here: buspass FAQs.October 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 9 of 22
  10. 10. local news ecdp pass clients: you can now receive your account statements by email. In ecdp’s ongoing efforts to ensure efficiency for our clients, and in response to feedback from ecdp pass clients, we are now offering account statements by email (in PDF format). If you would like to receive your statement digitally, please email 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 10 of 22
  11. 11. local newsNews from Zinc ArtsUnique film night at Zinc Arts - part of the Oska Bright festival.Oska Bright is the original award winning international filmand digital media festival that features work made by peoplewith a learning disability.Zinc is proud to be hosting a unique film night produced byOska Bright as part of the film festival’s national tour onFriday 19 October. The first screening will take place from 1pm-3pmand the second from 6pm-8pm. It costs £2 to attend one screening or£3 to attend both.The screenings feature the very best of films made by people with alearning disability.If you would like to book a ticket, please register your interest on theZinc Arts website or call them on 01277 365626. Alternatively, youcan visit the Oska Bright website for more information on this andother film screenings as part of the festival.Zinc Arts: Creative Plus ProgrammeZinc Arts have teamed up with Essex County Council’s AdultCommunity Learning to launch an exciting new programme ofcreative courses and activities that are accessible to all! TheCreative Plus Programme offers adults aged 18 years and over theopportunity to gain new skills and qualifications, while socialising ina fun and supportive environment.Courses including:  Cookery  Drama  Employability and Personal Development Skills  Functional Skills (Maths, English, ICT)If you are interested in Zinc’s exciting new programme, follow this linkto download the full Creative Plus brochure: Creative Plus Programme.October 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 11 of 22
  12. 12. local newsFor more information about regular events at Zinc, please see thisleaflet: What’s on at Zinc Arts?Essex Carers Network Conference2012: Make it personalThe Essex Carers Network is hosting a conference for families caringfor young people nearing adulthood, or an adult with a learningdisability. The focus of the day will be personalisation.The event is taking place on Monday 15 October at 9am at theSalvation Army Citadel in Chelmsford.To book a place, please contact Sara, by phone: 07906 143 571 oremail: ecn.sara@gmail.comFor more information see the PDF on the ecdp website or the EssexInfo website.October 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 12 of 22
  13. 13. national newsWorld Mental Health DayToday is World Mental Health Day.World Mental Health Day raises public awareness about mental healthissues. The day promotes open discussion of mental disorders, andinvestments in prevention, promotion and treatment services. Thisyear the theme for the day is Depression, which affects 1 in 10 peoplein the UK and more than 350 million people worldwide.To coincide with World Mental Health Day, theWorld Health Organisation have produced ananimated video about depression, which you canview on the ecdp website. The short video byMatthew Johnstone, who has written, illustratedand narrated it, features a black dog which servesas a metaphor for the mental disorder. (from TheIndependent)Each year the Mental Health Foundation run a campaign around theparticular mental health issue the event aims to organise. You canread about the work they are doing to highlight the impact ofdepression on the MHF website.In recent years, some major campaigns have aimed to raiseawareness of mental health issues and the stigma faced by those withthem. Most notably, the Time to Change campaign, run by the mentalhealth organisations Mind and Rethink. Time to Change encouragespeople to talk about mental health.Locally, the North Essex Partnership Foundation Trust are holding the‘extra mile for mental health’ event in Chelmsford’s central park.If you would like to share details or pictures from any events you havebeen involved with to mark World Mental Health Day, please contactFaye at ecdp: 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 13 of 22
  14. 14. national newsEsther McVey appointed Minister forDisabled PeopleEsther McVey has been appointed as the Minister for DisabledPeople in the Ministerial reshuffle.Minister for Disabled People Esther McVey said: The DWP is delivering some of the most important reforms in Government. Supporting disabled people to live fulfilling lives and restoring fairness to the welfare system is vital. I am delighted to be joining the Department at such a crucial time.Former Minister for Disabled People, Maria Miller, has replacedJeremy Hunt as Culture Secretary.To read the full press release about the appointment, pleasesee the DWP website.October 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 14 of 22
  15. 15. national newsFulfilling Potential: Governmentpublishes next stepsDuring September the Government published two importantdocuments, regarding their commitment to enable disabledpeople to fulfil their potential and play a full role in society.These follow the Fulfilling Potential consultation which ecdp andour members, along with many other DPULOs and individualdisabled people across the country, contributed to.You can read the response ecdp coproduced with disabledpeople in Essex, and about how we did this, on our website:Fulfilling Potential – ecdp response.The two documents published last month set out the discussionswhich have taken place so far, based on the consultationwhich took place at the start of this year and some of thesteps which are now going to be taken based on these.Fulfilling Potential - the Discussions So FarThe first document summarises the discussions that havetaken place between the Office for Disability Issues (ODI)and disabled people and their organisations so far. It alsoaims to highlight actions already planned and actionsunderway across Government.Fulfilling Potential – Next StepsThe second document published outlines the Government’s strategicnarrative and areas for action. It sets out the principles that will guidethe Government’s future work in supporting disabled people to realisetheir aspirations, promote a fair and equal society and create moreinclusive communities. Key elements of this work will be: a new cross sector disability action alliance involving disabled people, their organisations, and others from the public, private andOctober 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 15 of 22
  16. 16. national news voluntary and community sectors working together to identify and deliver the change needed to bring about equality of opportunity for disabled people public service reform which will support disabled people’s independence and participation a new partnership approach which will see disabled people having much more influence in the design and delivery of services, so they are better able to challenge where things are not delivering the outcomes they need. Are your CRB checks up to date for your employees? If you employ Personal Assistants (PAs) or carers, you may wish to take advantage of ecdp’s free and efficient CRB service. While the direct fee to the Criminal Record Bureau still applies, ecdp do not charge an admin fee, making it considerably cheaper for you to CRB check your staff. For more information, please contact the ecdp Admin Team on 01245 392310 or email 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 16 of 22
  17. 17. national newsGuide Dogs Week 2012: walk my way At Guide Dogs, we believe blind and partially sighted people should be able to get out and about on their own terms, like everyone else. There’s a lot we can do to help make this possible - and we need your help to spread the word.For this years Guide Dogs Week (6-14 October 2012), the charity wantto raise awareness of the obstacles blind and partially sighted peopleface every day, and what can be done to get rid of them. To get themessage across, they’re asking people to take up the challenge to‘Walk my Way’ for Guide dogs.There are many different ways that you can ‘Walk my Way’ and whenyou get there, Guide Dogs will send you a certificate for your efforts!You’re welcome to hold any type of event, but the Guide Dogs websitehas some good suggestions. The important thing is to have fun andspread the message that Guide Dogs’ work transforms lives.You can have a look at Guide Dogs and their fundraising ideas andresources for inspiration here: Guide Dogs Week: Walk my Way.October 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 17 of 22
  18. 18. national newsTell Mind which mental health issuesare most important to youThe mental health charity, Mind, want you to tell themwhich mental health issues are most important to you.During the party conferences, Mind will be talking to MPsabout the changes people want to see in mental health,and this is your opportunity to inform which issues are topof the list.You can vote by visiting the Mind website.October 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 18 of 22
  19. 19. national newsCampaigns & Communication Officerjob at Inclusion LondonInclusion London is a pan-London Deaf and disabled people’sorganisation. We provide a range of capacity building support toLondon’s Deaf and disabled peoples organisations (DDPOs) andwork to ensure the views, needs and interests of Deaf anddisabled people, and their organisations, are heard at a strategicpolicy level.Inclusion London are seeking to recruit a Campaigns andCommunication Officer.We are looking for an experienced campaigner/lobbyist with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of campaigning issues, thelegislative process and the range of opportunities available to influencethe democratic process through campaigning, lobbying and the media.You will be providing a range of support to enable London DDPOs andtheir users and members to carry out effective campaigning, lobbyingand media communication work on issues relating to cuts and therights and inclusion of Deaf and disabled people and theirorganisations.You will also have extensive media experience, great communicationand project management skills, a passionate commitment to equalityfor Deaf and disabled people and a proven ability to work in anaccessible and inclusive way.Inclusion London particularly encourage Deaf/disabled people toapply. Closing date for applications: 5pm on 15 October Interviews: Friday 26 October Part-time:14 hrs per week. Salary: £35,053 pro rataYou can download the application pack below or download it from theOctober 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 19 of 22
  20. 20. national newsInclusion London website. For more information or any queries, pleasecontact Person specification and job description Data consent form Equal opportunities monitoring form Application guidance notesOctober 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 20 of 22
  21. 21. national newsThe workforce implications of adultsand older people who self-fund andemploy their own care andsupport workersBreakthrough UK, a disabled people’s user led organisation, isconducting a study on behalf of Skills for Care. They would like tospeak to people who pay for some or all of the care they receive,using their own money or savings. These people are sometimescalled self funders.The study looks at how people pay for their care and the types of careand support services they receive. They would also like to know aboutthe support self funders have, how they find it, and whether they wouldbenefit from more support in their role as employers of PersonalAssistants.On the ecdp website you can find an information sheet whichdescribes what taking part in the study will involve. If you would likemore information, please contact Elaine Astley at Breakthrough UK Ltdby phone 0161 273 5412 or email 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 21 of 22
  22. 22. national newsShare your lived experience throughthe Skills for Care advisory groupAs you might know, ecdp has been working closely withSkills for Care to ensure people who employ their ownPersonal Assistants have the right kind of support.An example of this is letting you know about the NationalMinimum Data Set for Social Care, which can provide you withinvaluable information and funding for training your PAs. (You can findout more here: the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care.)The Department of Health has given Skills for Care the job ofimplementing the Personal Assistant Framework. In undertaking thistask it is very important to Skills for Care that they take advantage ofthe widest possible consultation. They have therefore set up a SectorAdvisory Group.Members of this group will have many roles including informingdirecting and advising on how the work around the PA Frameworkshould be done.There are no limitations to who can join the group and there are noexpectations as to how much time and involvement volunteers cangive to the task. It is also up to volunteers to decide which areas theyare most interested in getting involved with.If you would be interested in learning more and/or registering yourinterest in being part of the Sector Advisory Group please contactSkills for Care on or 0113 2411275.The Sector Advisory Group is a virtual group and members will becontacted from time to time to be involved in the implementation of thePA Framework, or other areas of Skills for Care’s work.October 2012: Monthly Bulletin 41 Page 22 of 22